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Combining Waterfall and Agile in SAFe

Arras People

Agile and Waterfall processes are not generally considered something that should be mixed. They are mixed – and have to be – as many organizations make the transition from a Waterfall software development and project management methodology to an Agile methodology of the same.

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Faces of risk

Musings on Project Management

1 When you say "risk management" to most PMs, what jumps to mind is the quite orthodox conception of risk as the duality of an uncertain future event and the probability of that event happening. Around these two ideas -- impact and frequency -- we've discussed in this blog and elsewhere the conventional management approaches. This conception is commonly called the "frequentist" view/ Risk Management

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Responding to Project Danger Warning Signs

Brad Egeland

When your health takes a turn for the worst, what do you do? You go to the doctor, right? Well, not everyone does, but you should.and most do. It depends on the warning signs, I guess. Medical scares are real.don't ignore them My oldest daughter is pregnant with her first child and going through a difficult pregnancy. She has very similar symptoms to what happened with my wife (her mother) on her first pregnancy.

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How to Plan a Successful Product Launch

The project that creates your product is just the starter pistol in the long run to market. If you don’t have a plan to launch that product, then you’re jeopardizing your success. The product launch is one of the most crucial processes in any successful project.

Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

Why Your Sustainability Report Might be Awful?

Green Project Management

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How To Write Clear Project Goals

Project Risk Coach

Occasionally, someone will ask me for risk management tips. I think my first answer surprises individuals— write clear goals. Yes, g ood risk management always starts with clear goals. In today's article, I will give you a simple method to write clear goals every time.

2018 287

5 Business Leaders Share Their Best Employee Appreciation Ideas

Employees are the backbone of any successful business; it’s their hard work that helps turn visions into realities and investments into profits. All too often, in the rush of major projects and boardroom expectations, it can be easy to overlook employees.

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58 Project Management Articles And Podcasts From 2018

The Digital Project Manager

his year, the expert team at The Digital Project Manager team has produced dozens of articles on project management, from comprehensive how-to guides to opinion pieces showing what daily life as a digital project manager is like. The post 58 Project Management Articles And Podcasts From 2018 appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Topics

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Thank You 2018

Girl's Guide to PM

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that has made Girl’s Guide to Project Management possible this year. It is a big list, but there are so many people working behind the scenes to help this website run smoothly. A very big thank you to… Companies that let me review their software. These companies asked me to review their software this year. Proggio. Vizzlo. Reason8. Genius Project. CornerThought Software. Teamdeck. AlchemyWorks. Slenke. People I have interviewed.

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Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs.

Product-centric teams have skin in the game!

Kiron Bondale

I’m midway through Nassim Taleb ‘s latest book, Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life. As is usual with Taleb’s writing, he provides thorough but humorous coverage of a concept which can be applied to many contexts.

2018 186

What it Takes to Be a Great Creative Project Manager

A creative project manager confronts many unique challenges. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, presents the skills you need when managing creatives, so you can go from good to great. Here’s a screenshot of the whiteboard for your reference! In Review – What it Takes to Be a Great Creative Project Manager.

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Meeting the customer's standards

Musings on Project Management

"They" say about Agile: You don't have to bother with gathering requirements; requirements just emerge You don't have to have any documentation; it's all in the code You can do away with V&V: verification and validation, because that's like QA tacked onto the end You don't really have to have an architect, because (somehow) the best architecture emerges Taking responsibility for business. agile

2018 170

The InLoox Year End Review - Everything That Has Happened in 2018!


2018 was an exciting year for InLoox - a lot has happened. It's hard to know where to start. So let’s just dive right in and start with the highlight of 2018! New Headquarters Let's start with the obvious: The room I am writing these lines in is not the room I was writing from six months ago.

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Top 5 Project Management Report Templates

These FREE most popular templates will help you perform your role more efficiently.

The deliberate evolution of “Scrum – A Pocket Guide”

Gunther Verheyen

In 2013 I accidentally created a book, “Scrum – A Pocket Guide” In 2018 I deliberately evolved my Scrum travel companion into a second edition. I am humbled over the many unanticipated consequences of the accidental creation of my pocket guide to Scrum.


Using Digital Transformation to Be More Efficient

Traditional business may have been slow to adopt digital technology, but in its defense, no one predicted how fast and comprehensive the digital revolution would be when home computers and the internet first appeared.

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To self-organize, or not?

Musings on Project Management

I like headlines that have a simple message This one--No more self-organizing teams--caught my eye for three reasons: I agree with the sentiment It was written by Jim Highsmith, who rights some good stuff I have an interest in leadership per se Now, to be fair, Mike Cohn more or less supports the thesis we present here when he (Mike) quotes Philip Anderson who writes in "Biology of. agile human factors Teamwork

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InLoox Wishes you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2019!


