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How to Manage a Team Member With A Negative Attitude

Rebel’s Guide to PM

This article was inspired by Ben Snyder’s book, Everything’s a Project: 70 Lessons from Successful Project-Driven Organizations. How can I deal with a team member with a bad attitude? How can I deal with a project team member whose attitude sucks?”.

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Project Evaluation Process: Definition, Methods & Steps

Managing a project is a very challenging, but project evaluation makes it easier. Everything starts with careful planning, which sets the stage for the execution phase where estimations, plans and schedules guide the project team as they complete tasks and deliverables.

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Expected Monetary Value (EMV): A Project Manager’s Guide

Rebel’s Guide to PM

What is EMV? EMV is a risk analysis tool that helps establish the contingency reserves for your project activities. It’s a statistical technical for quantifying risk. At the end of it, you get a decision tree that summarizes the financial impact of following a course of action.

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The Psychology of Forecasting Uncertainty


Planning for Failure can Produce Success. Have you heard the project management saying that failing to plan is planning to fail ? Thinking about that a little more deeply, do you think we might be better off if we plan for failure ? The need for resiliency should not be discounted.

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A PM’s Master Class on Building and Maintaining Stakeholder Relationships

Speaker: Americo Pinto, Founder and Chair at PMO Global Alliance

In this discussion, Americo Pinto, Founder and Chair at PMO Global Alliance, will walk you through best practices for communicating with stakeholders.

How to build psychological safety on remote teams


After running Planio for more than a decade, I’ve come to learn that managers and leaders often wear blinders. Even if we think we’re being open and understanding, underneath it all, we think we know best. And that’s a problem — especially on remote teams.

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A Complete Guide to Lean Project Management and Why Do You Need It


Lean project management is the best way to convey more value and revenue to your business. Every business is making money to stay in business itself – the need and urgency for profitability will always be there. However, reaching there is the tricky part.

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What is Agile Project Management?


A Getting Started Guide. According to the 15 th State of Agile Report, 94% of companies are practicing Agile. This statistic is somewhat misleading as it does not mean that all of these companies are receiving benefits or even successful with their Agile approach.

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What Is Issue Log & How Does It Help Project Managers?


No matter how meticulously you plan your project, issues are bound to arise at one point or another. But remember, issues are slight dips in your progress, not complete full stops.

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How to Pass the Product Owner Certification — PSPO I, PSPO II, and PSPO III

TL; DR: How to Pass the Product Owner Certification —’s PSPO I to III. The first article of this mini-series established that you do not need a certificate to become good at what you do, for example, working as a Scrum Master or Product Owner.

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Agile vs Waterfall: May the 4th Be With You in the Great Debate

Speaker: Joe Pusz, President, The PMO Squad

In this discussion, PMO Joe will challenge your thinking and perhaps bring you to the conclusion that the debate doesn’t exist. He will discuss the pros and cons of each approach and examine if one is superior to the other.

The Pyramid Principle and other frameworks for effectively pitching your projects


Pitching projects and building influence with stakeholders and executives is an essential part of successfully managing projects. But, while project managers have tons of skills, they’re rarely good at being salespeople. The issue often comes down to a Goldilocks problem with information. If you focus too much on all the risks, context, and background information, you’ll put your audience to sleep before the big reveal.

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Three Principles for Management in an Agile World

International Institute for Learning

I started my career as a passionate software developer, then I was promoted to manager of Engineering. Looking back honestly at the reasons I was chosen by upper management, I imagine them to be comprised of the following: I was respected by my peers in engineering as a decent coder.

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¿Cómo ayuda Scrum a potenciar el intraemprendimiento empresarial?

?? ¿Qué encontrarás en este artículo? El intraemprendimiento es la aplicación de la mentalidad y prácticas de los emprendedores , que crean nuevas empresas o despliegan iniciativas sociales, dentro de las empresas consolidadas.

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How to Manage Your Creative Firm and Make a Profit

Function Point

In many respects, creative firms operate just like any professional services company. There is a requirement to track time and expenses as they relate to both billable and non-billable work to ensure that the agency is profitable and that the business remains sustainable at the most basic level.

