Digital Transformation Journey in Finance

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Why Is Digital Transformation a Must for Finance Field? Artificial intelligence is becoming a trend in Finance’s digital transformation journey. It’s a system that makes it possible to carry out transactions quickly and safely by eliminating risks like human errors.

Digital Transformation Journey in Finance

Epicflow Blog

Why Is Digital Transformation a Must for Finance Field? Artificial intelligence is becoming a trend in Finance’s digital transformation journey. It’s a system that makes it possible to carry out transactions quickly and safely by eliminating risks like human errors.

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Strategic Risk Management and Projects

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Strategic Risk Management. This may surprise some project managers who may not see much evidence of strategic risk management percolating down to project level, other than perhaps a (not always enforced) requirement to produce a risk register for their project.

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Six Steps of Risk Management

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Risk Management has six steps: Planning risk management - decides how to approach and plan the risk management activities for the project. Identifying the Risks - determines with risk are likely to affect the project and documenting the characteristics of each.

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Operations, Finance, and Accounting for the Development of Software

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A Scrum of people works very well when doing Scrum , but operations, finance, and accounting are not the same as writing software for money. A Scrum of cost accountants, planner, finance, and operations people is called Chaos. It's a Value at Risk thing in my opinion. . IT Risk Management. It's common to hear, projects are overhead, we just need to get the value to the customer as fast as possible. This seems to be a lament from agile developers.

Risk Management Resources

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Risk Management is essential for development and production programs. Risk issues that can be identified early in the program, which will potentially impact the program later, termed Known Unknowns and can be alleviated with good risk management. Risk Management Papers. “A

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Thoughts on Suggestions That Violate Principles of Finance, Probability, and Statistics

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Calculating Value from Software Projects - Estimating is a Risk Reduction Process. The on-going discussions that Decisions can be made in the absence of estimates reminds me of this concept. .

Tips for taking over an active project

Kiron Bondale

Make sure you take the time to understand what they expect from you from both a communications and expectation management perspective, but also gauge their willingness to support you when decisions, issues or risks have been escalated to their attention.

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Cost and Value Management for Software Development

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This, of course, is a violation of the principles of Managerial Finance and Microeconomics of software development in the presence of uncertainty and scarce resources. Overlooking key project risks. As well this uncertainty creates a risk to the success of the project.

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10 Knowledge Areas of Project Management (PMBOK 6) With PPT & PDF

Girl's Guide to PM

All the things you need to know and do for successful risk management, for example, are bundled under the Risk Management Knowledge Area. In other words, you can’t “do” schedule management and ignore what the impacts of that might be on people, risk, communications, cost and the rest.

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Principles of Cost and Schedule Estimating

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One of the 4 summary root causes of project performance failures is Unrealistic Cost and Schedule Estimates based on inadequate risk-adjusted growth models. Risk Management is how adults manage projects - Tim Lister. A longer bibliography of Risk Management on Agile Projects. .

How to Fund a Software Development Project

Next, decide how the team will go about accessing the funds being provided to them (this is usually chosen by your organization’s finance group). For example, we’ve run into many organizations that believe fixed price funding is low risk, but in fact it is very high risk in practice.

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How to Successfully Execute a Plan

There must be status updates and a quick response to issues and risks as they arise in the project. Monitoring makes sure that the project is proceeding correctly, and tools like status reports and keeping up with issues, risks and changes is how you do that.

GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide Applied to Agile

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Again, this is the basis of Managerial Finance. Uncertainty creates risk. Risk Management is how Adults Manage Projects - Tim Lister. Conduct Schedule Risk Analysis. Uncertanty creates Risk. Risk Management has 6 processes, see SEI Continuous Risk Management.

Quote of the Day

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There are mysteries to managing in the presence of uncertainty for those who understand the principles of Risk Management of cost, schedule, and technical performance and know how to apply them using Managerial Finance, Microeconomics of Software Development, and Probabilities Decision making.

Strategic Planning in Business

Growing a new business is full of risk, but knowing where the business is going and how it’s going to get there is a way to mitigate that risk. Related: Free Risk Tracking Template. What are the changes to structure, financing, etc.,

Fallacy of the Week

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Do the highest technical risk first. ALL risk comes from uncertainty. Here are a short list of papers on Aleatory and Epistemic uncertainty , the risk it creates. And the technical risk is only one of three classes. There may be a high technical risk, but it can be handled quickly for very little money. Or there may be a low technical risk but will require longer and be more expensive. IT Risk Management.

Impacts of traditional project funding models on agile delivery

Kiron Bondale

A key enterprise partner is the Finance department and the organization’s model for project funding will have significant influence over successful agile delivery. It can result in higher risk, premature financial commitments.

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Get the ‘Right’ Project Controls & Enterprise Programme Management You Want

Arras People

Risk management. Finance management. Project management consultancy Dada Enterprises has released a copy of the webinar it presented on designing the ‘right’ Project Controls Solutions for an organisation.

Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

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More can be found on this in Both Aleatory and Epistemic Uncertainty Create Risk. . NoEstimates Decision Making Estimating Management RiskAll project work is uncertain. This uncertainty comes in two forms - Aleatory and Epistemic.

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Tackling Project Management Job Titles

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PMO Specialist – they will have a specialism in a certain area like risk, communications, finance etc. It can mean delivering small uncomplicated, low-risk projects or working alongside a Project Manager on a larger project.

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Project Management Processes & Phases

The project plan will include what resources are needed, financing and materials. Risk: Determine what risks are likely, how they’ll impact the project and then plan how to resolve them. Risk: Note changes in risk throughout the project and respond accordingly.



There are certain measures to be taken if a business is to be thriving and the risk of its failure mitigated. Others believe it to be finances. Some people consider the idea in the core of a project to be a key question which needs to be kept in one’s mind.

Improving portfolio management must be part of an agile transformation

Kiron Bondale

There is a greater likelihood of having too many active projects which increases the risk of resource shortages. When we think of an agile transformation, improving portfolio management might not be high on the organization’s list of priorities.

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10 Essential Project Management Skills for Success…and Your Resume

Project Bliss

Whether you’ve been handling your household finances or pulling together budgets for your big group trip to Mardi Gras, you likely already know how to balance costs versus expenses. . Risk Management. There are risks that, if not planned for, can completely derail your project.

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AI In Project Management: 7 Ways in Which AI Will Transform Project Management


2- Risk Management. Every project has risks, interdependencies, and uncertainties attached to it. As a project manager, it is your duty to assess and respond to those risks efficiently otherwise, these risks could become a cause of project failure.

Quote of the Day

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Finance is a pure information processing game. Managerial Finance and Microeconomics of decision making in the presence of uncertainty is the foundation of project management processes. A lot of people in the business are doing things that should be done by computers - David Shaw.

Free project management certifications

Moira Alexander

Project Risk Assessment - a self-paced course on how to conduct risk analysis of different projects using both conceptual and practical developments in modern finance. Business Management - covers how to master the essentials of managing a successful business including accounting, finance, marketing, operations, people management, and strategy.

Program Manager Job Description – Plus! Cut & Paste Example

Finances: It is essential that a program manager has the ability to manage finances and administer budgets over many projects. Manage change, risk and resources.

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What Can a Project Manager Do Next? The Project Manager Career Ladder

Project Bliss

You need to understand risk and finances, and evaluate projects based on ROI. You’d also oversee budgeting and work with Finance and stakeholders to determine budget forecasts and projections for the year.

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The Online Entrepreneur’s Guide to Payment Processors

You might also be interested in specific services, such as credit financing, reward programs, coupon codes, and other concepts you may introduce to your customers down the line.

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9 Essential Project Documents (With Templates)

Girl's Guide to PM

RAID stands for: Risks. Or you may have to hand the money back – different Finance departments and project sponsors will have different priorities! Any outstanding risks, issues and actions at the point of closure.

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The Quality Project Manager: an Interview with Olu Jinadu

Project Bliss

The project manager establishes the charter to introduce and describe the project, identifies the scope, and identifies the risk and deliverables. From there, the quality project manager manages risks that could impact the project. Identifies and manages risk.

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HMRC to Clamp Down on Freelance “Non-Repayable Loans!”

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Under the Finance (No. They took a risk, believing that there really is such a thing as a “non-repayable loan?”

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How to create a project budget

Girl's Guide to PM

Don’t routinely put these costs in your project budget – if you have any doubts or you think they (or some of them) should go in, check with your finance team.

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New to Project Management – No Experience!

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There are certain business based roles that make a good stepping stone into these roles – anything which has excellent organisational and administration skills; roles where supporting a team of people is prominent; positions that require analytical skills like planning and finance.

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Six Sigma: A Simple Guide for Project Managers

Test those solutions, and figure out what risks are inherent. Since then, Lean Six Sigma has been used in a variety of economic sectors, such as healthcare, finance and supply chain. It’s been around for three decades, but Six Sigma can still be somewhat of an enigma.

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Challenging Change

The Lazy Project Manager

You can read more about this at SME – where Peter describes the four-year study by which found that the number one reason CEO’s got fired was ….

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The true value of change

The Lazy Project Manager

Owned by Director & CEO Alex Marson, the organisation works with large FTSE 250 clients including some of the biggest companies in the world in the Asset Management, Professional Services, Software, Automotive, Finance and Pharmaceutical industry.

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Why Control, Insight & Visibility are key to avoiding the Service Delivery Execution Gap


PSA tools help you drive utilization and productivity whilst reducing risk, increasing client satisfaction, and driving project performance and profit. A key aspect of this, is the integration to the back office finance system.