Knowing the Role of Business: Chief Information Officer (CIO)


The post Knowing the Role of Business: Chief Information Officer (CIO) appeared first on Entry Software Corporation. With the evolution of technology, this role has become more and more important in business, making the CIO's job ever more crucial. Learn more about their unique responsibilities and growing importance in modern business. IT Managers Leadership Project Management

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Best Online Project Information Management (PIM) data management for any system solutions


Best Online Project Information Management (PIM) data management for any system solutions Project Information Management (PIM) Project Information Management is focused on managing large volumes of information generated by a specific project.

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Software Review: Vizzlo [2018]

Girl's Guide to PM

General Information. How Software Reviews Happen. This is how the software review process normally goes for me. Software company: We’ve got a really cool product we’d like you to review. Software company: So will you review it?

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Software Review: Vizzlo [2016]

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General Information. How Software Reviews Happen. This is how the software review process normally goes for me. Software company: We’ve got a really cool product we’d like you to review. Software company: So will you review it? Software Review: iMindQ 4.1

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Software Review: ITM Platform [2017]

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I spent some time using this online project management software and here is my ITM Platform software review. You'll also like: Software Review: Roadmap Planner [2017] Roadmap Planner is a simple app designed for creating strategic plans. Better Collaboration Software

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Next Generation Project Management Software

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The project and portfolio management (PPM) software market is changing. In this article we look at emerging software in the PPM space and discuss how its selection and implementation needs to be done in line with an overarching digital strategy. Digitalization and Collaboration.

Teamdeck: Software Review [2018]

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General information. Cost: Free 14-day trial, then the Startup plan is free but limited to 6 members without basic resources (which are people who don’t need software access but you do want to be able to allocate them on resource calendars). Software houses delivering products or customising products for a client. These let you add extra information about the people you need to allocate, so you could use: Software experience. Be Productive Software

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Software Review: Roadmap Planner [2017]

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General Information. The software comes with templates so you don’t have to create from scratch unless you want to. I tried the software on my iPad and frankly it wasn’t that easy to create a nice looking roadmap using my fingers as input devices. Software

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Software Developers Don’t Need Permission or Forgiveness

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This one is for software developers. ” In particular, I’m thinking about the notion of keeping the software design clean at all times. Ron Jeffries has an article describing how fundamental refactoring is in the basic professional practice of a software developer.

Software Review: [2016]

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General information. Time to revisit the software and see what has changed. The company have also made huge improvements with software integration and as well as being compatible with the Microsoft suite and Google Apps they have also introduced integrations via Zapier.

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How to Surface The Right Lessons Learned with CornerThought Software

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I’m delighted to be partnering with CornerThought lessons learned software for this article. Lessons Learned Software To The Rescue. As regular readers may know, I review a lot of project management software tools. You can track all relevant actions in the software. How To Get Started [Software Review]

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This article, How To Get Started [Software Review] , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. Slenke has been around since 2015, but you might not have heard of this Canadian-built project management software tool. General Information. Software

How To Categorise Data in Project Management Software

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This article, How To Categorise Data in Project Management Software , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. An information taxonomy is simply a way to classify data. I struggle with this in the accounting software I use for my business.

The Best Meeting Minutes Transcription Software: An Independent Test and Review

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I was approached by the people at Reason8 to try their meeting transcription software, and together we decided the best test would be to do a market comparison and review similar tools. Enter… Meeting Minutes Transcription Software. Expect you and the software to get better over time.

Software Review: BusiBI Project Manager 2016 v5.7

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General Information. You don’t have to add all this information, but it took about a minute to do it for my project, so it isn’t difficult. The information is displayed to make it look like a ringbinder, and you flip the pages. Better Collaboration Software busibi

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The Anatomy of a Construction Request for Information (RFI) & RFI Best Practices

TrustRadius Project Management

A Request for Information (RFI) document is used to keep these projects moving in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. We’ll also explain how construction management software can be instrumental in streamlining the RFI process in your construction company.

AlchemyWorks: Software Review [2018]

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This article, AlchemyWorks: Software Review [2018] , first appeared on Girl's Guide to Project Management. General information. You’ll want to update the General tab here with information about the project. The Events tab lets users add activity that they have worked on, which feeds into time used, automatically takes time off existing estimates to reduce them and accumulates financial information for the project. Software

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Software Review: iMindQ 4.1 Online and Windows [2016]

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General Information. It’s going to be a useful addition to your set of project management software tools and you can get started for free with the web version to see if you like it. General Information Name: Project Viewer for Primavera Vendor: Seavus Hosting options: On premise only.

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What’s Worse Than Not Automating Your Software Delivery Pipeline?

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An unattended software delivery pipeline frees technical staff to spend more time on value-add activities rather than tediously performing repetitive tasks by hand, such as. They asked a software developer what it would take, and he estimated something like 20,000 pounds over several months.

A PM’s Guide to Agile Software Development

Project Bliss

Everybody’s talking about agile software development these days: project managers, software developers, IT directors, small startups and big corporations. What is Agile Software Development? Agile teams prioritize collaboration, adaptability and working software.

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10 Must-Haves for Creative Project Management Software


But with several client projects running simultaneously, the amount of emails they had to dig through for important information was daunting. But what should your creative firm be looking for in a project management software? What to Look For in Creative Project Management Software.

Automate Open Source Code Management with the #1 Software Composition Analysis Tool In WhiteSource

Brad Egeland

The truth is – open source security and proprietary code security are two very different animals – and need to be treated as such throughout the software development lifecycle. WhiteSource is the leader in open source security and license compliance management on the market.

