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Sustain Your PMO: Nine Easy Lessons

The Lazy Project Manager

As has been already discussed the reality out there in ‘PMO land’ is that there is not a plethora of wise and experienced PMO managers, directors, leaders, heads, etc., and so it is sensible for anyone who is engaged to help an organisation set up a new PMO or advise on improvements to an existing PMO to reach out for some help. The risk to not doing so is to, at the very least, slow the return on investment of the new PMO down.

Webinar Recap: Want To Be A PMI-ACP? The Primary Steps to Take


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Satya Narayan Dash’s session, Want To Be A PMI-ACP? If you want to be a PMI-ACP, here are the primary steps to take. Today’s session is eligible for one PMI-PDU and the technical category.

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The Diversity of Project Manager Position Types: How to Choose a Job Among Different Titles

Epicflow Blog

The need for specialists in the field of project management is growing annually because businesses are getting bigger and most companies are becoming project-based. According to the research by Project Management Institute , 87.7 Project Manager. Program Manager .

2021 64

How Do You Prioritize Your Work as a Savvy PMO?


First, let’s acknowledge that it’s not easy to establish an effective prioritization process when your PMO and teams are in high demand. In fact, according to PMI’s 2018 Pulse of the Profession report , while 87 percent of PMO directors characterize such processes as “very important” or “essential,” only 12 percent state that they are already “excellent” at prioritizing initiatives. [1]. Just enough governance involving the right people, timing, criteria, and methods.

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What’s The Future of Project Management? (2020)

Girl's Guide to PM

What is the future of project management? Let’s look ahead and see what the next 10 years will bring for project management software, jobs, and the role itself. Does Project Management Have a Future? So will we need ‘professional’ project managers in the future?

2020 390

Is Your Strategic Project at Risk Due to Poor Implementation of Proven Project Management Practices?

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

According to the PMI’s Pulse of the Profession , 52% of projects completed in the last 12 months experienced scope creep. Although 93% of organisations report that they use standardised project management practices , only 23% say that these practices are used throughout the organisation. When standardised project management practices aren’t used, it should come as no surprise that projects are failing. Proven project management practices are here to stay.

2019 44

Project Cost Management – The Essential Things to Know and Do

Online PM Courses

Project Cost Management often puts people off. Instead, you must act with determination to understand project cost management and implement all the tools at your disposal to control costs and bring in your expenditure on budget. So, in this feature article, we’ll look at: What project cost management is. Your ‘Project Cost Management Plan’ Establishing your costs – the processes of estimating and budgeting. What is Project Cost Management?

The Complete Glossary of 614 Project Management Terms


Project management terminology can be complicated. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working towards your PMP certification or simply managing projects casually in your organization, knowing core project management terms always helps. All Project Management Terms.

2021 78

Why the Stage Gate Process will Make You a Better Project Manager

Online PM Courses

The Stage Gate Process gets too little love from Project Managers. Yet it has the potential to transform your project management, deliver more successful projects, and make you a better project manager. In this article, we look at why a stage gate process will enhance your project management, and how to make it work. It is an important part of project governance that looks both backwards and forwards. Senior PMO staff. Benefits Management Plan.

10 Places to Get Free Project Management Templates

Girl's Guide to PM

I have researched the best places to get free project management templates for download online. How to Use Free Project Management Templates. You can find free project management templates to download all over the internet. My first tip is that you’ll have to look around to find one for what you need and that fits your project management environment. Get access to over 20 project management templates, ebooks, checklists and more.

2019 315

Does your organization truly support project management?

Kiron Bondale

The April 2016 issue of PM Network provided updated project management capability findings from PMI’s 2016 Pulse of the Profession ® report. An unfortunate statistic is that only 38% of organizations are placing a high priority on creating a culture which recognizes the importance of project management. Organizational project management support can be either a blocker in lower maturity companies or an accelerator to project performance in higher maturity ones.

2016 146

Add to the C-Level

The Lazy Project Manager

The following is an extract from my new book ‘How to get Fired at the C-Level: Why mismanaging change is the biggest risk of all’ in association with my friends at Tailwind Project Solutions – the extracts follow a series of 5 Challenges that I think every organisation should consider, and consider very carefully: Challenge 3 – Invest in a Chief Projects Officer. Managing the overall portfolio risk to the organisation. Leads, and is aided by, the PMO.

