The Continuous Innovation Framework (COIN)

Henny Portman

The Continuous Innovation Framework (COIN) is designed to help large organizations to successfully and continuously develop, scale, and embed innovations and thus create a continuous Return on Innovation. Capture innovative ideas from internal and external sources?

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Incubating Innovation

Leading Answers

If success goes to those who can innovate the fastest, how do we nurture innovation? To innovate faster than our competitors, we need to maximize our learning potential. It sounds a difficult balancing act, but approaches such as design thinking, lean startup and agile provide stewardship models for development with inbuilt experimentation, observation and learning. Yet when searching for an innovative solution, we want all these extra brain circuits engaged.


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Lean Portfolio Management Operations: An Agile Approach


This blog is part of a series on Lean portfolio management for the enterprise. If you haven’t already, we recommend reading: Part 1: What is Lean Portfolio Management? Part 2: Lean Portfolio Management: Lean Budgets and Investment Funding. In the first two installments of this series, we talked about the key elements of Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) and how funding practices must adapt to better support LPM initiatives. Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE).

Lean 67

What Puts Manufacturing Teams Ahead: Lean Six Sigma


There are always common themes that come up at these conferences, but these days it seems that you can’t turn around without getting smacked in the face by Lean Six Sigma. Lean Six Sigma has been growing up for quite a while now. Before we go any further, allow me to make a confession: I believe that Lean Six Sigma is the dharma path for much of manufacturing. Quality is quality, and Lean Six Sigma can push yours higher. Why Lean Six Sigma Now?

Design Hacks for Non-Designers: Ask Expert Laura Klein

Speaker: Laura Klein, Principal at Users Know and Author of UX for Lean Startups

We all have to make quick decisions about product interfaces, and there's not always a designer around when you need one. That doesn't mean that you're doomed to failure, though. Learn a few really common user experience design mistakes and how to avoid making them. Join UX designer and product management expert Laura Klein for a no-holds-barred Ask Me Anything session on UX design. Laura—principal of Users Know and author of Build Better Products and UX for Lean Startups—has over 20 years of experience helping companies innovate responsibly and improve their product development processes.

Webinar Recap: How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Tad Haas’ How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. Kyle: Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s MPUG webinar, How Innovation & Portfolio Management Office Underpins Corporate Success. Tad: The conversation today is built off a white paper called Innovation and Portfolio Management Office.

Route to Enterprise Scale Agility


I caught up with Kanban pioneer David Anderson on the sidelines of Lean Kanban Central Europe and Lean Kanban India last year and asked him about his thoughts. There are several agile methods and variants, and most organizations experiment with a few, often supported by specialized advice and guiding tools. While Scrum is probably most prevalent in IT, Kanban and Lean are significant too. But evidence is strong that better results come from training and tools.

2017 84

The Difference Between The Kanban Method and Scrum


Dave is a Principal Consultant at Depth Consulting Ltd, and Program Director of the KCP Program at the Lean Kanban University. The Kanban Method pulls a great deal of its values from a Lean value system. There isn’t really a “Lean Manifesto” but the works of Taiichi Ono and W. Edward Deming contribute to a common understanding of what it means to be a lean thinker. Scrum’s Sprint duration is a great innovation over the traditional approach to managing work.


Review 10X Growth Machine

Henny Portman

The 10X Growth Machine – How companies can innovate, scale and win , written by Misha de Sterke, is a book to build your own growth machine by using innovation as a means. It offers a very detailed description of a battle-tested methodology with a framework, a canvas, seven models and eleven tools. Growth governance : Lean innovation process and venture boards, growth policy playbook, and growth accounting. All models and tools are explained in great detail.

2020 46

Where Did All the Project Managers Go?

Leading Answers

As organizations realize their software systems provide the competitive advantage then stopping development equates to an end to innovation or competing. The goals (satisfied stakeholders and value delivery) will remain the same but the tools, titles and processes employed will be vastly different.   New Tools and Approaches. It is an exciting time for life-long learners willing to acquire new tools and approaches.

