Build A PMO You Can Be Proud Of

Project Risk Coach

So, how can you build a PMO you can be proud of, one that thrives? No one intends to build an impotent PMO, but it happens. The PMO lacks power and effectiveness. Therefore, people see the PMO as a hindrance, not an enabler. PMO Sponsorship. Execution.

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Challenging the C-Level Executives

The Lazy Project Manager

To that end the author offers some focused workshops, keynote presentations and insightful supporting education to help organisations achieve the success in strategic change that they desire, and to help C-level executives understand the challenge and benefit from the opportunity. This is all about bringing a reality check to your executive team, and help can be found right here. Workshop 1: Executives – stop failing your projects! Step 2: Building the best PMO.

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The Balanced PMO

The Lazy Project Manager

The same is true of the PMO. A balanced approach will definitely pay dividends and will not only ensure that the PMO is as effective and efficient as possible but will also aid the acceptance of the PMO by the rest of the organisation. For example, if your PMO is created solely with the purpose of being the ‘project police’ then you will be in for a very short run.

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Agile Maturity & Change Management: 3 Steps for Achieving Executive Buy-In

Lindsey Marymont

Agile Maturity & Change Management: 3 Steps for Achieving Executive Buy-In. These days, businesses are taking an in-depth look at their project management methodology and their PMO maturity and finding that both are lagging behind. Implementation – How will the plan be executed?

Realign Your Vision – 3 Ways The PMO Can Drive A Successful Business Transformation

Speaker: Peter Taylor, Speaker/Author, The Lazy Project Manager

Business transformation is a high priority in today's corporate landscape - a fact that the C-Suite is well aware of. But once executives have decided to implement some type of transformation, they often rush to de-prioritize it. Sometimes they even stop paying any attention at all to this critical organization change, delegating essential strategy projects to those with little to no relevant experience. Enter: the project management office. PMOs are uniquely situated to orchestrate organizational change, all while building a landscape that is centered around collaboration and social interaction.

What Makes Organisations Fail to Execute Their Strategy?

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

I recently asked an executive where their organisation would be in 2 years’ time. All we need to do now is execute that strategy! So, assuming we actually have a strategy, what is it that goes wrong in execution? Executives must develop a clear strategy.

PMO Leaders: Creating Executive Conversations that Convert


Convert your executive sponsors and leaders to staunch supporters of your PMO. If your leadership team does not understand your PMO capacity and corresponding strategy, they may have a difficult time trusting you with their most crucial business goals. The leadership perception issue, as we call it, usually comes in two forms: Executive sponsors do not possess top-level visibility.

The PMO Conference 2018

Arras People

The PMO Conference is back in June this year, now in its fourth year, it’s THE conference for people who work, manage and lead PMO functions. The conference takes place on the 13th June in London and the full programme plus a new set of PMO Classes make up a three-day PMO fest. Here’s an overview of what you can expect to enjoy when you sign up for the summer of PMO event. The post The PMO Conference 2018 appeared first on arraspeople.

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Starting a PMO


PMI describes the Project Management Office (PMO) as a strategic driver for organizational excellence. The PMO seeks to enhance the practices of execution management, organizational governance, and strategic change leadership. Company A might not have a PMO, company B could have a PMO where the project managers (PMs) do not report to the PMO, and Company C could have a mature PMO where the PMs report to the PMO. Beginning a PMO.

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PMO: The Gap Closers

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

In a new report from Strategy Execution, 86% of organisations which are delivering change through programmes and projects struggle to prioritise work streams and resources. The report also refers to recent figures on project execution failure – taking into account business and strategic level impacts on failure as well as programme and project level. The PMO: Gap Closer. It’s the PMO. The only entity that exists today that can support that is the PMO.

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Key Responsibilities of the PMO

Brad Egeland

A project management office (PMO) is an organizational entity usually tasked to centralize and coordinate the management of projects within an organization. ​ A PMO oversees the management of projects, programs, or a combination of both.

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Teaching OKRs to Executives w/ Andrew Young

Leading Agile

Andrew Young joins Dave to talk about this history of OKRs, why they have become such an important part of how we track and measure performance, why they matter to Executives, and why teaching Executives about OKRs requires a very specific approach.

Online Training: RapidStart PMO Review

Girl's Guide to PM

RapidStart PMO: Online Project Management Training Review. Diab is the CEO of Leadership Formation, a consulting firm that focuses on helping organisations with strategy, alignment, execution and people. The paid course covers everything you’d need to get a PMO up and running in a few months. There are two workstreams within the RapidStart methodology: Workstream 1: Designing, launching and aligning the PMO. Then it talks about aligning the PMO.