2017 122

Project Management Questions I Get Asked Most

Online PM Courses

I've been involved in training Project Managers for over 20 years. And there are some project management questions I get asked time and time again. But I thought it is time to collate all the project management questions I get asked most often. Here are the themes: How can I build a Project Management career, and what learning will help me? What are the basics of Project Management, and how can I get them right? How can I manage my projects really well?

2018 87

Project Manager vs. Program Manager: A Side-by-Side Comparison


Project Manager. Program Manager. It’s easy to get confused because in some organizations program managers do work that looks a lot like what program managers do. If you’ve ever been curious as a project team member to know what the program manager down the hall is doing; or you’re someone who wants the next challenge in your project management career , I’m going to lay out the differences here. Assign a project manager. Assign a program manager.

2016 94

The #1 Challenge in Project Management (According to the Experts)


Project management is a complex practice that continues to challenge even the most sophisticated of companies and experts. We wanted to identify the #1 challenge shared by project management professionals to better help others struggling in the field. The first step was to join forces with Aberdeen to release the recent report, “ 2017 Project Management Software Trends. From your experience, what is the #1 challenge in project management? Project Management

2017 111

The Insights Behind the Project Management Trends

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Strategy Execution released the top ten trends for 2019 a few weeks ago and my first thoughts were; we’re seeing a lot of them in the PMO community which is both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. When we look back over the last decade we can clearly see how much has changed for people working in project management. For the change community, disruptive technologies not only become a focus in project solutions, they’re also being used to manage projects too.

Inspiring Women in Project Management: Karen Chovan

Girl's Guide to PM

Today I’m interviewing Karen Chovan, MASc, PEng, PMP, who has dedicated her career to helping others deliver clean, lean and green approaches to project and programme management. She’s inspired a ton of businesses to shake up how they manage their projects. On the project management side, you’ll often see many female project managers involved with managing the environmental assessment and regulatory processes and supplementary programs for monitoring performance and oversight.

2017 208

Strategy Implementation Needs Great Portfolio Management

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

In recent years, portfolio management has evolved from an administrative process, in which projects are selected and prioritised, to one of the key ways in which organisations can focus on strategy implementation. This is achieved, in the most part, through the enhancement of strategic dialogue amongst the management team and, most crucially, the alignment of projects around the most critical strategic initiatives. Effective Portfolio Management.

Project Management Blog Roundup: The Best of 2021


Tuck into some of the best project management blogs of 2021. Project Management New Year’s Resolutions The new year is all about starting fresh. Are you working as a project manager and looking to hone up on your skills? Sure to satisfy anyone leading projects and managing teams.

2021 116

Key Themes at IPM Day 2019

International Institute for Learning

LeRoy Ward, IIL Executive VP of Enterprise Solutions and Sander Boeije, Program Manager – IIL Online Conferences . On November 7, 2019, IIL will celebrate the 16 th anniversary of International Project Management Day, also known as IPM Day. Saladis, and made possible by IIL, this important day recognizes the incredible and valuable work that project managers do every day. As project managers, we need to “Focus on What Matters.” Agile Project Management.

2019 52

Becoming a Project Manager – A Complete Guide for 2018

Paymo App

Are you preparing to become a project manager but you don’t know where to start? We’ve put together an extensive guide for you to serve as a beginning point and reference for your future career as a project manager. You can now start being part of this line of work right away by reading the basics of each aspect of a project manager’s career growth. – the basic personality traits of a good manager. What does a project manager actually do? PMI’s PMBOK.

2018 87

Webinar Recap: How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Tad Haas’ How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. Kyle: Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s MPUG webinar, How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success. Today’s session is eligible for 3/4 of a PMI PDU in the strategic category, and the code to claim that is on the screen now.

What is a Project Management Certification? And Why Do I Need It?

The IIL Blog

By Anselm Begley, PMP, PRINCE2, CBAP, CSM, APMG Managing Benefits. Project Management certification demonstrates an individual’s experience, knowledge, and skill in project management – and in many companies, it’s a requirement for new and current project managers. Occasionally there are attendees who are sent to the class by their management. Certification announces to your management, executives, customers, clients, hiring managers, steering committee, etc.

Where There’s a Widget, There’s a Way: Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Project


Project Widgets has created powerful, easy to use “widgets” that extend the capabilities of Microsoft Project and make the overall project and portfolio management process more intuitive and streamlined. Most importantly, these solutions have been designed to build integrity and governance into your project plans, thereby providing a solid foundation for significant decision-making that these uncertain times demand. Risks, Issues, and Actions.

