Incubating Innovation

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If success goes to those who can innovate the fastest, how do we nurture innovation? To innovate faster than our competitors, we need to maximize our learning potential. Developing new products or services is a maze-solving exercise. The process of learning starts with understanding the knowable and then adding to this through experiments and new learnings. These teams need support and coordination services throughout the process.

Project Management Best Practices for Innovation and Co-Creation

Everyone in business is talking about innovation, but how does one actually innovate? Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you practical steps you can take to innovate by using co-creation and project management techniques. In Review – Project Management Best Practices for Innovation and Co-Creation. An innovation, she said, is a new method, idea or product. Repeat the Process: Do this as many times as necessary to achieve a final blueprint.


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The Effective and Innovative Virtual Team Leader

International Institute for Learning

Use “verbal anchors” to ensure clarity and understanding – comparisons, analyses, processes and steps, examples, repeating information for emphasis. . The post The Effective and Innovative Virtual Team Leader appeared first on The IIL Blog. By Frank P.

Lisa Bodell on Simplification and Innovation

International Institute for Learning

As closing keynote speaker at IIL’s Leadership & Innovation 2019 Online Conference , she delivered a powerful message on how complexity is holding most of us back, and what we can do to get back to the work that really matters. “If we get the work right, we get the culture right” – @LisaBodell #LeadershipCon19 #leadership #innovation — Of course, simplicity is a subtractive process.

Book Summary: Think Better – An Innovator’s Guide to Productive Thinking

Project Bliss

Learn how to think better by using productive thinking approaches with Tim Hurson’s book Think Better – An Innovator’s Guide to Productive Thinking. Everybody talks about creativity and innovation these days, but very few actually know how to put them into practice.”

The Ultimate Guide To the Phase Gate Process


Project managers have a number of processes and techniques they can use to ensure continued project viability and success. One such technique is called the phase gate process. . The phase gate process is a technique that is used to guide a project from conception to launch.

Why the agile process is here to stay (and why it should!)

Granted that the agile process isn’t the only effective workflow management methodology out there today, but it certainly is worth understanding more; organizations should at least consider how it can affect the way they work and produce in this day and age. Innovation is a given.

2020 26

Ask a PM: How to Get Proper Estimates


We do a lot of projects that are innovative (for us), and my development colleagues always seem reluctant when it comes to project planning. You might not need to document this granularity on your work breakdown structure, but your team could go through the exercise to split out tasks into their component parts. Gone through the release process—you can estimate that part. If the work is unique and innovative, your appetite for contingency is likely to be higher.

5 Tips To Re-Energize Your Daily Standup Meetings

Girl's Guide to PM

Because after a few weeks I realized that the energy levels weren’t what they should be for such a creative, innovative agency. If you are wondering how to start a standup meeting, try this exercise. Regular readers will know that I’m not an expert in Agile, by any means.

2020 336

How to boost your career with simple time allocation tricks

International Institute for Learning

We shall see below, where we can begin this exercise. Take time to reflect on your latest success (a satisfied client, a new process, reward from your peers, etc.) By Karim Radwan, Founder of Impactus Consulting | IIL Consultant and Trainer.

2020 87

Managing Virtual Teams Successfully

The IIL Blog

Building High-Performance Teams necessitates that we utilize innovative tools and techniques to engage the audience. Tuckman model of forming-storming-norming-performing), they can benefit from a Simple Interactive Meaningful Practical Learning Exercise (SMILE). Evolution of Learning Exercises for Collaboration. No one author or source can take credit for the evolution of learning exercises for virtual teams. Types of Interactive Exercises. By Dr. Willis H.

2018 100

Top Project Management Conferences of 2020

One of the largest series of conferences for project managers in North America, the Project Summit has industry innovators who help professionals be more productive, and learn best practices, skills and strategies to succeed.

2020 313

How to Write a Business Case

In fact, in some lean or agile organizations, over-reliance on documentation is seen as a clear impediment to innovation and collaboration. Again, you’ll want to have this process also documented in your business case. Now, it’s not just an exercise to appease senior leadership.

2019 378

Using Divergent Thinking to Become a Better Leader

It is usually a spontaneous, free-flowing and nonlinear process, where many ideas are generated and explored over a short time. While there might be types of people who are more likely to think divergently, promoting divergent thinking is possible through various creative exercises. One is open and nonjudgmental, the other criticizes and chooses to narrow the process to a select option. It’s inherently creative and often innovative. Adopt an innovation culture.

