Thu.Nov 24, 2022

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Procurement Management & The Project Manager’s Role In The Project Life Cycle

The Digital Project Manager

Where do project managers fit into the procurement management process? It affects our projects, and yet we often aren’t the ones sourcing the vendors and suppliers that will work on our projects.

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Product Management Metrics and KPIs


When it comes to product management, we tend to hear a lot more about things like road mapping, requirements gathering, and wireframing because the mechanics of the job are easier to explain.

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Creating a Work Breakdown Structure: What You Need to Know

Epicflow Blog

Initial project phases play an important role for the success of further project management work. One of the essential activities as part of these phases is developing a work breakdown structure that becomes the basis for other project management documents and processes. .

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Back to the Foundations of the Scrum Framework - Wrapping it all up ?? (78)

77 posts ago. we took a start with introducing the underlying - core - concepts of the Scrum framework. Jep, that is 77 weeks, or 20 months, over one and a half year ago already!

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Unlocking Business Agility: Leveraging the Power of Strategy Execution

True business agility is impossible if execution is disconnected from strategic planning. Download this eBook to learn about the key capabilities every organization must adopt to more effectively & strategically execute all work across the enterprise.

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Workplace Wellbeing – How and Why it Matters?

Binfire Collaboration Blog

Workplace wellbeing is an important aspect of a successful organization. Investing in improving the physical and mental health of employees can go a long way in increasing job satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty. Here are ten ways employers can promote workplace wellbeing.

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