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The ROI of PMO


Understanding the essential value of investing in your PMO. Today’s PMO is a chaos wrangler, a master of governance, a resource manager and the linchpin of operational excellence. With all this in mind, is your PMO getting the recognition it deserves as a valuable partner in your organization? The answer to that depends on your perspective, and even more importantly, the perspective of your organization’s executive management team.

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Sustain Your PMO: Nine Easy Lessons

The Lazy Project Manager

As has been already discussed the reality out there in ‘PMO land’ is that there is not a plethora of wise and experienced PMO managers, directors, leaders, heads, etc., and so it is sensible for anyone who is engaged to help an organisation set up a new PMO or advise on improvements to an existing PMO to reach out for some help. The risk to not doing so is to, at the very least, slow the return on investment of the new PMO down. Is the PMO model the right one?

A Real-World Success Story: Hallmark Cards Saves 1,000 Man Hours a Year by Streamlining PMO Projects and Agile Execution


Translating caring and creativity into action is not lost on the Hallmark PMO, who is responsible for maximizing the company’s investments while reducing its risk. Equally inefficient were many of the PMO’s team meetings to discuss roadblocks and progress, turnarounds, and standard work.

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4 Key Ingredients of a Viable PMO

Brad Egeland

Here I've outlined what I believe to be the four key elements of project management office (PMO) success. Follow these four key elements and the likelihood that your PMO will be viable will increase drastically. Executive buy-in.

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Four Key Elements of a Viable PMO

Brad Egeland

Here I've outlined what I believe to be the four key elements of project management office (PMO) success. Follow these four key elements and the likelihood that your PMO will be viable will increase drastically. Executive buy-in.

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The Need for an Innovative PMO


Traditionally, the department managing the flow of projects, including innovation initiatives, is the Project or Portfolio Management Office (the PMO). According to the Project Management Institute, 71% of companies have a PMO, a steady rise over the past ten years. Other recent surveys suggest that 90% of large enterprises , 88% of midsize companies, and 61% of small companies now have a PMO, too. The post The Need for an Innovative PMO appeared first on MPUG.

PMO Health Check 101

Brad Egeland

Do you have a healthy PMO? If you are a project-centric organization, then a project management office (PMO) that is run effectively, efficiently, productively and focused on delivering great projects from great leaders is what it's all about. PMO health is all about. A PMO that is headed in the right direction has an experienced leader at the helm. Indeed, the PMO will suffer greatly and it will likely be doomed to fail. Is it run efficiently?

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PMO Best Practices: 7 Steps for Better Schedule Management


A few years ago, I was hired as a Project Management Office (PMO) consultant for a software products company. My assignment was to setup their PMO, implement best practices, and oversee projects for twelve months before handing over the setup to the client.

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How To Secure Your PMO Profitability?

It’s safe to say that Project Management Office ( PMO ) has numerous advantages and the results it impacts to the organization have been effective and helpful. Every existing organization around the globe are swearing by PMO. Over the years PMO profitability seems non-existent. Such occurrence causes the PMO to fall into a disorganized chaos that disrupts the flow of the project. PMO Profitability Problem #1: The PMO is a progeny of a defective executive structure.

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Project Management Governance Model Template and Governance PMO


The post Project Management Governance Model Template and Governance PMO appeared first on SaaS Resource & Project Management Software | WorkOtter.

5 Ingredients for PMO Success

Brad Egeland

Often times at the heart of a successful project management practice is a project management office, or PMO, that has been structured to create a path of success for company projects and the project managers who lead them. From my experience, there are five key ingredients to a successful PMO.

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Project Management Careers Q&A – PMO Manager Career Path

Arras People

I’ve been working as a PMO Manager for a number of years now and I want to progress further into portfolio level PMOs, getting involved in strategy execution and generally working at a more senior level. As well you know, there are many different types of PMO in existence so the transition you make will largely depend on this – the culture, context, and the type of services provided by your PMO today. All terms that are associated with great Portfolio PMO leaders.

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Top Ten PMO Themes 2019

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Last week it was the fifth PMO Conference in London. With over 400 PMO practitioners from around the globe and over 20 sessions to choose from, there’s a lot to learn about where PMO is heading right now. Strategy Execution were there catching up with PMO practitioners and discussing the latest challenges PMOs are facing today. Staying with the reporting theme, data analytics will be a game changer for the PMO in the coming years. Agile for the PMO.

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4 Considerations When Setting Up a PMO

Brad Egeland

What types and sizes of projects will be handled by the PMO? Will all or just some of the organization's projects be directed to the PMO. Is funding readily available and easily obtainable for the PMO? Many may seem to back a new PMO, but is the money really there? I am definitely of the opinion that no PMO can survive without the financial backing and the overall buy-in and support of the executives in the organization.

