The Influencer (A Preferred Product Owner Stance)

What is an Influencer? These gentlemen are in all the top-10 lists of being the ‘the best’ Politician, Influencer, world changer, etc. So before diving into the Product Owner taking an Influencer stance, let’s first inspect what an Influencer is. What great Influencers do.

Voice of the Customer (VOC): a Powerful Tool for Valuable Customer Insight

Project Bliss

Getting the Voice of the Customer (VOC) tells you if you’re on the right track in your product or process improvement project. If you want to know that you’re on the right track when you’re leading a process or product improvement project, how can you be sure you’re addressing the right concerns? Depending on the culture of your workplace, if your customers are internal, they can get frustrated if the processes and tools are modified with little or no consideration for the user.

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Change management helps when implementing risk responses

Kiron Bondale

This is a fairly common problem and is likely one of the reasons that the volunteers who updated the PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition added Implement Risk Responses as a new process within the Project Risk Management knowledge area. Response owner awareness is a good starting point, but why should they expend their valuable time, money or political influence? But without addressing the need for personal change, your risk management efforts are likely to remain an academic exercise.

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What You Need for a Great Project Charter

Project Risk Coach

Think about it—in the project charter process, project sponsors and managers have the opportunity to engage key stakeholders for the express purpose of defining the vision of a project. Not everyone, mind you, but we do want the key stakeholders involved in the project charter process. When sponsors choose to ignore stakeholders or purposely keep them out of the charter process, risk increases. This is not a documentation exercise!

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The Effective and Innovative Virtual Team Leader

International Institute for Learning

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the internet began to significantly influence how information and meetings were managed. Use “verbal anchors” to ensure clarity and understanding – comparisons, analyses, processes and steps, examples, repeating information for emphasis. .

What Project Managers Should Know About Monitoring Project Risks

Project Risk Coach

Definition of CONTROL a : to exercise restraining or directing influence over : regulate control one's anger b : to have power over : rule A single company controls the industry. The authors of the 6th Edition changed the Control Risks process to Monitor Risks. ?. PMBOK 6th Edition Monitor Risks The authors of the 6th Edition changed the Control Risks process to Monitor Risks. Evaluate Risk Process Effectiveness.

What is a Stakeholder in Project Management?


A 3-part stakeholder management process for keeping everyone happy. Create and enforce transparent processes for communication. While anyone who is impacted by the project is technically a stakeholder, key stakeholders are those who have influence and authority to dictate whether a project is a success is not. A 3-part stakeholder management process for keeping everyone happy. Who wants to influence this project (positively or negatively)?

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The Twins – Communications Management and Stakeholder Management


Rather, it’s more about how they interact within the knowledge area and with each other, the areas in which they overlap, and how they influence and impact each other. Communication” is the process or act of information exchange. This process ensures the optimal flow of information.

The Twins – Communications Management and Stakeholder Management


Rather, it’s more about how they interact within the knowledge area and with each other, the areas in which they overlap, and how they influence and impact each other. Communication” is the process or act of information exchange. This process ensures the optimal flow of information.

Risk Identification Workshops: An Overview

Project Health Check

And if you don't identify the potential risk in the first place then there is no way you can manage it - despite any fancy risk processes and tools you may have! This is where we can deploy one very effective process - the Risk Identification Workshop. Risk Management is one of the well established fundamentals of Project Management.

Rich Sheridan on Leading with Joy

International Institute for Learning

Do you discuss this office environment in your onboarding or interview process for new employees? . Our interview process itself is not an interview, but a group audition that simulates the work environment. They’d paired with other candidates three times, working together on a shared exercise. Does your organization have remote staff, and how do you incorporate them into this process? . Understanding you can influence your own team and company.

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Project Termination Guide for Successful Failure & Minimum Blowbacks


This makes senior management an important part of the decision process of whether to terminate a project. Society’s representatives, if the need arises, act directly or bring sufficient pressure on other stakeholders to exercise their project termination authority.

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Agile Consulting

Leading Answers

Consultants add value by finding ways to get there, step by step, unpicking knots in process, dismantling barriers to change. They often act as an independent third party to validate a change that groups know they want to make anyway, sometimes playing the role of devil’s advocate, questioning processes that internal staff should/could not as; sometimes acting as the scapegoat when someone must explain why/who thought this experiment would be a good idea.

3 Wide-Spread Scrum Master Failures in 5:31 Minutes

When Scrum team members follow the rules, the Scrum Master has influence or authority. Which is an effective supervisor hack to reintroduce command & control through the back door, creating a cargo-cult version of Scrum in the process.). TL; DR: Three Wide-Spread Scrum Master Failures.

