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Retrospectives and Intraspectives for Agile Practitioners


Two woodcutters were assigned to chop wood in a forest. Both formed a team and started early and earnestly. Although working a distance from each other, they felt the competition to produce the best results.

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What is Your Project Management “Bullpen”?

Bridge the Gap Consulting

“Every project manager in your PMO must become expert level in each process group and knowledge area to be successful.” ” That’s interesting, I thought. I replied back on the professional message board that though I agree every PM needs to understand and show competence in each process group, I don’t agree with the concept of being “expert level.”

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The Quality Project Manager: an Interview with Olu Jinadu

Project Bliss

Quality project managers work with teams to ensure the success of quality improvement projects. I had the pleasure of meeting Olu Jinadu on a flight from Memphis to Detroit. I was traveling to see my aunt in the beautiful countryside of rural Vermont.

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PMO Health Check 101

Brad Egeland

Do you have a healthy PMO? Is it run efficiently? Is it constructed for the “now” or for the long haul? Will it be here in this form in 5 years or is it going to need to be rebuilt? Is it scalable? Are you running the right projects with the right people?

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Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

How To Help Your Team Manage Project Risk

Girl's Guide to PM

A project manager’s job isn’t just about managing the work. You are also responsible for your team, and making sure they have the skills required to do their jobs. Part of a resource management plan is to build the skills of your team.

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How to Succeed As a Project Management Professional in the Gig Economy


My grandpa worked at the same company from the time he graduated high school to the time he retired. His loyalty was rewarded with promotions, raises, and respect from his colleagues and the higher-ups. His story isn’t really unique to his generation, but it’s unique to ours.

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7 Risk Management Process Steps | Roles and Responsibilities


Risk Management Murphy’s Law is no strange to project management: whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Fortunately for projects, we have this little magic thing called risk management which can help us to become more comfortable in dealing with the unexpected.

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5 Powerful Benefits of Doing a Weekly Review At Work


When you are in charge of many different people, tasks, and projects, staying on top of things can feel nearly impossible at times. From meeting deadlines to handling task delegation, you have a constant list of problems to worry about.

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Storm To Perform: The 4 Stages Of Team Productivity



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Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs.

10 Easy Ways to Get PDUs & Stay PMI Certified

A project manager is a professional. And, like any professional, if you take your profession, your career and yourself seriously, you’ll undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD). What is a PDU?

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Progress is the secret sauce of motivation…

Kiron Bondale

I’ve written about many drivers of individual motivation. Receiving regular recognition (Early Saturday morning alliteration!),

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Kill the messenger?

Musings on Project Management

The messenger: “Unfortunately, my King … here I am, unwilling and unwanted … because I know that no one ever welcomes a bearer of bad news.” Antigone by Sophocles, circa 442 BC The surprise: “It is pardonable to be defeated, but never to be surprised.” Frederick, the Great Who's listening? Pedro C. Ribeiro, writing in NASA's ASK magazine, has a nice posting on risk perception. Risk Management

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PMP Course Comparison: PM PrepCast and PTCoE

Online PM Courses

The PMI's will delay the changes to its PMP exam. So, it's a good time for our PMP course comparison showdown between the two courses we recommend. The post PMP Course Comparison: PM PrepCast and PTCoE appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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Top 5 Project Management Report Templates

These FREE most popular templates will help you perform your role more efficiently.

Gantt Chart Template

Create a visual tracking of your project tasks with our free Gantt chart template for Excel. It’s a great way to see the duration of the overall project. Once you schedule your tasks on our Gantt chart template, you’ll never go back to the old-fashioned task list. Download Now. ? Great!

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New Project Manager? Read This.

Brad Egeland

Are You a New Project Manager? We all have to start somewhere. At some point in time, all of us are new to project management. There are a few different ways we can chose, move into and even fall into the role of project manager.

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Musings on Project Management

Fidelity, faithfulness, and commitment often seem to be the tension between: What the customer/sponsor/user want, and. What the project charter/scope calls for. Why so? Why isn't it straightforward? The business case begets the project charter; the charter begets the project plan; and then the project team is off to do the deliverables. Simple, right? Wrong! It's never that simple --. Project Management

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Get to Know InLoox: Linh – Marketing & PR Manager at InLoox Headquarters in Munich


Linh has been with InLoox since 2015 and previously studied English and Communication Sciences at the LMU Munich. She is part of the Marketing team and responsible for search engine and display marketing. She also organizes and holds webinars on the topics InLoox, Outlook and project management. You can also thank Linh for the many Instagram photos and videos, which document the work life of our office dog Winnie. What motivated you to apply for a job at InLoox?