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Online Collaboration Software


Online collaboration software is gaining wide acceptance. The collaboration market is one of the fastest growing markets in the software industry. Elements of good online collaboration software. A good online collaboration software creates an effective virtual office.

Software Development Life Cycle and Project Management

PM Basics

Software Development Life Cycle is on every job description for a Project Manager. Everyone wants you to know how to develop software applications. When I googled “software development life cycle definition” I found different variants. Phases in Software Development.

The Best Time Tracking Software of 2018

Paymo App

If you’re here, it means that you’re looking for time tracking software that you will use yourself or with your team. Paymo is a project management and time tracking software that supports management professionals and freelancers deliver projects throughout their whole lifecycle.

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Project Management Software for startups


If you are a startup in the market to purchase online project management software , you are probably overwhelmed by the range of choices. In fact, there is no clear way to define Project Management Software for startups. Features needed in project management software for startups.

Project manager software benefits

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To accomplish this you need to rely on your team but also on your project manager software. If you didn’t use a dedicated software to help you manage your projects, or if you’re looking to change the one you’re using now, before you proceed you have to clearly understand the benefits it has to offer. A dedicated software for project managers allows you to manage the project from the very beginning until its completion.

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FileHold Document Management Software with Workflow and Approval

Brad Egeland

Some Comparisons to Sharepoint ​ Document management Software (DMS) doesn't seem like something you would need to give a lot of thought to from a project management standpoint. To learn more I connected with Russ Beinder the CTO, of FileHold Software to examine FileHold's capabilities and uncover how it compares to and differs from SharePoint in certain capacities.

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Reflection and Takeaways on Agility from the SMC-IT 2018 Space Mission Design conference

The IIL Blog

The 6th International Conference on Space Mission Challenges for Information Technology, held in Alcala de Henares, Spain, brought together scientists, engineers, and researchers from NASA, the European Space Agency, universities and industry.

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Your Crash Course on PPM Software

There is no magic cure to fix these issues overnight, but there is somewhat a solution to make jobs easier and create balance in the system: these are the PPM Software. What You Need to Know About PPM Software. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software warrants managers in charge to deal with advanced project endeavors easier. Additionally, PPM software enables teams or staff to collaborate or share ideas, as well as create comprehensively organized schedules.

Preparing to Take On a Business Process Management Software


BPM uses technology tools , specifically automation software, to visually depict — or model — the flow of work and information in your company. Finally, BPM software can help you monitor processes so improvements can be made. Were they happy with the software and the service?

Software Intensive System of Systems

Herding Cats

The domain I work in is categorized as Software Intensive System of Systems (SISoS). The development of the software and sometimes the development of the hardware is done in an agile manner, using one of several Agile development methods - SAFe, Scrum for example.

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InLoox is Officially One of the 20 Most User-Friendly Project Management Software!


About Capterra Capterra is the leading online resource for business software buyers. Founded in 1999, Capterra features validated user reviews and independent research across hundreds of software categories. Each month, Capterra helps more than three million buyers find the right software. For more information, visit Methodology Capterra tested the InLoox software in terms of usability, customer service and reviews.

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Software Economics

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Here's some thoughts on the economics of software development using other people's money, after 3 weeks of working a proposal for a major software intensive system of systems using Agile. The developers are certainly closed to the work and have the information needed to best contribute to the estimate. Knowing the cost of a product or service produced is a fundamental piece of information needed by the business if they intend to stay in business.

The Beginner’s Guide to Using Project Planning Software

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It is done either on paper or using a project planning software for more complex projects (commonly part of a project management software ), being usually led by a project manager. How to plan a project from start to finish using project planning software.

Software Intensive System of Systems

Herding Cats

The domain I work in is categorized as Software Intensive System of Systems (SISoS). The development of the software and sometimes the development of the hardware is done in an agile manner, using one of several Agile development methods - SAFe, Scrum for example.

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Why You Need to Project Portfolio Management Software Right Now ?

Software tools and metrics play a big role in improving a project. Speaking of software, there are thousands of them cropping up in the market, catering to various needs of an organization. Some software falls into one spectrum and they focus on organizations that have similar needs or issues. This applies to project portfolio management software. It is also treated as a software that multi-tasks overtime.

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Expert Roundup: The Good And The Bad Of Project Management Software

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Complex projects that involve a large number of resources, people, and processes could use a handy friend: project management software. If you’re not using PM software yet or you’re thinking of changing the one you’ve worked with so far, note that there are some factors to examine.

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15 Teamwork Software Alternatives for Project Management


Doing project management without using the proper software tools has become nearly impossible, especially over the last few years. Here are fifteen project management options to look at before committing to the Teamweek software. Choosing the Right Teamwork Software Alternative.

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Having a Definition of Ready: Harmful or Helpful?

Leading Agile

Most of the practices associated with “agile” software development, and especially those associated with the Scrum framework, are in the nature of Forrest Gump’s braces. Coding Software Craftsmanship Software Developer Software Development Software Testing

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Task Management for Those Who Take it Seriously – How to Organize and Prioritize Tasks Using Task Management Software

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If you’re really serious about your work, you might already be looking for more effective ways of organizing your task management process and you probably tried some task management software. Task Management Software & Tools. Types of Task Management Software & Tools.

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Assume a Spherical Cow

Leading Agile

My informal use of the term “provably-correct” triggered a number of responses from readers. When they talk about the “correctness” of software, they’re talking about two different things.

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G2 Crowd's Top 20 Project Management Software Solutions


Finding the right project management software for your projects and business needs can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Project management software can greatly assist project managers, teams, stakeholders, and companies in their quest to more effectively plan, streamline processes, manage documentation, reduce costs, address governance issues, and communicate with stakeholders. Mavenlink is a software platform for the modern services organization.