Stakeholder management: Your plan for influencing project outcomes

Moira Alexander

Stakeholder management is a project management process for engaging with any individuals, team members, functional groups, or internal and external parties who may be impacted by or have an impact on the outcome of your project. Stakeholder management is a key facet of project management — and one of high risks and high rewards. When key individuals and team members are informed and on task, your project runs smoothly.

Influencing the eternal optimism of a delivery team

Kiron Bondale

Teams which don’t use feedback loops with their products and their processes should not consider themselves to be very agile. When I teach agile fundamentals classes, I frequently emphasize the importance of inspection and adaptation. For those teams which use an iteration-based cadence for their delivery such as those who have implemented the Scrum framework there have multiple feedback loops to help them improve.


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Stakeholder Influencing Process [Video]

Project Risk Coach

In this video, Colin Gautrey shares his insights on how to influence stakeholders. The post Stakeholder Influencing Process [Video] appeared first on If you can’t see this video in your RSS reader or email, then click here. Often times, the problems we encounter as project managers are not technical; they are interpersonal issues. Some project managers fail to reach their potential due to poor stakeholder management.

Project Management Process & Phases

ProProfs Project Management

In simple terms, the Project Management process is the art of managing all components of a project from starting to closure using a structured scientific methodology. According to the PMBOK guide, which is considered the bible for project managers, project management is scientifically done by managing project documents through 49 processes that are grouped into five project phases. . The processes in this phase are: . How to Implement a PM Process in Your Organization.

Mastering the Decision-Making Process: A Practical Guide

Our mastery of the decision-making process plays a big part in the outcome of our lives, as life could be easily defined as a series of decisions. You can learn a decision-making process that allows you to quickly assess the best choice and make it based on data that supports the objectives and goals you’ve been tasked to achieve. 7 Steps for an Effective Decision-Making Process. You plan your projects , so why shouldn’t you plan your decision-making process?

People deliver projects; not processes

Ron Rosenhead

Now I know from discussions with groups that projects rarely fail to deliver for ‘process’ reasons – not completing a template fully or missing out a step in the project management life cycle. Being able to influence people effectively – particularly in times of large scale organisational change. People deliver projects not processes.

2016 140

Government Lessons in People Over Process

Leading Answers

Something I was not aware of at the time is how the career development process works within the government. Opportunities to influence the change initiative. The project went much smoother after these changes and it taught me an important lesson in never trying to introduce a process or practice without considering the people elements first. My first opportunity to create and run a large agile team did not start well.

How to Influence Personal Productivity of Your Team Members


Since people are the driving force of the entire system and the processes heavily depend on their performance, the lack of productivity is usually caused by human factor. Helping your team overcome everyday obstacles and keep their productivity on high level is a never-ending process that involves thousands tiny decisions. Managing collective workload as well as your own can be a real challenge.

Improve the Resource Planning Process & Spend Less Time on Email


Some have put the blame on the vast number of incoming emails, others say that while the latter might have an influence, it’s heavily mediated by what is perceived to be effective or preferred email communication. Once the software is implemented across the organization or the department, all the data is processed through one system. Make reporting automated Reporting is an integral part of both project portfolio management and resource planning process.

Beginner’s Guide to Project Management Process


Project Management Process Skill (Tools and Techniques). Project Management Process in divided into 5 Process Groups. These groups are further bifurcated in 10 Knowledge Areas and 47 Project Management Processes. These Process Groups are: Initiating. Why “project management process groups”, while we usually assign project with phases or stages. This Group includes processes performed to define a New Project. At individual level, the processes are.

Control partners should have skin in the game!

Kiron Bondale

But as the size of the organization increases and stakes get higher, control partners emerge to influence not only what but how production occurs. Facilitating Organization Change Process Peeves Project Management improving project management PM compliance issues Process compliance stupidityI finally completed reading Nassim Taleb ‘s book Skin in the Game which I had written about in a recent article.

How to work a little more creatively

Lynne Cazaly

adaptability creative creative process creativity influence innovation presentation sensemaking stories storytelling thinking visual storiesStoryboards are powerful thinking and communication tools in films and advertising. and we can use them too. Just as film creatives map out the proposed scenes of a movie, we can be story boarders too! A creative tool I use often with teams to think and work more creatively is storyboarding.

2020 40

Use and Misuse of Statistics of Process Improvement Studies

Herding Cats

There are several studies on how software development can be improved by applying various process. Some studies have very large data sets, with analysis of each process and the differences between the processes. Here's a checklist for the steps needed to produce a credible answer to - Is there any difference between one process or another process for improving the outcomes of a process. Were the important concomitant processes also measured?

