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How to Use the Risk Assessment Matrix in Project Management

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In today’s age of ever-fluctuating market trends, risks are inevitable. Whether you’re running a start-up or are a part of a giant corporate culture, eventually you’ll be faced with risks that need your utmost dedication for timely mitigation.

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6 Tips to Boost Team Motivation for Your Agile Team

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Being an Agile team is all about adopting the Agile frameworks to the core – both in project management and team collaboration.


Agile Self-Organization: Band-Aid for a Broken Leg

Pawel Brodzinski

One of the concepts that has been widely popularized by Agile movement is self-organization of teams. It lands very nicely in any Agile context, no matter the discussed method or even a general approach one might have to Agile implementations.

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Why You Should Schedule Around People, Not Tasks

Girl's Guide to PM

. Tzvi Zucker, Marketing Manager at Proggio. I’m pleased to be working with Proggio to bring you this thought-provoking article from Tzvi Zucker, Marketing Manager. The nature of the modern business environment is constantly evolving. Project management has wrought much change.

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Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

How to Write an Executive Summary: A Quick Guide

Here’s the good news: an executive summary is short. It’s part of a larger document and, as the name implies, summarizes the longer report. Here’s the bad news: it’s a critical document that can be challenging to write.

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The 3 Biggest Lies in Project Management

The Digital Project Manager

There’s loads of misconceptions about what to expect from a project manager. Here’s 3 huge assumptions people make about PM and advice for setting the record straight. The post The 3 Biggest Lies in Project Management appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. PM Skills & Best Practices

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Will all improvement ideas from a retrospective consume capacity?

Kiron Bondale

The Scrum Guide indicates “ The Scrum Retrospective is an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements to be enacted during the next Sprint.

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What Is SIPOC? How to Use a SIPOC Diagram

What is SIPOC, and how does one use a SIPOC diagram? It’s a method to improve process, and Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows how it can be used as yet another tool to help you manage your project. Here’s a screenshot of the whiteboard for your reference! In Review – What Is SIPOC?

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The Four Keys to Successful Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (P3M) Performance

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Organisations that consistently deliver their portfolios of programmes and projects on an ongoing basis, do so by deliberately developing four crucial key areas. Process.

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Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs.

Great project management

Musings on Project Management

Give pause to this insight: "The mark of a great ship handler is never getting into a situation requiring great ship handling" Admiral Ernest J. King The paraphrase is obvious: The mark of a great project manager is never getting into a situation requiring great great project management Buy them at any online book retailer! Project Management Quotations

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The Best Project Management Blogs for 2019

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When we did our roundup of the 50 best Project Management Blogs in 2017 it quickly became one of our most popular posts. You folks do like reading about project management! And that’s great. But shift happens. Things change.

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10 Ways to Generate Blog Ideas

Trying to come up with new blog post ideas is rough. You want to write about something that you find interesting. But you also want write something that other people find interesting too, since you want people to read your post. Satisfying both is no easy task.

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2018 Budget Adds New IR35 Twist

Arras People

The biggest news for many project management practitioners in the 2018 Budget delivered by Philip Hammond, was his decision to delay any implementation of the new IR35 regime in the Private Sector until April 2020.

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Top 5 Project Management Report Templates

These FREE most popular templates will help you perform your role more efficiently.

Initiative and independent action

Musings on Project Management

From Viscount Nelson, victorious British commander in chief at the naval battle of Trafalgar, we get this insight for initiative and independent action, as described by Admiral James Stavridis in his book "Sea Power": Nelson knew he would not have clear and instantaneous communication. making] precise command and control impossible. As [Nelson] said in his [planning] memorandum: " leadership

Cheers to Another Wonderful Thanksgiving Thanks to Project Management


Project #1: Thanksgiving Dinner Scope The key to good project management is a clearly defined scope. Decide beforehand how big your Thanksgiving dinner is going to be, how many dishes you want to offer and so on. Be aware of the so called ‘scope creep’: going overboard with fancy ingredients and elaborate decorations will significantly increase your budget. Task Plan and Schedule A comprehensive task plan will help you prioritize your tasks and keep an overview of what you have to do.

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9 Ways to Be a Lucky Project Manager

Have you noticed how some people seem to be lucky in life? Or lucky at work? Have you ever wondered how that happens, why some people have good fortune? My dictionary defines luck as, “Events beyond our control that seem to be subject to chance.”

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Five Ways to Thank Your Team without Breaking the Bank


With Thanksgiving in a couple of days and the December holidays approaching, I’m reminded of the importance of taking the time to recognize the team. As managers, we should recognize teams frequently, but the end of the year usually provides us with the formal opportunity.

