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4 Tips For Creating A Winning Proposal

The Digital Project Manager

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3 Myths About Managing Multiple Projects That Are Blocking Your Promotion

Girl's Guide to PM

Learn the 3 critical skills for managing multiple projects. Join my webinar on 4 February and let me share the tips you need to keep all the balls in the air at the same time.

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How to Create a Project Management Communication Plan?


Keeping a keen eye on all aspects of the project management process is necessary, but out of them the most critical aspect of project management is effective communication. Why is it so critical?

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Request for Quote (RFQ) Template

Projects aren’t completed without help. Outside of the project team, there are materials and supplies necessary to create the project deliverables. Contracting with suppliers requires negotiating and paperwork.

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What is Contextual Analytics? The Next Evolution of Embedded Analytics

Download this white paper to learn what contextual analytics is, how BI platforms like Yellowfin revolutionize the way users discover insights from their data with native contextual analytics, and how it adds value to your software solution by elevating the user experience.

How to Better Assign Content Writing Opportunities

The Lazy Project Manager

If your project is in need of copy for a newsletter, blog, or social post, your first instinct may be to simply email or direct message someone from your content team with the request.

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Getting It All Done [Book Review]

Girl's Guide to PM

Getting It All Done is a book in the Working Parents series from HBR Press. It turned out to be the kind of book I would have read in one sitting, if I hadn’t known I’d be up around 5.30 am with my own kids… and I’ve got a lot better at getting enough sleep these days, however good a book is.

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Best Planner Apps for Mac in 2021

No matter what kind of project you want to tackle, you must have a plan first. Planning is the cornerstone of project management but if you’re a Mac user, then you’re going to find that a lot of the big players in the field don’t want you on their team. There is no Microsoft planner for Mac.

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A pilot project is not always the best way to start your agile journey

Kiron Bondale

Many of us would agree that when you are trying to implement a large change, start small. Just as it is easier to swallow a small pill than a huge one, the ability to adopt and sustain change is often simpler when the change involves baby steps.

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How to Run a Meeting That Gets Amazing Results

Project Bliss

You may think you know how to run a meeting. But it takes more planning and effort than you may be doing now. This checklist of activities to do before, during, and after your meeting tell you exactly how to run an effective meeting that participants will actually enjoy.

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How to Measure DevSecOps Progress and Ensure Success

Speaker: Shannon Lietz, Director of DevSecOps Team, Intuit

The new DevSecOps team is up and running, and you feel ready to take on rising security threats while delivering quality software updates. But that leaves just one question: how do you monitor your new program as effectively and efficiently as possible? Join Shannon Lietz, Director of DevsecOps at Intuit, and award-winning innovator, to learn the answers to these questions so you can lead your DevSecOps team to the top!

9 Excellent Methods to Prioritize Your Work


The ‘prioritize your work’ agenda often comes with its fair share of roadblocks. As a result, you may find a hard time juggling several important tasks at the same time. This, in turn, often becomes a recipe for disaster.

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Project Management Process: The Basics


Pioneering quality control guru W. Edwards Deming once wrote that “if you cannot describe what you are doing as a process, you do not know what you are doing.”

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Leading Through Change: 5 Ways to Help Your Team Cope With A Crisis (Or Any Other Major Transition)


Leading a team through the triple-pronged crisis of a global pandemic, massive economic recession, and widespread social unrest was something I never imagined myself doing. But clearly, 2020 had different plans.

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Using P3M Software to Structure a Value-Driven Organization


The first iterations of project, program and portfolio management (P3M) software were linear programs designed to accomplish a set of tasks in a structured way. Simply checking the boxes was a goal in and of itself.

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Are Your Embedded Analytics DevOps-Friendly?

Does your analytics solution work with your current tech stack and DevOps practices? If not, any update to the analytics could increase deployment complexity and become difficult to maintain. Learn the 5 elements of a DevOps-friendly embedded analytics solution.

15 Best Toggl Alternatives for 2021 & Counting


Toggl is a popular time tracking tool that has recently incorporated Toggl Plan and Toggl Hire into their feature list. Predominantly a time tracking app , apps like Toggl have gained popularity because of the benefits that time tracking can provide to organizations and teams.

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2021 Online & On-Site Events for Project Managers

Epicflow Blog

Since many 2020 conferences have been cancelled, probably you miss networking and would like to enrich and share your occupational knowledge.

