Lean Thinking and the Parable of the Underbrush

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Lean Thinking starts with identifying customer-defined value, and proceeds from there by focusing on ways to maximize the delivery of that value. Customers pay for the results they obtain by using your software products. They don’t pay for software testing.

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Lean/ Agile Adoption in IT Services


In my position within Digité, I have often interacted with senior leadership in these organizations about Lean/Agile adoption. Several quarters ago, I started a Lean/Agile transformation journey for an IT service provider with their Leadership team.

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Top 10 Lean/ Kanban Books for IT, Software and Knowledge Work!


This is the original book where David Anderson first laid down the definition of and guidance to the Kanban Method for software and knowledge work. 31 pages, ET to read: 50 min, Published July 19th, 2012 by Lean-Kanban University). Lean/ Kanban Uncategorized agile Books Kanban Lean

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Next Generation Project Management Software

Girl's Guide to PM

The project and portfolio management (PPM) software market is changing. In this article we look at emerging software in the PPM space and discuss how its selection and implementation needs to be done in line with an overarching digital strategy. Digitalization and Collaboration.

How to Get Started with Lean Project Management


Lean project management sounds like a brand-new concept when in actuality it’s been around for over 40 years. Now, fortunately for project managers across all sectors, the lean philosophy is more widespread and making a difference in all sectors that value customer service.

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A PM’s Guide to Agile Software Development

Project Bliss

Everybody’s talking about agile software development these days: project managers, software developers, IT directors, small startups and big corporations. What is Agile Software Development? Agile teams prioritize collaboration, adaptability and working software.

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5 Ways Project Management and Lean Manufacturing Speed Up Processes


Lean manufacturing has become a popular way to eliminate waste, reduce costs and improve efficiencies. The challenge with lean is that, despite its attraction to many executives who want to cut costs and increase productivity , a lean process doesn’t happen overnight. Of course, this conversation goes against the point of lean—to eliminate unnecessary waste—yet it occurs frequently. The reality is that most lean programs fail as executives lose interest.

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The 5 Elements of an “Enterprise-Centric” Project Management Software Solution


When it comes to choosing new project management software, enterprises typically rely on scorecards, content (e.g. Increase your business agility with Clarizen’s project management software.

Preparing to Take On a Business Process Management Software


BPM uses technology tools , specifically automation software, to visually depict — or model — the flow of work and information in your company. Finally, BPM software can help you monitor processes so improvements can be made. Before You Dive Into Business Process Management Software.

Applicability of Agile/Lean/Kanban Methods for fixed scope/budget projects (with short duration)

Sudipta Lahiri

This session objective was to address challenges faced by Lean-Kanban practitioners in their projects. The following Positives were identified when applying Agile/Lean methods to these projects: Positive Contributors. Stable Software.

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What’s Worse Than Not Automating Your Software Delivery Pipeline?

Leading Agile

An unattended software delivery pipeline frees technical staff to spend more time on value-add activities rather than tediously performing repetitive tasks by hand, such as. They asked a software developer what it would take, and he estimated something like 20,000 pounds over several months.

Project Management Software to Boost Your PMO into Hyper-Speed [Webinar]


Now, let’s explore how the right project management software can advance your organization and connect teams, regardless of where and how they work. Now you have two pieces of the puzzle, so let’s add in Lean and Agile. Lean and Agile PMO Work Collaboration

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Don’t Say NoGet Them to Understand Your Team Delivery Capacity

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Adopting Agile Agile Teams Business Agility Capability Analysis Coaching Coding Estimating Lean Thinking Software Software Craftsmanship Software Developer Software Development Software Testing TDD

Good Enough

Tyner Blain

With the current mind share enjoyed by Lean Startup and minimally viable products (MVP), there is far too much shallow analysis from people jumping on the bandwagon of good ideas without fully understanding the ideas.

