Sun.Mar 26, 2023

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Checklist for better goals in Scrum (Sprint and Product)

Overview I’ve studied the goals for some time now and have come up with a checklist that can help you make better Sprint and Product Goals. My list is more refined than the SMART goals you may know about. If you’re unclear on why goals are important, see my blog post on commitments. I will focus on Sprint Goals as there’s not a huge difference when judging the quality of either of these goals.

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Traits of a PMO Leader

Bridge the Gap Consulting

Congratulations! You’re a PMO Leader! Welcome to a challenging, dynamic world where you get to delivery strategic value all while having a target on your back. Good times! Being a PMO leader has been one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my career. Thankfully, I’ve had some really good mentors along the way who showed me being a PMO leader and a project manager are two very different things.

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Definition of 'Done': Dysfunctions & Tips

By Lavaneesh Gautam , Professional Scrum Trainer The definition of ‘Done’ probably is the most misunderstood concept of the Scrum framework. In this article, we will learn some common dysfunctions or antipatterns associated with the Definition of ‘Done’ and also certain tips or remedies to overcome these. Previous Article Previous Article: Definition of ‘Done’: What It is and How It Supports Scrum Events , we discussed What Is the Definition of ‘Done’ How it can be used in Scrum Events

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Here are My 12 Secret Strategies to Manage Multiple Projects Effectively

Online PM Courses

What should you do if you are called upon to manage multiple projects? Here are the secret strategies that experienced Project Managers use. The post Here are My 12 Secret Strategies to Manage Multiple Projects Effectively appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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Project Team Engagement in the Context of Human/AI Hybrid Teams

The leadership style that the leaders adopt during engagement is critical in gaining team member support for building a positive thinking team. The challenge is in deciding whether to adopt an engagement focused leadership style that emphasizes human behavior characteristics such as personalities, or to a task-oriented leadership style that focuses on the work needed to be performed and the tools to be used.

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[VLOG] Comprehensive Explanation on Definition of Done and Increment

If we summarise that 13 pages Scrum Guide into a single sentence that describes the objective of Scrum, it is to continuously improve the Scrum team's effectiveness in delivering one or more done increments consistently every single sprint. The done increment is a tangible form of what the customer can use and what might be valuable for the customer.