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What Is Marketing Management? An Essential Introduction

Marketing can feel more like an art than a science. How can you do market research to see opportunities in the marketplace that will make money for your company? What are the best ways to brand the business and its products or services to meet the customer needs?

2021 334

How Do You Respond to Project Conflicts?

Project Risk Coach

Project managers, team members, and other stakeholders have disagreements. Some are heated, some not. Let's look at the top reasons for conflict and five ways to resolve conflict. Successful project managers do not run away from conflict; they run toward it.

2021 195

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Should Managers Attend Retrospectives? — Making Your Scrum Work #19

TL; DR: Should Managers Attend Retrospectives? There are plenty of failure possibilities with Scrum. Given that Scrum is a framework with a reasonable yet short “manual,” this effect should not surprise anyone.

2021 64

Change Management in Agile – Seeking Expert Knowledge

Girl's Guide to PM

Are you an expert in change management or feel that you have solid strategies with outstanding results? Do you have a wealth of experience with agile /lean project management? MMU would love to hear from you.

2021 351

Bridging the Online and Offline: How to Apply Product Thinking to Expanding Your eCommerce Business

Speaker: John Cutler, Product Evangelist and Coach at Amplitude

In a post-COVID world, online retailers are forced to reevaluate their position and address the challenge of adopting new customer experiences. Even brick and mortar businesses are integrating more digital approaches to CX -- testing out loyalty programs and subscription-based models. Join John Cutler, Product Evangelist and Coach at Amplitude, for this enlightening discussion on the current state of the ecommerce landscape.

What Is Demand Planning? Tips, Strategies and Tools

Businesses are constantly pulled between supply and demand. But this seemingly simple concept can be difficult to navigate effectively. How do you meet demand and not overstock your inventory? That’s where a process called demand planning comes in.

2021 358

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How to Succeed in Change Management


Successful implementation of new technology is as much about the change management process as it is about the quality of the software. If you don't manage your team through change, it doesn't matter how good the technology is - it will never reach its potential.

2021 124

How to Include Projects on Your Resume/CV

Girl's Guide to PM

My first job applications were a mess. I clearly remember being asked who was the Governor of the Bank of England during an interview with a bank – obviously I was faking being interested in the finance sector as I had no clue.

2021 280

Construction Budget: A Quick Guide (with Examples)

Construction projects will never get off the ground without financing. Money sets the gears of construction management in motion. Creating a construction budget, therefore, is one of the most important pieces when developing a construction plan.

Improve Productivity In 2021 With Effective Workflow Optimization Tactics


Your workflow guides most of your projects, it is how you schedule your tasks, assign resources and keep up with the deadlines of the project. But sometimes your workflow might not be it, it might need little tweaks here and there for more optimal working.

2021 131

Post-Pandemic eCommerce Growth: Leverage Product Data, Market Research & Shopping Trends

Speaker: Phil Irvine, VP & Director of Audience Intelligence

This session will dive into how organizations can still leverage historical customer and product data but need to also think about how to augment development of strategies with marketing research and other shopper signals to efficient drive e-Commerce growth. Join Phil Irvine, VP & Director of Audience Intelligence, for this in-depth discussion of the current e-commerce landscape. Whether concerned about data privacy and data management, or curious about how businesses can rethink approaches to designing shopping experiences, the answers are here.

Project Resource Management: Part 1 of Your Comprehensive Guide

Online PM Courses

Nothing gets done unless people do it. And people need tools, materials, and a place to work. So, Project Resource Management is an essential skill set. The post Project Resource Management: Part 1 of Your Comprehensive Guide appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

2021 128

Characteristics of the Best Project Managers

Brad Egeland

Excellence shines through in many ways in every profession. In order to deliver consistent success in the project management world, our project leaders need to be bringing some skills and characteristics to the table. Success on any given project can be luck.

2021 196

Can you spend $1M in a month?

Musings on Project Management

Here's the challenge: On your project, can you spend $1M in a month?Take Take a minute and think about it.Consider:If you've got 100 people with an annual payroll of $15M, then yes, it's possible, even likelyIf you've got 20 people with an annual payroll of $3M, then maybe, with overtime and some material charges.Got your answer?Good! Then here's another challenge: If you can spend $1M in a month, can estimate

2021 163

How To Choose the Best Project Management Software for Your Business?


Project management is all about working together in a team. However, it is not as easy as it seems since coordination and collaboration between a team is highly crucial. Unfortunately, most of the time, there is a lapse in communication.

2021 124

2021 Dresner Advisory Services Business Intelligence Market Study

Every year Dresner reviews the state of the BI market as it stands today. This 12th annual report breaks down customer perceptions of BI and how well each vendor performs. See for yourself how all the major BI vendors stack up.

9 Tools to Help You Better Onboard Your Employees


Onboarding helps new employees fit into your culture and integrate into the work environment. The responsibility for that falls onto a good onboarding strategy. A great addition to your strategy is using online tools.

2021 85

How to Translate Your Organization's Strategic Plan Into Teams' Day-to-Day Work


Strategic planning. It’s a popular term in corporate leadership and a task that enterprises can spend significant time, effort, and money on. And yet, an overwhelming number of corporate strategies fail.