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Value for Money

Pawel Brodzinski

It’s not about software development or adding features. At the same time we expect at least a bit of Lean Thinking on account of our clients. entrepreneurship software business software development lean price product development startup value

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Basis of Estimating Software Development

Herding Cats

The estimating of software development is both straightforward and complex. Here are some resources that will provide guidance to produce credible software development estimates, in both traditional and agile domains. Software Sizing, Estimation, and Risk Management: When Performance is Measured Performance Improves , Daniel Galaorath and Michael Evans , Auerbach, 2006. Software Sizing and Estimating: Mk II FPA , Charles Symons, John Wiley & Sons, 1991.

Scrum or Kanban for Application Support teams?


Software teams frequently manage products – and that means they are expected to build new features for the product as well as fix defects reported in the product. Lean/ Kanban Uncategorized agile Kanban Lean Lean Software Development Project Management Scrum Visual Project Management


The 5 Elements of an “Enterprise-Centric” Project Management Software Solution


When it comes to choosing new project management software, enterprises typically rely on scorecards, content (e.g. Increase your business agility with Clarizen’s project management software.

Having a Definition of Ready: Harmful or Helpful?

Leading Agile

Most of the practices associated with “agile” software development, and especially those associated with the Scrum framework, are in the nature of Forrest Gump’s braces. Coding Software Craftsmanship Software Developer Software Development Software Testing

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Applying WCM to the Software Industry

Sudipta Lahiri

I recently spoke at Symbiosis University on how WCM (World Class Manufacturing) thinking is being applied to the software industry. The commonly knows WCM methodologies and techniques are TPM , Kaizen, TQM, Six Sigma , JIT, and Lean Manufacturing. This presentation shares how the software industry has been adopting many practices from the above techniques over the last decade. .

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Kanban = Continuous Delivery? Not Necessarily


From the questioner’s post, it is not clear if their team is doing production support or software/ app dev. Kanban has a really simple, yet critical feature, that provides the most elegant solution to a problem that has forever dogged most software teams and their customers!

Team using “Waiting for Release” column on their kanban board


From the questioner’s post, it is not clear if their team is doing production support or software/ app dev. Kanban has a really simple, yet critical feature, that provides the most elegant solution to a problem that has forever dogged most software teams and their customers! On the one hand, there is the problem of high or unpredictable incoming demand on a software team from their customers. Here’s is another question that I recently answered on a discussion forum –. “My

Agile at Scale – Outcome Driven (or Broken)

Tyner Blain

I “went agile” in 2000/2001 – I was writing software and leading teams at an enterprise software company at the time, and we adopted elements of XP and other agile practices in what we branded (internally and externally) as Fast Cycle Time (FCT).

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To Hunt Down a Clockwork Cockroach – Best Bug Tracking Software!


Project Management Best Bug Tracking Software bug tracking bugzilla Jira lean testing mantis planio project management stryka usersnapWhat is your first association with the word ”bug”? Nature, right? At this very moment, you probably have the picture of insects of all sort in your mind, pretty like a ladybird or revolting like a flesh fly, those useful to the environment and those which are not. However, there is also a different type […].

Value of MVP and Knowledge Discovery Process

Pawel Brodzinski

While I’m a huge fan of the idea since I learned it from Lean Startup , these days I feel like one can label anything an MVP. Given that Lunar Logic is a web software shop we often talk with startups that want to build their product.

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Where Did All the Project Managers Go?

Leading Answers

Software is eating the world ” claimed venture capitalist, Marc Andreessen in his 2011, New York Times article. Software is becoming omnipresent, it is embedded and integral to all industries. When organizations become more software-driven their systems are never “done”.

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How To Maximize The Efforts Of Your Agile Team


According to agile visionaries, a robust, agile team embodies “we” rather than “I” and that teamwork is crucial to delivering great software. Project management project management software agile agile project management lean management scrum

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Defensive Programming Grows Up

Leading Agile

Defensive programming consists of learning and using guidelines for software design and coding that tend to minimize the frequency and severity of problems in production. The day came when the software community more-or-less forgot about defensive programming.

