October, 2016

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The War for Project Management Talent?

Arras People

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How-to run a more effective daily stand-up or scrum

The Digital Project Manager

Posted in Features General How-to Guides. Run well, a daily stand-up or scrum is a great pulse check, team builder and motivator for a project; run badly, it’s an expensive waste of everyone’s time. An effective daily stand-up is a chance to review progress, get feedback, measure productivity and adapt together as a team, to keep a project. The post How-to run a more effective daily stand-up or scrum appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Features General How-to Guides

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Without a Root Cause Analysis, No Suggested Fix Can Be Effective

Herding Cats

In a recent Blog post titled Precision it is suggested Precision (or the implication thereof) is perhaps the root problem of most, if not all dysfunction related to estimation. . Yes, projects have uncertainty. Everything has uncertainty. Projects are no exception.

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Starting a Young Crew in Algeria with IPMA TAP-Training Aid Programme


An important part for the development of older and younger member associations is mentoring.

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Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs.

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Lessons learned from my first year as a digital project manager

The Digital Project Manager

Posted in Features General. Ben Che looks back at his first year in digital project management to share 5 key lessons learned in a rollercoaster ride of the ups and downs of a DPM.October. The post Lessons learned from my first year as a digital project manager appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Features General

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2016 61

Project Management, Performance Measures, and Statistical Decision Making

Herding Cats

There is a current rash of suggestions on how to improve the performance of software projects. Each of these, while well meaning, are missing the means to confirm their credibility.

Formally recognise the profession of project management, and dedicate certified project management resources to deliver their commitments – A call from Sydney


The International Project Management Association (IPMA) is a federation of 66 member nations, who collaborate to promote the recognition of project management and engage stakeholders around the world in advancing the discipline.

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Have You Left Anything Out of Your Project Plan?

Project Risk Coach

The Project Plan Checklist Have you left anything out of your project plan? Check out this project plan checklist to help you identify the baselines and plans that will be most helpful to each of your projects. I like to keep my project plans as simple as possible.

Top 5 Project Management Report Templates

These FREE most popular templates will help you perform your role more efficiently.

Avoiding project change analysis denial of service!

Kiron Bondale

Wikipedia defines a denial-of-service attack as “ a cyber-attack where the perpetrator seeks to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users, such as to temporarily or indefinitely interrupt or suspend services of a host connected to the Internet.

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Recruiting Project Managers Continuously

Arras People

Any organisation which is interested in talent management must always be on the lookout for new talent – not just when the business thinks its needs someone.

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5 Project management workflow scenarios solved by Hub Planner

The Digital Project Manager

Posted in Articles General. Hub Planner takes a deep dive into 5 of the most common workflow scenarios you may find yourself facing as a project manager, and highlights how these are solved using their fantastic scheduling software. The modern project manager is faced with many challenges, some of which are tedious to solve and inefficient in practice. Hub Planners approach is to tackle these scenarios head on and provide a time-saving solution. Matching Resources by Skills and.

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Agile Project Management Methods for Corporate IT Projects

Herding Cats

When Agile development moves beyond a single scrum team and into the Enterprise IT domain, several considerations must be addressed. For Scrum (or most other agile methods) focus on the team is paramount. The behaviours of the team should follow Katzenbach's definition of a team as.a

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7 project management tips

How to manage projects within a fragmented workforce

Project performance review


In a recent publication Alexia Nalewaik and Anthony Mills highlight the importance of performance audits for project success. Firstly, they explain the different terms being used in that context, such as review, evaluation, audit or assessment.

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Fantastic and (mostly) Free Software for Social Media Management


Today we are presenting a list of tools that can do magic when it comes to social media marketing. If you are looking for a way to boost the productivity and efficiency of you work in social media, this is a list for you! With the help of this software you will be able to: […].

3 Ways to Cope When Your Project Goes Off The Rails

Girl's Guide to PM

If I’m honest it has been a while since I’ve worked on a project that has gone totally off the rails. We’ve had little disasters here and there. Perhaps experience helps me frame and deal with these as not the end of the world but rather a problem to be got around.

