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Project Management, Performance Measures, and Statistical Decision Making

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There is a current rash of suggestions on how to improve the performance of software projects. I work in the Software Intensive System of Systems domains in Aerospace, Defense, Enterprise IT (both commercial and government) applying Agile, Earned Value Management, Productive Statistical Estimating (both parametric and Monte Carlo), Risk Management, and Root Cause Analysis with a variety of capabilities. References below. . A Few References and Resources

4 Fallacious Reasons to Estimate and Why Those Are Fallacious

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There's a recent post titled Four Fallacious Reasons to Estimate. It lists the usual suspects for why those spending the money think they don't have to estimate how much they plan to spend when they'll be done producing the value they've been assigned to produce for that expenditure. And like many posts and tweets about estimating, it's made from this point of view, not the business point view, not from the point of view of those paying the developer. IT Risk Management.


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Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

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Business, Technical, Systems, Risk, and Project Management Briefings and Presentations. Management Processes (#MP). Project Performance Management (#PPM). Agile Project Management (#APM). Risk Management (#RM). Technical Performance Measures (#TPM). Cost, Schedule, and Technical Performance Management (#CSTPM). Earned Value Management (#EVM). Integrating Agile and Earned Value Management (#AEVM).

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Deconstructing the Hertz and Accenture Debacle

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A recent lawsuit by Hertz Rental Car against Accenture has turned into a rallying cry by Agilest and No Estimates advocates. Of course, No Root Cause analysis has been performed by these advocates, but it makes good click bait for their followers. Root Cause Analysis is Risk Management, that asks the question what is the condition or activity that will create a risk to the success of our project? Were there: Measures of Effectiveness. Reducible risks.

What is the Management Reserve for Project Budgets?

Project Risk Coach

Unforeseen risks knock at your door. You look at your budget, but you don't have the funds to respond to these risks. Let's explore management reserves for projects, who controls them, and how to estimate the reserves. These risks have not been identified.

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Integrated Master Plan - Revisited

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Designing, building, testing, and deploying complex systems is fraught with risk. And as always risk comes from uncertainty. Much has been written about the sources of risk and how to Manage in the Presence of Uncertainty (This briefing describes how risk is managed for each element of the Integrated Master Plan). . What About the Plan to Manage in the Presence of Uncertainty . Traceable – Aligns with other program management artifacts.

Cone of Uncertainty Bibliography

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I work in a domain where the CoU is baked into the Integrated Program Performance Management (IPPM) processes flowed down from the buyer, in this case, the Federal Government. The CoU paradigm defines the needed reduction in uncertainty is some performance metric. This can be the confidence in the estimate for any variable. It can be the needed performance of a measure - Effectiveness, Performance, Key Performance Parameter, or a Technical Performance Measures.

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Cone of Uncertainty - Revisited

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We're writing two chapters in an upcoming Project Management Book, with a working title, The Gower Handbook of Project Performance for Agile, Waterfall and Everything in Between , edited by Mark Phillips. One chapter on the Principles of Risk Management and the second chapter on the Practices of Risk Management. In the book is the mention of the Cone of Uncertainty as it applies to managing in the presence of uncertanty.

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Decision Analysis - Ordinal and Cardinal Measures

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Brown and his book The Handbooks of Program Management: How to Facilitate Project Success with Optimal Program Management and my review of the same book. AHP can be used as a Value Management System to organize the criteria and assess trades off costs and benefits in considering total value. AHP is based on the principle that all measurements are relative. This decision model for software development projects addressed: performance, cost, time, and risk.

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9 Types of Artifacts in Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

In this article we’ll look at the types of artifacts in project management, typical documents for each type. In project management, artifacts relate to documents: the project documentation you produce that defines and supports the work you are doing.

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Microeconomics and Risk Management in Decision Making for Software Development

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If we look at the discipline of software engineering, we see that the microeconomics branch of economics deals more with the types of decisions we need to make as software engineers or managers. When we hear about software development disasters and then hear that estimates are to blame, and NOT Estimating will somehow reduce or prevent these disasters, think again. Now To Risk Management. Risk is the effect of uncertainty of objectives.

