Tue.Jan 25, 2022

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8 Communication Mistakes To Avoid And Increase Employee Motivation


Source: [link] All your employees will have different reasons for coming to work in the morning. While some are just looking to pay their bills, others will want to aim for a promotion, save money, or become their own boss some day. As every employee is motivated by different things, you need to think about how you can motivate them to achieve their best.

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The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Project Management


The more companies grow, the more projects they have in progress at the same time. Managing workloads, keeping track of deadlines, and knowing what to prioritize can become complicated, which is why multi-project management is so vital. In this guide, we’ll outline how leaders use multi-project management to coordinate multiple projects, tasks, workers, and time.


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What Does a Software Engineer Do on a Daily Basis?


When someone mentions software engineers, do you first think of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Not many people know that a software engineer isn't just the mind behind a computer program. Their job involves a lot of creativity and responsibility. They need to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently, especially if they work on demanding software.

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Long Term Planning: An Interview With Matthew Vitlin


Thank you so much for joining our interview series! Before we get started, we would love to “get to know you” a bit better. What is your ‘backstory’, and how did you get started? I grew up in San Francisco, went to college on the East Coast, then came back to work for a few years with my future wife, before going to Montreal for my MBA. My father unfortunately got sick then, which lead to our moving to Austin, TX for the last semester of my MBA and his last semester.

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From Predictive to Agile: How to Choose the Right Project Management Methodology

Our profession is undergoing a transformation, moving away from rigid, one-size-fits-all methodologies. Instead, project managers are embracing dynamic and adaptable frameworks that carefully consider project and product variables to determine the most suitable development approaches and project life cycles.

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How to Improve Your Leadership Within an Organization

PM Times

Leadership matters in an organization for many reasons, not least of which is because a business that lacks strong leadership cannot continue to function. At minimum, there has to be a set of agreed-upon objectives, but leaders provide much more than this. The best-run companies have employees who don’t just show up but who are […]. The post How to Improve Your Leadership Within an Organization appeared first on Project Management Articles, Webinars, Templates and Jobs.

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Experiencing Job Dissatisfaction: How To Decide If It's Time To Quit


There are few things more nerve-wracking than deciding to leave a job. Change is scary, especially when it involves your livelihood!