2018 103

Shifting from Projects to a Product-Centric Approach


Customer demands are not static; they change as technology evolves and accelerate the pace of innovation. Product and program approaches, lean-agile delivery models, and lean portfolio management require a change to the way initiatives are funded, evolving from the upfront funding of an entire project. Together, PMOs, finance, and business leaders can ensure the organization is allocating funding responsibly to drive the agility and innovation to achieve strategic objectives.

2022 91

Roadmapping: An Essential Planning Practice to Deliver Outcomes


You should be able to continually assess portfolio priorities against capacity to determine which combination best advances the company’s growth, innovation, or transformational goals; and make investment decisions in the context of the overall portfolio of investment. Release planning provides the tools to help you take and maintain control of the launch process. Lean and Agile PMO

2019 92

Where Did All the Project Managers Go?

Leading Answers

As organizations realize their software systems provide the competitive advantage then stopping development equates to an end to innovation or competing. The goals (satisfied stakeholders and value delivery) will remain the same but the tools, titles and processes employed will be vastly different.   New Tools and Approaches. It is an exciting time for life-long learners willing to acquire new tools and approaches.

33 Selected Blogs about Innovation, Project Management and 2.0: Vote for the Best!


I’ve assembled a list of blogs that give me substantial food for thought when I write on innovations in project management. Elizabeth Harrin blogs about everything connected with project management: events, books, tools, real-life war stories, you name it. a site where you can find the answers to all your questions about agile management, agile software development, agile planning and agile-related methodologies, such as Scrum, eXtreme Programming and Lean.

2009 28

33 Selected Blogs Update: 11 More Blogs for Project Management Innovators


So in this post, I’d like to add another 11 blogs for project management innovators to my initial collection. , written by Ron Holohan, is a great resource for the latest news on project management tools, tips, methodologies, etc. I’m Not Actually a Geek is a blog written by Hutch Carpenter, a well-known evangelist of innovation and Enterprise 2.0. If you feel that there’s a need for change, this blog will help you start your innovation journey.

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Six Sigma: A Simple Guide for Project Managers

There has been some backlash against Six Sigma over the recent years, some of which is warranted and will be discussed, but overall the process proves a valuable tool in reducing defects in product manufacturing, especially when paired with Agile thinking, lean manufacturing and capable project management tools. The core tool to the Six Sigma approach is the DMAIC roadmap, which is a more scientific method for project development. Lean Six Sigma.

2018 328

The Disciplined Agile Mindset

International Institute for Learning

The DA tool kit supplies straightforward guidance to help you, your team, and your enterprise increase your effectiveness. The DA tool kit shows you how to apply and evolve your way of working (WoW) in a context-sensitive manner with this people-first, learning-oriented hybrid agile approach. In this blog I describe the mindset behind PMI’s Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit, overviewed in Figure 1. Diversity is critical to a team’s success because it enables greater innovation.

Agile 71

Business Agility: What Is It & Why Is It Important?

Taking the agile framework and applying it to business agility creates a tool that can serve business of all sizes and types. At the center of any business agility framework is innovation. All this is leading to your innovation hub , which are the people who execute the plan and are responsible for its success. This is founded on a lean execution that responds immediately to feedback without sacrificing quality. Businesses love nothing more than stability.

2019 294

Free project management certifications

Moira Alexander

Evidence-Based Project Management - a self-paced course that covers which project management strategies, tools and techniques are most effective by analyzing evidence-based research. Project Management Life Cycle - a course on how to apply project management tools, processes, and techniques for the successful execution of a project from initiation to closing.

Develop Better High Performing Teams

It’s not solely about the decisions of executives though, it’s also about great project leaders learning to run fast and lean while developing high performing teams that can deliver value to their organization. Let’s review the impact of high performing teams, highlight their principles, behaviors and competencies and share strategies from influential voices in our community on how to thrive in lean times.

