Tue.Jul 28, 2020

Adapting to a Virtual High School Classroom


As a high school teacher, I knew I was lucky in that I could keep my job and work from home during the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, trying to manage my newly virtual classroom and figure out what my new work day should look like has not been easy.

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Financial Dashboard | Improving Portfolio Management with a Financials Dashboard


Financial Dashboard A sound financial dashboard, even in its most basic format, can be an invaluable tool for financial portfolio management. The dashboard can be used to track data over extended periods of time, identify trends, and project the impact of best- and worst-case scenarios.

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6 Ways to Make the Most out of Your Remote Internship


Illustration: Hollie Fuller. Every year, students flock to summer and term-time internships to explore their professional interests.

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To use now.or saving it for ‘best’

Lynne Cazaly

I bought a new notebook three months ago. And there it sits on the shelf. All new and unused. Just like the outfits in my childhood wardrobe, waiting for ‘Sunday best’ Similarly, when people buy my book ‘Visual Mojo’ I tell them it’s been designed for them to write in it. It’s a true work-book. But many people don’t write in it. They want to save it, for best. We save the best cutlery for special guests.

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Sitetracker harnesses the power of connection with the launch of the Sitetracker Community


Sitetracker launches an online Community to give all users the opportunity to learn, connect, and enhance their Sitetracker experience. The Sitetracker Community empowers all Sitetracker users to easily access on-demand support at their fingertips.

Making things up as you go along

Lynne Cazaly

Not everything needs to be planned, controlled, organised and structured. Come on. not everything! We have an incredible resource in us: our experience, ideas and ingenuity. The thing is. we may not trust ourselves to provide from that resource. Improvisation pioneer and playwright Keith Johnstone, says that we edit, censor and judge our ideas. And so much so, that our ideas may never make it out of our head!

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Minute by minute - hour by hour

Lynne Cazaly

It’s how we make sense when nothing seems to make sense. As facts change and there is new data, we know more. As more information comes to light, the situation changes and we learn more. Then we act again. As we learn more from those actions, we act again. It’s one of the best reasons for getting into action sooner. Sooner than you think you should. You’ll get hindsight and be able to look back on what happened, on how it went.

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Accelerate your decision making

Lynne Cazaly

We’ve all got plenty on the go. Our crowded to do list may not be just a sign of a lot happening in our life. It can also be a sign of some decisions yet to be made. Maybe we’re waiting on someone or some more information, or another piece of the puzzle to fall in to place. Other times we’re waiting for the “right time” When is that exactly? It’s good to decide, to: Choose the colour. Set the date. Decide between the options. Select who to invite.

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