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Lean Construction Principles & Best Practices

From the world of manufacturing comes an approach called lean construction. But lean manufacturing and lean construction are two different things. Let’s explore lean construction, defining what it is and its key principles. What Is Lean Construction? ProjectManager has Gantt charts to manage your lean construction.

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What Is Lean Portfolio Management? A Quick Guide

There are many ways to do this and one of which is lean portfolio management. Let’s first define lean portfolio management and then delve into how it works. We’ll also explain when to use lean portfolio management and how project management software can help you manage your portfolios better. Learn more.

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What Is Lean Project Management?

This is commonly called lean project management. What Is Lean Project Management? Lean project management focuses on delivering a manufacturing project with more value and less waste. It does this by systematically eliminating waste in the value stream of the lean manufacturing process. The Definition of a Lean Project.

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Lean Startup and Scrum

I remember the first time I heard about Lean Startup. A member of the audience asked, “What do you think about Lean Startup?”. Honestly, I had not heard of Lean Startup. After the conference, I bought Eric Ries’s book - Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses.

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The 5 Lean Principles: Definitions & How to Use Them

Lean management originated in Japan, where it grew out of the Toyota Production System. This led to lean manufacturing, but today lean is used in more industries, such as project management, software development, construction and more. Lean principles come from the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI), where founders James P.

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Janna Bastow: Lean Roadmapping and OKRs

TL; DR: HoA #42: Lean Roadmapping and OKRs w/ Janna Bastow. In this energizing 42nd Hands-on Agile session on Lean Roadmapping, Janna Bastow, the go-to-authority on product roadmaps, talked about being lean while creating and maintaining your roadmap and how objectives and key results (OKR) may help meet that challenge. ??

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Runn Software Review

Rebel’s Guide to PM

It’s resource planning software that is perfect for professional services and firms that would benefit from the transparency of seeing where time is being spent. And if you can’t simply lean over the desk to ask Fred if he’s free next week to do something new, it’s hard. We need to know when the right people are available.

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