Operations, Finance, and Accounting for the Development of Software

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When us young pups arrived to move the development processes into the next century (minicomputers, high-level languages, integrated development environments) from the previous generation of punching holes in pieces of paper - either card stock or rolls of paper tape - we thought we were clearly superior to those of the past generation and were proud to tell anyone who wold listen how we had a lock on what to do best. The notion that process and overhead are a waste is true in some sense.

Thoughts on Suggestions That Violate Principles of Finance, Probability, and Statistics

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Calculating Value from Software Projects - Estimating is a Risk Reduction Process. The on-going discussions that Decisions can be made in the absence of estimates reminds me of this concept. .

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The Classic Misunderstanding between Principles, Practices, and Process

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I've since lost my handbook issued at TRW for the Software Development Lifecycle processes used on the programs we worked, but the loop approach of plan, do, study, act was at the basis of that method. A recent Twitter post make the false claim that.

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How To Do An Effective Project Selection Process?


A stable and sturdy project management is one of the crucial factors to make a project process work. In the corporate world, an organization needs more than just top-notch tools and up to date process to bring the project to its full potential—it also needs a strong manpower, a human resource that has a particular set of skills and capabilities that will greatly contribute the entire organization. Cet article How To Do An Effective Project Selection Process?

Five Professions That Make Great Project Co-ordinators

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Lawyers, paralegals or anyone working in a clerk type position – they’re great with process and procedures. Finance. I recently held a project management careers clinic with someone who was wanting to get into a project management role.

Agile project management: A beginner's guide

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Changing environments are embraced at any stage of the process to provide the customer with a competitive advantage. Sustainable development is accomplished through agile processes whereby development teams and stakeholders are able to maintain a constant and ongoing pace. Agile is also used in industries like marketing and advertising, construction, education and finance. An optimized development process. Agile Unified Process (AUP).

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Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

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Here's a collection of papers that has served me well in defining the processes needed to make decisions in the presence of uncertainty when managing projects using other people's money: " Beyond project decisions. All project work is uncertain.

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Misquotes of Deming

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I spent the week speaking at the College of Performance Management conference where government and industry come together to work on the issues of cost, schedule, and technical performance management process improvement needed to increase the probability of program success.

10 Top Tips to Make You a Successful Contractor

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Your income is processed as it would be with a PAYE job, with your National Insurance, income tax and umbrella fee deducted.

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Principles of Cost and Schedule Estimating

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Be an adult, manage other people's money using a risk management process. Microeconomics of decision making with Managerial Finance and Behavioral Economics are all part of credible business management processes when spending other people's money.

Why Johnny Still Cannot Estimate

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He doesn't know how - He doesn't understand how estimates fit into the process of business and managerial finance of product or service development. Estimating Processes in Support of Economic Analysis. He looks for existing examples and just sees bad examples. . He doesn't understand why estimates are needed - He doesn't understand the impact on the business for not knowing how long, how much, and what will be produced for the time and money.

The Origins of Scrum and Empirical Closed Loop Control

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Scrum is) more defined rather than empirical process. So when we hear anything about the current state of Agile or even that Scrum is NOT empirical and needs to be replaced, ask what new process is being suggested that will meet Dr. Carter's definition?

Decisions Without Estimates?

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Let's look at each of these from the point of view of Managerial Finance and Economics of Decision Making the presence of Uncertainty. These two points of view are the basis of any credible business management process. This process is the basis of all risk management.

How to avoid a Project

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Owned by Director & CEO Alex Marson, the organisation works with large FTSE 250 clients including some of the biggest companies in the world in the Asset Management, Professional Services, Software, Automotive, Finance and Pharmaceutical industry.

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Professionalise Project Management

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Owned by Director & CEO Alex Marson, the organisation works with large FTSE 250 clients including some of the biggest companies in the world in the Asset Management, Professional Services, Software, Automotive, Finance and Pharmaceutical industry.

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The 3 Steps to Take When Failure is Not an Option: Getting to Impeccable Business Execution

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Globalization, technology and improved internal processes have raised the stakes for all of us. We need to teach teams to adjust to every predicament and continuously improve their processes. This is a guest article by Joel “Thor” Neeb from Afterburner.

The Case for Project Portfolio Management

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Project Portfolio Management therefore is an on-going process that addresses the challenges all organisations face. Portfolio Management Variables: Demand, Capability (inc Finance) & Risk. A typical demand management process would contain the following stages: 1.

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What Are the Advantages of Waterfall Project Management?


When leaders organize processes for software development and other teams, the waterfall project management model and the Ag ile method are among the most common approaches. The waterfall model comes out of the strict processes used in industries like construction and manufacturing.

Project Management Interview Questions

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Will you describe your decision-making processes with reference to a particular decision you have made recently? FINANCES: How do you start costing your projects? When you see underperformance in a process or a person how do you handle it?

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Releases and Deadlines in Agile

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This is the basis of managerial finance and decision making in the presence of uncertainty - Microeconomics of Decision Making. The Release Plan is built during the Release Management process which plans, manages, and governs release of products resulting from the development effort.

How To Take Over An Existing Project [Free Checklist]

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Action if the answer is No: Back to the PMO or your Finance team. If your work so far has uncovered things that concern you, then consider investing some time in a formal healthcheck process. Consider this. You’ve recently taken over a project that has already started.

