5 Key Goal Setting Exercises for High-Performing Engineering Teams (from Google, LinkedIn, DropBox, and more)


Goal-setting exercise 1: Effective goal-setting starts at the top and cascades down. Goal-setting exercise 2: Get clear about your culture of goal-setting. Goal setting exercise 3: Use OKRs to choose the right goals for your engineering team. As LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner , describes them: “OKRs are something you want to accomplish over a specific period of time that leans towards a stretch goal rather than a stated plan.

How to write a lean PRD (product requirements document) for your next project in 5 steps (with free template)


Agile is all about staying lean and adapting to user feedback, right? The essential elements of a lean, mean one-pager PRD. The essential elements of a lean, mean one-pager PRD. This should build on your work from the previous step, rather than being a standalone exercise.

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The Agile Manifesto from a Lean Perspective


To what extent, for example, is the Manifesto a reflex of “lean thinking”? There’s a clear synergy between lean and agile practice, and attempts to tease them apart can often seem contrived and artificial. Interestingly, in the published history of the Agile Manifesto, the word “lean” does not appear even once. Could it be that the authors were influenced by a “lean” gestalt which they saw no reason to explicitly acknowledge?

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What Puts Manufacturing Teams Ahead: Lean Six Sigma


There are always common themes that come up at these conferences, but these days it seems that you can’t turn around without getting smacked in the face by Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma has been growing up for quite a while now. Before we go any further, allow me to make a confession: I believe that Lean Six Sigma is the dharma path for much of manufacturing. Quality is quality, and Lean Six Sigma can push yours higher. Why Lean Six Sigma Now?

Agile 2018 Conference – Unraveling Team Dependencies

Leading Answers

Through case studies and exercises, we explore the hidden impacts of well-intentioned small teams. Agile Project Management Leadership Lean NoProjects Risk Management Tailoring Approaches Teams Theory of Constraints Travel Warning SignsI am excited to be presenting on the Enterprise Agile track at the Agile 2018 conference in San Diego, August 7. I have worked with several organizations this year that had issues with work dependencies between teams.

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Continuous Planning Equals Business Agility


To better understand how continuous planning works, consider the following planning exercise where you plan a vacation. Lean and Agile PMOYour organization’s ability to react quickly and pivot to changes and disruptions is crucial to remaining relevant to your customers.

Turbo charge your Personal Kanban with GTD


I got exposed to Lean thinking when we first started using the Kanban Method for our software development. You might even have a column to the left of your To Do column, where you put down everything you identify during each Mind-sweep exercise you do – perhaps call the column “Mind-sweep”! Kanban Kanban board Lean/ Kanban Uncategorized agile Getting things done GTD Lean Personal Kanban

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How to boost your career with simple time allocation tricks

International Institute for Learning

In the Lean project management methodology, anything that is not adding value is considered as waste. ” – John Earley, The Lean Book of Lean. We shall see below, where we can begin this exercise.

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How to Handle Negative Emotions at Work so You’re Always Calm Under Pressure

Project Bliss

Exercise can be a good way to get it out of your system emotionally and relieve any tension you may feel from getting angry. And exercise can provide you with endorphins to counteract the negative feelings. Knowing how to handle emotions at work can help you navigate tough situations.

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Impacts of traditional project funding models on agile delivery

Kiron Bondale

Traditional project funding models are anchored to periodic (annual, semi-annual or quarterly) portfolio re-planning exercises which ingest updated forecasts for active investments and funding requests for new ones. one sprint’s worth), but in most cases, project funding approval processes are not lean enough to encourage such behavior.

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Capacity Planning for Dynamic Teams following Kanban Method

Sudipta Lahiri

Yet, a significant portion of the software development community does want to adopt some of the Agile/Lean principles that they believe they will benefit from. This Experience Report, based on the author’s experience in applying Agile/Lean principles to dynamic teams or fixed price projects, lays out an approach to answer these questions. A similar exercise using traditional methods/tools would take an extended period of time. 1. Abstract.

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10 Career-Limiting Mistakes To Avoid

Girl's Guide to PM

However, you should also make it clear that this is not your project anymore and they are responsible, otherwise they’ll lean on you for a long time.

