Process Optimization: Get More From Your Processes

No process is perfect immediately. Process optimization methods can help guide those tweaks and improvements. With process optimization, the ultimate goal is to help you be more efficient by adjusting certain aspects of your project or business—whether it be operating procedures, equipment and resources management, or a control loop—to name a few. By optimizing their process of sorting, folding and packing, you can improve the business as a whole.

How to Define a Workflow Process

First you need to define a workflow process. What Is a Workflow Process? Workflow is the definition, execution and automation of business processes: where tasks, information and documents are passed from one person to another for action according to a set of procedural rules. You need a process for getting through the work, which is easier said than done. Different Processes: Third parties, vendors and other contractors you work with might have different processes.

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Reference Class Forecasting

Herding Cats

The reference class estimating process is part of that skill and experience. The mechanics of household goods has a reference class parameter for the size of 33,000 pounds. And replacing that principle with the practices and processes that attempt to make a decision without estimates. Our long time friends have moved to our neighborhood here in Colorado. Their moving van arrived today.

Review People Over Process

Henny Portman

Levine wrote with People Over Process – Leadership for Agility a very pragmatic and down to earth book about leadership and agile projects. See the Quick Reference Card leadership for agilty. People over Process is the third book. To order: People over Process. Michael K.

Inside the PMP Question Writing Process

Leading Answers

Information is power, and it never hurts to be more aware of the process before taking the exam. Discussing the relative merit of the PMP or the application process is outside the scope of this article. This complete process is depicted below: Why This is Useful.

How To Do An Effective Project Selection Process?

A stable and sturdy project management is one of the crucial factors to make a project process work. In the corporate world, an organization needs more than just top-notch tools and up to date process to bring the project to its full potential—it also needs a strong manpower, a human resource that has a particular set of skills and capabilities that will greatly contribute the entire organization. Cet article How To Do An Effective Project Selection Process?

Why the Stage Gate Process will Make You a Better Project Manager

Online PM Courses

The Stage Gate Process gets too little love from Project Managers. In a Stage Gate process, you break your project into stages, or phases. In this article, we look at why a stage gate process will enhance your project management, and how to make it work. What is a Stage Gate Process? The Stage Gate Process examines your projects at key decision points in its lifecycle. A Stage Gate Review is a process for achieving a robust Go/No-go decision.

Process Groups and the 5 Steps of Traditional Project Management


Let’s take a closer look at process groups and how they help you move through the five traditional stages of project management. What are process groups? Think of process groups as a set of actions or subtasks necessary to complete one step of the plan to bring your product to market. Baking a pie is one way to break it down into more digestible pieces and we look at the entire process from a macro level to understand how it is broken up into groups of processes.

How To Create A Simple Project Plan (Project Planning Process)

PM Basics

Nevertheless, project planning is a structured and logical process. At each moment of the process, you’re in need of information that you don’t have yet. Most of the processes are interrelated, and you don’t know where to start from. You use outputs from the previous steps in the next step in the process. You need to evaluate each process. Here, I focus on project planning process only. It’s more important that you understand the process.

Preparing to Take On a Business Process Management Software


Business process management (BPM) isn’t new. hours, there’s been a process-centric and customer-centric approach to improving business results. What is business process management, after all, but the methods and tools used to monitor, streamline, and improve business processes? Fundamentals of Business Process Management. You can’t go far into the definition of BPM without talking about what a business process is. How to map your processes.

Ten Ways to Solve Dysfunctional Communication Processes


Communication is the life force of each and every project and business so it needs to be fully effective to enrich the process. A dysfunctional communication process will undermine what you are trying to achieve. This is a guest post by Michelle Gillam.

How to Simplify the Decision-Making Process


Too many organizations make their internal processes more complicated than they need to be and waste a lot of time trying to ensure compliance. Each one was originally conceived to support a particular process and outcome, and when you use the methodology that matches your project specifics, making routine (non-urgent) decisions is a lot simpler. If a problem arises, you know what needs to be done- refer to the team and stakeholders for recommendations.

Let’s flatten five agile fallacies!

Kiron Bondale

However, as I would still like to help, writing an article on five of the most common agile myths will give me a reference to provide to folks in the future. Agile Process Peeves Project Management Project management terms Project performanceIn 2015 I wrote an article intending to debunk some common myths about project management. Like many of you, I spent a reasonable amount of time during my first few years participating in online forums correcting agile misconceptions.

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Can IBM’s Watson Improve your Organization’s Lessons Learned Process?

The IIL Blog

In the practice of project management, we are encouraged to collect, store, reference, and add to “Lessons Learned” to avoid the mistakes (as well as benefit by the best practices) employed by others in our organization in their work on projects. In fact, it would be interesting if, let’s say IBM itself, a sophisticated global organization with a strong and mature project management process, used Watson for its own project management lessons learned repository.