2019 283

The 18 Most Influential People in Project Management

Thought leaders in project management have strong social media followings, are published authors, and are working as leaders for innovative companies and enterprises in the project management industry. She has written five books on project management including Communicating Change, Collaboration Tools for Project Managers, Handbook of People in Project Management, Shortcuts to Success: Project Management in the Real World and Customer-Centric Project Management.

2019 329

Enterprise Agility in Financial Services: Learnings from the 2019 Planview Horizons Customer Conference


Senior leaders provide space to innovate, but not how. Teams work closely with customers, both internal and external, to identify the root of problems and innovate to solve them. There are many ways to determine whether a team is increasing its ability to innovate with agility and speed: Strategic importance. Teams are now empowered to use Lean and Agile methodologies and enterprise Kanban to continuously improve their unique workflows.

Lean 70

A PM’s Guide to Agile Software Development

Project Bliss

Continuous innovation and improvement are regular practices. They identified the following 4 values promoted in Agile software development: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Innovation happens quickly these days, and teams need to be able to adjust. Lean software development was originally developed by Mary and Tom Poppendieck, in their book Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit. She lists the following seven lean principles: 1.

2017 167

The Perfect Storm for The Project Economy

Leading Answers

Eric Ries documented his lean startup methodology in 2008 as a way for organizations to adapt and experiment with new ideas and perform market tests. As more people get connected and information becomes more freely available, innovation accelerates in a virtuous cycle.

2020 78

Top 20 Project Management Methodologies & their Scions: Which One You Should Choose & Why?


Kanban focuses on lean principles and applies strict processes to increase efficiency. Just like Six Sigma and Kanban, lean project management methodology focuses on streamlining the business process, delivering value and eliminates wastage. With lean project management, you can reduce overall costs and increases customer satisfaction. There are five key principles of lean project management: Specify value.

Top 20 Project Management Methodologies & their Scions: Which One You Should Choose & Why?


This methodology focuses on lean principles and applies strict processes to increase efficiency. Just like Six Sigma and Kanban, lean project management methodology focuses on streamlining the business process, delivering value and eliminates wastage. With lean project management, you can reduce overall costs and increases customer satisfaction. There are five key principles of lean project management: Specify value.

Next Generation Project Management Software

Girl's Guide to PM

First, let’s look at the plethora of tools available to PPM practitioners. Finding A Tool. Big change driven by digitalisation is prompting PPM leaders to rethink their approaches to IT PPM, including the tools they use to support them,” reports Gartner. Project management practitioners are looking for new lean and agile project management tools to support their day-to-day work and often seek them outside the tools that their organisations offer them.

2016 299

How to Eliminate Red Tape in an Organization

Fortunately, there are ways to create a more efficient process by decreasing the number of sign-offs when possible by establishing metrics, thresholds and using tools. Hindrance to innovation. This can be by first looking over the process you’re using and deciding on which side of the scale you’re more heavily leaning. And there are always tools that can be implemented to become more efficient. It’s hindrance to innovation because of bogging things down.

2019 218

How To Make 2019 A Successful Year for Your Projects

Girl's Guide to PM

This may be by adopting a new tool or approach, learning some new skills in listening, influence, or negotiation, or maybe simply allocating more time to it. XP, scrum, lean, etc.) I think 2019 will continue to focus on business success metrics and less about scope, schedule and budget, but I see 2019 being a year of tools, tools, and more tools. Second, the use of lean and agile tools and methodologies beyond IT, software and manufacturing.

2019 270

Healthcare PMO: BCBS Roundtable Exchanges Thought Provoking Ideas


These include realizing Agile-at-scale, embracing the changing world of work, and creating an innovation culture. Then there is the pressure to innovate and deliver the right products and services to BCBS members quickly. A representative from Blue Cross and Blue Shield North Carolina (BCBS NC), the largest insurer in the state, put these challenges into perspective: “You have to be innovative to help drive change in healthcare. It’s a great tool and we are grateful for it.

