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Project Manager Responsibilities: Here’s What You Should Really Be Doing

The Digital Project Manager

So you’re a Project Manager. You’ve landed a great job at a digital advertising agency. The post Project Manager Responsibilities: Here’s What You Should Really Be Doing appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Career Development Topics

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10 GDPR Questions to Ask Before Starting a New Project

Girl's Guide to PM

GDPR is a once-in-a-generation update of our data protection regulations. And it has huge implications for people managing projects that store, capture or process personal data. GDPR projects abound at the moment; you might be involved in one yourself.

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Project Management Career Q&A – Kicking Off a Project Management Career

Arras People

I am an international student recently completed an MA in International Business and Management. I have studied an introductory module in project management and am preparing to gain PRINCE2 certification. What advice would you offer to help kick off a career in project management in the UK or abroad?

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The art and science of backlog prioritization

Kiron Bondale

A key responsibility of Product Owners is ensuring that the order of work items in a backlog best achieves the goals and vision for the product. Unlike project portfolios where selection or prioritization decisions are often made by a governance committee, with a product backlog the responsibility for the business success or failure of the product rests on the Product Owner’s shoulders. This activity is both science and art.

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Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

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Are You Properly Planning for Testing on Your Tech Projects?

Brad Egeland

Calling all project managers. planning is important no matter how badly you, or your customer or your senior management want to push to get started. Your first order of business is to plan well. You've heard the saying, “measure twice, cut once”? Well, plan 15 times, say “go!”

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The 3 Main Roles in an Agile Team


Agile project management is favored for its speed, but even teams that claim to have Agile values are not working that quickly. Just ask the Financial Times , a company that spent four years redesigning their media platform in a supposedly Agile way.


The What, Why, and How of Project Requirements

Project Risk Coach

Learn technical skills to accelerate your projects through requirements development How big of a deal are project requirements? The Project Management Institute says, “47% of unsuccessful projects fail to meet goals due to poor requirements management.”

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Personal Time Management for Project Managers

Online PM Courses

One of the questions project managers most often ask me in training room is about personal time management. They want to know: ‘How can I manage my time, in the busy context of a project?’

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Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs.

Two Business Analysts are Not Necessarily Better Than One

Brad Egeland

More is better right? Especially if you can afford the luxury of having more and paying for more. Two pizzas are always better than one. More cake - or any dessert for that matter. More lobster, more steak, more money, more cars, more speed, more knowledge.

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6 Real-World Benefits of Using Project Management Software in Manufacturing


When Rob Welsh, a Development Process Manager at Lake Shore Cryotronics , went searching for a new project management tool, he was in the market for something that would help his team deliver projects on time and on budget.

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Time is the way that nature is preventing everything from happening at once. Wheeler, Time Today the Quantum Labyrinth. Quotes

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Expert Roundup: The Good And The Bad Of Project Management Software

Paymo App

You can’t always manage projects alone. Complex projects that involve a large number of resources, people, and processes could use a handy friend: project management software.

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Top 5 Project Management Report Templates

These FREE most popular templates will help you perform your role more efficiently.

Keyword research is not enough


As you might have noticed, there’s a lot going on on our blog lately. And as with all big decisions and changes, there’s usually a straightforward thought process behind it. Or, at least - there should be. One of the biggest changes was the new content strategy that we set in motion.

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TimeCamp – Time Tracking Software for Beginning Freelancers


Working as a freelancer can be tough. Adept veterans of freelancing may find it easy, Time Management Time Management Tools time tracking software TimeCamp

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Quote of the Day

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We tend to seek easy, single-factor explanations of success. For most important things, however, success requires avoiding the many separate causes of failure – Jared Diamond. In order to avoid the causes of failure, we need to look into the future at the uncertainties that create risk, which when unmitigated, become sources of failure. The processes that deal with uncertainties, resulting risks is Risk Management. .

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7 Tips for Creating Better Project Status Reports


For teams who balance many tasks, priorities, and projects, keeping each other and management updated about what’s going on is key to success. Project Status Reports are a way to present updates on a project to provide valuable insight regarding team productivity and overall progress. .

