A History of PMI & Its Role in Project Management


The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a nonprofit organization for those working in project management across the globe. If you have even a passing interest in the field, then you’ve bumped up against PMI. Quick Facts About PMI. The PMI footprint is huge. PMI Founders.

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From The PMI Power Talks [Video]

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Here’s my video diary of the PMI Power Talks this week (about 4 minutes, safe for work). Hosted by the PMI UK Chapter in London, the Power Talks brought together 4 fantastic speakers for an afternoon of discussion and debate focused on strategy execution.

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Risk Response Strategies: Full Roundup

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Risk response strategies are the basic ways you can handle project risks. They are also also one of the areas of project management practice that the PMI updated in the 6th Edition of its Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK ? ). How many Risk Response Strategies are there?

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The PMI Talent Triangle: A Guide [for members and non-members]

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The PMI Talent Triangle is a simple tool that reminds us all about the value of a broad range of professional skills. The most succinct – and possibly best known – articulation of that full range of capabilities is the PMI’s Project Management Talent Triangle.

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Success in Disruptive Times: PMI’s 2018 Pulse of the Profession

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The PMI has titled its 2018 Pulse of the Profession report: Success in Disruptive Times. You can download your copy of Success in Disruptive Times from the PMI’s website. The PMI’s Annual Project Management Survey: The Pulse of the Profession.

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Risk responses which PMI never taught you!

Kiron Bondale

Risk avoidance is an ideal strategy for responding to severe threats – as Mr. Miyagi would have said “Best way to avoid punch, no be there.” Even though there might be strategies to take the pond out of the picture, they unerringly manage to land their ball in it.

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Jon Clay: PMI UK’s New President Explains What’s Next For The Chapter

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This article, Jon Clay: PMI UK’s New President Explains What’s Next For The Chapter , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. Professional organisations often rely on volunteers, and the PMI UK Chapter is no different. Jonathan Clay, PMI UK President.

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This Set of Stakeholder Engagement Strategies will Power You up

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The standard ‘four-box’ approach to deriving stakeholder engagement strategies can easily leave newer project managers believing there are just four basic strategies they can use. In fact, there are many stakeholder engagement strategies you can choose from.

How to Get Fired at the C-Level

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But perhaps not getting fired is your preferred outcome and, if that is the case, then you might have a challenge or two in the arena of strategy execution since the number one reason CEOs get fired is mismanaging change! speaker PMI pmp project project manager project speaker strategy

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Connecting Project Benefits to Business Strategy for Success

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The current PMI Pulse titled Delivering Value: Focus on Benefits during Project Execution provides some guidance on how to manage the benefits side of an IT project. The answer is they come from the Strategy of the IT function. Where is the strategy defined?

Add to the C-Level

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Well it starts with strategy formulation which is no longer the annual exercise it used to be – nowadays it is an ongoing iterative activity. And since each strategy gives birth to one or more projects this adds to the portfolio constantly.

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PMI Report: The Impact of Disruptive Technologies on Project Management


The impact of this digital disruption on organizations and their project management practices is the subject of a new global study by the Project Management Institute (PMI), N ext Practices: Maximizing the Benefits of Disruptive Technologies on Projects.

When Projects turn to a Tower of Babel

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But since this isn’t always possible, a communication strategy needs to be put into place. Project managers must develop a strategy for providing regular meetings to communicate with certain team members of that time-zone.

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Business Acumen for Project Managers [Free Checklist]

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Read the company’s 3 year plan or their strategy document (this might be a section in the annual report). You should be able to talk about the business context and financial context of your project as it sits within the wider operational strategy. PMI Templates

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Rogue Project Sponsor: What to Do when Sponsorship goes Bad

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The Project director tackled high-level stakeholder engagement on a day-to-day basis and we often worked together on strategy and important decisions. Your Strategy. You can build your strategy from a combination of: A quiet word with your rogue project sponsor.

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Warning Signs Your Sponsor Doesn’t Care About the Project—and How to Change That

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In ‘Strategies for Project Sponsorship’ the authors offer advice on many types of sponsor with suggestions for ways to work with them, or compensate for their ‘skills’ or ‘interest’ gaps.

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Agile Certification: Your Guide to the Large Array of Agile Qualifications

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Major Project Management organizations with Agile Certification programs These include the PMI and other national and international project management professional associations. It will equip you with strategies and techniques for successfully implementing Lean and Agile projects.

Project Failure – Why it Happens

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Misalignment with Organization’s Goals, Objectives, Strategy. This Set of Stakeholder Engagement Strategies will Power You up. PMI PDUs. No one wants their project to fail. Despite this, project failure is all too common. So is it Possible to Prevent Project Failure?

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The Open Door Policy

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Most projects develop communication plans in a certain way; that is as a plan that is the documented strategy for getting the right information to the right people at the right time. The importance of being accessible but in a controlled way. I’m all for being there for people, honest I am.

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What did the Project Managers ever do for us?

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Reports such as PMI’s Pulse of the Profession™ The High Cost of Low Performance can really help here. Ultimately, high-performing organizations that have strong project management can create efficiencies; improve alignment with organizational strategies …’.

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Business Acumen for Project Managers [Free Checklist]

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Read the company’s 3 year plan or their strategy document (this might be a section in the annual report). You should be able to talk about the business context and financial context of your project as it sits within the wider operational strategy. PMI Templates

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How to Build a Robust Project Risk Culture [8 Steps]

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Taking an evidence-based approach to planning, strategy-development, and policy-making will lead to more robust decisions, with conscious choices around risk profile. A robust risk culture goes beyond having a strong basic risk management process.

