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10 Best Project Tracking Software in 2020

The Digital Project Manager

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The 12 Agile Principles. Part Three.

Growing Agile

This is the third part of the blog series were we discuss the 12 Agile Principles. In this post we will focus on principles 7-9. “Working software is the primary measure of progress.

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The Key Deliverable of Your Project Plan | Video

Online PM Courses

In this video, I'm focusing on Project Planning. And asking what is the key deliverable in your project plan? The answer's not what you expect. The post The Key Deliverable of Your Project Plan | Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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A Stress-Free Guide to Creating a Professional Development Plan


Overall, you feel pretty happy at work. You have a good handle on your responsibilities and crank through your tasks with a high degree of confidence. You enjoy the people you work with. You understand how your work fits into the bigger picture.

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Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

Visualizing Project Flow Using Cumulative Flow Diagrams


In my recent article, Sequencing Product Backlog , I used the shortest weighted processing time (SWPT) strategy to sequence a product backlog in order to minimize flow time and work in progress [1].

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Technical Program Manager?

The Digital Project Manager

The job of a technical program manager (TPM) is one of the expanding roles in. The post Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Technical Program Manager? appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Career Development Topics

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5 Ways to be an Excellent Project Manager During COVID-19 by Brad Egeland


There’s no question that the way we did things last year cannot be the status quo way we do things this year. Or maybe even next year. Who knows how long this will go on and what long lasting effects the COVID-19 pandemic will have on our behaviors and business practices for the long term.

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Top Tips for Avoiding Project Overload


As a project manager , you’ve likely found yourself managing multiple projects simultaneously. You think you’ve got it handled and then one of them starts to run into problems, drawing more and more of your time and energy.

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Design for relevance

Lynne Cazaly

When we bring people together to collaborate, co-design and solve problems, we must consider how to help them do their best work. We’re so bad at meetings - and boring ones - that our bad meeting culture gets transferred and stretched into longer sessions like workshops. We don’t just have boring meetings for an hour; we end up having boring workshops for 3-hours! So many of the leaders I train in better facilitation skills want to know about fun games for their workshops.

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Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs.

How to Continue Loving (or at least liking) Your Job as WFH Continues

Bridge the Gap Consulting

Sick of hearing about COVID? Yeah, me too. But unfortunately, it continues to consume our lives daily with increased cases and “doom and gloom” news articles. If you’re working from home now, chances are you will be for awhile.

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