Even our support team needs a break from time to time. That's why there will be no support from December 24 to December 26, 2018 and on December 31, as well as January 1, 2019. Please submit a ticket for your support requests directly via our ticket system. We will take care of your requests as soon as possible

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Living With Technical Debt: Balancing Quality and Perfection

Speaker: Cliff Gilley, The Clever PM

As a Product Manager, you probably have to deal with technical debt. Regularly. Whether you like it or not - because it can’t be avoided. Unexpected details pop up, as small as UX that needs clean-up, and as big as a previously unforeseen flaw in the infrastructure of a project. We have to accept that nobody gets away without some technical debt. And of course, the longer you take to deal with your technical debt, the more difficult it becomes to address fully. Feeling frustrated? Fortunately, we can take a step back, gain clarity, and see how the decisions we make impact our technical debt. Then, we can make decisions about how we want to balance technical debt with other priorities. Are we willing to live with some level of technical debt in order to ship product and meet deadlines? Can we mitigate technical debt to get to an MVP faster?

2019 Business Intelligence Predictions: What We Have To Look Forward To


It’s that time of year once again when we pour over industry analysis and predict what the coming 12 months might bring. Today, it’s Business Intelligence ’s turn. We’re looking at trends in the world of Business Intelligence (BI) and what these mean for your organization. More Integration.

2019 114

Do You Know These 6 Practical Risk Identification Techniques?

PM Basics

How to perform risk identification ? What risk identification techniques to use? Which ones are efficient? And in general: How to discover problems that you’re unaware of? Check the topic on PMBOK® Guide: It says nothing about the practical application of risk identification processes.

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How to Handle Stakeholder Objections

Online PM Courses

Handling stakeholder objections is an unavoidable part of life as a Project Manager. It ought to be one of my Project Management Rules. Resistance is Inevitable.

What Your Sun Sign Tells You About Your Project Management Style


It’s that time of the year where I feel like having a bit of fun. So instead of the usual explainer articles with numbers and graphs, I am going to try to explain project managers using their sun signs. Whether you swear by your astrological signs or think that they are a bunch of hogwash, you cannot deny that astrology and sun signs columns are … Project Management

2018 95

The Business Opportunity of Embedded Analytics: New Findings from 500+ Application Teams

Speaker: Josh Martin, Director of Product Marketing, Logi Analytics

Embedded analytics has evolved from an afterthought to a necessity. But most companies don’t realize that the features they embed and how they develop have a lasting impact on revenue, customer churn, and competitive differentiation. The state of embedded analytics in 2018 is in flux. Learn from the experiences of 500+ application teams embedding analytics—including which features actually move the needle, how analytics benefits their companies, and what development approach yields the best results.

Three Steps for Effectively Managing Scope Creep


Scope creep is one of the easiest ways for project margins to be eroded. Small changes and additions to a project, additional work hours, and shifting deadlines can often happen without a company noticing until the scope of work has grown to the point of being unprofitable.

2018 111

Last-Minute Gifts for Your Project Team


The Christmas holiday is a mere five days from now. And, if your company closes its offices the last week of the year, that only leaves you tonight to get any last-minute gifts for the project managers, collaborators, and contributors you work with.

2018 92

What the Military can teach us about Sprint Planning

Zen Project Management

As a coach, I've seen many Sprint Planning sessions. Some are more effective than others. When it comes to planning, the military has a long history and we can learn a few things from them.

The accidental creation of “Scrum – A Pocket Guide”

Gunther Verheyen

Contrary to a common assumption, the creation of my book “Scrum – A Pocket Guide” (2013) was anything but a long-lived hope, ambition or dream. As I shared with Joe (Jochen) Krebs on his Agile.FM podcast , it was an accidental and unplanned endeavor.


A Guide to Designing Delightful Dashboards

Speaker: Daniel O'Sullivan, Product Designer, nCino and Jeff Hudock, Senior Product Manager, nCino

We’ve all seen the increasing industry trend of artificial intelligence and big data analytics. In a world of information overload, it's more important than ever to have a dashboard that provides data that's not only interesting but actually relevant and timely. Dashboards assist decision makers facilitate new ideas and business opportunities, increase customer approval rates, and analyze current business process. All of these activities play a vital role in providing the superior experience your customers demand.

The Importance of Imports in Java

Leading Agile

A tweet from Kevlin Henney in August 2018 reopened an old can of worms: The “issue” has never seemed a Big Deal® to me. Even so, a couple of things came to mind when I first read Kevlin’s tweet: Java is designed to work both ways: With wildcard imports or with specific ones.

2018 86

Stop Setting News Year’s Resolutions—Set Sprints Instead!


Does anyone else struggle with setting and achieving New Year’s resolutions? I’m sure you’ve experienced the futility of setting New Year’s resolutions only to continue the same pattern of human behavior from the previous year.

2018 92

10 Ways to Master Interpersonal Skills Without Breaking a Sweat


No matter what industry you work in, everyone uses interpersonal skills every single day. These talents emphasize a person’s emotional intelligence and how well they are able to collaborate with other people in a work setting.

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