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PMO Leadership: How PMOs Can Evolve into Savvy PMOs


PMO leadership today is about more than being a purveyor of governance and delivering projects on time and on budget. The Savvy PMO fosters organizational agility, cultivates efficiencies, and drives growth strategies. They meet executive expectations for informed counsel on vital business decisions such as which projects to prioritize, where to focus spending, how to align and realign the workforce in response to change, and much more. The Journey to Becoming a Savvy PMO.

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4 Steps to the Successful PMO

Brad Egeland

Not all organizations require the level of oversight, structure and management that a project management office (PMO) will bring to an organization. Put a PMO Director in charge. Hire a PMO director. No favorite executives or department managers.

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PMO Symposium 2018 Recap


PMO Symposium 2018 brought 600+ executives, PMO leaders and decision makers together for 4 days of executive level sessions, cutting edge keynotes from global experts, interactive workshops and a sponsor lounge that featured today’s innovative software solutions and services providers for project management offices. The theme for this year’s PMO Symposium was “Where Leaders Meet.” Lack of strategic vision within the PMO.

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PMO Charter Template


What is a PMO Charter? A PMO Charter is one of the most important documents in the life of a Project Management Office. Project charters formally recognize the existence of projects in an organization, the PMO Charter legitimizes the existence of the PMO before the business.

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PMO Symposium 2018 Recap


PMO Symposium 2018 brought 600+ executives, PMO leaders and decision makers together for 4 days of executive level sessions, cutting edge keynotes from global experts, interactive workshops and a sponsor lounge that featured today’s innovative software solutions and services providers for project management offices. The theme for this year’s PMO Symposium was “Where Leaders Meet.” Lack of strategic vision within the PMO.

2018 60

Healthcare PMO: BCBS Roundtable Exchanges Thought Provoking Ideas


A healthcare PMO today must have a strong constitution. Healthcare PMO’s should ensure that the organization has the right portfolio mix to accomplish its goals and be able to pivot and re-prioritize as needed. She said their executives have asked to see more data. “It’s

How to Establish a PMO In Five Ways?

It’s sometimes hard for organizations to keep up with these, hence the need for establishing a PMO , a standard structure to help projects have a constant process and operation to help them achieve their objectives or the stakeholders ’ requests. Why is there a need for establishing a PMO ? One of the key advantages of establishing a PMO is it provides a standard structure using standard approaches while being paralleled to the organization’s system and objectives.

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4 Steps to Effectively Execute on Strategy [Webinar]


That’s a frightening reality, especially considering less than 1/3 of executives currently believe their organizations effectively execute on strategy. Move from a traditional to an enterprise PMO. The PMO simply must be ready.

5 Characteristics of A Successful PMO Leader


Maybe you’re part of a newly-minted project management office (PMO). Or perhaps you’re a tenured PMO leader and looking to refine your skills. This is a collection of tips to help you advance your skills, mitigate risk, and address challenges head-on to advance your newly created PMO.

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Six Reasons Why Strategy Execution Goes Wrong And How To Recover

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

In this article, we share six reasons why strategy execution might go wrong and how you can address them. First, strategic execution can fail because the work the business is doing does not take it closer to the strategy. If you’ve got the alignment right, then failure to execute is the next biggest challenge. > Take a look at the Adaptive Strategy Execution training available. Strategy execution is like any other type of project execution.

Executive Project Ownership

The Lazy Project Manager

I need your help with the research for my new book ‘ How to avoid getting Fired at the ‘C’ Level’ (working title) – looking in depth at the reality of executive level engagement and understanding of the business change that they have ultimate responsibility for, through the project portfolio that they own, for the organisations that they lead. r/Executive_Project_Ownership.

Encountering PMO Failures and How to Combat Them

Large organizations have their own Project Management Office ( PMO ) that covers this area; organizing the best practices and methodologies of doing tasks and achieving them. These PMO practices and processes are sold to CIO for executive support in order to ensure that such practices are amended. This cause project teams to feel negatively towards PMO teams ; no one is that keen t be told what to by someone who is under-qualified to cover the project.

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4 Ways to Supercharge Your PMO

Brad Egeland

I was reading a survey indicating that almost 90% of organizations now have some form of project management office (PMO). 58% of respondents indicated that they did not feel their PMO was effective. Only 34% said that their PMO had good repeatable processes, procedures and templates in place to help them do their jobs well. And a full 47% indicated that their company’s senior leadership had no visible involvement in the PMO.

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