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The PM Revolution: Key Trends Propelling the Project Management Profession Into the Future

Speaker: Jesse Fewell, Principal Coach, Fewell Innovation

Join this high-energy webinar with Jesse Fewell, author, coach, and project management trainer, to get practical answers and insights into what is propelling the profession into the future.

Scrum explained: Technical debt vs undone work

“Let’s release it now”. Peter Product Owner says. But Peter, we haven’t tested it yet. We don’t know if it works with all the other Increments, we don’t know if the user would accept it, we haven't even done the regression test.” the developers reply concerned.

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Project Management Software Case Study: Chute Gerdeman

Function Point

Chute Gerdeman is an award-winning strategic brand and design firm. Founded in 1989, the company is an innovator in beneficial customer brand experiences in the retail, restaurant, consumer goods and service provider industries. Summary Of Challenges Prior To Function Point. The company used custom-built, time-tracking software that was ready to update it. Chute Gerdeman used lots of offline documents to track project details. Summary Of The Benefits Of Function Point.

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3 Tipps, wie angehende Scrum Master ein Daily Scrum durchführen, welches Selbstmanagement fördert

Viele angehende Scrum Master berichten mir, dass sie jeden Tag pünktlich um 9:00 vor diesem Problem stehen: Die Entwickler bitten sie, das Daily Scrum zu moderieren.

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Creative Manager – A balanced approach to implementing new software

Function Point

The VCR at my parents house was always flashing 12:00. After a power outage, or with the seasonal clock changes, all other clocks were adjusted, but never the VCR. Neither Mom nor Dad wanted to deal with the thing, but for quite different reasons. Their divergent attitudes towards hardware, reminds me very much of attitudes I have seen in regards to adopting new software. Mom is the classic tech-phobe.

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6 Best Practices for Operational Reporting

Meeting requirements alone is no longer enough. Today’s users need insightful reporting built on accurate, real-time data. In our eBook, you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts to embedding operational reports, and how to avoid common reporting mistakes.

Difference Between Managing a Risk vs. Managing an Issue


You would often hear project managers using issue management and risk management interchangeably. However, did you know that these two concepts are entirely different and need to be handled differently?

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¿Cómo ayuda #crum a potenciar el intraemprendimiento empresarial?

?? ¿Qué encontrarás en este artículo? El intraemprendimiento es la aplicación de la mentalidad y prácticas de los emprendedores , que crean nuevas empresas o despliegan iniciativas sociales, dentro de las empresas consolidadas.

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There is a case for bureaucracy. sometimes

Musings on Project Management

If you can't trust your peopleOr, you don't know your people well enough to trust themAnd, you can't replace the formerNor do you have time to get to know the latter.Then the management solution is simplicity itself:Invent a bureaucracy and assign them to it!Bureaucracy Bureaucracy is the management alternative to trust. Rules, regulations, and punishment do all the work. No fuss, no muss!Sometimes, Sometimes, Project Management

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Intuition: How it Works and What to Do when it Fails You | Video

Online PM Courses

You use intuition every day. And it serves you well. But, not always. How does it work and how can you fix it, when your intuition fails you? The post Intuition: How it Works and What to Do when it Fails You | Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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The #1 Reason Why Sales Coaching is Critical to Your 2022 Sales Success

Speaker: Tim Hughes, Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Leadership Associates

Join Tim Hughes, Author of Social Selling – Influencing Buyers and Changemakers and Co-Founder/CEO of Digital Leadership Associates, as he details how investing in sales coaching will teach your team how to navigate social media and therefore create greater sales success.

Why your creative agency should have a blog

Function Point

The way we communicate and advertise has changed tremendously. New media has changed marketing dynamics, and efforts have to be divided in different channels that go beyond traditional TV, Radio and publishing. On the Internet, we have thousand of social media networks where billions of people connect, share content and search for information. Finding information is not the problem for consumers anymore, but often finding a reliable source of information on a specific topic is.

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