2019 230

Making Better Business Decisions with Continuous Planning

Arras People

Let annual planning be a top down budgeting exercise it should be and shift your organization to a continuous planning model that will reduce bureaucracy, improve your plan’s accuracy, drive agility, and improve portfolio management. Are they going to result in a more balanced portfolio that allows us to focus on increasing innovation, or improving business capabilities? 56% say improving accuracy is the main reason to change a company’s planning process.

2017 163

Rich Sheridan on Leading with Joy

International Institute for Learning

Rich Sheridan is the CEO of Menlo Innovations and the author of Joy, Inc. As opening keynote speaker at IIL’s Leadership & Innovation 2019 Online Conference , he inspired us all with his uncommon approach to leadership and productivity in the modern workplace. “Leaders like to try things and see what happens” – Rich Sheridan @menloprez #LeadershipCon19 #leadership #innovation —

2019 59

Agile Consulting

Leading Answers

Consultants add value by finding ways to get there, step by step, unpicking knots in process, dismantling barriers to change. They often act as an independent third party to validate a change that groups know they want to make anyway, sometimes playing the role of devil’s advocate, questioning processes that internal staff should/could not as; sometimes acting as the scapegoat when someone must explain why/who thought this experiment would be a good idea.

Book Review: The Power of Project Leadership


Despite continuous improvement in Project Management processes and technology over the past few decades, projects are still not being delivered on time, to scope, or within budget. . It’s no longer enough to manage the intricacies of our projects (no matter how strong our processes or intellect). This is the way to foster needed efficiency, speed, and innovation! I just finished the last chapter of Susanne Madsen’s piece on The Power of Project Leadership (2nd edition).

Better Brainstorming Techniques: How the S.U.C.K. Method Unlocks Your Team’s Full Creativity


Structure: Make your brainstorming sessions mirror the creative process. The truth is that the most creative and innovative thinkers thrive on structure. Let’s look into each one and then show how you can use them in your team brainstorming process. Yes, creativity is a process.

2021 85

5 Tips To Re-Energise Your Daily Standup Meetings

Girl's Guide to PM

Because after a few weeks I realised that the energy levels weren’t what they should be for such a creative, innovative agency. This was a quick exercise but it triggered us into thinking about ourselves and what we can improve in our approach to work. One of the team members said they would make sure a process is written down before tackling any job. If you do this exercise I recommend having a different team member to read the postcard.

2016 239

Business Change Management: What is it and Why it matters


In fact, change is more relevant than ever since the world does not stop while we are planning the year ahead – being political changes, a pandemic that puts the economy on hold, or evolving technical developments and business model innovations – we are always subject to external forces at play.

2021 36

19 Genius Ways to Become More Creative Today


In this guide, we’re going to dispel those myths, run you through the exact process that helps promote creative thought, and then cover 21 specific strategies to help you and your team be more creative, innovative, and imaginative on a daily basis. Digging in: The 5-steps of the creative process. Putting the creative process to work. Planning and promoting the creative process: 1. Warm up with some creative confidence exercises.

2019 104

The 23 Best Project Management Books For Upgrading Your Career in 2020


Project management is as much about people as it is about processes. Why you should read this: Once you master the materials inside the PMBOK you’ll have a process for initiating and successfully running any project. It’s a deceptively simple process.

2020 123

How to Stop Overthinking at Work (and in Life)

Thinking has led to great innovation but has also brought people into disastrous conflict. This doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t manage the process so that it’s less detrimental to your work. This beneficial exercise reveals that the brain often overthinks without any reason other than that it was designed to run through these mental hoops. Consciousness is a blessing and a curse.

2019 323

Task Automation in 2021


By automating processes and tasks you reduce the probability of mistakes being made. Without being bogged down with repetitive admin tasks employees can be creative and innovative and can concentrate on the more important tasks that need their attention and time.

2021 109

Peer Recruiting: How to Hire a Scrum Master

Instead, they will reorganize themselves around autonomous teams to deal with the complexity and pace of innovation of the 21st century. Recruiters will need to become servant leaders or facilitators, guiding the peer recruiting process. Good exercises for hands-on learnings are: A.

2021 49

Overcoming Status Quo Bias to Boost Productivity

It doesn’t always work, of course, but like any muscle, the more we exercise it the stronger it gets. This is because, if you are adhering to the status quo, then you are failing to innovate, and you’re unwilling to try new tools or techniques to improve. Our newly introduced kanban boards visualize workflow and a real-time dashboard track progress as it happens to help you identify ways to improve the process before it’s too late.