2017 30

Project Management Life Cycle-Iterative & Adaptive


In this way, this process helps in delivering the right product. Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle PMP adaptive life cycle life cycle pmp Predictive Life Cycle project life cycleAll projects across industries follow a life cycle approach. Often I have seen there are so many questions in mind for many PMP® aspirants on different types of life cycles. Why do we need anything other than predictive life cycle, which goes quite sequential and looks perfect?

Two Parallel Processes of Project Success - Both Value and Delivery are Needed

Herding Cats

This randomness comes from the underlying uncertainties (Epistemic and Aleatory) in the processes found in the development of the software. Macroeconomics is the study of how people make decisions influenced by tax rates, interest rates, foreign policy, and trade policy. Making technical and management decisions in the presence of these uncertainties to Deliver the needed Value at the needed Time for the needed Cost , requires a Closed Loop Control process.

2018 39

Voice of the Customer (VOC): a Powerful Tool for Valuable Customer Insight

Project Bliss

Getting the Voice of the Customer (VOC) tells you if you’re on the right track in your product or process improvement project. If you want to know that you’re on the right track when you’re leading a process or product improvement project, how can you be sure you’re addressing the right concerns? Depending on the culture of your workplace, if your customers are internal, they can get frustrated if the processes and tools are modified with little or no consideration for the user.

2018 131

10 Reasons the Change Management Process Fails (and How You Can Succeed)


The work you’re doing when instituting a change in process or organizational principles is tantamount to changing the course of a river. Let’s take a moment to address each of these barriers and outline some research-backed and time-tested strategies for overcoming them, so you and your team have the best chance of succeeding in the change management process. Many process change initiatives failed because of an underestimated scope, a lack of resources, or the clock running out.

2019 40

PMP interview Questions


What are organizational influences? Are there any positive aspects of the risk identification process? Did you take any initiative for process improvement plans in your projects? Domain Based. What is a baseline, how is it use while creating project management plan? Explain with examples. What is a project charter? Is project manager involved in the creation of a project charter? What is a project, how is it different from a program, and a portfolio?

2019 40

Is your methodology a melting pot or a tapestry?

Kiron Bondale

Each might have their own distinct intake process which they use to receive and analyze project requests and they are also very likely to have some unique informational and control needs. While there may be limited opportunities to influence external partners to integrate within our existing methodology or systems, this should be a core objective when engaging internal ones. Tagged: improving project management , Process compliance stupidity , Stakeholder analysis , work intake.

2016 139

Going Global With Wrike: How We Built an Efficient Localization Process


We managed to build the entire localization process in less than a year, which would not have been possible without Wrike — both because it’s the perfect platform for collaborative workflow building and because of the amazing team behind it. First and the foremost, you need to clearly understand how the localization process will change your organization. The product manager is the key person at every stage of the localization process.

2018 41

Nudges might lead to better project governance

Kiron Bondale

“ Later in the same page the authors state “ A nudge makes it more likely that an individual will make a particular choice, or behave in a particular way, by altering the environment so that automatic cognitive processes are triggered to favour the desired outcome.

How to Deal With Pre-assigned Project Resources

Project Risk Coach

People matter more than technology and processes. Influence. If so, influence the people you know and make your case. Ask your connections to influence the decision makers. Looking for ways to improve your project success?

2020 222

Review Engaging stakeholders on projects

Henny Portman

Stakeholder engagement is the systematic identification, analysis, planning and implementation of actions designed to influence stakeholders. A social system is the network of relationships and how they interact and influence each other as a whole.

2020 89

Purpose begins with project names

Kiron Bondale

So the next time you are assigned to lead a project which has an uninspiring name, use your powers of influence and persuasion to convince the sponsor to change it to something which better describes the purpose behind the project. “ Process Peeves Project Management improving project management management failure project decision making team building Valuable projectsThe WHO recently renamed the virus which had initially been referred to as Novel Coronavirus to COVID-19.

2020 144

Why Use Agile Methodology to Sell Your Services


And, perhaps most importantly, how can you get your clients to understand what your process looks like? The project management process is typically linear. However, the Agile methodology process allows for a lot more wiggle room. With improved collaborations, more flexibility to adapt to changes, and a more manageable process, it makes sense that more projects would be deemed wins. . Your clients are sold on the perks of the Agile methodology process. .

Lean 30

Virtual Learning in 2021: The 7 Trends to Look out for

International Institute for Learning

These 7 notable trends may influence our lives as L&D pros, learners, and employees: 1. LinkedIn’s 2020 Global Talent Trends report called recruiting and L&D “the new power couple” and encouraged businesses to implement or improve their formal internal hiring processes.

2021 52

What is Stakeholder-led Project Management?

Girl's Guide to PM

In these projects, stakeholders are identified and communicated with in the ‘normal’ way, but their power and influence is relatively low. The final type of project at the other end of the continuum is where stakeholders have a lot of power and influence over the project.

