Recent studies show that nearly 45% of U.S. companies expect to implement a hybrid model in the next year. It’s safe to say that remote work is here to stay. As project leaders adapt to meet the demands of inevitable change, the future of hybrid work shows promising possibilities for organizations of every size.

Creativity is the most desired soft skill in today's workforce. But what is its role in Project Management? As the workforce environment shifts, PMs will be asked to reimagine the ways in which people, processes, platforms, and policy interact. Therein lies an opportunity for established and emerging PMs to shift from the traditional approaches to a more inclusive, forward-thinking culture.

In this one-of-a-kind webinar, speaker, creativity expert, and educator Rachel Rai Henry will walk you through the evolution of hybrid work management through the lens of creative flow. We’ll explore:

  • The intersection of creativity and technology in hybrid workspace innovation
  • How a creative approach to project management leads to less employee burnout and overall increased productivity
  • Best practices for boosting communication and connectivity in hybrid workplace management
  • Practical, in-depth examples of tools that support streamlining and auditing hybrid teams

August 3, 2022 at 11:00am PDT, 2:00pm EDT, 7:00pm BST

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