2020 67

Complete Collection of Project Management Statistics 2015


Need up-to-date facts and figures for a project management report, article, or infographic? Browse this collection of project management statistics collected from studies and reports from the past five years. Benefits of Project Management. —1A. Project Management Methodologies. —1B. Project Management Best Practices. —1C. Agile Project Management. Project Management Salaries. Project Management Training & Certification.

2015 49

Radio Show Transcript - The Man Who Changed My Career - Rob Thomsett - Recorded March 23, 2018

PM That Works

We're in project management things happen. Morris: And we are back to the work life balance that we are managing all kinds of things right here we're actually trying to work some magic and get Rob on the line. But for me there was a point early in my career really around 2002 where I decided or was thinking of quitting project management it was just you know I was frustrated. And so as I was walking through I found this book called Radical Project Management.

2018 40

The Project Revolution: How to Succeed in a Project Driven World

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Mr Nieto-Rodriguez has been recognised as the world’s leading champion of project management and founder of a global movement that has transformed the tactical topic of project management into one of the central issues in the CEO’s 2020 agenda. It would be tempting to conclude that the Pilgrim Fathers must have been the first project managers. ??. This post first appeared on PMO Perspectives Blog. Leadership Project Management Strategy Execution

2019 48

Cautionary Tale of Resource Capacity Planning: #1 Reason for PSO Project Failure


Why Walmart nearly became the big fish story for a PMO leader. In a recent survey, 94% of Enterprise IT project managers and PMO leaders and 77% of project and PMO managers working in the professional services industry reported that resource assignment capabilities were the number one reason they needed project management automation. As a former PMO leader, I realize the practical need of keeping those executive folks happy.

2019 60

Project Prioritization


Increasingly, companies have full-time project-management offices (PMO) with staff and budgets to pursue project planning, management, and evaluation full time. Where the list is long, this is work for the PMO or an ad hoc project-prioritization committee.

2020 56

How To Write a Project Charter: Ultimate Guide


Your project charter serves as a guiding light that summarizes the project’s intent, clearly defines its goals and the key players involved, and officially authorizes the project manager to commence work and utilize company resources in the pursuit of project delivery.

2020 47

Nuclear Cleanup To Bridge Upgrades: How Top Projects Get It Done

Project Management Hacks

Have you ever wondered what top performers in project managers actually do and accomplish? From AT&T To Project Consulting Success: A Profile of Frank Saladis, PMI Fellow Profile. In PMI Fellow Profile: Frank Saladis , you will learn about how this highly successful project manager built his career. Governments, companies and patients around the world want better healthcare services. Project managers have a role to play in making that happen.

2016 36

Vendor Showcase Recap: Where There’s a Widget, There’s a Way: Unleashing the Power of Microsoft Project! – By Project Widgets


The session is eligible for one PMI, PDU in the technical category. He’s a leader in the field of project management and is recognized as a Microsoft Project expert. So for example, let’s say I click on this task here called risk management, right? Notice now we see information about risk management showing up in that left-hand pane. So for this risk management task here, you see I have a risk template tool.

2020 40

Webinar Recap: Best of Microsoft Inspire 2019


Today’s session is eligible for one PMI PDU in the Strategic category and the code for claiming that with PMI is on the screen now. Leonardo is a senior executive at Prosperity with solid skills on building Teams, managing and growing people, and experience in business portfolio, and Project management, marketing, sales, and cloud services. He’s a PMI chapter founder, Microsoft-certified professional and IIL Blue Belt and Orange Belt certified.

2019 40

Webinar Recap: Microsoft Project Do’s, Don’ts, and Cool Customizations


PMI PDUs in the technical category and the MPUG activity code for claiming the session was on the screen now. Hey listen, Kyle is going to manage the questions today. If you’re using project is in a portfolio or PMO, any of the enterprise level projects, consult with your administrator before you just start changing anything in project that you may see here today that you desperately want or desperately need. I need it, for example, to help me with my risk evaluations.

2020 40

Webinar Recap – Visual Awesomeness: Enhance Your Project Online Power BI Reports with Custom Visuals


Today’s session is 45 minutes long and eligible for three quarters of a PMI PDU in the technical category. He is also a trainer with more than 10 years of experience teaching users how to use project management tools in a more productive way. We are a leading partner for project and portfolio management and work management perspective. So what’s more relevant in terms of how the hours are distributed within my governance workflow?

2020 40