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Living With Technical Debt: Balancing Quality and Perfection

Speaker: Cliff Gilley, The Clever PM

As a Product Manager, you probably have to deal with technical debt. Regularly. Whether you like it or not - because it can’t be avoided. Unexpected details pop up, as small as UX that needs clean-up, and as big as a previously unforeseen flaw in the infrastructure of a project. We have to accept that nobody gets away without some technical debt. And of course, the longer you take to deal with your technical debt, the more difficult it becomes to address fully. Feeling frustrated? Fortunately, we can take a step back, gain clarity, and see how the decisions we make impact our technical debt. Then, we can make decisions about how we want to balance technical debt with other priorities. Are we willing to live with some level of technical debt in order to ship product and meet deadlines? Can we mitigate technical debt to get to an MVP faster?


Musings on Project Management

So, I'm just catching up with the buzz about blitz-scaling, the business model that says: Get to scale fast! Actually, get to even larger scale even faster. Blitz your way there! Only the fastest to scale wins; there's hardly a spot for number two One might ask: What's the debt and debris accumulated in blitzing scale? Reid Hoffman has an answer in his book, titled no less than: " process

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Looking for PMP Exam Prep? Hear Why This Person Chose Cheetah Learning

Brad Egeland

The Cheetah difference. Cheetah Learning students learn accelerated learning techniques to create a whole-body, whole-mind, whole-person learning experience in which they can quickly assimilate a large amount of content in a way that speeds instant recall. Here's a 5-star review from Ms. Tiffany Jackson - a recent student of Cheetah's - on her experience with the Cheetah fast way. This course was imperative to my success for obtaining my PMP. I have real test anxiety that is almost paralyzing.

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10 Most Revealing Behavioral Interview Questions for Employers

The interview process offers a chance to dig deeper than a resume’s bullet points, and with the right interview questions, you can really experience the personality of a candidate.

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What is Planning Poker? | Video

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Estimating project work package times and the times it will take to build products or deliverables is one of the most difficult parts of Project Management. One great tool is Planning Poker. It comes from the world of Agile Project management, and Scrum, but is far more widely applicable.

The Business Opportunity of Embedded Analytics: New Findings from 500+ Application Teams

Speaker: Josh Martin, Director of Product Marketing, Logi Analytics

Embedded analytics has evolved from an afterthought to a necessity. But most companies don’t realize that the features they embed and how they develop have a lasting impact on revenue, customer churn, and competitive differentiation. The state of embedded analytics in 2018 is in flux. Learn from the experiences of 500+ application teams embedding analytics—including which features actually move the needle, how analytics benefits their companies, and what development approach yields the best results.

The Best Tips & Tricks to Encourage Your Employees to Learn


Written by: Tom Jager Without a doubt, employee learning and professional development are a critical part of a business strategy.

Testimonials are Coming In Proving that Cheetah Learning is the PMP Exam Prep Course that Gets You Certified

Brad Egeland

The Cheetah difference. Cheetah Learning students learn accelerated learning techniques to create a whole-body, whole-mind, whole-person learning experience in which they can quickly assimilate a large amount of content in a way that speeds instant recall. Here's a 5-star review from Ms. Tiffany Jackson - a recent student of Cheetah's - on her experience with the Cheetah fast way. This course was imperative to my success for obtaining my PMP. I have real test anxiety that is almost paralyzing.

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15 of the Best Productivity Tools for Marketers That You Haven’t Heard Of

As digital marketers, we live for a good tool or tip that can make our lives easier. Great tools are so valuable because when you find something that just works , it can have a serious impact on your workflow and productivity.

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5 Questions to Ask Your Employees Every Month | TeamGantt


Asking your team the right questions can make you a more effective leader. These 5 questions can improve your team’s morale, productivity, and quality of work

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A Guide to Designing Delightful Dashboards

Speaker: Daniel O'Sullivan, Product Designer, nCino and Jeff Hudock, Senior Product Manager, nCino

We’ve all seen the increasing industry trend of artificial intelligence and big data analytics. In a world of information overload, it's more important than ever to have a dashboard that provides data that's not only interesting but actually relevant and timely. Dashboards assist decision makers facilitate new ideas and business opportunities, increase customer approval rates, and analyze current business process. All of these activities play a vital role in providing the superior experience your customers demand.

How to Resist the FOMO as a Digital Nomad


FOMO is a real thing. Although its effects vary from person to person, it’s especially strong with me. Why is that, you might ask? Well, for the past year I’ve been making the most of working remotely by living in different places around the world.

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Everything you need to know about creating a statement of work


A statement of work (or SOW for short) is a formal document between a client/buyer and an agency, vendor, or contractor. It defines exactly what’s included within a project to guarantee work is carried out according to expectations. Statement of work documents should not be approached lightly.

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A Secret Hack to Get Cheap Facebook Video Views

If you look at your Facebook feed right now, how many posts are videos? Probably most of them, am I correct? Facebook has been pushing video because it keeps people on their platform longer, and this won’t stop any time soon.

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