Walk a Mile in Your Customer's Shoes

Speaker: Steven Haines, Founder and CEO, Sequent Learning Networks

Product professionals use phrases like "voice of the customer," and "user experience" so often that it can be easy to lose sight of their actual meanings. How can we, as product professionals, learn to keep customers and users at the heart of our work? Join Steven Haines, globally recognized thought leader and author, as he guides us through a memorable journey demonstrating how you can walk a mile in their customer's shoes. He'll explore how, by developing true empathy for your users, you can ensure you're creating the features and products they actually want.

Project & Task Tracking Template

Use our free Excel template to help start a to-do list, a task list, or to start managing a project. It includes planned and actual columns to help measure project progress as you go. Tracking has never been easier than when using this template. Download Now. ? Great!

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5 Reasons Why You Should Check Out Acuity PPM

Brad Egeland

In my next “5 Reasons Why.” ” installment, I'd like to suggest 5 reasons why you should check out Acuity PPM for your project portfolio management needs. It is a high performance but very affordable, scalable PPM tool that is likely a great choice for your organization.

2019 99

How centralized project management software can improve your agency

Function Point

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, many agencies seek technology-based solutions that help them control the chaos, improve their project management and deliver outcomes more efficiently for clients.

Overcoming Resistance to Change with Change Management

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Change management is one of the most challenging components of a project’s success, but having acceptance for the changes a project brings will help realise the benefits of the project.

Driving Discovery and Experimentation in your Organization

Speaker: Teresa Torres, Product Discovery Coach, Product Talk, David Bland, Founder and CEO, Precoil, and Hope Gurion, Product Coach and Advisor, Fearless Product LLC

If you want to build what matters, you can't move forward blindly. But to make progress, you can't let things slow to a crawl while you focus resources on gathering data. This is where continuous discovery and experimentation come in. Join Teresa Torres (Product Discovery Coach, Product Talk), David Bland (Founder, Precoil), and Hope Gurion (Product Coach and Advisor, Fearless Product) in a panel discussion as they cover how - and why - to build a culture of discovery and experimentation in your organization.

What Is a Kanban Board? Definition & Examples

A kanban board is a visual workflow tool, where kanban cards represent tasks in a project or production cycle. Columns on the kanban board represent where that task is in the process.

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What PPM Should Be

Brad Egeland

The right PPM will help you analyze and choose the right projects. What technologies is your company equipped to handle this next quarter?

2019 111

What if You Don’t Have a Product Owner? w/ Sara McClintock & Jeff Streitmatter

Leading Agile

The dilemma of what to do if you don’t have a Product Owner is one of the more commonly recurring questions that I get in the CSM and CSPO classes.

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Heart of Agile: a missing tree in my bird’s eye view on the agile forest

Henny Portman

On linkedIn I received a remark that the Heart of Agile was missing in my bird’s eye view (kudos to Milvio D. ). The Heart of Agile is a radically simpler approach to achieve outstanding outcomes. The founder is Dr. Alistair Cockburn, one of the Agile Manifesto co-authors.

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Plan for Product Launch Success with Data and Analytics

Speaker: Piyanka Jain, President and CEO, Aryng

When you launch new feature (or an entirely new product), there are many questions that you'll need to answer. Is the feature being adopted? Do your customers like it, or does it need to be improved? Was the launch successful? Well, that all depends on how you define success. Join Piyanka Jain, President and CEO of Aryng, as she explains why - and how - you should use data and analytics to define and track a successful launch.

8 Employee Retention Secrets from Industry Leaders

There are many reasons why employee retention is important. According to a study by Employee Benefits News , the cost of losing an employee can cost the company as much as 33 percent of that employee’s salary. It’s a bottom-line issue, but the financial hit is only part of the problem.

2019 240

Streamline Business Processes With IT Project Management Software: The Ultimate Guide

ProProfs Project Management

We all know that an organization has multiple departments. . Right from HR to IT, every department has several teams and projects they need to handle. . Now, if I ask you what’s the process of hiring an employee in your organization, what would you say?

9 Best Project and Resource Scheduling Softwares of 2019


The organizational culture is shrouded in chaos. Managers are usually on top of their game but are blindsided if they do not use the proper tools to manage a certain critical situation or project. The reason for this blind sidedness in the first place is that the projects in the company’s roster are so diverse and spread all over, that the managers can’t tame them down without a resource scheduling software. Resource scheduling software lets the manager run things smoothly and seamlessly.

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