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Agile Requirements with User Story Mapping

Sudipta Lahiri

A group of 20+ Lean/Agile enthusiasts met on Saturday morning at 10am. He gave a high level overview of the larger landscape – building the product vision using Lean Canvas, using Design Thinking to validate your concept and then use a technique like User Story Mapping to build the product backlog. Finally, USM is not a one time exercise. The Limited WIP Society Bangalore Chapter held its 3 rd Meetup at Digite’s Bangalore office.

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Maximize Your Learning With Online Scrum Master Certification Training


Mural or Miro online collaboration tool: These online collaboration tools have made it possible to engage people in the shortest possible time to share content, ideas, do exercises, and facilitate collaborative activities.

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Tips for Women Entrepreneurs


Know when to “lean in” or “lean back.” Sometimes you have to lean in and lean back at the same time, depending on the situation. Practice Self-Care: It’s a hard road, so take care of yourself: sleep, exercise and eat healthy. Number two, some wanna know when do I know when to lean in or lean back? Women are reaching the highest rungs of the corporate ladder.

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Review People Over Process

Henny Portman

Applying hard-earned expertise to team configuration and process and exercising the power to mobilize an organization matter. it is very difficult to both participate in and facilitate a complex exercise as a project retrospective. Michael K.

Maximize Your Learning With Online Scrum Master Certification Training


Mural or Miro online collaboration tool: These online collaboration tools have made it possible to engage people in the shortest possible time to share content, ideas, do exercises, and facilitate collaborative activities.

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How to Write a Business Case


In fact, in some lean or agile organizations, over-reliance on documentation is seen as a clear impediment to innovation and collaboration. Now, it’s not just an exercise to appease senior leadership.

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Business Process Improvement: What it is and How to Implement it


Therefore, you can understand the Business Process Improvement as the exercise of identifying, analyzing, improving, and then reviewing existing business processes. Lean Manufacturing and Lean Thinking. With Lean Thinking your company aims to: Mend imbalanced production quantities. Lean Manufacturing tries to maximize all your business processes that add value.

Agile Consulting

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The Work: Helping your Clients Agile consulting involves instilling and applying a few lean thinking concepts such as: Prioritizing for value. Sharpening the Saw: Building Your Skills and Knowledge In addition to organizational change management, consultants need ready access to credible research that supports their ideas—along with frameworks, training materials and exercises to perform that reinforces this work with a variety of stakeholders.

What Is A Project Task? And How to Get Things Done In an Agile Environment


Lean: Lean aims to create a well-organized, efficient, clean, and effective workplace. Lean sorts out the necessities and eliminates the unnecessary. Project tasks, in their entirety, can be daunting, if they are not managed properly.

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Product Mindset: Encouraging Ownership in a Scrum Team


The Steps and Exercises of the Product Mindset Workshop. Once the Product Owner has refreshed the team’s understanding of what the product vision is, we move on to the product box exercise. Allocate about 45 minutes to the product box exercise. .

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Incubating Innovation

Leading Answers

Developing new products or services is a maze-solving exercise. It sounds a difficult balancing act, but approaches such as design thinking, lean startup and agile provide stewardship models for development with inbuilt experimentation, observation and learning. These 30-minute exercises don’t even require expensive equipment or management consultants. Exercise  – increases blood flow to the brain and helps eliminate toxins  [6].

New PM, New Choices

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Designing something is typically a consensus-gathering and problem-solving exercise. Approaches like lean, kanban and agile work well in these uncertain, high-change environments. Bringing them in from a wide distribution area and having them out of commission while installs are performed (and drivers trained) is an expensive exercise. (Over at ProjectManagement.com January’s theme was “New PMs”.

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Best 2020 Online Courses, Events, and Resources for Project Managers

Epicflow Blog

You can choose one of the following seminars: Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master: For Professionals New to Agile, Aligning the Organization Through Portfolio Management , Team Member Engagement: Alignment Up, Down, and Across the Organization, Program Management Master Class with Michel Thiry.

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How to Keep your Team Productive in Uncertain Times


During uncertain times, it can feel like our power and choices have been taken from us, but we can still lean on our values and choose how we want to act and be every single day. Exercise, good nutrition, and proper amounts of sleep are proven to enhance productivity and reduce stress.

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Remote Agile: Practices and Tools [Video]


We edited the recording slightly; for example, we removed the waiting time during the exercise timeboxes. We used the Lean Coffee format for this purpose while working on a Fun Retro.io Watch the Replay of the Remote Agile Practices & Tools Live Virtual Class.

