Fri.Apr 12, 2019

Free Blockchain for Dummies eBook download Courtesy of IBM

Brad Egeland

Want to know about Blockchain. what it's all about and is it something you should be concerned with? Should your organization be Blockchain ready and using it strategically in your own business processes and delivery? Download the free Blockchain for Dummies limited edition here courtesy of IBM.

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6 Easy Ways To Empower Your Work Day With Mindfulness


Mindfulness is a centuries-old practice that teaches you, over time, how to be fully present and aware of what you’re doing. But, you don’t always have the luxury of time to hone your mindfulness skills before you actually need to put them into practice. Productivity

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Why Mark Zuckerberg Has Some of His Best Learders on Blockchain

Brad Egeland

Mark Zuckerberg is highly adept at addressing Facebook’s greatest threats. ​ He spent $1 billion on Instagram because that’s where young people were posting photos.

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