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Know the value of your change

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It should be the representation in projects (and programs) of the competitive strategy that will allow business executives to convert their intentions into reality. project management apm change ipma lazy Manager peter taylor PMI pmp project project author project speaker

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A View from the Top

The Lazy Project Manager

level ceo cfo change cio lazy peter taylor PMI pmo pmp project project manager projects projtec management tailwind

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Project Manager or Project Leader? What’s the Difference?

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And then there’s the PMI Talent Triangle. If you’re a PMI member, you need to hoe your craft in three dimensions: Technical: the core skills of Project Management. Creates a vision and strategy, and inspire people to act. Are you a Project Manager or a Project Leader?

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ITIL for Project Managers – Should you?

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These are: Strategy development and Requirements gathering. ITIL® is structured around the 5 ITSM Phases: Strategy (defining the service portfolio). ITIL Service Strategy (SS). how it will achieve its objectives and business strategy.

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Sustain Your PMO: Nine Easy Lessons

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And there are communities you can connect to – on LinkedIn, through the project management bodies such as PMI and APM, etc. Strategy execution and business transformation. Lesson Six: Connect to Strategy. project speaker leading peter taylor pmi.

Effective Teamwork: Do You Know How to Create it?

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Deciding strategy and approach. PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership Project Leadership Project Resource Management Team Leader TeamworkProjects are collaborative efforts. So, if you want your Project to be a success, you need to be able to create effective teamwork.

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Farewell to Black Sabbath

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But there is much left to be done naturally; raising the standard of executive sponsorship, connecting business strategy to project based activity, making project management a default step on the path to the top, the ‘C level’, of an organisation etc. project management apm black sabbath legacy management Manager peter taylor PMI pmp project project author project speaker

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Project Management and Leadership Competencies: A Snapshot

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The Project Management Institute (PMI) ® Talent Triangle ® has addressed the need for project leadership competencies. The PMI Talent Triangle. (1) The PMI website provides information about GAC and the 100+ degree programs that have promoted. By Dr. Willis H.

Why Projects Fail – Five more reasons

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The obvious problem with this strategy is that those troublesome operational users will do what they like once your products hit the real world. PMI PDUs. In last week’s article , we started to look at the reasons why projects fail.

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Ten Ways to Win Team Commitment on Your Project

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This is a good strategy for a starting-out project manager. You are unlikely to have the capacity to focus on 10 team commitment strategies at once. This is the right strategy for an experienced project leader. Strategy 1: Meaning and Purpose.

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Good Customer Service: How to Keep Your Client and Stakeholders Happy

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And this is particularly relevant if you are a PMI member. ‘Customer Relationship and Satisfaction’ is explicitly a part of the Strategic and Business Management Competency of the PMI’s Talent Triangle. Yes, PMI uses the language of ‘customers’!

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Lazy but looking to be Busy

The Lazy Project Manager

Peter Taylor is a PMO expert who has built and led four global PMOs across several industries, and has advised many other organisations in PMO and PM strategy. “Life? Don’t talk to me about life.”

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The Project Manager’s Guide to Simple Risk Analysis

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Medium: Revised Strategy needed. PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management Project Risk Management project risk management risk analysisRisk analysis is both easy and hard at the same time. If that sounds confusing, read on, because we’ll make everything clear.

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How PMOs can balance time, cost and quality

Moira Alexander

If 88 percent of C-suite executives agree that project alignment with strategy is vital to organizational success, why are only 56 percent of projects meeting strategic objectives? Furthermore, in a report titled “The High Cost of Low Performance,” the Project Management Institute (PMI) states 61 percent of firms acknowledge they often struggle to bridge the gap between strategy and day-to-day implementation.

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Are your project management success rates improving?

Ron Rosenhead

The latest PMI Pulse of the Profession Report said: “We are encouraged to see in this year’s Pulse of the Profession® that organizations are making progress—significant progress—as they are experiencing more success with implementing strategic initiatives. PMI Pulse of the Profession 2017.

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: The Video

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This is the video taken of me giving my Imposter Syndrome presentation at PMI Synergy. You'll also like: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Ten Strategies to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud at Work is an ebook designed for people who have ever felt as if. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Ten Strategies to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud at Work is available from today! Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Ten Strategies to Stop Feeling.

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Understanding the Steps to Developing Your Project Management Career

Arras People

PMI – Are a not for profit organisation based in the USA. The qualifications to look at for this level are the AXELOS Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) and PMI Programme Management Certification (PgMP).

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It’s time to introduce a selection process for project sponsors

Ron Rosenhead

In our book “Strategies for Project Sponsorship” (published by Management Concepts) we made the suggestion the company should be making every effort to interview for project sponsors. Strategies for Project Sponsorship published by Management Concepts.

Invested in Sustainability as a PM? You should be!


<> Formulate a strategy once tangible sustainability measures are established. <> <> Incorporate the sustainability strategy into the overall corporate strategy, including a clear business case or proof of value. <>

How to Unite Enterprise and Project Risk Management

Project Risk Coach

The Project Management Institute (PMI) defines project management as “the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.”. The selection of risk strategies (e.g., Insurance Company Example – Strategy to Projects Map.

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Golden Threads, and Ruby Slippers


Now, out comes the latest PMI “Pulse of the Profession” report, entitled “Capturing the Value of Project Management Through Decision Making”. First up: look at the relationship between improvements available to projects that are familiar with the strategy of their enterprises.

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