2019 225

Reflection and Takeaways on Agility from the SMC-IT 2018 Space Mission Design conference

The IIL Blog

Case studies on how agile methodologies have been applied to mission planning and how scrum has been used in spacecraft construction were discussed, as well as topics such as developing and delivering software, reliability and reuse of software, onboard processing, and communication. Whether it was the first aeronauts in balloons, or the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk, explorers of flight used processes that built on incremental failures and successes.

2018 70

How to Build Products While Working Remotely: The Ultimate Remote Work Guide for Project Managers, Entrepreneurs, and Startups


Communication is key: Set up systems and processes to understand when your remote team needs help. Update your old processes and communication style to work in a remote world. Some people experience a lack of innovation and creativity without the “intangible magic” of in-person meetups.

2020 121

Project Leadership In Uncertain Environments with Carole Osterweil

Girl's Guide to PM

Repeat the exercise often and review your project management approach accordingly. Standard project management training was not up to the job, so working with Eddie Obeng and others I developed an approach that ensured equal emphasis on leadership, people and process. These innovations gave us unprecedented access to global clients handling all manner of change and transformation and the opportunity to integrate ideas from multiple disciplines into our work.

The Ultimate Guide to Creative Project Management

ProProfs Project Management

What is Creative Project Management Process? Creative project management process refers to managing roles and responsibilities of creative folks such as designers, copywriters, art directors, and others rather than working with software developers, engineers or construction teams.

71 Scrum Product Owner Interview Questions (2): Internal Stakeholders & Product Roadmaps

The free 71 Product Owner Interview Questions PDF is not merely listing the questions, but also contains background information on: Why the questions are useful in the process, and…. Generally, it is a process that will take time, and there are no shortcuts available.

2021 74

The 21 Daily Routines and Habits of Highly Productive Founders and Creatives


Whole books have been filled with the daily routines of successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives. " So if you’re ready to become the best version of you and put your productivity on "autopilot", this post will debunk some of the common misconceptions around creating habits and routines and then guide you through a simple process for designing your perfect day. Regular exercise. Regular exercise.

2019 109

71 Scrum Product Owner Interview Questions

The free 71 Product Owner Interview Questions PDF is not merely listing the questions, but also contains background information on: Why the questions are useful in the process, and…. Finding this answer is a process and not a destination. process.

2020 76

Agile NXT Future Friday retrospect

Henny Portman

To become good in reteaming you can look e.g. at techniques like pair programming or MOB programming to speed up the process of integrating new members or create a checklist to facilitate on-boarding and make sure the questions are definitely a lot of fun to answer. This will speed up the process of teaming too and ultimately you will have more engaged teams. If you only imitate, you’ll never innovate.

Agile 49

Mindfulness for Leaders: Improving Management Practices


Canadian Information Processing Society: The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation Training on Multitasking in a High-Stress Information Environment After completing a 8-week training on mindfulness meditation, researchers noted a significant increase in time spent on-task, decreased negative emotions after task completion, and—the unexpected result—improved memory. Throughout the mindfulness process, having patience with yourself and others is key.

2018 90

Shifting & Sharing the Teaching Responsibility

Innovators showcase their ideas or products and gather meaningful feedback in short cycles. This blog post will describe how we’ve experimented with a twist in this exercise during a recent PSM II class. As a facilitator and/or Scrum Master, you can use this exercise during your Scrum events as well: use your creativity and imagination! In the first part of the exercise the participants generate a list of all must-do and must-not-do activities.


How Trying New Hobbies Made Me More Productive at Work


I didn’t plan for any of those activities to become exercises in getting comfortable with having no expectations of success. From the beginning, I’ve liked that process. A pitch doesn’t have to end up in a new contract for it to still have been a successful exercise.

2020 75

The Truth About Transformations

Leading Answers

Can the average organization actually become a disruptive leader just by adopting the structures, tools and processes from the real disruptive leaders? If they were to finish, it means they are no longer innovating, improving or competing. D efects O verproduction W aiting N on-utilized talent T ransportation I nventory excess M otion waste E xtra processing. Copy the concept (internally generate new processes to solve local problems), but not Spotify’s actual procedures.

2018 97

Building a Culture of Trust and Belonging


For employees to be satisfied and work optimally, they need to be comfortable with the workspace as well as the business processes that they undertake each day. Your team is diverse with great thinkers, innovators, and creative individuals.

2020 92