Project Management Processes & Phases

If so, it might be time to start implementing proven project management processes and phases at your organization in order to bring your company’s workflow under control. This involves another set of processes: Scope: Make sure the project deliverables have been completed as planned.

A Quick Guide to Business Process Mapping

That guide is called business process mapping. An Overview of Business Process Mapping. With a clear diagram or detailed business process map, it is easy to see where improvements in the business process can be made to increase efficiencies and productivity.

How To Avoid The 4 Sins of Meetings

Girl's Guide to PM

Have you ever been in a meeting where one person dominated the conversation? The meeting was to discuss processes. The people who did the processes were there. Maybe he did know more about the process than I gave him credit for.

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Mastering the Decision-Making Process: A Practical Guide

Our mastery of the decision-making process plays a big part in the outcome of our lives, as life could be easily defined as a series of decisions. 7 Steps for an Effective Decision-Making Process. You plan your projects , so why shouldn’t you plan your decision-making process?

16 Pre-Project Questions for Project Initiation Meetings

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As I’ve got older and more experienced I’ve also got lazier when it comes to preparing for meetings. That afternoon I had four external people coming in for a meeting that I had forgotten about! It was an informal pre-kick off meeting for something that might turn into a project.

5 Tips for Better Decision Making (With Process)

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It might be something small like whether or not to call a meeting. Something you can do to make decision making easier is to have a process for it. A process helps you step through the different options to give yourself confidence that you’ve covered all the angles and are ready to make the decision. The Decision Making Process. The decision making process is the main tool for making decisions. We make hundreds of decisions on projects.

The Kick-off Meetings: Checklist for a Motivating Project Start


Although a kick-off meeting is not absolutely necessary for this, it is a good means to provide the necessary motivational boost for everyone involved. In this article we will give you a detailed insight into the topic of kick-off meetings in project management.

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7 Factors for running an effective Kanban Replenishment Meeting


In 2015, in a blog post called Kanban Cadences , David Anderson laid out a set of 7 Kanban cadences or meetings that provide comprehensive opportunities for feedback, planning, and review in an enterprise. So our replenishment meetings have representation from these functions as well.

How to Get Your Next Lessons Learned Meeting Right

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So, in this article, we will take a look at everything you need to know about how to make your next lessons learned meeting a great success. This will be a big guide, so let’s buckle up and dive in… What is a Lessons Learned (LL) Meeting? Why have Lessons Learned Meetings?

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Get Everyone on the Same Page with A Project Kick-off Meeting

Arras People

To prevent this scenario, it is key to hold a kickoff meeting for a new project which will provide you the best opportunity to energise the group and establish a common purpose toward completing the work. The Kick-off Meeting. The time to modify the plan is before the next meeting.

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Followup is the Most Important Part of Project Meetings

Brad Egeland

All project meetings you call are important and often it's the best and fastest way to disseminate that critical project info to all necessary stakeholders. And regular meetings and meaningful information updates to keep everyone on the same page is a key part of those best practices.

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Lessons Learned - A suggested Process

Project Health Check

Now let us spell out a structured Process that we suggest: Plan Lessons Capture - Lessons Learned (L.L.) What Lessons Learned Processes have you used - or has it mostly been unstructured? In our Precious Blog entry we reflected generally on Project Lessons Learned.

9 Best Practices for Your Daily Scrum Meeting

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When my team first started holding a daily scrum meeting, it honestly felt awkward. I was accustomed to meetings with in-depth communication. We didn’t run the meetings as well as we could have. And now our meetings run beautifully. The Purpose of the Daily Scrum Meeting.


5 Tips To Re-Energise Your Daily Standup Meetings

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I facilitate daily standup meetings for our support team. But the traditional scrum format didn’t work for our team and made meetings flat. One of the team members said they would make sure a process is written down before tackling any job.

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Joint Idea Development and Brainstorming Meetings with the Catchball Method


Here’s how the catchball method works and how you can use it for brainstorming meetings: Idea Development with the Catchball Method The catchball method works as follows: One participant begins and "throws" one of his ideas to the others. You continue this process until none of the participants sees another way to improve the idea. If people come unprepared, you won’t have enough ideas to start with and the meeting will fail.

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4 Signs Your Project Intake Process Is Outdated


Does this sound like your current work project intake process? Here are 4 signs your project intake process is outdated and some simple steps to build a well-defined project intake process that’ll take your team into the future. No more needless status update meetings.

Don’t over-process your project management communications!

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Let’s do a deeper dive into the waste of over-processing. Over-processing occurs whenever someone continues to work on an activity past the point where it would be deemed acceptable from a customer’s perspective or past the point where meaningful value is being added.

The 4 Scrum Ceremonies Made Simple. A Quick Guide To Scrum Meetings

The Digital Project Manager

Scrum ceremonies are important elements of the agile software delivery process. A Quick Guide To Scrum Meetings appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. They are not just. The post The 4 Scrum Ceremonies Made Simple.


Improve Your Meetings with This One Simple Step

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The next time – or anytime – you’re planning a meeting, there’s one thing you must do to get the most out of it. Even after planning meetings for years I didn’t know this simple step – and wound up in a very uncomfortable situation. What is the purpose of our meeting?

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Process Groups and the 5 Steps of Traditional Project Management


Let’s take a closer look at process groups and how they help you move through the five traditional stages of project management. What are process groups? Baking a Pie Metaphor for Process Groups. The planning process group has a lot of work to do.

