Tue.Nov 23, 2021

Remote Project Management: A Quick Guide with Best Practices


At the beginning of project management, everyone was physically working together. But work management is no longer under one roof. People are now working remotely more than ever. Remote teams are hybrid teams, and they work in different locations with different tools and skills.

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Prioritization Techniques in Agile for Product Managers

Management Yogi

Let’s consider two real-world scenarios. In one, a product manager is asked to work on the top priority items in his project’s product backlog for an upcoming iteration. The product manager replies, “It can’t be done because the business executives have set everything to be of top priority.”In

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Apply the Experience Curve Concept to Strategy and Project Management

The Strategic Project Manager

The idea of the Experience Curve has been around for over 50 years. While businesses, organizations, and markets have evolved, the Experience Curve concept survives and can be very useful for informing decisions, shaping strategy, and guiding implementation.

What tools are PMs using alongside Microsoft Project for Project Management?


We are surveying MPUG members and asking, “ What are you using besides Microsoft Project to round out your project management toolbox ?”. Here are the results that we have got so far…. It’s been great to hear from you and start the following list: Excel. Teams. Power BI. Sharepoint. Planner.

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Why You Need to Prioritize The Employee Experience in 2022

Speaker: Steve Luh, Alexis Barone, Nick Roco

In this interactive discussion, Wrike’s Nick Roco, Steve Luh, and Alexis Barone will provide recommendations on how to deliver employee experiences that separate you from your competition.

What happens to the UNDONE work in a Sprint?


Even a well-set team with clear objectives may fail to finish each thing when the sprint ends. . When the sprint was planned, the team might have thought about successfully tackling 6 Product Backlog Items (PBIs). But in reality, they might only address 4 or 5 PBIs.

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VISUAL – The Catalyst for project acceleration

PM Times

An effective PM pushes obstacles out of the way of the team to make a clear path for the project to move ahead, communicate, etc. If unable to move or eliminate the obstacle themselves, a successful PM finds ways to influence others or alternate mechanisms to employ.

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Discover Your Most Productive Hours With The Biological Prime Time Method


There are those periods of time when you’re hyper-focused. You crank through items on your to-do list with seeming ease. Distractions are no match for you. You’re an unstoppable productivity powerhouse. Productivity

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How to Access the Online Classroom for Your Professional Scrum Course


If your Professional Scrum trainer (PST) informed you that you would be able to access post-class materials in the Scrum.org "online classroom.", here is an image that explains where you can find that link

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