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Should We Change Scrum?

TL; DR: Can We Or Should We Change Scrum? Can we or should we change Scrum, or is it a sacrilege to tweak the ‘immutable’ framework to accommodate our teams’ and organizations’ needs? Not so fast; don’t just dismiss augmenting Scrum as leaving the path, contributing to the numerous Scrumbut mutations, giving Scrum a bad name.

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A Simple Exercise To Define The Product Of Your Scrum Team

He’s known from the various books he wrote: “ Agile Product Management With Scrum ”, “ Strategize ”, and “ How To Lead In Product Management ”, and the many tools he created, like the Product Vision Board, Product Management Framework, and the Product- and Sprint Goal templates. What should product leadership look like? Why It Matters.


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How To Lead Scrum Masters With Liberating Structures?

As an Agile Coach, he’s responsible for about 50 Scrum Masters. For about one hour we talked about how to be a servant leader for such a group of Scrum Masters. Regardless if you’re an Agile Coach or Scrum Master, servant leadership is the desired mindset, behavior, and attitude. Eventually, it’s actually quite simple.

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Scrum Guide for Leaders - Supporting the Scrum accountabilities/roles

We started the Scrum Guide for Leaders series with a discussion of what Scrum means for you as a Leader. Next, we discussed the conditions where Scrum's Empiricism, Self-Management, and Continuous Improvement can thrive. Next, We are turning to the Scrum accountabilities/roles. Scrum Team. Product Owner.

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The Stoic Scrum Master

TL; DR: The Stoic Scrum Master – Making Your Scrum Work (30) Can wisdom from the past still be relevant to today’s VUCA-determined world? In other words: is there something like a Stoic Scrum Master? Zur deutschsprachigen Version des Artikels: Der Stoische Scrum Master – Making Your Scrum Work #30 ?

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Scrum Master Interview Guide 2023: The Scrum Master Role

TL; DR: Scrum Master Interview Guide 2023: The Scrum Master Role If you want to fill a Scrum Master position in your organization, you may find the following interview questions helpful in identifying the right candidate. This revised set of questions addresses the Scrum Master role.

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Scrum Master Interview Questions — ChatGPT Edition

Create Scrum Master Interview Questions? Previously, I tested how ChatGPT would answer questions from the Scrum Master Interview Guide; see below. Back in January 2023, I would not have taken the next step in the Scrum Master interview process, inviting ChatGPT to a full-size interview with several Scrum team members.