Can the Words “Innovation” and “Project Management” Be Used In The Same Sentence?

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Companies are recognizing that brand loyalty accompanied by a higher level of quality does not always equate to customer retention unless supported by some innovations. According to management guru Peter Drucker, there are only two sources for growth: marketing and innovation [Drucker, 2008]. Innovation is often viewed as the Holy Grail of business and the primary driver for growth. The question, of course, is “How do we manage innovation needs?”.

What Is the Role & Responsibilities of a SAFe® Scrum Master?


In SAFe, the Scrum Master is not just a Scrum Master. So, by default, it implies that Scrum Master in SAFe needs to have more tools in the toolkit beyond just Scrum. . So, the SAFe Scrum Masters also plays a vital role to serve in the different layers of the organization.

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Why Are Daily Scrum Meetings Important for Successful Project Management?


The Scrum meeting is an essential part of every project’s management, especially one following Agile methodology. To take full advantage of the benefits of daily Scrum meetings, companies need to believe in empiricism and create an integral framework for implementation. Listed below are many benefits of implementing daily Scrum meetings for successful teams, organizations, individuals, products, and services. Reduced Risk. So, plan for that daily Scrum meeting!


Scrum Guide for Leaders - Supporting the Scrum accountabilities/roles

We started the Scrum Guide for Leaders series with a discussion of what Scrum means for you as a Leader. Next, we discussed the conditions where Scrum's Empiricism, Self-Management, and Continuous Improvement can thrive. Next, We are turning to the Scrum accountabilities/roles.

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Managing risk

Often I hear people say that Scrum does not take care of risk: there is no risk log, risk is not on the agenda of the Sprint Review or Retrospective as a standard agenda-item. That's a risk right there! How is risk managed in Scrum? Scrum is all about risk management. Ken Schwaber talks a little bit about it in this short video: Risk is personal. First let's think about what risk actually means. Different types of risks.

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Risk-aware Product Development (a.k.a. Scrum)

"There's no predictability/commitment in Agile/Scrum". They are either already victims of "Bad Scrum" or are basing their concerns off of a lot of "Bad Scrum" going on out there. It is such a shame though because in reality Agile product development using Scrum actually maximizes the predictability you can have in your environment. Why didn't I just say "Agile/Scrum provides great predictability" and get it over with? The Risk Burndown Exercise.

The Scrum Guide - A Leader’s Perspective

Scrum - The Leader’s Perspective. If you’re leading Scrum Teams or generally are a leader in an organization that’s leveraging Scrum? Are you feeling a bit left out after reading the Scrum Guide ? In this series of blogs, we’ll talk about leadership outside the Scrum Team.

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My Top Ten Worst Scrum Anti-Patterns

TL; DR: My Top Ten Worst Scrum Anti-Patterns. I recently was invited to a Webinar, and I picked a topic close to my heart: the worst Scrum anti-patterns. So, without further delay, here are my top ten of the meanest, baddest Scrum anti-patterns I have experienced. ??

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A Compendium of Risk Management Resources

Herding Cats

This blog page is dedicated to the resources used to manage the risk encountered on software-intensive systems using traditional and agile development methods. Let's start with a critical understanding of the purpose of managing risk on software development projects. Risk Management is essential for development and production programs. Effective Risk Management 2nd Edition, Edmund Conrow, AIAA, 2003. Risk a Feelings,” George F. Hammonds, Risk Analysis 14.5

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The Difference Between The Kanban Method and Scrum


A question that I often get while speaking with people is: What is the difference between Kanban and Scrum? Scrum. Scrum is primarily influenced by the Agile Manifesto which describes the “Agile” value system. Incremental delivery of software also mitigates risk and maximizes the opportunity to learn from a business, process, and technical perspective. Scrum strives to “protect” the development team from the influences of “traditional” project management tactics.

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How I Got Fired As A Scrum Master

Being a Scrum Master can be tough. This is something we always have to be conscious of as a Scrum Master. All of us who become Scrum Masters have to be aware of the tight rope that we walk and decide how much risk we are willing to take. Being a Scrum Master is hard!

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Overview and Key Themes of IIL’s 2021 Agile & Scrum Online Conference

International Institute for Learning

IIL’s 6th annual Agile and Scrum Online Conference: Co-Create for Greater Value opens on June 3, 2021. Agile and Scrum concepts are about everyone on a team coming together, and being empowered to work towards an end goal, with a customer-first mindset.

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Use Scrum to Say Goodbye to Risk in Hardware Development

Companies who build hardware often ask if it’s possible to benefit from Scrum. In order to answer this question, I need to first introduce you to my friend Risk. Risk is a terrible friend. Risk likes to keep information about the future from me and show up when I least expect. Risk has a very long career history in product development. I’m guessing you know Risk too. Risk believes he’s funny. But remember our mutual friend Risk?

