A History of PMI & Its Role in Project Management


The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a nonprofit organization for those working in project management across the globe. If you have even a passing interest in the field, then you’ve bumped up against PMI. Quick Facts About PMI. The PMI footprint is huge. PMI Founders.

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The PMI-SP Certification & uCertify Training Course Review

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What is the PMI-SP Scheduling Certification? PMI-SP® is the PMI Scheduling Professional credential. What are the PMI-SP® Application Requirements? You can apply for PMI-SP if you meet the application requirements. The uCertify PMI-SP Course.

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Should I Choose PMI’s PMP?

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We were talking about PMI’s PMP certification – the article was recently published entitled Is PMP certification necessary for small businesses? In both these circumstances, PMI PMP is not important. These processes are becoming more valuable at the business level.

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5 Reasons to Get Your PMI-RMP® Certification

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I recently had a project manager ask me which of the PMI certifications he should pursue. Certainly, the Project Management Professional (PMP) ® and the Project Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) ® certifications supercharged my project management career.

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5 Things You Should Know About the PMI-RMP®

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Here are some things you should know about the PMI-RMP. What is the PMI-RMP®? The PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) is a designation offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Why should someone consider becoming a PMI-RMP®?

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PMI plus Disciplined Agile might be a marriage made in Heaven

Kiron Bondale

The announcement of the acquisition of Disciplined Agile (DA) by PMI is almost a month old so I thought I would share my thoughts on it. There is no doubt that PMI has been flirting with agile progressively over the past decade.

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PMI Are some more equal than others?

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So what is my concern and why am I mentioning PMI? Well I’m not just focusing on PMI but the behaviour I am concerned about seems to be rather more prevalent within PMI and PMI Congresses than others. PMI’s global membership currently exceeds 500,000, impressive of course.

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Success in Disruptive Times: PMI’s 2018 Pulse of the Profession

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The PMI has titled its 2018 Pulse of the Profession report: Success in Disruptive Times. You can download your copy of Success in Disruptive Times from the PMI’s website. The PMI’s Annual Project Management Survey: The Pulse of the Profession.

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Project Planning Process – How to Build Effective Project Plans | Video

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The project planning process can be as complex or as simple as you want. The post Project Planning Process – How to Build Effective Project Plans | Video appeared first on OnlinePMCourses. PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management Project Planning project planning videoAnd you need only use the steps that are right for your project.

Beginner’s Guide to Project Management Process


Project Management Process Skill (Tools and Techniques). Project Management Process in divided into 5 Process Groups. These groups are further bifurcated in 10 Knowledge Areas and 47 Project Management Processes. These Process Groups are: Initiating.

The Balanced PMO

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P = Process. It may be tempting to just think of the PMO as all about the process, the means to ensure that good project management is achieved through methodology and quality assurance etc but that ignores the people side.

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Meisterplan at 2018 PMI Global Conference – Do Your Plans Work?


The Meisterplan team including Brian , Karoline , Stephan and Christoph were excited to participate at the 2018 PMI Global Conference in Los Angeles earlier this month. You can have the best tool in the world, but without the right process, it will be worthless. For years, we have been discussing portfolio management processes with professionals around the world. We have used those conversations to develop our Lean PPM process.

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PMI Report: The Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Project Management


The impact of this digital disruption on organizations and their project management practices is the subject of a new global study by the Project Management Institute (PMI), N ext Practices: Maximizing the Benefits of Disruptive Technologies on Projects.

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Why the Stage Gate Process will Make You a Better Project Manager

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The Stage Gate Process gets too little love from Project Managers. In a Stage Gate process, you break your project into stages, or phases. In this article, we look at why a stage gate process will enhance your project management, and how to make it work.

How to memorize the 49 processes from PMBOK 6th Edition in under 30 minutes


The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers certifications that provide project management professionals with both information and credibility. Both of these certifications are based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) which outlines the PMI approach to managing projects.

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PMI Report: Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017-2027


Reasons for the widening gap The PMI has shown in his latest Pulse of the Profession Report that the project management maturity of organizations is increasing. Not only are they getting better at implementing PM processes and methods, they are also finally seeing the fruits of their labor.

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PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition Knowledge Areas And Process Group


Are you confused with new terms like Knowledge Areas, Process Groups, and a Process? In this article I am answering: What are the processes? What are the Process Groups for? What are the processes. A process is a set of activities to produce desired output.

How The PMP Exam is Changing in 2020

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Every so often PMI carry out an assessment of what a project manager does all day. In other words, PMI (or more specifically, the agency contracted to do this work) look at what a project manager actually does day-to-day and link this back to the qualification.

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It’s time to introduce a selection process for project sponsors

Ron Rosenhead

Many project managers would welcome this saying it would really contribute to a more successful project (see PMI Pulse of the profession reports 2017). This will be needed as PMI have predicted that by 2020 some 15.7

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Download Free PMP Process Chart For PMBOK Guide 6th Edition

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You may want to pass the PMP certification exam without learning PMP ITTO (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs) and processes. ITTO are a necessary evil for cracking the PMI credential test. You can use a PMP process chart as a start.