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How to Develop a Strong Governance Process with These 6 Tips ?

Projects involved a lot of planning , implementation , and not to mention tracking or detecting issues and problems within the team or the project, and surpassing the following process. The two governance processes should be implemented constantly to keep track of the scope creeps, risks , opportunities, and also safeguard the following resources from running out. To stay within deadline means having a governance process that everyone will adhere to.

Might earned VALUE be an oxymoron for projects following a predictive life cycle?

Kiron Bondale

Writing a Business Requirements Document or creating a design might be necessary by-products of the delivery process but if a project is terminated with just those having been produced, its unlikely that a customer would consider they had received anything of real value. I’m just questioning why we would use the word “value” when referring to what we have earned in the name.

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How to Make Change Management Bearable For Everyone ?

It’s a process to enhance the organization’s performance, as well as paving the road to numerous opportunities such as changes in job roles, structure, and work system. With these changes come a set of process or approaches to take into account to ensure that changes benefit the organization. The Truth About Change: Why It Is A Complicated Process. People prefer monotony because they are used to it the whole process. Process Change.

Going Global With Wrike: How We Built an Efficient Localization Process


We managed to build the entire localization process in less than a year, which would not have been possible without Wrike — both because it’s the perfect platform for collaborative workflow building and because of the amazing team behind it. First and the foremost, you need to clearly understand how the localization process will change your organization. The product manager is the key person at every stage of the localization process.

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Client Onboarding Tips for Marketing Agencies


But it isn’t long before you realize that you’re also wildly disorganized — and so is your client onboarding process. It’s a major mess — and it’s also a testament to the importance of your agency’s client onboarding process. . Why marketing agencies need client onboarding processes. Your onboarding process is your first impression on your agency’s new clients, and you understandably want it to be a positive one. . How to streamline your client onboarding process.

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Garbage In, Garbage Out: How to Prepare Your Data for AI-Driven Project Management Tools

Epicflow Blog

The thing is that the amount of data can be enormous which makes it impossible for a human brain to process it. Machine Learning for Data Processing. Your task is to process all related data, analyze it, and find similarities and dependencies. What can help my PM tool process the data efficiently and bring better results? In one of our blog posts , we explained why to make project decisions faster and more steadily, you need to process past, present, and future data.

Why setup virtual PMOs and when should PM templates be standardized?

Kiron Bondale

I’m not referring to a PMO which is staffed by geographically distributed team members but rather one which has not been established as a staffed organizational entity. If the information within it is going to be ingested by some automation to feed other processes then standardizing the format will improve processing efficiency and quality. Process Peeves Project Management Project Portfolio Management improving project management PMO Process compliance stupidity

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Purpose begins with project names

Kiron Bondale

The WHO recently renamed the virus which had initially been referred to as Novel Coronavirus to COVID-19. Ebola – Refers to the geographic region where the disease was first identified. It is why many companies use the term “QA” rather than “QC” to refer to their testing staff. “ Process Peeves Project Management improving project management management failure project decision making team building Valuable projects

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The Ultimate Guide To Digital Marketing Automation


What marketing automation processes are there? Marketing automation processes refer to the different marketing tasks that you can automate with the right software. Why Wrike helps with the marketing automation process.

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Workflow Management vs. Project Management: Different but Both Critical


Whether those steps are dictated by procedure, born out of habit, or made up along the way, a workflow represents the process of getting things done. . Recurring processes and routine objectives are best served by workflow management because it’s repetitive. . Because enterprise workflow management creates an infinitely repeatable process , it can be really helpful with automating everyday assignments, making teams more efficient, and minimizing roadblocks.

4 Reasons to Have a Professional Services Management Template


In their article, they reference the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) 2016 Pulse of the Profession report, which states that out of every $1 billion invested in projects, $122 million is wasted due to poor execution. Your team needs processes that empower members to be project management experts effortlessly. And since you’ll use your template again and again, you can refine your work intake process and project timelines over time, optimizing your work without any extra effort.

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How to Supercharge Lead Generation With Project Management


Even if your current client roster is full, every business needs a lead generation process that sets the stage for future prospects to discover, learn about, and inquire about them. With this tactic, the opportunities are limited only by your ability to scale your processes and the tools you use. Is the lead generation process different for marketing than it is for sales? . Reach even more prospects by scaling your lead generation process. .

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Wat is een gap analyse?

Moira Alexander

Gap analysis is a method of comparing the actual level of performance versus the desired level of performance for a business process, project, strategy or IT solution. Gap analysis process. Gap analysis definition.

