Project Management Processes & Phases

If so, it might be time to start implementing proven project management processes and phases at your organization in order to bring your company’s workflow under control. This involves another set of processes: Scope: Make sure the project deliverables have been completed as planned.

A Quick Guide to Business Process Mapping

That guide is called business process mapping. An Overview of Business Process Mapping. With a clear diagram or detailed business process map, it is easy to see where improvements in the business process can be made to increase efficiencies and productivity.

Process breakdown structure

Musings on Project Management

A coffee shop discussion on process redesign and process improvement led me to state the obvious to my caffeine-charged debaters: Managers responsible for the business buy results [and outcomes], not process. Process, by itself, does not sell well; what sells is results. Process per se is a tool. process Project Management

Mastering the Decision-Making Process: A Practical Guide

Our mastery of the decision-making process plays a big part in the outcome of our lives, as life could be easily defined as a series of decisions. 7 Steps for an Effective Decision-Making Process. You plan your projects , so why shouldn’t you plan your decision-making process?


Zen Project Management

Tools can make us more effective, but sometimes they can be distractions. Take project management tools. Put another way, A fool with a tool is still a fool When I was young, I had a riding lawn mower.

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Constructive Criticism: A Powerful Tool for Managers

It’s one of the many tools to help, not hinder, the progress on a project. Constructive criticism is a process to help improve something through a valid and well-reasoned opinion. The post Constructive Criticism: A Powerful Tool for Managers appeared first on

5 Leadership Assessment Tools You Need to Try

Leadership is multifaceted, and so are the tools to assess and work on improving those skills. Leadership assessment tools provide practical steps that you can apply to measure your leadership and then work towards boosting relevant skills. The Best Leadership Assessment Tools.

Tools for testing

Musings on Project Management

Tools linked to process, and process linked to tools, are always grist for debate in the agile space. Defect tracking is one of those processes that begs the question: to engage with a tool or not? Many say: Put the defect on a card, Put the card on a wall in the war room, and Work it into the backlog as a form of requirement that is commonly labeled "technical debt". For sure, that's. agile Testing

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Communications Tools: The Project Banner

Girl's Guide to PM

This article, Communications Tools: The Project Banner , first appeared on Girl's Guide to PM. I should have measured it first as we’ve just had the ceiling painted as we’re in the process of moving into that room and I was nervous about bashing it with the support pole.

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5 Features Your Work Intake Process Tool Should Have


Streamlining the work intake process is a hurdle for many teams. The right tool can help refine a system for how you and your team accept project requests without additional headaches and hassle. 5 Must-have features for your work intake process tool. The intake process.

How Data Visualization Tools Can Improve Your Project Management

People process information differently, and there are many types of intelligences. It shows process and projects in a visual format that pulls people out of the weeds and adds context to their tasks, whether that be with a dashboard , graph or slide presentation.

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6 Tools and Techniques for Controlling Risks

Project Risk Coach

What tools and techniques can project managers use for controlling risks and getting the results they are looking for? In these risk review sessions, the team discussed the effectiveness of the risk responses and the risk management processes. Risk Control Tools and Techniques.

Lessons Learned - A suggested Process

Project Health Check

Now let us spell out a structured Process that we suggest: Plan Lessons Capture - Lessons Learned (L.L.) What Lessons Learned Processes have you used - or has it mostly been unstructured? In our Precious Blog entry we reflected generally on Project Lessons Learned.

Signs that Your Project Management Process Needs an Update


Whatever the case, here are five signals from the universe that indicate your project management process is due for a refresh. Process vs Methodology. Let’s first clarify what is meant by the word ‘process’ and how it is not to be confused with the term ‘methodology’.

Project Management Collaboration Tools FAQ

Girl's Guide to PM

I ran a subscriber-only webinar recently about trends in project management collaboration tools and the barriers to adopting new technology in a project environment. These are questions about collaboration tools that I hear time and time again, so I know many of you have the same queries.

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6 Tools and Techniques for Controlling Risks

Project Risk Coach

In these risk review sessions, the team discussed the effectiveness of the risk responses and the risk management processes. Let’s look at six tools and techniques recommended in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) for controlling risks. Risk Control Tools and Techniques.

How to futureproof your PPM software selection process


Simple tools work well for smaller teams, but as you scale, you need to consider solutions that will also scale. When a team is small, its projects are normally small meaning that the resources required are much less and more manageable with simple tools.

Decision Making Tools for Group Decisions

Girl's Guide to PM

In this article I will give you a few tools to help you facilitate the process and direct your team’s efforts and energy in the right direction. The Group Decision Process. Making a decision as a group is a 3-step process: Deciding whether you need your team. Agree decision making tools and decide. My preferred practice is to rely on tools that were specifically developed to assess the optimal level of team involvement.

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Simple Guide to Business Process Mapping – a Valuable Skill All Project Managers Need

Project Bliss

If you’ve been asked to complete a business process map it may feel overwhelming. And k nowing how to create business process maps is useful in many situations. Once I learned how to create business process maps I used them a lot. What is a Business Process Map?

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4 Signs Your Project Intake Process Is Outdated


If your team is so inundated with new tasks coming from all directions and is siloed between tools, they simply can’t complete projects at the speed your business requires. Does this sound like your current work project intake process?

Don’t over-process your project management communications!