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Can You Make a Decision in Presence of Uncertainty Without Estimating?

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Real options are a similar process in IT based on estimating. From the business side, the final principle is Managerial Finance. These three principles Value at Risk, MicroEconomics of Decision Making, and Managerial Finance appear to be ignored by the NE advocates when they start with the conjecture that “decisions can be made with estimates,” and continue on with “estimates are a waste of developers time, they should be coding not estimating.”.

Not Even Wrong

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This quote is coming back in the modern era of internet-based misinformation pundits in many domains, including project management and software development processes. The hypothesis is tested, the evidence is found to support or undermine the hypotheses, and knowledge is gained in the process. "This isn't right," "It's not even wrong." — Wolfgang Pauli said of a student's physics paper.

A View from the Top

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In terms of a ratio that typically might be at around 4:1 (apply your own business factor here you should be able to find relevant figures in your business case approval process).

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How We Improved Our Project Manager’s Life With Active Collab


In the beginning, it worked great but once we started having more and more clients, our project managers had trouble keeping everything together: Here’s how our typical process looked like: clients call our project managers. In digital agencies, a lot of processes happen simultaneously.

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Find the Root Cause Before Assuming Your Fix Can Actually Fix Anything

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Until the search for the root cause of the symptom, and applying the 5 whys to an unnamed symptom is not a root cause analysis process. And the root cause is discovered, there will be no chance that any suggested processes, method, or change in behaviors will have any impact on the symptom - named or unnamed. A burst of Tweets of No Estimates fixes these problems came across Twitter this morning. I won't repeat who they are attributed to, to protect the guilty.

Accountability on a Agile Software Development in the Presence of Governance

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Self-Organizing is a powerful process. But if you're on a team that gets its funding outside the team, then there is likely a governance process in place for how to spend that money. In these examples, there is usually some overarching governance process.

Free project management certifications

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Six Sigma: Define and Measure - an introduction to the Six Sigma methodology and DMAIC cycle for process improvement with a focus on the define and measure phases. Project Management Life Cycle - a course on how to apply project management tools, processes, and techniques for the successful execution of a project from initiation to closing.

Know the value of your change

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Capacity for knowledge and the ability to acquire it – projects also require a continuous learning process to understand the change that is being delivered, the lessons that are there to be learned.

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The Future of Digital Business: What Does This Mean for Project Teams?


The rest of the team is working with a programmer from the finance department, completing a new accounting system feature scheduled to launch that evening. It’s Monday morning.

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GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide Applied to Agile

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Again, this is the basis of Managerial Finance. Risk Management has 6 processes, see SEI Continuous Risk Management. Maintain the Baseline with Repeatable Processes. The GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide has 12 steps.

Insider Perspectives on Recruiting With Ronald Yoon

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By regularly moving to new places, I found myself regularly enjoying the process of meeting new people. There are conversations with clients in Finance, Telecom, health sector, Government, IT and engineering. How does recruiting work? What do recruiters want?

Add to the C-Level

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They experience the company as broadly as possible with experiences in finance and in sales and in marketing and in manufacturing and even sometimes in services perhaps.

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4 Fallacious Reasons to Estimate and Why Those Are Fallacious

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Similarly, product lifecycle management (PLM) integrates people, data, processes and business systems. The audit, surveillance, performance reporting, measurement are at the core of all business processes. First - backlog prioritization is essentially a sorting process.

Why Johnny Can't Estimate?

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Some colleagues have engineering or finance educations. During this education process we all have encountered texts that have laid out the principles and processes needed to do our job and deliver the needed capabilities for the needed cost on the needed date to accomplish the needed mission. Dr. Abran shows how to build estimation models from the data of an organization using statistically sound process and how to focus on the quality of the estimation models. .

When to Estimate and When Estimates aren't Needed

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Uncertainty comes in two forms – reducible (Epistemic), with probabilistic processes and irreducible (Aleatory) with statistical processes. Those risks – reducible and irreducible – must be addressed during the decision making process as part of any management principle. Along with your practices comes some processes. Your practices and the process that implement them are likely applicable across the board.

Principle Based Management

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Developing principle-based management processes doesn’t start with individuals. Welch's GE Work Out process removed the Bureaucracy to reveal the incompetent. PCI for credit card processing, HIPPA rules for medical applications. GAAP rules for finance and account. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is. If it disagrees with Principles, it’s wrong. Richard Feynman. In that simple statement is the key to Principle Based Management of Other People’s money. †.

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Operational Excellence: Your Company’s Future Depends On It


They’re borrowing from agile methodologies and figuring out how to scale these processes across their large teams and across their companies. Most businesses that experience success need to be able to scale their systems and processes beyond a small team. Good Is No Longer Good Enough.

Revisiting the Double Pendulum Problem

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In the same way the original posters of #NoEstimates state their case that decisions CAN be made without estimating, when in fact that violates microeconomics, managerial finance, and several other principles. All The World's A Random Process.

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Best project management software


In this article I lay down the processes that you need to follow for selecting the right project management software for your business. Finance / budget management software (Quicken, Mint etc.). What is the best project management software for your team and your project?