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Fika Stories 2 – The Policy-Debt Trap


Something is obviously wrong, but the good news is: it may not automatically mean that you’re doomed and that your organization is unfit to all Lean/Agile things (find a new job). This article was originally published on Lean-Agile Software Development blog and can be found here– [link].

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Limits of a Self-Organizing Team

Leading Agile

But ultimately we’ll see how the idea ties back to self-organizing teams in the context of Agile software development. I can imagine some software engineers taking umbrage at that comment.

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Fika Stories 1 – Help! Our Kanban Died!


Look at Jason Little and his excellent Lean Change Management for guidance. This article was originally published on Lean-Agile Software Development blog and can be found here– [link]. Lean/ Kanban agile Kanban Lean Scrum user story

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Six Sigma: A Simple Guide for Project Managers


Lean Six Sigma. Six Sigma has proven itself adept at working with collaborative teams since the year 2000 when it developed into Lean Six Sigma. Since then, Lean Six Sigma has been used in a variety of economic sectors, such as healthcare, finance and supply chain.

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Minimal Viable Product

Zen Project Management

When taken in context of Lean Startup , it's part of a process. In Lean Startup, there's the idea of the pivot, making a more fundamental change in direction. Groupon started as an online activism platform and PayPal started out building security software for handheld devices (think Palm Pilots, not smart phones). Lean Startup is about getting to that point as fast as you can. Lean Startup minimal viable product MVPI have a customer with a challenge.

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ESP Compared to Kanban Method


David Anderson is a thought leader and pioneer in the field of Lean/ Kanban for Software Development and managing effective software teams. Lean/ Kanban Uncategorized agile Enterprise Kanban enterprise se Kanban Kanban board kanban cadences Lean

Route to Enterprise Scale Agility


I caught up with Kanban pioneer David Anderson on the sidelines of Lean Kanban Central Europe and Lean Kanban India last year and asked him about his thoughts. While Scrum is probably most prevalent in IT, Kanban and Lean are significant too.

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The Basics of Agile Transformation

Leading Agile

Agile Transformation is fundamentally about forming teams, building backlogs, and regularly producing increments of working, tested software. Three Things – Teams, Backlogs, Working Tested Software.

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7 Signs It’s Time for a New Project Portfolio Management Software


Software helps us process more data in an ever shorter time period, all while making it flexibly available. However, working with software is not always fun. If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, you are a candidate for a software spring cleaning. #1 1 New Employee Training Takes Too Long Do your employees spend more time learning software than on other regular daily tasks? Then you’re not using Lean PPM!

Using Kanban in Marketing


I was learning several new concepts including Lean, Agile, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Project Program Management, etc. I was already aware of Lean principles and their techniques because I got Lean certified in my previous company.

How do you “do” Scrumban?


Kanban, as clarified by David Anderson in his famous Kanban Blue Book, is not a software development or project management methodology. Lean/ Kanban Uncategorized agile Kanban Lean Scrum Scrumban

To See or Not to See?


As you may all be familiar by now, the few Kanban principles that are most commonly applied to software are Visualization, Map the Value Stream, Limiting WIP, Removing Impediments to flow and Regular Cadence & Measurements for continuous improvements. It is not enough to Visualize.

Velocity Anti-Patterns

Leading Agile

Velocity is the most widely used-and-abused metric associated with Agile software development. How are things going in your software development organization? Metrics from the Lean school of thought are not dependent on any particular process model or method.

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The Difference Between The Kanban Method and Scrum


Dave is a Principal Consultant at Depth Consulting Ltd, and Program Director of the KCP Program at the Lean Kanban University. The Kanban Method pulls a great deal of its values from a Lean value system. There isn’t really a “Lean Manifesto” but the works of Taiichi Ono and W. Edward Deming contribute to a common understanding of what it means to be a lean thinker. Scrum teams have also been guided to produce increments of software at the same rate.

The Intrigue – and the Universality – of Kanban


This year, we hope to cover some of this discussion through our own blog posts and webinars – to spread awareness of the value of Kanban with Scrum – or Scrumban – for software teams of all hues. Kanban can be a solution to basic challenges all software teams face!

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