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Agile Teams: Roles & Structures That Work

Girl's Guide to PM

Agile project management is a way of managing work that delivers iterative, incremental benefit. It’s different to predictive project management — where you know what you are building and are planning how to get there — because when you work with Agile methods, you adapt as you go.

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Leading with Transactional Leadership

There’s more than one way to lead. Leadership can be customized to the individual. Some lead the old-fashioned way, from the top down; they give orders and others follow. Then there are servant leaders, those who lead through service to their teams.

Business Change & Best Practice Needn’t Be Puzzling

Arras People

Imagine your business as a jigsaw with each jigsaw piece being a business function.

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How Does Employee Monitoring Software Work?


Nowadays, with work happening more and more often on computers and using the Internet it’s

Make an Impact with Customer Journey Maps

Speaker: Kirui K. K., Co-founder and CEO of Tanasuk Africa

If you want to offer a better user experience, it can be tempting to track each and every data point in your product. However, this can quickly get complicated and overwhelming as you collect more and more data. How do you know which metrics will help you improve? Kirui K. K., Co-founder & CEO Tanasuk Africa, wants you to know that analytics don't have to be complicated to make an impact - no matter the size of your company. Join him as he explains how to create a customer journey map, then use that map to figure out the metrics you need to know - and how to use them.

7 Morning Routines to Boost Productivity | TeamGantt


Your morning routine sets the tone for your entire day. Start your day off right with 7 science-backed habits that turbocharge your brain and productivity

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Expert tips for becoming the most ‘favorite’ manager


The Mindset Shift: How to become a good new manager You’d probably be excited about your new gig. Becoming a successful manager (a leader of other individual contributors) can be deceptively difficult. The transition is precarious.

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Transforming to an Agile Enterprise

International Institute of Learning

By Sandeep Shouche Most executives will hear the Agile buzzword and ask their teams to “do this agile thing.”. For many executives, Agile only means: Do it even faster than before. Deliver whenever I want it. Don’t question when I want to change it.

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How Professional Services Teams Are Breaking the Customer Churn Cycle (Infographic)


According to our Professional Services Market Global Report , the professional services industry is forecasted to grow 5.4% by 2020 , reaching almost $5 trillion. As the industry grows, so do the challenges professional services teams face trying to balance work management for internal and external teams. As more competition enters the playing field, questions emerge — How do you differentiate your business in order to retain and attract clients?

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9 Ways You Can Optimize Your Agency’s Creative Workflow Right Now

Function Point

While it can be tempting to jump head first into a creative project fuelled only by the passion and enthusiasm you have to create something, this can be a dangerous way to approach a project.

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Build Product Progress with a Strong Data Culture

Speaker: Nima Gardideh, CTO, Pearmill

Have you ever thought your product's progress was headed in one direction, and been shocked to see a different story reflected in big picture KPIs like revenue? It can be confusing when customer feedback or metrics like registration or retention are painting a different picture. No matter how sophisticated your analytics are, if you're asking the wrong questions - or looking at the wrong metrics - you're going to have trouble getting answers that can help you. Join Nima Gardideh, CTO of Pearmill, as he demonstrates how to build a strong data culture within your team, so everyone understands which metrics they should actually focus on - and why. Then, he'll explain how you can use your analytics to regularly review progress and successes. Finally, he'll discuss what you should keep in mind when instrumenting your analytics.

CX3 adopts Sitetracker and embraces change to save 40% in annual spending


About CX3 CX3 is a site acquisition and tower construction company with offices across the United States, specializing in site development, design and engineering, and site maintenance.

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Quote of the Day

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Expert judgment is typically the crux of cost and schedule estimates but in the spectrum of the risk management process, quantification of expert judgment is the weakest area - Fred Raymond, Acquistion Review Quarterly - Spring 199., 147-154.

Find your way with maps and guide mobile teams with our latest release


Sitetracker’s latest release delivers numerous enhancements and overall improved user experience in key parts of the platform, most notably with our project management mobile app, Sitetracker Mobile.

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How to Improve Your Corporate Training (no one gets upset)?

Corporate Training has evolved rapidly in the recent years and become a new strategy to develop and enhance employee’s skills and knowledge of an organization so that they equipped with the new skills and can play a vital role in the organization growth. Now different universities are also offering different courses on corporate training and […]. The post How to Improve Your Corporate Training (no one gets upset)? appeared first on For Managers | Personal Development Hacks. Leadership

What Is (and Isn’t) Product Management?

Speaker: Steve Johnson, VP of Products, Pragmatic Institute

Product Management is one of the most exciting - and most misunderstood - functions in technical organizations. Is it strategic or tactical? Is it a planning role or a support role? Many product professionals are unclear about what is (and isn't) product management. After all, product management spans many activities from business planning to market readiness. In this session, we’ll examine many product activities and artifacts for product strategy, planning, and growth, and introduce a simple tool that you can use in your organization to clarify the roles of product management and others. Steve Johnson explores the many roles of Product Management in this fun talk focused on why product managers should obsess on problems instead of solutions.