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Team Collaboration Software: 3 Must-Have Features for Productivity


The promise of technology doesn’t always coincide with reality, but this is not the case with team collaboration software. Social media might be working out the kinks, but in business, team collaboration software has brought people together.

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Musings on Project Management

"Don't take a [drink of] the Kool-Aid when you don't know the flavor" Cory Booker Senator. In other words: You may like what you hear; just be sure you understand what it is you like Buy them at any online book retailer! Project Management Quotations

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Get to Know InLoox: Ortwin - Software Developer at InLoox Headquarters in Munich


Ortwin is C# /.Net Net developer at our headquarters in Munich. As a software developer, he primarily takes care of all issues concerning our web application InLoox Web App. In addition to web development, he is particularly enthusiastic about inline skating and Munich open-air pianos.

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Ask a PM: How to Juggle Everything without Overloading Your Brain


Dear Elizabeth: I manage multiple projects, and the team juggles a lot. I’m worried about keeping so many pieces in my mind at once so that nothing slips through.

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Organizing for Customer Centricity

Speaker: Tatyana Mamut, Head of Product, Nextdoor

Most companies today say they are “customer centric.” Yet many still make decisions primarily based on competitor threats, technical architecture, or executive opinions. So what sets apart those that talk the talk, and those that walk the walk? Join Nextdoor's Head of Product Tatyana Mamut, PhD as she outlines the 7 habits of truly customer-centric companies.

The Surprising Power Of Personality Tests For Teams At Work


ENFJ, INFP, ISFP, ENTJ… Unless you’ve got your MBTI on your Twitter profile, you might not be overly familiar with these code names. What about iD, DC, or Si? No, they’re not elements on the periodic table—all of these acronyms are actually personality test results. Productivity

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Top 9 Time Management Mistakes You Should Never Commit


Make Sure You Don’t Fall Into These Time Management Mistakes Here you’ll learn about time management mistakes that lower work productivity! There is no doubt that we all commit mistakes, both, in our personal and professional lives.

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