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The 23 Best Project Management Books For Upgrading Your Career in 2020


Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Project management is as much about people as it is about processes. Why you should read this: Once you master the materials inside the PMBOK you’ll have a process for initiating and successfully running any project.

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How to Be More Productive? 10 Productivity Tips to Stay Focused


It may come off as a surprise, but taking regular breaks during your work can have a positive influence on your productivity. Take time out to exercise. Workplace productivity and exercise go side by side. As much as you dislike it, if you want to be more productive, you have to exercise. Exercising regularly increases the blood flow to your brain which can help you increase your awareness.

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Using ‘Management in Scrum’ for Job Interviews with Scrum Masters

The Professional Scrum Master II class contains an exercise called “Management in Scrum”. It also shows how it impacts the empirical process of Scrum and what a Scrum Master can do to remove any limitations. It’s an impediment to the empirical process of Scrum.

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The Complete Guide to Project Risk Assessment (Free Template)


Far too many PMs see it as a purely academic exercise, tacking it onto a project plan without understanding what it entails. The formal process of project risk assessment can vary from organization to organization. You can’t control it, nor can you influence the likelihood of the risk event occurring. When you first start any project risk assessment exercise, it can be overwhelming to go through all the risk events that come up.

19 Genius Ways to Become More Creative Today


In this guide, we’re going to dispel those myths, run you through the exact process that helps promote creative thought, and then cover 21 specific strategies to help you and your team be more creative, innovative, and imaginative on a daily basis. Digging in: The 5-steps of the creative process. Putting the creative process to work. Planning and promoting the creative process: 1. Warm up with some creative confidence exercises. Being more creative is a process.

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Data-Informed Retrospectives

Let us start our excursion by revisiting the purpose of the Sprint Retrospective according to the Scrum Guide: The purpose of the Sprint Retrospective is to plan ways to increase quality and effectiveness in the process. TL; DR: Data-Informed Retrospectives.

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Project Leadership In Uncertain Environments with Carole Osterweil

Girl's Guide to PM

In an unordered environment so much is changing on so many fronts that it seems impossible to keep up, let alone influence the way forward. Repeat the exercise often and review your project management approach accordingly. Standard project management training was not up to the job, so working with Eddie Obeng and others I developed an approach that ensured equal emphasis on leadership, people and process.

The 21 Daily Routines and Habits of Highly Productive Founders and Creatives


" So if you’re ready to become the best version of you and put your productivity on "autopilot", this post will debunk some of the common misconceptions around creating habits and routines and then guide you through a simple process for designing your perfect day. Regular exercise. " Writing these at the start of your day means you’re thinking about them with a clear head and not being influenced by distractions or interruptions. Regular exercise.

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A Balanced View of the Competing Demands through the Lens of Evaluation

The IIL Blog

tax rate) in one city will likely influence changes in nearby cities. This option of centralized parking space is compared to the neighborhood park social benefits, which may include allowing children to have a place to play together, exercising on the walking path, promoting unity within the neighborhood, etc. Keeping evaluation at the center while considering the ongoing nature of the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group keeps evaluation at the forefront.

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Mindfulness for Leaders: Improving Management Practices


Canadian Information Processing Society: The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation Training on Multitasking in a High-Stress Information Environment After completing a 8-week training on mindfulness meditation, researchers noted a significant increase in time spent on-task, decreased negative emotions after task completion, and—the unexpected result—improved memory. Throughout the mindfulness process, having patience with yourself and others is key.

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How to write a lean PRD (product requirements document) for your next project in 5 steps (with free template)


However, an increasing number of Agile teams are starting to see the value of adding more planning to their process. Product specifics : What are the essential details regarding the product creation process? In fact, Amazon bakes this right into their product discovery process.

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How to Turn Stakeholder Conflict on Its Head

Project Risk Coach

How to Turn Conflict into a Problem-Solving Exercise. You can help stakeholders resolve the conflict by reframing the conflict as a problem-solving exercise. Project managers must use their leadership skills to influence the stakeholders. Another key ingredient is a clearly-defined decision process. FREE: Engaging and Influencing Stakeholders Webinar. If you want to succeed in a large/complex organization, engaging and influencing your stakeholders is mandatory.

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How to Manage Stakeholder Engagement: 15 Practical Strategies

PM Basics

In the majority of cases, you will notice an unusual buzz around “following the processes and policies” stuff. Though I would exercise extreme caution here. So, unless you are entirely sure, continue to explore the factors influencing the stakeholder. Likewise, you may want to reduce the involvement and influence of a stakeholder. They always record their sessions, and they keep notes in the process. Here is another concept that influences stakeholders.