7 Employee Engagement Ideas to Improve Office Culture

The race to acquire top talent across industries further intensifies as the business world becomes more complex and intricate, and unique companies continue to create innovative and ground-breaking products. The right tactics, work management tools and techniques are determined by the company’s culture, which flows downhill to the work employees do from day to day. is the perfect tool for the occasion.

2019 304

The Right Way to Think About Cost Savings with Agile

Leading Agile

In its simplest form, like why shouldn’t you think about Agile as a cost-savings tool? Well, the problem is with thinking about Agile as a cost-savings tool, is that most of the organizations that we walk into are are legitimately 10 X over subscribed.

2020 95

The World of Work is Changing—Here’s How You Can Embrace It


Using tools like Kanban boards helps team members map out work which allows great visibility to work status. Lean-Agile Delivery : Process-driven work is flowed in for teams to execute on by leveraging lean and agile methods allow these teams to test and deliver more frequently and establish a continuous feedback loop increasing speed time-to-value. With FLEX you can: Ensure the right people are working on the right initiatives with purpose-built tools.

Lean 60

Pulse of the Profession 2018: The Project Manager of the Future


Innovator: acts as product owner and developer. Versatile Manager: has experience with various approaches—waterfall, Scrum, agile, lean, design thinking etc. The constantly changing technical landscape— from social media, to web-based tools, to learning management systems—will present tremendous opportunities for exploration and experimentation. Innovations in learning will continue to make it possible for the new worker to learn anything, anytime, and anywhere.

2018 148

How to Write a Business Case

In fact, in some lean or agile organizations, over-reliance on documentation is seen as a clear impediment to innovation and collaboration. And if you need a tool that can help you manage and track this process, then sign up for our software now at A business case is the way you prove to your client, customer or stakeholder that the product you’re pitching is a sound investment. Below, we illustrate the steps to writing one that will sway them.

2019 281

The First 3 Steps to Enacting Meaningful Change


The hard truth is this: Complacency is the antithesis of innovation. Lean on Those That Have Perfected the Art. Check out your local app exchange, review sites , or other business blogs for their insights on helpful tools.

2020 94

Project Portfolio Management Works for More Than Just IT


Corporate Portfolio Management should be used for any area where discretionary expenditures and hence investments are occurring including advertising & promotion, innovation/R&D, operations, sales, IT, capital expenditures, etc.” It makes sense to keep things simple from the start, so I’ll briefly share the basics of the Lean PPM method many of our customers have found helpful. Once that is done, you can start the Lean PPM process.

Top Project Management Conferences in 2020

Epicflow Blog

February 21–22, Paris — International Conference on Lean Six Sigma and Project Management is another event from the International Research Conference organization aiming to connect scientists from all over the world to consider Lean Six Sigma and PM challenges and suggest brand-new solutions and ideas. November 18-19, Paris — 4th Open Innovation Summit is organized to bring together experts from all over the world to exchange ideas and experience in the field of OI.

2020 48

10 Best Project Management Quotes

Few professions involve so many management tools , terms and different skills. You can be an expert at the textbook definition of a dozen methodologies, or an intuitive leader who manages from the gut, but if you lean too heavily on one or the other, you’re never going to fully realize your potential. Even if such top-down authority is adhered to, it will crush any creative thinking and innovation. It’s easy to forget that Henry Ford was a great innovator.

2018 262

Project Management Methodologies 101: The What, Why, How, & Types Explained

ProProfs Project Management

The Agile project management methodology emerged in 2001, and it is still fast catching up and proving to be a vital tool in the arsenal of most modern project managers. According to Kimberly McAdams, a Six Sigma Master Black Belt: “Six Sigma is a methodology that uses a set of tools that help us measure what we do and then improve what we do. Lean Six Sigma. One of the new, upcoming project management methodologies is lean six sigma. .