PRINCE2 and PMBOK: How They Compare

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We were talking about PRINCE2®, what it means to get qualified and how it compares to the PMBOK Guide. She first took her PRINCE2 Practitioner exam in 2004. Elizabeth, what’s the story behind the PRINCE2 methodology? In brief, how does PRINCE2 work?

Should I take CAPM or PRINCE2?

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She asked whether she should take the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®) or the PRINCE2 Foundation. Is it possible to take CAPM and then PRINCE2 Practitioner or are the standards different, she asked? PRINCE2® Practitioner, Online Course and Exam.


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What is PRINCE2 Agile? …and Does it Make Sense? | Video

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PRINCE2 Agile is a Project Management methodology designed to create a high-governance framework for traditional predictive projects. The post What is PRINCE2 Agile? Agile Project Management PRINCE2 Project Management: What is. PRINCE2 Agile video

PRINCE2: The Project Management Method Explained

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What is PRINCE2? PRINCE2 is a project management method. PRINCE2 stands for Projects IN a Controlled Environment (Version 2). Who is PRINCE2 for? PRINCE2 works in a huge number of industries and domains. The History of PRINCE2. PRINCE2 Core Principles.

Why Use PRINCE2 Project Management for Managing Multiple Scrum Teams?

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The latter is called a project and the group of people use a project management method like PRINCE2 to create the Product Backlog item, or several of them, presented to them by the Product Owner. In PRINCE2 , the project has an owner. Why is PRINCE2 not used that much in the US?

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Reasons to do a PRINCE2 Certification

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In this post, guest blogger Simplilearn explore just why PRINCE2 is the most popular project management certification in the UK. Having said that, we think PRINCE2 has not received the due credit it deserves. PRINCE2 is a systematic set of guidelines that aims to enable managers rather than spoon feed them. In this article, we highlight what PRINCE2 is, the types of PRINCE2 certifications, and why you ought to get certified in PRINCE2. What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2: An Introduction to the Project Management Methodology

Project managers who aren’t based in the United Kingdom might not be intimate with the PRINCE2 method of managing a project, which is primarily used by the British government. Although foreign to some, there’s still much to be gained from the PRINCE2 method, even if it isn’t adopted in its entirety. What Is PRINCE2? PRINCE2 is an acronym for Projects IN Controlled Environments. History of PRINCE2. The PRINCE2 Methodology. PRINCE2 Roles.

PRINCE2 Certification: Everything You Need to Know

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Today, over a million project managers use PRINCE2 in countries all over the world in public and private sector projects. It’s attention to rigor and good governance make it a popular standard for many organizations. The post PRINCE2 Certification: Everything You Need to Know appeared first on OnlinePMCourses. PRINCE2 Project Management Career Project Management Training PRINCE2 Agile

Prince2 Certification Guide for Misguided #ProjectManagers


So, here I am, once again, writing the dreaded guide about Prince2 methodology and certification. Believe me, getting the Prince2 Foundation level certificate is not as hard as having to write the entire post again…. Prince2 Certification from Experts’ Point of View: Let’s start with Colin Bentley this time. He has a book called: ‘Prince2 A Practical Handbook’. Bentley’s argument has a lot of weight in the context of Prince2 methodologies.

What is the Difference Between PRINCE2 Agile and APMG Agile Project Management?

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What is the difference between PRINCE2 Agile and APMG Agile Project Management? A counterpoint would be that Agile Project Management (Agile PM) is based on DSDM Atern while PRINCE2 Agile “integrates any agile development approach you want”. Agile-PM’s inspiration traces roots from the 90’s while PRINCE2 Agile blends the 80’s and the noughties and 20-teen’s. PRINCE2 Agile gives us the “Agil-o-meter” to allow us to ‘calculate’ the answer.

IT Project Governance and PRINCE2 Project Management

Project Smart

In today's fast-changing information economy, IT project governance has emerged as one of the most vital corporate responsibilities.

Review Agile Governance and Audit

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Christopher Wright wrote the book Agile Governance and Audit – An overview for auditors and agile teams. Agile Governance and Audit gives a short introduction to agile, compares agile with waterfall and looks at audit and agile cultures. The author follows a project life cycle from idea towards a usable product including governance and control. This is where we now see PRINCE2 Agile, AgilePM, DAD or PMI Agile. To order ( Agile Governance and Audit.

How Will a Project Management Course Help My Career?

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There are a few project management methods which exemplify this approach, probably the most globally rec ognised being the PRINCE2® project certification. PRINCE2® started out as a UK-government method to manage the various IT ‘projects’ undertaken under its command. Since then, it has become the standard which the government mandates to manage its projects and many multi-national organisations have adopted to manage their projects.