Retrospectives and Intraspectives for Agile Practitioners


The retrospective process consists of two words: Retro – meaning recent past, and. You can define the retrospective process as: “A recurring workshop in which the team looks back on their work over a period, reflects upon it, and learns. The team applies this learning in future work to improve people, processes, and products.”. Again, in a flow-based Agile process, there is no specific time a retrospective can happen.

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I am fired up!

PM That Works

It’s not what the Bobs of the business world would have you believe; an indulgent exercise in self-promoting cleverness that diverts effort away from real work for entertainment’s sake." He clearly stated in the article that the project manager was trained by their company and that the project manager was not following the process. These are perfect examples of wanting to have the results that project management can promise while not allowing the process to exist.

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Project Charter Example and a Comprehensive Guide (+Template)

PM Basics

For sure the process may differ. Any bells and whistles will only distract stakeholders from the main goal of this exercise. It’s a list of people or groups of people who can influence your project or will be influenced by your project. The process takes a few hours.

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5 Steps to Get the (Right) Software Engineering Job on a Top Technical Team


Step 2: Use LinkedIn to identify influencers or connections at those companies. It’s a bit more of a process than this! ;). If you want an easy way to do this, here’s how Hwa Chong describes his process: “A good mental exercise I use is: if I only have 60 seconds to pitch someone on why they should hire me, what would the pitch look like? Use LinkedIn to identify influencers or connections at those companies. Next comes the interview process.

6 Tips to Boost Team Motivation for Your Agile Team


When things don’t go as planned in case of project failure, team disputes or uncontrollable external negative influences, their morale can be affected. Jennise Chaffold has more than two decades of leadership experience in developing strategies to help organizations by keeping processes and people in sync. See also: 6 Team Building Exercises and Games to Foster Creative Thinking.

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11 Proven Stakeholder Communication Tactics

Run a quick mental exercise: Try walking in your stakeholders’ shoes, and ask yourself: Would you entrust your career a bunch of hoodie-wearing nerds, promising a big reward because they are practicing XP and Scrum? To my experience, this exercise will not require more than 30 min per day.

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How to Create the Perfect Stakeholder Management Plan


Key project stakeholders are stakeholders who not only have an interest in the project outcome but also have the power to influence communication plans, policy, and other procedures. This influence can be exercised through levels of participation, review cycles, and more. .

Agile Management Anti-Patterns — An Introduction for Aspiring Servant Leaders

Using the budgeting process as a Stage-Gate® to exercise control through the back door : The budgeting process is hard to align with agile requirements like the longevity of teams. Hence, the actual process will have to change over time.


Project Crisis… Are you Ready?

Online PM Courses

systems and processes. to… notice outside influences. Solid processes that limit the scope for human error. Processes that Create Good Situational Awareness. As a project manager, your responsibilities include creating processes that help you to. Formal monitoring processes appeal well to your rational, deliberate thinking processes. And that makes the whole process worth it.

2018 78

The 7 Questions Every PMP Exam Student Asks Their Coach


This is rote learning and with enough practical exercises and repetition you will achieve an “AHA” moment! You should be aiming to score Moderately Proficient or Proficient in all process groups and an excellent PMP exam simulator will provide you with those scores.

2019 52

20 Team Building Activities That Your Team Won’t Sigh At

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If you happen to hold these assumptions as well, remember that: Team building activities are not a one-time silly event, but part of an ongoing process. A leaner and faster onboarding – We’re talking about the process of helping new hires adapt to the company culture. The exercise is great because it gives everyone a visual snapshot of each player while triggering conversations on the go. The exercise is great for spotting hidden opportunities or threats.

2018 82

SoundNotes Live at Agile 2019: Day One

Leading Agile

In this live session, we’re chatting with Erika Massie, Director of Global Learning and Assessment at Scrum Alliance about some recent changes in their certification options and processes, the value of becoming recognized as a CSM or CSPO, and how the right training can help you hit the ground running or advance to the next level in your career. She will also share a few easy exercises you can use to get calm and grounded anytime.

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How To Be Unbeatable At Creative Project Management


The first step in this process is fully understand what you're up against. The process of laying bricks has remained largely unchanged for decades, but the tools to build a website change every few years. But you also have to embrace newer technologies, processes, and best practices. Clients frequently have unrealistic expectations and little idea how the creative process actually unfolds ( Image source ). Educate clients about the creative process.

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