Thu.Jan 26, 2023

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Don’t hate the game, hate the player

Kiron Bondale

(Before you correct me for misstating the iconic quote in this article’s title, read ahead) Over the past week, I’ve seen a number of posts from different practitioners on the instance complaining about agile.

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What Is the Project Life Cycle?

There are many different types of projects, but interestingly, they all have one thing in common. They all go through the same cycle, known as the project life cycle, or project management life cycle. What Is the Project Life Cycle?


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The Future of Agile Roles != The Future of Agility

The story of Capital One laying off hundreds of people in Agile roles is making the rounds. I have no direct connection to Capital One, so I can’t comment about what’s going on there.

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The benefits of designing and implementing an Eisenhower plan


Are you looking to increase your productivity and get more out of your day? An Eisenhower plan could be the answer. Named after President Dwight D. Eisenhower, this time management system is designed to differentiate tasks by importance and urgency.

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Everything You Need to Know About Crypto

Speaker: Ryan McInerny, CAMS, FRM, MSBA - Principal, Product Strategy

This exclusive webinar with Ryan McInerny will teach you all about cryptocurrency and NFTs! Register to learn more about identifying crypto transactions, crypto asset market trends, managing risk and compliance, and supporting customers and partners using crypto-based payments.

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The importance of Transparency and the Product Backlog (06)

Scrum is founded on empirical process control, and transparency is one of the three pillars. Each of the Scrum Artifacts exist to bring transparency to the Scrum Team and the stakeholders.

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Juggling Multiple Project Execution Methodologies? This is for you.


As a project management leader, you’ve likely encountered the challenges of using multiple project execution methodologies (such as: waterfall projects, as well as collaborative and Lean-Agile work delivery).

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9 Steps to an Effective Talent Assessment Strategy


Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to find the right talent in the applicant pool. Sifting through bad-fit applications is a tiring process – but it doesn’t need to be with the right talent assessment strategy and a few skills tests.

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Intro to Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) and Why It’s Valuable

Leading Agile

Body copy: Jobs to be Done is a Framework designed to enable more innovation and disruption. It’s used as a tool to see products through the eyes of customers and the goals they’re trying to accomplish.

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Protecting Your Career: What to do if Your Company is Struggling


As an employee, it can be concerning to hear rumors or see signs that your company may not be doing well. While it’s important to stay informed and be aware of the financial health of your employer, it’s also important to take proactive steps to protect yourself and your career.

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Exploring the Overlap: Cost Optimization and Digital Transformation

Speaker: Alex Jiménez, Managing Principal, Financial Service Consulting for EPAM

The largest banks have increased reserves for protection against deteriorating economic conditions. Should banks delay their digital transformation investments and focus on cost reductions? In this webinar, Alex Jiménez will walk us through that question and examine the prudent course of action.

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Unsure Which Methodology To Use On A Project? 5 Examples For Guidance

The Digital Project Manager

As a project manager, one of your most important tasks is choosing the right project management methodology for your project. There are many different options to choose from, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Managing schedule: who's in charge?

Musings on Project Management

I written this before: "The critical path (CP) and the most important path (MIP) are different more often than you might think."We We all know the definition of the CP: the longest path from project inception to project ending. The MIP is the path, long or short, to the most significant value-producing project outcome. This might be the actual project ending, but more often it is not. Sometimes a schedule

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How to Create a Genuinely Effective Feedback System For Team Growth?


What are feedback systems? How are they used? When, where, and how should you use them? And just why are they so important? Whether it’s a simple verbal agreement or a complex ‘combine PDF’ strategy, look no further than this handy guide for answers to all your burning questions!

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10 Best Notes Apps of 2023


What Are Notes Apps? Notes apps are a type of app that allows you to keep track of your notes, sketches, and other pieces of paper. They come in various formats and styles, but their main feature, in common, is that they allow you to capture and store your thoughts in a digital format.

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The Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020: Initial Catalysts, Current Implications, and Future Impacts

Speaker: Elizabeth "Paige" Baumann, Founder and CEO of Paige Baumann Advisory, LLC

In this session, Elizabeth “Paige” Baumann will cover the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020, which also includes the Corporate Transparency Act. She'll take a deep dive into the catalysts that brought on the act, the current implications of the act, and what impacts the act has on the future of banking and finance.