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PRINCE2: The Reigning Project Management Methodology


Projects in Controlled Environments (more commonly known as PRINCE2) is the most widely practiced project management methodology worldwide, used by teams in over 150 countries. But what is PRINCE2 and why is it so popular? These are tricky questions to answer without sifting through endless articles and vague definitions, so we’ve saved you some Googling by collecting the essentials of PRINCE2 in one convenient place. The fundamentals of PRINCE2.

Governance and Estimating

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If your business is not subject to any external governance process, you’re free to spend your money as you please. But you’re not free to suggest your approach is applicable to those who are governed by external frameworks of spending and accountability for that spend, without a testable confirmation this idea doesn’t violate those governance principles. Governance includes: Responsibility for a specific duty, task, or decision. NoEstimates Governance

PRINCE2 and DevOps, a successful marriage or recipe for divorce?

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Happy to see that my white paper PRINCE2 and DevOps, a successful marriage or recipe for divorce? Many organizations will also use PRINCE2 to deliver projects. I describe how a PRINCE2 project manager can cope with DevOps teams and how DevOps teams can cope with the PRINCE2 governance.

How the Stage Gate Process Will Make You a Better Project Manager

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PRINCE2 Project Governance Project Management Tools and Techniques Project Process Gateway Go/No-go Killpoint Phase Gate PMBoK Stage Gate

Where to Start in Finding a Great PMO Job

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There are the project management ones – like PRINCE2 , Agile. A highly regulated industry needs string governance and control – a fast-moving tech company needs ‘just enough’. PM Careers Advice Project Management Career PMO PRINCE2 dream job Agile PMOYou’re looking for a new job in PMO, you don’t just want any job, you want a great job. One with great remuneration, bonus, benefits.

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Why the Stage Gate Process will Make You a Better Project Manager

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Gateway (PRINCE2). It is an important part of project governance that looks both backwards and forwards. Let’s set aside the very important governance imperative. But what if governance were unimportant to you… or your organization? ’ PRINCE2 and the UK Government refer to Gate 0 – Strategic Assessment. PRINCE2 and the UK Government refer to Gate 1 – Business Justification.

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5 Project Red Flags


A good Practitioner will tailor PRINCE2 to the environment. For example, you could run a project on a government contract and they might decide one day that they don’t have the budget to continue and the project is cancelled. The whole reason PRINCE2 works is that every type of project tends to unfold similarly. According to the study , “78 percent of projects which adhered to PRINCE2 were a success compared to 38 percent where PRINCE2 was not used.”.

Changing the Face of PM Training

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Go for something like PMP® or PRINCE2 and the choice is even greater. I love Management of Portfolios (MoP), a book I co-authored which is the UK Government/AXELOS global best practice standard. Job adverts declare that you have to be PMP certified or a PRINCE2 Practitioner. Primavera, Expert Views PRINCE2 TrainingI took my APMP course recently and there were a bemusing amount of training providers to choose from.

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The Confusion Over Risk

Project Risk Coach

For projects, I recommend the PMBOK® Guide or PRINCE2 definition. PRINCE2 A set of events that, should they occur, will have an effect on achieving the project objectives. If so, adopt the definition to align with the governing organization.

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How to Run Brexit Like a Project


You’ve just earned your PRINCE2 Foundation certificate and your first job is to manage Brexit. That still applies to a lot of the people, like government and business leaders. Breaking government manifesto pledges. As you’re working for the government, they’ll expect you to keep their promises. But before you can even work as an informed member of a PRINCE2 project team, you’ll need a Foundation certificate.

ITIL for Project Managers – Should you?

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First, ITIL has a strong emphasis on the governance of IT. These twin concerns with governance and quality account for ITIL’s benefits to the organizations that use it. The UK Government sponsored the creation of ITIL in the 1980s, by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA). It was the CCTA that, late in the 1980s also adapted the PROMPT project management methodology into what we now know as PRINCE2.

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Gate Reviews: What Project Managers Need To Know

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Project governance is an important part of project management processes – even if it’s not the most exciting part of getting work done. Governance is a key part of that, and gate reviews are part of navigating through the project.

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Project Status Reporting – 6 Key Considerations

Project Health Check

The Project should then be reporting its status regularly to senior management via a Status Report, as part of its overarching Governance arrangement. We’ve recently been involved in a review and update to the Project status reporting and governance structure for a major organisation with circa 150 Projects live projects at any one time. So there you go, some basic high level considerations for Status Reporting and Governance that we’ve used.