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Fallacy of the Day

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Project Controls are Management Actions, either preplanned to achieve the desired result, or taken as a corrective measure prompted by the monitoring process. Project controls are concerned with the metrics of the project – quantities, time, cost, and other resources and their measurable beneficial outcomes for the project. In the Project Controls paradigm, Value is a measurable attribute of the project controls process - a Closed Loop Control measure.

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Project Management Process: The Basics


While it is a safe bet that Mr. Deming was not specifically or exclusively referring to the overall project management process, his wise advice – or if you wish, his stark warning – certainly applies. Project Management Process Groups. Project Management Process Flow.

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Different Project Management Terms Beginners Should Know

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Project managers , who have just begun working on a project, may find it really stressful and time-consuming to manage multiple tasks, especially if they don’t know the basics. . Let’s dig into our project management glossary. Common Project Management Terms.

The Complete Glossary of 614 Project Management Terms


Project management terminology can be complicated. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working towards your PMP certification or simply managing projects casually in your organization, knowing core project management terms always helps. All Project Management Terms.

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Managing in Presence of Uncertainty

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Let's say you're the project or program manager of a large complex system. This is an immutable principle that impacts planning, execution, performance measures, decision making, risk, budgeting, and overall business and technical management of the project and the business funding the project no matter the domain, context, technology or any methods. Do we have measures of Effectiveness, Performance, all the .ilities. References.

Physical Percent Complete: Knowing When You Are Done

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The goal of every program manager is to have a set of practices that connect all the programmatic planning, risk, and performance information in a single unified view needed to support the decisions that increase the probability of success of any project or program. Currently, there is no single frame of reference to view the discipline, because it is multi-disciplinary. Cost is measured in dollars and schedule is measured in time. IT Risk Management.

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Why Johnny Can't Do The Math

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In a previous post, Why Johnny Can't Estimate , mentioned some resources for estimating, the principles of business and technical management that demand estimates be made to make decisions, and background on the sources of uncertainty, that create risk, that require estimating to increase the probability of project success. One of the #Noestimates advocates has now discovered a phrase: Estimates are non-ergodic. References . [1]

Project Management Glossary: 200+ Terms PMs Frequently Use

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If you’re engaged in project management or your occupation is somehow related to it, you should have an eye for project management terms. We’ve compiled a glossary of essential and the most frequently used project management terms that can be a good assistant for you in your work. . Activity Duration Estimates Review . It contains all the details about the tasks a project team has to perform. . Analogous Estimating . Bottom-Up Estimating .

Project Management Glossary: 200+ Terms PMs Frequently Use

Epicflow Blog

If you’re engaged in project management or your occupation is somehow related to it, you should have an eye for project management terms. We’ve compiled a glossary of essential and the most frequently used project management terms that can be a good assistant for you in your work. . Activity Duration Estimates Review . It contains all the details about the tasks a project team has to perform. . Analogous Estimating . Bottom-Up Estimating .

Start with Principles, Not Personal Anecdotes

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Here's an extract from "Chapter 8: Human Behavior and Complexity," Terry Cooke-Davies, in Aspects of Complexity: Managing Projects in a Complex World. If, for example, a project manager believes a member of his or her team is a fast and effective worker, each time that team member works fast and effectively or is told by a colleague about the work that has been done fast and effectively, the project manager will consider his or her belief to be well-founded.

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What's Missing from the Agile Software Development Paradigm

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The customer is accountable for knowing what Done Looks Like (in Unity of measure meaningful to their domain). Systems engineering is a methodical, multi-disciplinary approach for design, realization, technical management, operations, and retirement of a system. The results include system-level qualities, properties, characteristics, functions, behavior, and performance. Systems Management is the Science of Systems Engineering. References . [1]

Applying Project Management Concepts in Real-life Projects


Project management concepts are well documented and widely implemented across industries. Most of us are familiar with key project management concepts and have implemented it time and again in our projects. The same is true with me as I have implemented and been teaching project management for many years now. Progressive planning can be done using an Agile approach or traditional project management approach. Using earned value management gets very difficult.

Invoking "Laws" Without a Domain or Context

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Newton's Law(s), there are three of them: First law: When viewed in an inertial reference frame, an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by a net force. Second law: In an inertial reference frame, the vector sum of the forces F on an object is equal to the mass m of that object multiplied by the acceleration vector a of the object: F = ma. Without setting a target to measure against, we have: No baseline control.

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