2020 333

How to Develop a Stakeholder Register

Project Risk Coach

At any given time, an individual may exert their influence and cause disruption to your project. How and when should we use our interpersonal skills to engage and influence stakeholders ? Influence. Is their influence low or high? This helps me to identify participants for the project charter process. One simple technique is the Power/Influence grid where you group stakeholders based on their level of power (High/Low) and influence (High/Low).

2017 204

The PM Skills You Can Forget About (And the Ones You Really Need to Know)


So what processes and techniques will catapult your career and what are the areas that you can… overlook? In this article I’ll look at 5 project management techniques, processes and skills that you will no doubt have heard mentioned time and time again. We’ve moved on from the idea that a few impact and influence grids can actively manage other people’s behavior. Whatever you want to call it, the whole process is still important for the successful delivery of projects.

2018 499

7 Ways to Sell Agile to Project Stakeholders


Whether you’re making the move to Agile project management in your development group or creating an Agile process for your in-house project management methodology, chances are you’re going to have to sell this change to executives in your organization. Here are some tips to get the word out that the business influencers are going Agile: Send them links to articles and blog posts that mention your competitors’ move to Agile.

2018 577

From Laying the Foundation to Completion: The Basics and Challenges of Project Management in Construction


Project management in construction describes the planning and work process in order to produce or modify a construction object. The success of a construction project is sometimes recognizable even to amateurs and influences the lives of everybody.

2021 151

You will need all types

Lynne Cazaly

We often default to our preferred way of communicating to influence, engage and bring people up to speed. ’ In this world of cultural and linguistic diversity, and different ways of processing information, it serves us and them to pause before barrelling on with information. communication diversity engagement influence leadershipYou might like tables and spreadsheets, but other people don’t.

2019 40

The Death of Project Management

Girl's Guide to PM

Project management is that branch of management devoted to the process of change ; the orchestration of people and resources through a series of activities, tasks and processes to bring about a transformation from a state to another, different state. Bryan Barrow.

2020 247

What Is Stakeholder Theory?

They are often active, and they can have a positive or negative influence depending on their actions. Stakeholders can influence everything and everyone in a project or organization, including senior management, project leaders, team members, customers, users and many others. Normative is a core theory on the function of the corporation and how it can morally carry out its processes, ensuring that management sticks to positive philosophical guidelines.

2019 318

8 Ways You Can Better Respond to Unrealistic Demands

Project Risk Coach

This is a guest post from Colin Gautrey, an author, trainer and executive coach who has specialized in the field of power and influence for over ten years. He combines solid research with deep personal experience in corporate life to offer his audiences critical yet simple insights into how to achieve results with greater influence. He is the creator of the Stakeholder Influencing Masterclass. Review your approach to influencing stakeholders.

2016 200

What is a Stakeholder in Project Management?


A 3-part stakeholder management process for keeping everyone happy. Create and enforce transparent processes for communication. While anyone who is impacted by the project is technically a stakeholder, key stakeholders are those who have influence and authority to dictate whether a project is a success is not. A 3-part stakeholder management process for keeping everyone happy. Who wants to influence this project (positively or negatively)?

2018 244

How to Make a Stakeholder Management Plan

They are typically involved in the approval process and can either make a project difficult or extremely easy—depending on how well they’re managed via a stakeholder management plan. Given their influence, it’d be unwise to neglect your stakeholder management plan. These stakeholders can affect the project either directly or indirectly by influencing the direction of their department on the given project.

2019 248

All knowledge areas are important but some are more important than others

Kiron Bondale

One reason for this is that knowing who your key stakeholders are as well as understanding their attitudes towards and influence over your project are key inputs into many of the processes from all of the other knowledge areas. This is why Identify Stakeholders is one of only two processes in the Initiating Process Group. I am occasionally asked by learners in my project management fundamental classes which is the most important knowledge area in the PMBOK® framework.

2019 217

The Effective and Innovative Virtual Team Leader

International Institute for Learning

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s the internet began to significantly influence how information and meetings were managed. Use “verbal anchors” to ensure clarity and understanding – comparisons, analyses, processes and steps, examples, repeating information for emphasis. . By Frank P. Saladis, PMP, LIMC MCCP, PMI Fellow. Virtual teams have been a part of the business, public, and not for profit environments for many years.

What You Need for a Great Project Charter

Project Risk Coach

Think about it—in the project charter process, project sponsors and managers have the opportunity to engage key stakeholders for the express purpose of defining the vision of a project. Not everyone, mind you, but we do want the key stakeholders involved in the project charter process. When sponsors choose to ignore stakeholders or purposely keep them out of the charter process, risk increases. In this article, let's explore what you need for a great project charter.

2019 245