Grow a culture of innovation and learning with frequent Developer Huddles

Without skilled developers, the Scrum Framework is no more than lipstick on a pig. But it's also necessary if you want to reduce the inherent risk of the complex work that is product development. Having to create?—?and and hopefully deploy?—?new

32 Scrum Stakeholder Anti-Patterns

TL; DR: Scrum Stakeholder Anti-Patterns. Learn how individual incentives and outdated organizational structures — fostering personal agendas and local optimization efforts — manifest themselves in Scrum stakeholder anti-patterns which easily can impede any agile transition.

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The Frustrated Scrum Master — When all the Effort Leads Nowhere

There are plenty of failure possibilities with Scrum. Given that Scrum is a framework with a reasonable yet short “manual,” this effect should not surprise anyone. One failure symptom of a botched agile transformation is the frustrated Scrum Master. Source : Scrum Guide 2020.

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Why Scrum Requires a Failure Culture — Making Your Scrum Work #10

TL; DR: Scrum Failure Culture: A Requirement to Be Successful. There are plenty of failure possibilities with Scrum. Given that Scrum is a framework with a reasonable yet short “manual,” this effect should not surprise anyone. Scrum Failure Culture — Conclusion.

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71 Scrum Product Owner Interview Questions

They are derived from my fourteen years of practical experience with XP and Scrum, serving both as Product Owner and Scrum Master and interviewing dozens of Product Owner candidates on behalf of my clients. Scrum is not a methodology but a framework.

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The Secret to Finding a Job as a New Scrum Master

Agile Advice

It appears to me there are more jobs available for Scrum Masters than ever before! And for those eager to work in Scrum teams, the answer is also predictable. Having taught Scrum to more than 2000 people, I have ongoing dialogue with many former students who are struggling to find opportunities to serve Agile teams and gain experience as a Scrum Master. I opened my inbox today to a question from a former student of my Scrum class. Scrum is one of those.)

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Peer Recruiting: How to Hire a Scrum Master

Instead, they will reorganize themselves around autonomous teams to deal with the complexity and pace of innovation of the 21st century. The following guide to peer recruiting is based on my experience in participating in recruiting Scrum Team members over the last ten years.

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Recap: International Project Management Day 2018

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KEYNOTE: Innovation Project Management. Dr. Harold Kerzner (Senior Executive Director, IIL) first introduces his audience to innovation. Be aware that cost reduction measures are a short-term solution, whereas innovation aims at future profits. The outputs of innovation are products and services, new business models. Peter Drucker stated that only marketing and innovation drive growth. Creativity and innovation. By Henk-Jan van der Klis ( @hjvanderklis ).

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Reflection and Takeaways on Agility from the SMC-IT 2018 Space Mission Design conference

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Case studies on how agile methodologies have been applied to mission planning and how scrum has been used in spacecraft construction were discussed, as well as topics such as developing and delivering software, reliability and reuse of software, onboard processing, and communication. Representing Scrum, Inc. Want to expand your agile & scrum knowledge? Check out our 3rd annual Agile & Scrum Conference here.

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Three Essential Agile Failure Patterns in 7:31 Minutes—Making Your Scrum Work #12

There are plenty of failure possibilities with Scrum. Given that Scrum is a framework with a reasonable yet short “manual,” this effect should not surprise anyone. Join Stefan in one of his upcoming Professional Scrum training classes ! Making Your Scrum Work #4.

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Is Scrum hurting your agility?

By now, most organisations are using Scrum, however, many of them feel like the agility of their organisation has degraded, and they might be right! Often, using Scrum starts out as a way to improve development efforts coordinated within an IT division or department, but that is not the most effective organization structure to potentially get maximum benefit from Scrum. Whereas low agility Scrum might actually hurt your agility. Case Study: UX in Scrum.

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The Newbie Guide To Agile Project Management


Agile project management with Kanban and Scrum Now that we have looked at what Agile project management is, it’s time to discuss how Agile teams work. Scrum and Kanban. Scrum agile project management Scrum represents the Agile principles best?—?it When to use Scrum and Kanban We at HelpCrunch are great Agile enthusiasts as it allows our team to move very fast. We started with Kanban and later switched to Scrum along with our core development team.

Contextless Scrum: a principles or rules driven framework?

have been doing Scrum trainings for a long time. During the last years, I have stressed even more the importance of understanding the nature and purpose of the Scrum Framework just at the begginning of the classes. Most of us know that Scrum is oftenly understood in the IT industry as a process-oriented framework and that is one of the original sins that spoils the goal of obtaining what it was designed for, helping people to address complex problems.