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Talent Management and the Value Proposition for Project Managers

Arras People

Continuing our series of articles on the “War on Talent” theme, the McKinsey report highlighted a second element that contributes to a Successful Talent Formula. The first about instilling a talent mindset looked at talent management being at the heart of the business.

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Project Management Processes - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This free eBook will help you to identify the appropriate project management process to apply at any point in your own project.

How to run a rapid prototyping project

The Digital Project Manager

Posted in Features General How-to Guides. Rapid prototyping can be a helpful tool for us as digital project managers to help clients who ask the question; ‘But will this work?’ ’ and ‘How will this work?’ ’ Often the simple, but frustrating answer is simply, ‘We don’t know yet – but let us help you work it out.’

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2016 55

INFOGRAPHIC: How Project Management Software helps Small Teams do Big Things


INFOGRAPHIC: How Project Management Software helps Small Teams do Big Things. best practices collaboration infographic Leadership PPM Project Management Resource Management risk management Trends celoxis Online project management tool project management software project tracking web based project management software

Strategies for Project Sponsorship


In recent blogposts we already highlighted the importance of project sponsorship. The book “Strategies for Project Sponsorship” addresses the challenges of sponsorship from all three vantage points – that of the project manager, the project sponsor and the organisation. In a nutshell, project sponsorship is an active senior management role, identifying the business needs, ensuring the project remains a viable proposition and supporting the project manager in all regards.

Effective Time Management


Very often the beginning of a certain period is combined with increased motivation to work. Each of us knows about the New Year’ resolutions, many of us have made a lot of those.

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Project Manager's Guide to Getting Things Done

9 tips on how to manage your team’s workload.

Why Clear Communication is Vital to Successful Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

Today I’m sharing an infographic from Brandeis University. For any type of project to be successful, good communication skills are vital for both managers and team members. Up to 56% of all projects fail due to poor communication, regardless of the niche industry, according to their figures.

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What Does Agile Mean in the Job Market?

Arras People

What does Agile mean? And how on earth do we distinguish this in the job market? I have been asked this question three times over the last week which has prompted me to try to clarify the term “Agile”.

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How to start projects better with your clients

The Digital Project Manager

Posted in General How-to Guides. We all want great project kickoff meetings but are we doing the right groundwork with our clients so we have a better client kickoff meeting? Projects sometimes start off a bit wonky because we dive straight into the project without getting to know the client and truly understanding some of. The post How to start projects better with your clients appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. General How-to Guides

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2016 45

How to Measure Value

Zen Project Management

Agile is about delivering value, so it is important to understand the value you are delivering within an iteration or release. However, I seen many teams that focus on how many story points they deliver but not really thinking about the value of those story points. So are there ways to measure value? The answer is, of course there is. One way would be to use the Planning Poker approach, but instead of estimating the effort for each story you can estimate the value of the story.

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Secrets of an Elite Project Manager

Fast track your way to the top by learning the secrets of the trade from three top project management experts.

International Standard on Governance ready for publication


During last week´s meeting in Athens the ISO/TC258 approved ISO 21505 “Project, programme and portfolio management – Guidance on governance” to be ready for publication.

The Three Things Every Project Manager Must Know about Project Governance

Ron Rosenhead

This Blog is brought to you courtesy of Dr Mike Clayton. It covers the very important topic of project governance. Projects are all about getting stuff done, I was once told. And this wonderfully simple view is very appealing, isn’t it? So the last thing we need, is someone getting in the way.

2016 29

What Should a New Project Manager Focus On?

Girl's Guide to PM

This is a guest article by Dr Mike Clayton, who is the well-known author and trainer behind Online PM Courses.*. It was about 17 years ago. I sat opposite the new project manager. What to tell her? The First Meeting. I remember sitting down with a new project manager over coffee.

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Strategy Execution on #pmchat

Arras People

Friday afternoons on Twitter is the place for project practitioners to kick back for an hour and have a chat with other practitioners around the world.

Agile Adoption: Decreasing Time to Market

This Refcard is focused on helping you evaluate and choose the practices for your team or organization when getting to market faster is of prime importance.