Seven Project Management Influencers to Watch

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Perhaps these individuals are influencing you through a blog, online videos, online courses, or books. Grab a cup of coffee as I share seven influencers that I follow. His perspective on project and risk management is balanced and practical.

Influencing the eternal optimism of a delivery team

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Poor risk management. When I teach agile fundamentals classes, I frequently emphasize the importance of inspection and adaptation. Teams which don’t use feedback loops with their products and their processes should not consider themselves to be very agile.

Six Essential Requirements of an Influencing Strategy

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This is a guest post from Colin Gautrey, an author, trainer and executive coach who has specialized in the field of power and influence for over ten years. He is the creator of the Stakeholder Influencing Masterclass. So, does your influencing strategy address all of these adequately?

Seven Project Management Influencers to Watch

Project Risk Coach

Perhaps these individuals are influencing you through a blog, online videos, online courses, or books. Grab a cup of coffee as I share seven influencers that I follow. His perspective on project and risk management is balanced and practical.

Change management helps when implementing risk responses

Kiron Bondale

A student in a project management class I taught shared the concern that it was very hard for her to get risk responses implemented. Acceptance is a risk response strategy, but project managers are not supposed to just report on accidents, they are expected to prevent them.

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IT Risk Management Strategies and Best Practices

It’s big business that’s involved in almost every sector of the economy, and therefore carries some major risks. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you the importance of IT risk management in this short tutorial video. In Review – IT Risk Management Strategies and Best Practices.

Risk management for agile projects

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What are the implications to project risk management when you choose to deliver a project using an agile approach? Here are a few similarities: Risk needs to be managed through the project’s lifetime, not just at the very beginning.

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What Project Managers Should Know About Monitoring Project Risks

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Many project managers do a great job of identifying risks. Some even evaluate risks and develop response plans. However, project managers get busy as their projects progress and fail to monitor their risks, resulting in challenged or failed projects. New risks arise over time.

How to Be a Powerful Risk Management Evangelist

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Mark Langley, President and CEO of the Project Management Institute (PMI), penned a great article entitled Using Project Management to Reduce Risk. Indeed, “high-performing companies manage risk in conjunction with projects and programs far more often than low performers do.”

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Focus on individual impacts when communicating risks!

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A recent article by Uzma Khan and Daniella Kupor in Harvard Business Review adds support to the argument for keeping things simple when it comes to communicating risks. This biases us against taking positive risks and avoiding negative ones.”

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How to Build a Robust Project Risk Culture [8 Steps]

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A robust risk culture goes beyond having a strong basic risk management process. Some of my readers may hope to influence the risk culture of their whole organization. For you, the right aspiration is to build a positive risk culture within your project.

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Risk Identification Workshops: An Overview

Project Health Check

Risk Management is one of the well established fundamentals of Project Management. Whatever system or tool you use, the basics of rating risks with some degree of severity and impact is well understood, and then doing something to stop it (because they usually are threats). But I have a challenge for you: look back over your last Project and consider - how many of the issues that occurred along the way were from impacted Risks that were identified on your Risk Log?

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5 Ways You May Unintentionally Create Schedule Risks

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The Problems with Crashing, Fast Tracking, and other Schedule Compression Techniques How do project managers unintentionally create schedule risks? As we work to develop and compress our schedules, let’s be aware of the common causes of risk. 5 Causes of Schedule Risk.

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Using SWOT Analysis for Risk Identification and Risk Management


Gary David Cohn once said, “If you don’t invest in risk management, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, it’s a risky business.”. Project manager or not – professionals on all levels have to interact with researching, identifying, and resolving risks.

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5 Ways You May Unintentionally Create Schedule Risks

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In this article, let’s look at five causes of schedule risks and ways to avoid or reduce these risks. As we work to develop and compress our schedules, let’s be aware of the common causes of risk. 5 Causes of Schedule Risk.

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6 Easy Ways to Manage Group Think and Risk at Work

Girl's Guide to PM

It’s an edited extract from his book Risk Happens ! Group Think Introduces Risk. Therefore, with dissent discouraged, groups tend to endorse higher risk decisions than individuals would. A bright cover for Mike’s own book, Risk Happens!

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Risk Management Resources

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Risk Management is essential for development and production programs. Risk issues that can be identified early in the program, which will potentially impact the program later, termed Known Unknowns and can be alleviated with good risk management. Risk Management Papers. “A

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A Compendium of Risk Management Resources

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This blog page is dedicated to the resources used to manage the risk encountered on software-intensive systems using traditional and agile development methods. Let's start with a critical understanding of the purpose of managing risk on software development projects.

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What Is Risk?

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Risk is the effect of uncertainty of objectives. In the context of risk management, uncertainty exists whenever the knowledge or understanding of an event, consequence, or likelihood is inadequate or incomplete ? ISO 31000:2009, ISO 17666:2016 and ISO 11231:2010 Risk is Uncertainty that Matters. Risk can be the potential consequence of a specific outcome that affects the system's ability to meet cost, schedule, and/or technical objectives. IT Risk Management.

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Ask a PM: How to Manage Dependencies and Assess Risks


How do you recommend managing dependencies that put the project at risk? You can use the same types of dependencies on your schedule to record things that might influence the project from the outside. It’s the dependencies that are out of the project and fall into the Company category that have the greatest possibility of presenting a risk to your work. These are things that are not in your control and that you are unable to fully influence yourself.

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Is Your Project at Risk Due to Poor Stakeholder Relationships?