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How I ended up becoming a (Professional) Scrum trainer

Gunther Verheyen

In October 2003 my life of Scrum started, albeit not with Scrum. My life of Scrum actually started with eXtreme Programming which we then wrapped in Scrum. In May 2004 I attended a CSM class (“Certified ScrumMaster”) by Ken Schwaber in Brussels (Belgium).

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Agility AND Governance? Good Portfolio Management Makes It Possible


There are some things in life that just don’t mix… Oil and water Orange juice and toothpaste Clowns and bedroom closets LEGOs and feet Peas and my dinner plate. But what about agility and governance? Can flexibility and responsiveness coexist with quality and process?

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Business Monitoring Systems: Using ML to Analyze Metrics

This whitepaper discusses how automated business monitoring solutions like Yellowfin Signals revolutionize the way users discover critical and relevant insights from their data.

How to Opt for Digital Minimalism, Towards Productivity In 30 Days?


Minimalism is an extremely cool invention of the 20 th century and is soon becoming the favorite strategy of millennials to use in everything. Regardless of whether digital minimalism is adapted in personal or professional life, it has been known to reap some amazing results.

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10 Best Project Tracking Software To Deliver Projects On Time (2021)


No one likes missed deadlines, delayed project deliveries, and failed projects. And yet, according to PMI , over 11 percent of project investment is wasted due to poor project performance. Using project tracking software can help you reduce waste and deliver projects profitably.

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Stakeholder Engagement Strategies: Don’t Miss 40-plus Ways to Power up Your Project

Online PM Courses

The standard 'four-box' approach can leave Project Managers believing there are just 4 Stakeholder engagement strategies. That's wrong! The post Stakeholder Engagement Strategies: Don’t Miss 40-plus Ways to Power up Your Project appeared first on OnlinePMCourses.

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Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

Growing Agile

A few weeks ago I featured on the Scrum Master Toolbox podcast with Vasco Duarte and Yves Hanoulle. We talked about continuous improvement and the importance of learning to speak up freely as a team… Let me know what you think.

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4 Approaches to Data Analytics for Your Application

Selecting the right solution for your embedded analytics is crucial to the success of your application. But with so many solutions and vendors, how do you make this critical selection? Learn about the different approaches to analytics and the pros and cons for each.

Top 6 Clubhouse Alternatives In 2021 for Kanban Connoisseurs


If you have affiliated with the project management industry, then you may have used Kanban boards to have a better look at your projects. Given that you know a thing or two about Kanban boards, Clubhouse is a prominent tool that a lot of PMs have stumbled over.

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Use a Project Portfolio Planning System to Deliver Higher Strategic Value


Years ago, I was doing some research on the project management office (PMO) of a multi-billion-dollar media company, which had just invested in project management software.

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Project Take-Over Checklist


Looking for Red Flags. Periodically during my career at IBM, a live project would be thrown “over the fence,” and, inevitably, hit me on the head while I was working on another full-time project. These were usually troubled projects, and I would be the second or third project manager to take over.

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A Project Roadmap: How to Keep a Team and Stakeholders on Track

GanttPRO Project Management

Starting a project requires a piece of preparation. The bigger a project is, the more thoroughly the planning process should be. How to manage all the actions properly? How to […]. The post A Project Roadmap: How to Keep a Team and Stakeholders on Track first appeared on GanttPRO.

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How to Select an Embedded Analytics Product: 12 Criteria to Consider

This report is designed to help readers select an embedded analytics product. It provides 12 criteria to consider when evaluating embedded capabilities. It also comes with a companion spreadsheet that enables users to score and compare products along these 12 dimensions and others they may add.

What can project managers and leaders learn from Larry King?

Susanne Madsen

​Larry King, the legendary US television and radio host who passed away at the age of 87, had an unquestionable talent for making his interview subjects the true stars of his programs. He was known for asking short and uncomplicated questions and letting his curiosity guide the conversations.

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Using PPM Tools to Deliver Adaptive Portfolio Prioritization and Funding


Panta rhei. That’s the ancient Greek phrase that Heraclitus of Ephesus, who lived around 500 BC, used to sum up the purpose of life. It means “life is flux,” or for a more contemporary translation, “The only constant in life is change.”

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Achieving Competitive Advantage in Service Industry


There are two words that best describe the professional services sector from a manager’s perspective; exciting and frustrating. On the one hand, the sector is growing exponentially. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.1%

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