Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

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Here's a collection of presentations, briefings, papers, essays, book content used to increase the Probability of Project Success (PoPS) I've written and applied over my career in the software-intensive system of systems and other domains. Business, Technical, Systems, Risk, and Project Management Briefings and Presentations. Project Performance Management (#PPM). Agile Project Management (#APM). Technical Performance Measures (#TPM).

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Without a Root Cause Analysis, No Suggested Fix Can Be Effective

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Yes, projects have uncertainty. Projects are no exception. Using the chart from the post, showing the number of projects that went over their estimated effort, let's look closer at a process to sort out the conjectures made in the post about estimating. When you find the Root Cause for those projects reported to be “overweight” you may also find the corrective action to the inaccuracies and imprecision of the estimates. Information Technology Estimating Quality.

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