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A Guide to Designing Delightful Dashboards

Speaker: Daniel O'Sullivan, Product Designer, nCino and Jeff Hudock, Senior Product Manager, nCino

We’ve all seen the increasing industry trend of artificial intelligence and big data analytics. In a world of information overload, it's more important than ever to have a dashboard that provides data that's not only interesting but actually relevant and timely. Dashboards assist decision makers facilitate new ideas and business opportunities, increase customer approval rates, and analyze current business process. All of these activities play a vital role in providing the superior experience your customers demand.

A Real-World Success Story: New Zealand Government Improves Project Delivery


Meeting the demands of ever-changing priorities within a government can lead to inconsistent processes, departments with limited visibility into what is being worked on, and no ability to monitor investments.

Mentally exhausted x engaged: how we can achieve balance in our professional lives

Have you heard about people who suffer from burnout syndrome at work? Not everyone is aware that this disorder can cause people to become mentally exhausted.

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How to get a failing project back on track

Moira Alexander

It can be a short path between project initiation and project failure. And while not every failing project is worth recovering , project managers who heed early warning signs of project failure can rescue a troubled project by tapping their valuable training and experience and executing the following. Tip 1: Recognize the signs of trouble. First and foremost, pay close attention for any signs that there may be a problem with your project.

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Turning Metrics into Dollars: How to Turn Your Analytics Data into a Real Financial Model for your Startup

Speaker: Tristan Kromer, Lean Agile Coach, Kromatic

Some teams struggle to constantly optimize conversion rates without understanding the financial impact of those conversion rates. Sometimes that 0.1% increase isn't worth the engineering time we're spending! Early stage startups in particular may not need a four year business plan, but they need to start building out a model which will show how they can someday be profitable. At the very least, they need to be able to see the impact of a change in retention rates to their user growth.

What Is Resource Allocation in Project Management?


Resource Allocation in Project Management Project management is a very wide area of work, particularly. Project Management project management resource allocation resource management

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IT Operations Management Software Solutions for the small business and large scale industry


PROJECT AND OPERATIONS In every organization, there are ultimately only two aspects of work – they are the on-going operations and projects. A project can be given so many different definitions.

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Real Options and Decision Making for ICT Projects

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There was a classic #Noestimates post this week that said. Estimation locks down choices early through upfront t decision making, #NoEstimates preserves options. And attached the hashtag #RealOption. A real option is a choice made available with business investment opportunities, referred to as “real” because it typically references a tangible asset instead of a financial instrument.

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Making the Most of Bad Requirements on a Project

Brad Egeland

Design and development by the delivery team is dependent on them. so a good, workable solution is dependent on them. As is usability of the end solution by the end user population, right? So far do I seem on track as to the importance of good, detailed project requirements? What else? User acceptance testing (UAT) will have a tie in as on tech projects especially that is where testing scenarios and test cases will be built from and against.

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How Agile Approaches Change Project, Program, and Product Measures

Speaker: Johanna Rothman, Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

Before agile approaches took the world by storm, we used Gantt charts and defects to measure project and program progress. We had trouble measuring product progress until just before release—often too late to change anything. Join Johanna as she discusses how agile approaches change what we measure, and possible measures you might use in projects, programs, and to assess the product as the team(s) build it.

Productivity Articles: Get More Done With Less Stress! 8/4/18


Sunday, Funday! Make yourself comfortable and read these 10 Most Inspiring Productivity Articles from previous. Productivity

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Learn The Secrets Of 3 People Who Mastered The 3 Day Workweek



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One generation back

Musings on Project Management

It's been a whole generation? Read in the library at Square Peg Consulting about these books I've written Buy them at any online book retailer! Read my contribution to the Flashblog Project Management

Having a Vision Isn’t Always About Distance

The Clever PM

When most people talk about “vision” they’re evoking a concept of long-term planning, setting big and brash goals that you might or might not achieve, but which set a “north star” by which you can plot the course of your product and company. And while that’s an extremely valuable use of the term, I’ve recently […]. Product Management Agile Leadership PM Problem Solving Uncertainty User Stories

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Selling Data and Decisions to your Team

Speaker: Cait Porte, SVP Product and Customer Experience, Zmags

Gathering support for a product feature or enhancement is a critical skill for Product Managers. Talking to customers, working with key stakeholders in the business and convincing development that a feature is necessary can be a daunting task. Join Product Management expert Cait Porte as she covers how to sell your ideas internally by leveraging data to drive decision making.