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Webinar Recap: How to Run Scrum Projects with Project for the Web


Please find below a transcription of the audio portion of Nenad Trajkovski’s How to Run Scrum Projects with Project for the Web webinar being provided by MPUG for the convenience of our members. Nenad: But for the lightweight Scrum Projects, you can still use Microsoft Project for the Web.

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Epic Fail - Why Product Backlog Refinement is Essential for Scrum Teams?

Part 1 intends to focus on the Scrum Team, Part 2 will be released shortly after our Webinar on April 29th and will focus on the “Epic” challenges agile leaders are facing. Product Backlog is not an event in Scrum, but has its place in the Scrum Guide and therefore the Scrum Framework. Because Scrum is a framework and not prescriptive, Scrum Teams will decide when and how they refine the content of the Product Backlog.

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Quo Vadis, Scrum Master: The Results of Our Virtual Strategy Session

TL; DR: Results of a Virtual Strategy Session for Scrum Masters Regarding Remote Work. They identified robust and hedging strategies for Scrum Masters and agile coaches regarding the challenges of remote work and distributed agile teams. Liberating Structures for Scrum (5): Strategy.

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Dr. Harold Kerzner’s Project Management Predictions for 2020

International Institute for Learning

Strategic projects (such as those involving innovation, R&D and entrepreneurship) may require different skills, a greater understanding of risk management (especially business risk management), and the use business metrics in addition to the traditional time, cost and scope metrics.

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What Is Rolling Wave Planning?

Other project managers prefer a more iterative process, like scrum. When you need to manage risk, rolling wave planning is set up to let you pivot as needed if any of those risks become issues. Sometimes the whole picture isn’t clear when you’re planning a project.

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Using Scrum to Help with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - Part Two

Settle in, make yourself a brew and enjoy learning from people who actually live scrum day in day out. . This second post in the ‘Agile ADHD’ series from me, Sally Waters, and my husband Francis, is all about the details of how we implement Scrum at home. Nothing helped with this until we tried Scrum. If you’ve ended up here as someone who perhaps has ADHD but knows nothing about what ‘Scrum’ is, you can get a quick idea from this summary.

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Scrum Mastery: 5 Steps to Grow a Strong Team Identity

This is the second in a series of posts exploring Scrum Mastery. In our first post, we introduced the 4 dimensions of Scrum Mastery. Scrum requires self-organizing, cross-functional, collaborative teams. The success of Scrum hinges on the strength of a team. They are willing to take smart risks. #4 This enables creativity and innovation. This could show up as higher quality, better solutions, greater learning, and more innovation.

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Misunderstanding Making Decisions in the Presence of Uncertainty

Herding Cats

The risk is created when we have not accounted for this natural variances in our management plan for the project. Dealing with Aleatory (irreducible) uncertainty and the resulting risk requires we have margin. An aleatory risk is expressed as a relation to a value. Epistemic uncertainty can also occur when there is a subjective evaluation of the system - a risk from a rare event or an event with little or no empirical data. One starting point is the value at risk.

Comprehensive Guide to Becoming A SAFe Agilist


Some of the responsibilities of a SAFe agilist include fixation of schedules, timely increment in systems, applying the synchronization, adoption of Agile and SAFe core values, face-to-face planning, innovation, and planning. Creation of innovative solutions.

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What’s The Future of Project Management? (2020)

Girl's Guide to PM

But there does seem to be a trend in accepting that agile approaches like Scrum can fit within a hybrid framework. I don’t know yet what this would look like in a project setting beyond the innovations we are seeing in AI, particularly in the PMO.

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How much technical knowledge should a Product Owner possess?

Kiron Bondale

In an earlier article I’d written about the pros and cons of a Scrum Master or agile lead having deep technical expertise in the solution space but what about a Product Owner (PO)? In the absence of this knowledge, team members might find themselves spending greater effort in helping the PO understand why certain technical work items are time sensitive from either a risk management, dependency or technical debt reduction perspective.

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What’s the Most Important Job of a Project Manager?


Building the plan is not a project manager’s most important job— especially for projects that need to innovate among a lot of uncertainties. If innovation is required to be successful, the most important job of a PM is to nurture an environment where the team can innovate. Here’s a closer look at what project managers need to do to keep innovation thriving. This creates stress on the stakeholders and the team, leading to a future of risk aversion.

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2022 Online and In-Person Events for Project/Resource Managers and Industry Professionals

Epicflow Blog

April 6 — The Hottest Innovations in Talent Management aims to provide those engaged in talent management with recent innovations on the following topics: compensation and incentives, technologies and compliance, managing performance of an organization, department or employees, and more. .

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Agile Project Management: Requirements, Planning and Tracking


Scrum ?—?a Some teams using Agile have daily scrums, but you don’t necessarily need to do this. Embrace Risk Agile can be a more risky method than waterfall, but it also has more benefits. If you’re particularly risk-averse, it might not work for you.

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