IT Risk Management Strategies and Best Practices

Information technology (IT) is no longer a tucked away department with little impact on day-to-day affairs. It’s big business that’s involved in almost every sector of the economy, and therefore carries some major risks. What is IT Risk Management?

How to Build and Use a Risk Register

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Project managers constantly think about risks, both threats and opportunities. Let’s consider a simple but powerful tool to capture and manage your risks—the Risk Register. What to Include in a Risk Register. ” Risk Owner. Risk Score.

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Risk Management Resources

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Risk Management is essential for development and production programs. Information about key project cost, (technical) performance, and schedule attributes is often uncertain or unknown until late in the program. Effective Risk Management 2 nd Edition , Edmund Conrow, AIAA, 2003.

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A Compendium of Risk Management Resources

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This blog page is dedicated to the resources used to manage the risk encountered on software-intensive systems using traditional and agile development methods. Let's start with a critical understanding of the purpose of managing risk on software development projects.

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What is Strategy?

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Strategy is a much overused, misused, and abused word. It's tossed around by those who are unfamiliar with Strategy Making roles in businesses. . Strategy is creating fit among a company's activities. The success of a strategy depends on doing many things well - not just a few. If there is no fit among the activities, there is no distinctive strategy and little to sustain the strategic deployment process. The Framework for IT Strategy . Strategy

7 Steps for Effective Problem Management in IT

Information technology (IT) is a broad field that encompasses anything related to computer technology. Teams that work in IT are there to support these technologies and the people who use them. What Is Problem Management? ITIL & Problem Management.

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An Introduction to Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply chain management (SCM) is the discipline that manages supplies and processes through all of the stages of a project, product or business deliverable. Getting through these various stages efficiently requires control—that’s where supply chain management comes in.

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Six Sigma: A Simple Guide for Project Managers

This is achieved via a set of quality management methods, which feature both empirical and statistical approaches. But it was when Jack Welch made it central to his business strategy at General Motors, about 10 years later, that it became popular in the broader business world.

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Compendium of Works to Increase Probability of Project Success

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Business, Technical, Systems, Risk, and Project Management Briefings and Presentations. Management Processes (#MP). Project Performance Management (#PPM). Agile Project Management (#APM). Risk Management (#RM). Strategy (#Strategy).

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IT Governance: Definitions, Frameworks and Planning

Information technology is prevalent in nearly every industry and organization across the globe. On top of it all, information technology is constantly evolving. If you ask the business world, IT governance is all about managing performance for efficiency.

The Ultimate Guide to Creative Project Management

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Whether you are working solo or managing a team, goals need planning, management, and execution. . Now when we understand the importance of project management. It helps you execute tasks successfully, handle nitty-gritty, and manage all the unexpected chaos.

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Why Use Project Management Software for IT Teams?

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Managing risks as and when they are encountered? Stakeholder Management. Change Management. Risk Management. Communications Management. So, let’s check why is it essential to use a project management software for IT teams and its key benefits.

How to Make a Disaster Recovery Plan

It enables the recovery and continuation of critical technology, infrastructure and systems. It focuses on the information and/or technology systems of supporting critical business continuity. Related: IT Risk Management Strategies & Best Practices.

Knowing the Role of Business: Chief Information Officer (CIO)


A Chief Information Officer (CIO) by definition is an executive job title commonly given to the person at an enterprise in charge of information technology (IT) strategy and the computer systems required to support an enterprise’s objectives and goals.

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Biases in Project Management and How to Remove Them

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There is always lots of complaining about the biases introduced into managing projects and making the estimates needed to make project decisions. When System One works it is because of memories and past experiences inform the decision.

Commonly Used Project Management Software For 9 Key Use Cases

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It can be difficult to figure out which project management software will fit your teams’ unique circumstances best. That’s why the majority of project managers (58%) use at least two different products. I have been using it to manage my work schedule of tasks and daily plan.

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Complete Collection of Project Management Statistics 2015


Need up-to-date facts and figures for a project management report, article, or infographic? Browse this collection of project management statistics collected from studies and reports from the past five years. Benefits of Project Management. —1A. Agile Project Management.

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Biases in Project Management and How to Remove Them

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There is always lots of complaining about the biases introduced into managing projects and making the estimates needed to make project decisions. Cognitive bias - a mistake in reasoning, evaluating, remembering, or other cognitive processes, often occurring as a result of holding onto one's preferences and beliefs regardless of contrary information. When System One works it is because of memories and past experiences inform the decision.