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What is gap analysis? Uncovering the missing links to successful performance

Moira Alexander

Gap analysis is a method of comparing the actual level of performance versus the desired level of performance for a business process, project, strategy or IT solution. Gap analysis, sometimes referred to as “needs analysis” or “needs assessment,” is an important tool for determining business requirements and assessing whether business requirements are being met. Gap analysis process. Gap analysis definition.

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Dr. Harold Kerzner’s Project Management Predictions for 2020

International Institute for Learning

Functional managers were permitted to use whatever approaches they believed would work on their projects, and often without any of the processes, tools or techniques used in traditional project management practices. But as will be seen in some of the pillars that follow, many new techniques are accompanied by significant changes in the way that work is executed, e.g. new methodologies, new status reporting processes and new tools and techniques. By Harold Kerzner, Ph.D.

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Risk Analysis 101: How to Analyze Project Risk

By planning for risks, you begin the process of knowing how to identify, monitor and close out risks when they show up in your project. Part of that process is risk analysis. But it’s important that you also have to understand what is meant by the word analyze in reference to project risk management. Risk analysis is the process that figures out how likely that a risk will arise in a project. Here’s a shot of the whiteboard for your reference!

Risk 249

How to boost your career with simple time allocation tricks

International Institute for Learning

Also known as the Paretto principle named after Italian economist Vilfredo Paretto, Law of the vital few, or principle of factor sparsity, you will find references to this concept in most management books as it is a key concept of productivity.

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What’s the Real Value of Project Management?

Here’s a screenshot of the whiteboard for your reference! The verb form can be especially helpful for the actual practice of project management, like when a project manager is estimating the value of a process or pain point, but we’ll explore that topic later. Therefore, investing in project management and implementing a process creates a benefit for the project manager. The Process to “Value” in Project Management.

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The Disciplined Agile Mindset

International Institute for Learning

In DA we use the term value to refer to both customer and business value. It is critical to focus on our work in process, which is our work in progress plus any work that is queued up waiting for us to get to it. They realized that to remain competitive they needed to constantly look for ways to improve their processes, the outcomes that they were delivering to their customers, and their organizational structures. References.

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Project Integration Management – A Quick Guide

This can make project collaboration between departments difficult, due to differences in process and methodology. Project integration management is a way of making various processes work together. Meaning, it takes the numerous processes that are being used in a project and makes sure that they’re coordinated. To achieve this means identifying, defining, combining, unifying and coordinating the many processes and activities within the project management process groups.

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Project Crashing in Project Management: Definition & Best Practices

It could refer to spending more money to get things done faster. It can also refer to pinpointing the critical path, providing greater resources there, without necessarily thinking about being efficient. There’s never enough time when managing a project.

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IT Governance: Definitions, Frameworks and Planning

At its base level, IT governance is one or multiple processes that enable the IT staff to better manage risk and operate at its most efficient to the benefit of the organization on the whole. IT governance is a process that fits firmly under the umbrella of corporate governance , which is its own collection of processes that are designed to keep the entire corporation effective and efficient. Clunky IT governance processes can set your IT staff back.

How to Build and Use a Risk Register

Project Risk Coach

Impact, also referred to as severity or consequence, is the amount of impact on the project. The risk management processes include: 1) plan risk management , 2) identify risks , 3) evaluate/assess risks , 4) plan risk responses , 5) implement risk responses, and 6) monitor risks. The initial risk information is entered when identifying risks in the planning process. Project managers constantly think about risks, both threats and opportunities.

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7 Steps for Effective Problem Management in IT

ITIL follows a process that starts with identifying the problem, which has caused one or more incidents, but is not known why at the time. Types of Problem Management & Related Processes. Problem management falls under the larger umbrella of ITIL processes. ITIL service operation processes include problem management, incident management, request fulfillment, event management and access management. The Problem Management Process.

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The PMP® Exam is Changing: Here’s What You Need to Know

International Institute for Learning

Well, PMI’s professional certification examination development process is accredited against the internationally recognized ISO 1704 [ii] Standard, as well as other industry best practices. Each question on the PMP Exam is tracked to at least two academic references (which PMI does not reveal) and to the Outline. The new PMP Exam will focus on the three NEW domains of People, Process, and Business Environment. Supplemental readings and reference materials.

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What if the PMBOK Guide was a Choose Your Own Adventure® book?

Kiron Bondale

While their 2012 reference book for Disciplined Agile Delivery provided guidance for teams interested in tailoring their delivery approaches, the new book delves much deeper into the key goals, decision points and options for those decision points. It also provides external references to inspire practitioners to venture down the rabbit holes for the practices they wish to explore further. I’m midway through reading Choose Your WoW! from Scott W.

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