2021 84

Which comes first. A or B?

Musings on Project Management

This is not about the A/B argument in Agile methods. This is about get the elements of project scope sequenced in the right time order Does "A" come before "B", or not, and Is there a dependency between "A" and "B"? If not, then the sequencing question may be moot. If they are truly independent, then they can be scheduled for convenience, or according to some other dependency, "C" But if the "A" schedule

2021 163

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Project Backlogs in 2021


In the world of Agile project management , a product backlog is an incredible list of items that you have to make sure are developed in the project development process. You have to do this because these are the most important items in the project’s structure.

2021 78

From Planning to Results, How to Choose a Tool to Manage Marketing Projects

With increased channels, tools, and pressure to achieve goals, your work management platform must be able to: Manage complex projects within tight time frames, Harness data from all channels to make decisions in real time, Prove ROI to the broader business. Download the eBook today!

SaaS Management Software: Benefits, Features, & SaaS Management Platforms


When it comes to making business management decisions that count, staying with the times and implementing innovative tech solutions should be your number one move.

2021 85

How to Ensure Employee Success for Your Business

Brad Egeland

Employee success plays a crucial role in business growth and success. For your business to thrive, your staff should be motivated and happy at the workplace. Employee success also means that your workers attain their goals and enjoy a satisfactory working experience.

2021 97

Why do businesses need digital dexterity now more than ever?

PM Times

User adaptation is one of the major hurdles faced by the digital workplace today. As the work and the workplace continue to adopt and adapt new technologies available, employee usability lags.

2021 70

Efficient Remote Working with The Best 8 Miro Alternatives


Work from home has become a new normal for employees as well as employers. With the changing needs and trends, companies have become more adaptive to remote working. The transition from office to remote work has proved beneficial wherein companies have become more productive, efficient, and creative.

2021 78

Insiders' Guide to Self-Service Analytics

Self-service analytics are vital for how your users interact and engage with your application. As you explore analytics solutions for your application, see why self-service analytics can prove critical to the adoption and stickiness of your application.

GitHub…More MS Project Than You Think


In case you aren’t familiar with GitHub, I’ll start with a short introduction. Microsoft acquired GitHub in 2018. From Microsoft, “GitHub [is] the world’s leading software development platform where more than 28 million developers learn, share and collaborate to create the future” (source: [link] ).

2021 79

Benefit Realization Management Process Checklist: A Checklist for Your Project Management Keep all the Benefits on Track


Checklists are the must-have of anyone who likes structure and organization so if simply hearing the word gets you excited, you came to the right place. When it comes to project management processes, benefits realization management remains one of the most challenging ones for many reasons.

2021 58

How To Deal With Disagreements (Or Even Conflicts) On A Remote Team

Brad Egeland

One of the most important skills for a project manager is knowing how to navigate the complex relationships between people. We spend (on average) a third of our lives with coworkers, and that puts a lot of value on team chemistry and cohesion. The COVID-19 lockdown changed that in a big way.

2021 97

5 Reasons KeyedIn is the PPM Software of Choice for Strategic PMOs

PM Times

KeyedIn is an established PPM software provider that is designed to help PMOs get to the next level of PPM maturity. They do this through software products combined with services offerings that configure to user needs.

2021 72

A New Age of Hybrid Leadership

Speaker: Renee Thomas and Alexis Barone, Wrike Team

There are many myths surrounding the idea of remote work: it will cause laziness, procrastination, ineffective communication, lack of motivation, and employee burnout. As pervasive as these myths were, 2020 swiftly kicked them all out the door. Companies can no longer deny the fact that employees can in fact be productive, motivated, and proactive, all while working remotely. On the other side of the coin, some teams still crave the social, in-person dynamic of work. Enter the new model of work, the hybrid schedule. It's time for project managers to gain a new understanding of what good leadership looks like in the future of work. We were all baptized by fire this past year, so now it's time to look back, learn the big lessons, and gain the insights needed to pivot forward. Join us for our panel with Renee Thomas and Alexis Barone of the Wrike Team, in this discussion about the future of work--hybrid, remote, and everything in between.

Free Workshop 02: Introduction to Scrum & Empiricism [Review & Retrospective]

This workshop was delivered on 19th August 2021 and focused on introducing the core concepts of Scrum & Empiricism. I used a combination of Liberating Structures, Microsoft Teams, and Mural to deliver an interactive session. Topic(s): Agility. Audience: Teams. Subscribe to A Wee Dram!

2021 68

Benefit Tracker: How to Build an Accurate Benefit Tracker and Achieve Your Benefits Goals


Wouldn’t it be great to have a single repository of all the benefits to be realized in the organization and have full visibility over when a benefit is due and what has been achieved to date and outstanding? Well, I have some good news for you today: there is an artifact you can use for exactly that!

2021 57

The Lazy Genius Way (Book Review)

Girl's Guide to PM

The Lazy Genius Way by Kendra Adachi is a book that will prompt you to embrace what matters, ditch what doesn’t and get stuff done. It’s a productivity book, packed with personal stories and anecdotes. The book feels more relevant and achievable than Thursday is the New Friday. It’s about mindset.

2021 351