What It Takes to be a Project Portfolio Manager


. Did you wake up one morning and say to yourself, “I want to become a project portfolio manager!” We’ll dish out all the details on becoming a project portfolio manager, including examples of job descriptions and salary ranges. .

Integrated Change Control


Integrated change control (ICC) is the process of reviewing all change requests, approving changes, and managing changes to deliverables with documentation. It is the responsibility of the change manager to send out the CRs for discussion prior to the meetings.

Do You Actually Need a Project Management Certification?


You’ve probably heard about all sorts of project management certifications and wonder whether it’s worth having one. If some organization uses some project management framework, you need to get certified. If you want to manage projects better, certification won’t help you much. The most popular project management certifications. When it comes to project management, PMP is the most popular certification (and most widely recognized). project-management

No Pain, No Gain?


In the field of information technology (IT), most people think that performing financial analyses on new projects is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what you are doing. Turning Project Financial Analyses into a Painless Exercise. Introduction. “No

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Governance and Estimating

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A structural component that pertains to the organisation’s information technology activities, the way those activities support the goals of the business, and the people who help manage those activities. Information & Technology Balance Sheet - Balanced Scorecard, Zachman .

DDSTOP The Saga Continues

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There's been a rash of conjectures about all kinds of bad business, project, and software development (agile and traditional) management ideas of late. Define the risks - reducible and irreducible - to each Capability and their Features. What is the Value at Risk for your Project?

DDSTOP The Saga Continues

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There's been a rash of conjectures about all kinds of bad business, project, and software development (agile and traditional) management ideas of late. The moment you have little-to-no repeatability experts are at best useless, adaptability is a better survival strategy.

Without a Root Cause Analysis, No Suggested Fix Can Be Effective

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This is another example of Bad Management and Doing Stupid Things on Purpose. Information Technology Estimating Quality. Herding Cats: Project Management, Performance Measures, and Statistical Decision Making. IT Risk Management.

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The 40 Best Organizational Tools to Enhance Your Work


Trello is the most famous organizing tool of all when it comes to managing your work activities. One of the best organizational tools which you can use is an effective Project Management Software that will let you keep track of all of your activities in a central location. It uses different organizational strategies like Waterfall and Agile to tackle all of your issues. Email task management. Information technology. Change Management productivity

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DDSTOP The Saga Continues

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There's been a rash of conjectures about all kinds of bad business, project, and software development (agile and traditional) management ideas of late. They don't care about cost, risk, schedule, the probability that they'll get what they paid you for. Irreducible Schedule Risk.

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Principles of Project Success

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Plans are strategies. Strategies are Hypotheses. People, money, facilities, technology. A time phrased plan for their acquisition, deployment, management, and funding. . risk management is how adults manage projects - Tim Lister. This is the basis of managing projects. All risk comes from uncertainty. Information Technology Estimating Quality. Projects produce products, services, solutions.

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Concept of Operations

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The CONOPS facilitates a shared understanding of ideas, challenges, and issues on the possible solution strategies to the problem at hand , without addressing the technical solution or implementation. Johns Hopkins University's Whiting School of Engineering provides an approach to making the decision about what's in the ConOps and its format based on some Systems Engineering analysis of criteria: Program risks - reducible and irreducible uncertainties that create these risks.

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How the Fail Fast Approach Brings Innovative Solutions

Even though there are bad forms of failure such as workers or managers who are inattentive or lack competence, there are also positive types of failure such as experimenting and testing out new ideas that may ultimately fail. As the manager, be sure to offer plenty of feedback.

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The Urge to Strangle(The Strangler Pattern)

Leading Agile

Business agility means having the capability to “turn on a dime” at low cost and with low risk, to drive innovation, respond to market changes, and overcome the competition. Once a technology becomes part of the environment it tends to stay there, even after the shine wears off.

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Diversifying a City’s Economy by ‘Innovating Out’ From the Core


So, as we analyze what Calgary has built over the past few decades, let’s allow our past successes to inform both our strategy and tactics – so we aren’t building our technology ecosystem from scratch, but rather by leveraging the powerful and deep skills and assets in our energy sector. Managing complex, large-scale projects with substantial investments and risks. Building, deploying and managing information technology to support the above.

Real Options and Decision Making for ICT Projects

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Traditional methods of quantitative cost-benefit analysis, like Net Present Value (NPV) or Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), either ignore or cannot properly capture the needs of management for flexibility to adapt and revise later decisions based on the uncertainties found on all IT projects. Real Options the management the needed flexibility to take actions, in the presence of uncertainty, that itself emerges over time. IT Risk Management.

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