Kiron Bondale

I wrote an article in October 2015 describing how the eight forms of waste (a foundational lean tool) can affect project teams. Let’s do a deeper dive into the waste of over-processing. So what are the impacts of over-processing on the project manager’s part?

Voice of the Customer (VOC): a Powerful Tool for Valuable Customer Insight

Project Bliss

Getting the Voice of the Customer (VOC) tells you if you’re on the right track in your product or process improvement project. Voice of the Customer is a powerful tool for getting that information - for more successful projects and less rework. How-To how-to Process

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Process Groups and the 5 Steps of Traditional Project Management


When you plan the best path from original idea to completed project, you’re making sure your team has the tools and direction to be successful. Let’s take a closer look at process groups and how they help you move through the five traditional stages of project management.

Tool review: Admation

The Digital Project Manager

Project management tools often make the mistake of trying to be everything, to everyone. They create masses of functionality without a real vision of workflow and how the tool might be used by ad agencies and their clients to deliver projects. Posted in General.

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Tips to Create the Perfect Intake Process Template for Project Work


One of the best ways for her to do so is to create a successful process that can be replicated again and again. So she decides to create an intake process template that she can use to streamline all of these work requests and set her team up for success. .

Advice for Project Managers: How to Save Your Job, and Process vs Tool


Dear Elizabeth : Process or tool—which comes first? Our executive team disagrees about this every time we evaluate our project and work processes and start to consider software tools—current and new ones. Process Fan.

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Why the Stage Gate Process will Make You a Better Project Manager

Online PM Courses

The Stage Gate Process gets too little love from Project Managers. In a Stage Gate process, you break your project into stages, or phases. In this article, we look at why a stage gate process will enhance your project management, and how to make it work.

How To Do An Effective Project Selection Process?

A stable and sturdy project management is one of the crucial factors to make a project process work. In the corporate world, an organization needs more than just top-notch tools and up to date process to bring the project to its full potential—it also needs a strong manpower, a human resource that has a particular set of skills and capabilities that will greatly contribute the entire organization. Cet article How To Do An Effective Project Selection Process?

E-Learning Tools For Project Managers

Arras People

There are also plenty of apps that can be used as tools as well. While Dropbox has become a popular tool to save files, Dropbox Paper allows you to take notes, and add headers and checklists.

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Government Lessons in People Over Process

Leading Answers

Something I was not aware of at the time is how the career development process works within the government. The project went much smoother after these changes and it taught me an important lesson in never trying to introduce a process or practice without considering the people elements first.

DPM Podcast: Making Process Change Work (With Alexa Huston)

The Digital Project Manager

How you can make Scrum work in an agency, and how do you make any process change effectively? In this podcast, Ben Aston talks to Alexa Huston about her introduction of Scrum at the agency Crema and you can make process changes with your team and tools work for everyone.

Project Management Communication Tools [Book Review]

Girl's Guide to PM

When Bill Dow asked if I wanted to review his book on project management communication tools, I jumped at the opportunity. Seriously, this book contains everything you ever wanted to know about all the tools and documents available to you for communicating about your project.

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15 of the Best Productivity Tools for Marketers That You Haven’t Heard Of

As digital marketers, we live for a good tool or tip that can make our lives easier. Great tools are so valuable because when you find something that just works , it can have a serious impact on your workflow and productivity.

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Things You Need To Know About Business Process Management

Business Process Management was not an essential tool for project management since the latter has a set of alternative factors that can work on its own. The new emergence of business techniques call for merging the two together: gone are the days where project management was an independent branch of the business organization—for the success of the project, it has to be dependent on business process management. Business Process Management: What You Need to Know.

Beginner’s Guide to Project Management Process


Project Management Process Skill (Tools and Techniques). The Application of Knowledge, Skills, tools and Techniques on the project activities to meet project requirements. Project Management Process in divided into 5 Process Groups.

From Onboarding to Expert: Optimizing Projects and Processes with LiquidPlanner


Here at LiquidPlanner we’ve identified four main stages our customers go through to optimize their projects and processes. Once the team is invited to the workspace, they’re getting accustomed to the primary aspects of the tool, such as logging time and posting updates to tasks.

How to memorize the 49 processes from PMBOK 6th Edition in under 30 minutes


The 49 processes (shown below) form the skeleton or outline for the PMBOK – if you fully understand the 49 processes you are well on your way to passing your PMP or CAPM exam! The Process Chart. The center of the table shows all 49 processes. Number of Processes.

Project Estimation: Master the Tools and Techniques

Online PM Courses

There are at least four things that make estimating for projects a difficult discipline: Project Estimation – Master the Tools and Techniques. Methods and Tools for Project Estimation. We’ll start by looking at traditional project estimations methods and tools.

How to Create a SIPOC Model for Process Creation or Improvement [SIPOC Template Download]

Project Bliss

If you have a project that involves any type of process improvement, a SIPOC Model is a great tool to get your team started. And you don’t need to have six sigma training to use this simple tool. you’re developing a new process. PROCESS. Identify the Process.

The 5-Step Expert Guide To Choosing Collaboration Tools

Girl's Guide to PM

. Since my book Collaboration Tools for Project Managers came out, one of the things I’m asked frequently is ‘how do I choose the right collaboration tool for my team?’. It’s critical to step back and consider your team as a unit before you even start investigating tools,” she says. “Do

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