Strategy Execution | PMO Perspectives

Have you ever been involved in a project where there were too many misunderstandings and disagreements about scope and priorities and where it was a struggle to gain buy-in and traction for important decisions and you found it difficult to influence your stakeholders throughout the project ?

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Managing Uncertainty, Risk, Threat, and Opportunity

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I received a book over the Holidays - Managing Project Risk and Uncertainty: A Constructively Simple Approach to Decision Making , Chris Chapman and Stephen Ward. This is a seminal work on risk management in the presence of uncertainty. NoEstimates Books Estimating Risk

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The Naive Notion that Agile Mitigates Risk

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The post Top 5 Ways Agile Mitigates Risk is one of those posts that's not wrong in what it says at the detail level - more or less, but is not right in principle. Agile Mitigates Risk - is not correct. Agile provides rapid identification of risk. What is risk management?

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PMP interview Questions


What are organizational influences? What is a risk and how is it different from an issue. Can a risk be beneficial? How did you tackle these uncertainties/risks? What are the types of risks you may encounter in a project? Are there any positive aspects of the risk identification process? Domain Based. What is a baseline, how is it use while creating project management plan? Explain with examples. What is a project charter?

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Risk Management in Five Easy Pieces, with Apologies to Jack

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Managing Cost, Schedule, & Technical Performance Risk Is The Basis Of Good Project Management. Risk management is essential to the success of any significant project. These risks can be mitigated with a good risk management process. Risk management structure.

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Microeconomics and Risk Management in Decision Making for Software Development

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Research clearly shows the root causes of most software projects cost and schedule overruns and technical shortfalls comes from poor risk management. Now To Risk Management. Risk is the effect of uncertainty of objectives. occurrence, or recurrence of the cause of the risk.

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Is your tail heavy?

Musings on Project Management

It might be if you are a risk with some "memory" of the immediate past. Risk with memory? The immediate past influences the immediate future The probability of the arrival of an outcome is not time-stationary: as time passes, the probabilities change The distribution of the arrival. Risk Management Statistics TestingIs your tail heavy' is the question raised at 'critical uncertainties' in a recent post.

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Project Management Life Cycle-Iterative & Adaptive


The risk of change/ feedback is huge at later stages/ phases. The risk of change/ feedback is less as iterations reduce it naturally. The risk of change/ feedback is least as iterations are too small and reduces it naturally.

Risk Management: PMP Study Guide (PMBOK 6th Edition)


Project Risk Management includes all the processes involved in risk identification, regulation, and mitigation on a project. The objective is to increase the likelihood of positive risks (opportunities) and decrease the likelihood of negative risks (threats). Control Risk.

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To avoid a dire fate, don’t forget to iterate!

Kiron Bondale

But let’s think about risk and stakeholder identification and analysis. The risk of ignoring them is significant. We might also be missing changes in the profile of existing risks. Tagged: improving project management , Risk management , Stakeholder analysis.

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Should You Track and Report on Project Risks?


Tracking and reporting on risk is an essential project management activity, which you ignore at your peril! Tracking risks influences how you implement or change upcoming tasks. Check out this video, taken from our free six-part risk management training series, for more details. To monitor any project metrics associated with a risk that might trigger a contingency plan.

Are you feeling mature?

Mike Clayton

Software development, project management, and risk management all have maturity models that set criteria to allow organisations to measure the level of institutionalisation of good practices. … Continue reading → Stakeholder Management The Influence Agenda maturity model stakeholder engagement management

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The Brain and the Decision

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Since at least the 1970s we've all been acutely aware of the vagaries of the influence of the brain processes in concert with environment and context on decision making. decision human factors risk decisionFair enough For those that are not so acutely aware, begin with the work of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky -- their stuff is the classic treatment Now comes more on the same line of thought -- no pun intended No less an.

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What to Do When a Bad Moon is Arising on Your Project

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The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines risk as, “An uncertain event or condition that, if occurs, has a positive or negative effect on one or more project objectives.”. One of the most dangerous threats may be the unknown risks. 4=Control risk control

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So what’s in your company’s project management dictionary?

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effort, cost) to accompany the qualitative ones, the risk of significant changes being managed in an undisciplined manner increases as does the likelihood of financial and resource capacity erosion to stealth work. Issue or risk severity and probability.

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Project Crisis… Are you Ready?

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to… notice outside influences. Leading Indicators of Project Risk. Here is a table I compiled for my book Risk Happens! Leading Indicators of Project Risk. Schedule Risk - Minor milestones being missed. Budget Risk - Rate-of-spend variances against budget.

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Long lived teams need to emulate The Borg

Kiron Bondale

Anyone who disagrees with my inclusion of the latter has never managed a project where the quality of their relationship with people managers was a key influencer over the calibre of the team members they were assigned!

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PMP® Aspirant’s Definitive Guide to PMP Exam Changes 2019


In the knowledge industry, the way of thinking influences outcomes. So apart from managing different project areas like – communications, risks, stakeholders, budget & resources, schedules, quality, scope and managing project changes. risk, legal).

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Are your project management success rates improving?

Ron Rosenhead

Risk management strategies. They use their position and authority to clear roadblocks, make quick and effective decisions, and influence executive leadership. project management governance governance project management project risks project sponsor

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New PM: The What?, Why?, and How? of Project Charters

Leading Answers

The most common source of late project completions is not poor estimating or a lack of risk management, it is late starts. This extended family of project influencers include suppliers, customers, and even the general public if the project is likely to draw public opinion.

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