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What is a Stakeholder in Project Management?


No matter how agile and lean you try to run your projects there are inevitably going to be a lot of people involved in getting you from project proposal to launch day. As you go through these exercises, don’t forget that stakeholders are ultimately people. If it takes a village to raise a child, then it’s safe to say it takes a whole city to run a project.

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What Do Companies like Apple, Amazon and Google Look for in Project Managers?

Epicflow Blog

This certification course covers Scrum, Kanban, Lean, extreme programming (XP) and test-driven development (TDD). It combines lectures and team practical exercises and provides an opportunity to take a free attempt at passing the Professional Scrum Master I certification exam (PSM I).

5 Project Management Tips for Manufacturing Teams


Be as detailed and thorough as you can during this exercise, as it will help you manage the project later on. You can create your own methodology, or adopt existing frameworks—from Agile and Waterfall to Critical Path and Lean. For example, organizations well versed in Lean manufacturing tend to adopt a lean approach to project management. Taking a product from concept to production is a complicated undertaking.

The Complete Guide to Project Risk Assessment (Free Template)


Far too many PMs see it as a purely academic exercise, tacking it onto a project plan without understanding what it entails. When you first start any project risk assessment exercise, it can be overwhelming to go through all the risk events that come up. You have too little historical data to lean on and have to rely on subject matter experts to assess project risk. Project risk assessment is an essential part of any project management plan.

The Truth About Transformations

Leading Answers

They aim to instil lean concepts of respect for people, minimization of waste, and value delivery. Handoffs are very wasteful—they contribute to the eight lean DOWNTIME wastes…. There is nothing wrong with buying the same kind of shoes as Michael Jordan wore (heck, if the placebo effect gets you exercising more, they were likely a good purchase). Transformations are flavor of the month.

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The 23 Best Project Management Books For Upgrading Your Career in 2020


However, instead of leaning heavily on theory, it uses real-world examples to illustrate how these scenarios play out. The Culture Code is a guidebook for working with the people on your team that doesn’t rely on cheesy exercises, motivators, or team-building events.

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71 Scrum Product Owner Interview Questions


Suppose a person or a group of individuals, for example, a product council, exercises control over the Product Backlog. Lean UX, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, or Service Design are other agile practices that are much better suited for product discovery than Scrum.

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11 Proven Stakeholder Communication Tactics


Run a quick mental exercise: Try walking in your stakeholders’ shoes, and ask yourself: Would you entrust your career a bunch of hoodie-wearing nerds, promising a big reward because they are practicing XP and Scrum? A Lean Coffee “…is a structured, but agenda-less meeting.

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Four Challenges for Virtual Teams in Startups


It simply takes presence of mind to exercise them all continuously. One approach I particularly like leans heavily on Honda’s Waigaya process. One of the biggest changes in project management in the last few years has been the rise of virtual teams. First, it was multinational corporations that had to grasp the challenge of coordinating people in different locations.

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5 Best Project Management Certifications and Courses of 2019


Occasionally, they introduce “dumps” that have previous year examination questions, lab exercises and much more. According to some experts, the only reason they took up ScrumMaster, Agile or Lean Business certifications was due to the sheer excitement factor. Project Management certifications, or a certified professional are not essential to an organization’s core structure, but their involvement makes a difference in ten folds.

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How to Relax Away From the Screen


While focusing on taking deep breaths, sometimes I’ll even raise my legs so that they are leaning against the bathroom wall. Consider the impact of setting unrealistic exercise goals such as “I need to lose 30 pounds!” I am a proponent for reduced screen time because of a brain injury.

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The Meta-Retrospective — How To Get Customers and Stakeholders Onboard


A meta-retrospective is an excellent exercise to foster collaboration within the extended team, create a shared understanding of the big picture, and immediately create valuable action-items. To frame the level of (necessary) openness of the upcoming conversation, I run a short exercise bringing the Scrum values back into the hearts and minds of the attendees. The Scrum Values Exercise. The Meta-Retrospective Exercise. TL; DR: The Meta-Retrospective.


Comparing Nexus and SAFe - Similarities, Differences, potential synergies


Lean/Agile Leadership. Both SAFe and Scrum/Nexus emphasize the need for a different style of leadership - leaders who serve, have a growth mindset, lead by example, live and breath Lean/Agile principles and practices, and strive for relentless improvement. .

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