How to Earn 60 PDUs for Free and Maintain Your PMP®Certification


Here are a few key points you should understand about the PMI PDU process-. According to the PMI’s CCR, you need to earn at least 35 PDUs under Education category. PMI-ACP® Certification. PMI-PBA® Certification. iZenBridge PMI-ACP® Certification Online Course.

The PMP® Exam is Changing: Here’s What You Need to Know

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In June 2019, the Project Management Institute (PMI) ® announced that significant changes are coming to the Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Exam. Many folks ask, why does PMI have to change the exam? Visit PMI’s website regularly to monitor any and all changes.

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How To Fill The Work Experience Details In PMP®Application Form? (PMP Sample application included )


Project Management Institute (PMI)® offers the world’s most sought-after professional certification, Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification. It is a very simple 5 step process with PMP sample application. PMI® gives you 90 days to submit the supporting documentation.

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How to Build a Robust Project Risk Culture [8 Steps]

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A robust risk culture goes beyond having a strong basic risk management process. And the process for creating a robust risk management culture within your project can apply equally if you get a chance to influence your wider organization. Share your processes and tools.

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How to Run an Effective Stage Gate Review | Video

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An effective Stage Gate Review process makes a valuable contribution to project governance. PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management Project Control Project Governance Project Management Tips Project Process Gateways Stage Gate video

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PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) Exam Study Material [Updated for 2015]

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Updated for PMI-ACP Exam 2015: I wrote this blog post in Oct 2013 when I was preparing for the PMI-ACP exam. As I was going through process, I was collecting and documenting the list of study. Agile Contact Hours PMI-ACP Sample Questions

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How many Mock/Simulation exams are sufficient to prepare for PMI certification?


Now that we know the answer is correct, we must not let go without analysing what thought process went behind the question and what the con. If your thought process is exactly same as the authors explanation of the concept then you are good to go. PMI PMI-ACP PMI-PBA PMP pmp

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Project Integration Management: Your Guide to the PM Glue

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APMBoK PMBOK Guide & PMP PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management PRINCE2 Project Integration Management Project Management Basics Project Process project integration project integration management

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Risk Response Strategies: Full Roundup

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They are also also one of the areas of project management practice that the PMI updated in the 6th Edition of its Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK ? ). ’ This video introduces a four-stage risk management process. The Risk Management Process.

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Issue Management: All You Need to Know about PMBoK’s Missing Process

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The post Issue Management: All You Need to Know about PMBoK’s Missing Process appeared first on OnlinePMCourses. PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management Project Control Project Delivery Step-by-step Guides issue managementIssue management seems a basic part of project management and pretty straightforward. Experienced project managers deal with it day-to-day. But is it?

Project Management Career Q&A – Strategic and Business Management Development

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PMI has published many reports that highlight the linkages between an organisation’s strategic objectives and how using programmes and projects as a mechanism to achieve those is key. Strategy management, financial planning processes; portfolio management and strategy execution are all areas for consideration. PMI also recommends areas such as competitive analysis; market awareness, trend analysis and business models and structures.

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Project Scheduling: Your Essential Guide

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We will largely follow the process structure in the 6th Edition of the PMI‘s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK). PMBoK & PMP PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management Project Planning Project Schedule Management

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Agile Certification: Your Guide to the Large Array of Agile Qualifications

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Major Project Management organizations with Agile Certification programs These include the PMI and other national and international project management professional associations. This is supported by an APMG accreditation and certification process. Project Management Institute (PMI).

When Projects turn to a Tower of Babel

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And monitoring project progress, issues and processes without interruption, becomes almost impossible. That’s why it’s important to establish specific processes, such as, documenting the details of the project and ensuring that important information is accessible to all.

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The Social Project Manager’s Toolkit

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Organisations must move with the times, increase productivity, reduce employee stress levels and become smarter in the way they manage projects – it is clear that social project management is the wave of a new and better process for Project Management that can deliver all of this.

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What did the Project Managers ever do for us?

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And that is the number one answer to ‘What has project management done for us? ’ – Project management has developed a skill and a process and a capability, combined with a level of experience and ingenuity to make that de-risking investment ‘a relatively small number of days’.

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The ESP connection

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project management apm Chaneg ESP executives ipma lazy management Manager peter taylor PMI programme project project speaker sponsorship

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Rogue Project Sponsor: What to Do when Sponsorship goes Bad

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Makes decisions without proper process Lay out the decision in a structure that drives them through the process. If necessary, impose a process ahead of putting the final choice in their hands. If you need to, set up the decision so discussion follows a sound process.

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Project Failure – Why it Happens

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In short, you need the right people, with the best information, following a sound process. Poor Management of the Stakeholder Engagement Process. You need to manage the process actively. PMI PDUs. No one wants their project to fail.

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How to avoid a Project

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project management author change cycle event executire lazy peter taylor PMI presenter project project management.

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