Webinar Recap: Project Performance Measurement – Part 1: Overview Of Project Performance Measurements


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Fletcher Hearn’s session, Project Performance Measurement – Part 1: Overview Of Project Performance Measurements, being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. Fletcher Hearns: What can be measured?

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Rebel’s Guide to PM

Chapter 5 covers the agile project management model and then the rest of the book covers the process and project lifecycle in detail, with chapters on governance, scaling and performance measurement. It talks about measuring and monitoring velocity during an iteration too.

PMI 195

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Different Project Management Terms Beginners Should Know

ProProfs Project Management

It refers to any prediction or estimation made on a project’s status, including how it will unfold in the future. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators. The shortest time estimated to complete a specific project task or activity is known as optimistic duration.

The Complete Glossary of 614 Project Management Terms


Each 'activity' is the smallest unit of work that can be performed within the scope of the project. Actual Cost of Work Performed: The total cost of work performed during any given period of time. Actual dates are different from planned or estimated dates.

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Project Management Glossary: 200+ Terms PMs Frequently Use

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Activity Duration Estimates Review . is a process of detecting risks related to the time allowances for activities in particular or a project in general, with the width of estimates range indicating a respective level of risk. It contains all the details about the tasks a project team has to perform. . Analogous Estimating . is a process of appointing or providing a team member with a responsibility to perform a task. Bottom-Up Estimating .

Value and the Needed Units of Measure to Make Decisions

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Without units of measure of Value beyond time and money, there can be not basis of comparison between one value based choice and another. In the Systems Engineering world where we work, there are four critical units of measure for all we done. Measures of Effectiveness - these are operational measures of success that are closely related to the achievements of the mission or operational objectives evaluated in the operational environment, under a specific set of conditions.

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Overview of the PMBOK® Guide Seventh Edition – Lesson 3 Transcription


You may wish to use this transcript for the purposes of self-paced learning, searching for specific information, and/or performing a quick review of webinar content. Melanie: Jeff is currently the Training and Development Manager for Edwards Performance Solutions. Work performance.

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Systems Engineering and Software Intensive System of Systems

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Technical Performance Measures. Estimating Guidance. What Can Lean Learn From Systems Engineering? There was a Twitter post mentioning Russell Ackoff YouTube about systems. A system is never the sum of its parts, it's the product of their interactions. This is a good start, but it needs to produce actionable outcomes , not just principles, but practices and processes. How do you define, design, represent, assess, analyze, and manage these interactions.

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Complete Collection of Project Management Statistics 2015


80% of “high-performing” projects are led by a certified project manager. [4]. 89% of high-performing organizations value project management, 81% actively engage sponsors, 57% align projects with business strategy. [6]. More than 90% of organizations perform some type of project postmortem or closeout retrospective. [9]. How Project Success is Measured: 20% — Satisfied stakeholders. Lean & Test Driven Development (TDD) – 11%. Inadequate cost estimates – 29%.

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