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Remote or Onsite Project Manager - 20 years experience - Available Immediately

Brad Egeland

Do you need long term or one-off expert project management help right now? Tech PM or just a very experienced real world go-to Project Manager to come in and help take charge? I can do remote or onsite, full-time or part-time, W2 or 1099. Contact me by email or through my contact form here.

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8 Communication Mistakes To Avoid And Increase Employee Motivation


Source: [link] All your employees will have different reasons for coming to work in the morning. While some are just looking to pay their bills, others will want to aim for a promotion, save money, or become their own boss some day.

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The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Project Management


The more companies grow, the more projects they have in progress at the same time. Managing workloads, keeping track of deadlines, and knowing what to prioritize can become complicated, which is why multi-project management is so vital.

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What Does a Software Engineer Do on a Daily Basis?


When someone mentions software engineers, do you first think of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Not many people know that a software engineer isn't just the mind behind a computer program. Their job involves a lot of creativity and responsibility.

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A PM’s Master Class on Building and Maintaining Stakeholder Relationships

Speaker: Americo Pinto, Founder and Chair at PMO Global Alliance

In this discussion, Americo Pinto, Founder and Chair at PMO Global Alliance, will walk you through best practices for communicating with stakeholders.

7 Deadly Sins of Project Management

Brad Egeland

We all make mistakes. Project managers are certainly no exception - though as a profession we tend to be placed under much scrutiny at times and therefore those mistakes may become big news and can be - depending on the mistake - quite damaging and costly to the projects we are running.

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Hold On, What The Heck Are Asynchronous Interviews?


Let’s face it, interviews are pretty inconvenient. Whether you’re a recruiter needing to schedule them, or a candidate trying to find time to attend one, interviews always cause frustration. We’d like to introduce you to a better way – asynchronous interviews. Sounds pretty fancy, right?

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Experiencing Job Dissatisfaction: How To Decide If It's Time To Quit


There are few things more nerve-wracking than deciding to leave a job. Change is scary, especially when it involves your livelihood! Productivity

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