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What is a Senior Responsible Owner – SRO? | Video

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The term ‘Senior Responsible Owner’ or SRO comes from the UK Government’s Program Management methodology, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP). It also appears in the related and far more widely known PRINCE2 methodology. PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership PRINCE2 Program Management Project Governance Project Management in Under 5 Project Sponsorship Managing Successful Programmes MSP Senior Responsible Owner SRO

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How Will a Project Management Course Help My Career?

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There are a few project management methods which exemplify this approach, probably the most globally rec ognised being the PRINCE2® project certification. PRINCE2® started out as a UK-government method to manage the various IT ‘projects’ undertaken under its command. Since then, it has become the standard which the government mandates to manage its projects and many multi-national organisations have adopted to manage their projects.

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Top 10 Project Management Methodologies – An Overview

PRINCE2. What It Is: PRINCE2 stands for Projects IN Controlled Environments, and is a structured certified methodology. It was initially created by the UK government for IT projects. When the UK government adopted standards for IT systems in 1989, they called in PRINCE.

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Project Boards and Project Steering Groups: An Introduction

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Here’s an introduction to these important groups as part of the governance framework so you can get yours set up and working on your project. A project board provides oversight and governance for the project. What you need is adequate governance for the project.

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Risk Management for Project Managers

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We’ve been building our expertise around the area of project management for a number of years,” Walaa explains, “and offer a master’s degree in project management, along with PRINCE2® and AgilePM® project management courses. Like PRINCE2 and Agile, the M_o_R programme is split into two parts: Foundation and Practitioner. But whilst PRINCE2 and AgilePM address risks from the perspective of the project, M_o_R considers the following angles as well: strategic risk.

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Top 5 Project Management Certifications To Become A Great Project Manager!

The Lazy Project Manager

PRINCE2. PRINCE2. The PRINCE2 certification course is another important project management credential project managers can take. was first introduced for the government offices of UK. PRINCE2 is accredited by AXELOS and focuses on managing, directing and delivering projects throughout all phases from pre-project to initiation, delivery, and the final delivery. About the PRINCE2 Certification exam structure. PRINCE2 certification prerequisites.

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10 Places to Get Free Project Management Templates

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The Infrastructure & Projects Authority (IPA) arranges and manages project assurance reviews for the UK governments’ complex and high risk projects. My favourite is the ‘critical friend’ template , which is most relevant for the kind of work most of us do – given that there aren’t that many project managers in the world running complex government transformation projects with budgets that run into the billions, and accountability to tax payers. PRINCE2 Templates from Axelos.

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Project Management System: The Basics


The project team structure subsystem governs how project teams are organized into hierarchies. government agencies). The project planning subsystem governs all aspects of project planning across the portfolio. What is a Project Management System?

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The Four Keys to Successful Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (P3M) Performance

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The methods by which programmes and projects are selected and delivered have been properly thought through and defined, based on methodologies such as MoP®, MSP® and PRINCE2®. There is an organisation structure in place that enables effective governance, assurance and support across portfolios, programmes and projects. P3M3®, PRINCE2®, MSP®,MoP®, P3O®, MoR® and MoV® are registered trademarks of AXELOS Limited.

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Is Hybrid Really a Popular Project Approach?

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Iterations are perfect for developing solutions like a website, and the structure of an over-arching program framework provided the governance and schedule expectations that executives wanted to see. What is hybrid project management?

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Overview of my year 2019 book reviews

Henny Portman

Agile governance and audit. PRINCE2 smarttabs versus portman’s PRINCE2 tabs. 2019 was again a fruitful book review year.

2019 55

The Definitive Guide to Project Management Methodologies


PRINCE2. PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is the official project management methodology of the UK government (which means that most UK government projects use it). You can even get a PRINCE2 certification to make working as a project manager in the UK easier. PRINCE2 is based on 7 principles, 7 themes and 7 processes. The 7 PRINCE2 principles, for instance, are: Continued business justification.

2019 114

Misunderstanding Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

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Project Risk Management Model Based on PRINCE2 and Scrum Frameworks,” Martin Tomanek, Jan Juricek, The International Journal of Software Engineering & Applications (IJSEA) , January 2015, Volume 6, Number 1, ISSN: 0975-9018. Federal Government, in support of OMB Circular A-123.”. NoEstimates Debunking Decision Making Estimating Governance Mathematics Principles Risk Systems TheoryThere was a Tweet two days ago from one of the founders of eXtreme Programming, that said.

APM Salary and Market Trends Survey 2017 – A Review

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The other suspicion is that the comparison would not paint the picture required by a marketing organisation, after all in their 2015 report, they told us that the APMP was more popular than PRINCE2 in the UK! The APM stand on the cusp of a great opportunity; we hope they can get the right governance and professionals with project management expertise in their organisation to make the most of it and truly drive forward the value to this great profession.

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