Tips to Create the Perfect Intake Process Template for Project Work


Sometimes they come in via email or instant message threads, while other times they’re casually mentioned in meetings. One of the best ways for her to do so is to create a successful process that can be replicated again and again. The benefits of creating an intake process template.

Pulling Off the Perfect Project Meeting

Brad Egeland

The perfect project meeting? A project meeting is something with very few or mostly no variables and it can be perfected. Let's discuss my 4 step process for planning for, assembling and pulling off the perfect project meeting. Aim for morning meeting times.

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Signs that Your Project Management Process Needs an Update


Whatever the case, here are five signals from the universe that indicate your project management process is due for a refresh. Process vs Methodology. Let’s first clarify what is meant by the word ‘process’ and how it is not to be confused with the term ‘methodology’.

How To Do An Effective Project Selection Process?

A stable and sturdy project management is one of the crucial factors to make a project process work. In the corporate world, an organization needs more than just top-notch tools and up to date process to bring the project to its full potential—it also needs a strong manpower, a human resource that has a particular set of skills and capabilities that will greatly contribute the entire organization. Cet article How To Do An Effective Project Selection Process?

Government Lessons in People Over Process

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Something I was not aware of at the time is how the career development process works within the government. The project went much smoother after these changes and it taught me an important lesson in never trying to introduce a process or practice without considering the people elements first.

Beginner’s Guide to Project Management Process


Project Management Process Skill (Tools and Techniques). The Application of Knowledge, Skills, tools and Techniques on the project activities to meet project requirements. Project Management Process in divided into 5 Process Groups. These Process Groups are: Initiating.

Content/Process Workshop

Brett Harned

If you work on any web design projects, you know that finding the right ways to account for content in the overall process can be difficult. You've got goals to meet, expectations to set, stakeholders to inform, a strategy to develop, and a whole mound of content to rewrite.

Insights into the Project Management Job Seeking Process

Arras People

Over the years Arras People has been dissecting and writing about the project management recruitment process on the Camel Blog, providing advice, hints and tips on how any project management jobseeker can improve their job hunting tactics. Application Process. Short listing Process.

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Too Many Meetings, No Result? Here’s The Solution!


“A meeting is an event where minutes are taken and hours wasted.” – James T. While working on projects, project managers often spend most of their time scheduling one-on-one meetings with employees and discussing a plan of action rather than doing their actual job i.e. getting results.

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Why the Stage Gate Process will Make You a Better Project Manager

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The Stage Gate Process gets too little love from Project Managers. In a Stage Gate process, you break your project into stages, or phases. In this article, we look at why a stage gate process will enhance your project management, and how to make it work. Planning Meeting.

Meet Eunice: The Office Unicorn

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Meet Eunice: The Office Unicorn. Today, we spoke with Chris Raedcher of Here Be Monsters to talk about unicorns, design, branding processes, and his best productivity tip. . All of us had fun bringing out Eunice’s personality in the design process.

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How safe was that meeting or workshop you were just in?

Lynne Cazaly

Every time we're invited to a meeting or to participate in a workshop or conversation we're either a participant or the convener/leader/facilitator of the session. That workshop, meeting, planning session or conversation you most recently attended - or led - may not have been that 'safe'. At the intersections of engagement and outcomes If you've ever felt steamrolled or stifled, shut down or stopped in a meeting or workshop, I call that a 'Hostage Situation'.

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The Daily Stand-Up Meeting: Best Practice

Project Management Essentials

Lean and Agile organizations have harnessed the power of the stand-up meeting as a valuable process tool. The meeting fosters a collaborative work environment and creates accountability. The meeting can be used for managing projects or operations from Finance to HR to IT.

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How To Present To Project Executives

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If you are presenting new process changes that must be adopted by others, you might give a story about the challenges currently faced and how you approached the process development to get the right inputs for the changes. How To Stakeholders meetings public speaking

Preparing to Take On a Business Process Management Software


Business process management (BPM) isn’t new. hours, there’s been a process-centric and customer-centric approach to improving business results. What is business process management, after all, but the methods and tools used to monitor, streamline, and improve business processes?

7 tips to ensure you meet project deliverables dates

Moira Alexander

Whether internal or external, successfully meeting client deliverables is a primary goal behind projects. Making it easy for all applicable team members and stakeholders to seamlessly access the necessary documentation as it increases the likelihood of successfully and accurately meeting deliverables. Talk with key subject matter experts about not only what the assumptions were predicated upon, but how the assumptions were determined during their thought process.

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How to Run Exceptionally Effective Project Kickoff Meetings


Better project kickoff meetings will help you establish expectations, gather requirements, and set the general tone of the project. This article will share 10 tips to running kickoff meetings that lead to project success. I can’t overstate the importance of kickoff meeting s.

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Make Team Meetings Great Again: 10 Solutions to Your Biggest Meeting Problems


With a brief look at your schedule, you are devastated to find not one, not two, but THREE extra team meetings have been added to your calendar today. Is that how you or anyone in your group feels when it comes to team meetings? Too Many Team Meetings.

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How to Simplify the Decision-Making Process


Too many organizations make their internal processes more complicated than they need to be and waste a lot of time trying to ensure compliance. But what if a decision maker is in a meeting, on vacation, or otherwise unavailable, and an immediate response is needed?

Process Optimization in Project Management (3): Lean Project Management


In the last blog post on process optimization in project management we introduced you to the 5-S framework, which is also very popular in Lean Management. The "slim" way of thinking does not only deal with reducing unnecessary processes, but with the strategic throwing off of ballast, in order to offer the customer an actual increase in value. Rather, it is a way of thinking and thus a very individual approach to process optimization.

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