Risk management for agile projects

Kiron Bondale

What are the implications to project risk management when you choose to deliver a project using an agile approach? Here are a few similarities: Risk needs to be managed through the project’s lifetime, not just at the very beginning. Risk bias and appetite need to be assessed when managing risks. How a team, risk owner or sponsor will identify or respond to risk is tied to their individual perceptions.

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Early experimentation is key to reducing project risk

Kiron Bondale

Inspection and adaptation are two of the pillars of the Scrum framework but all agile methods recognize the wisdom of Deming’s Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle. Assumptions which have not been validated are a common source of project risks.

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Scrum Methodology: Roles, Events & Artifacts


The scrum methodology was developed as a response to rigid project management approaches such as the waterfall method, which didn’t adapt to the needs of agile product and software development teams. What Is the Scrum Methodology? The good news is that scrum is easy to understand.

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Managing Risk with Scrum


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Risk Management Plan Example (Comprehensive Guide+Tempalte)

PM Basics

In this article, you’ll find the real-life project risk management plan example. Below the example, you’ll find all the required information and resources to create your Risk Management Plan quickly and for free. Risk Management Plan Definition. Risk Register, WBS).

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What you Absolutely Need to Know about Construction Risk Management in 2021


Risk management is a crucial element to keep track of when it comes to any sort of project. But when it comes to construction risk management, you need to be extra careful, because a software project going bad might not be as life-threatening as a construction project going bad.

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YDS: How is Risk Management Handled in Scrum?


On today’s episode of YOUR DAILY SCRUM: How is risk management handled in Scrum? Today's question asks Todd and Ryan to discuss how the Scrum Framework addresses risk management. Join Ryan and Todd in a Professional Scrum training course: [link

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The Best Scrum Tools of 2019 for Agile Project Management


Over the past few years, Scrum has become the default face of Agile Project Management. One of the most popular Agile frameworks, Scrum is widely adopted by software and non-software development teams alike. Due to its up-roaring popularity, there are numerous tools that have jumped on the bandwagon and have started to recognize themselves as the best Scrum tools. The criterion for best Scrum tools is simple enough. Best Scrum Tools to Increase Your Productivity.

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Scrum Effort Points – What Are They and Their Importance in Story Point Meetings


Fortunately, in the case of agile project management, we are blessed with scrum effort points. Scrum is a methodology used in agile project management that focuses on improving efficiency and productivity. What Are Scrum Effort Points? Develop a Matrix: Risk Matrix at nTask.

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5 Ways Scrum Helps Manage Risks


An organization’s ability to rapidly and deliberately respond to changing demand, while controlling risk helps ascertain its Agility. If practiced in true essence, Scrum helps teams and organizations mitigate risks through its rules. By building the product iteratively with each Sprint focusing on delivering increment of highest possible value for the customers, Scrum mitigates the risk of lack of visibility to the stakeholders regarding the product being built.

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Why Are Daily Scrum Meetings Important for Successful Project Management?


The Scrum meeting is an essential part of every project’s management, especially one following Agile methodology. To take full advantage of the benefits of daily Scrum meetings, companies need to believe in empiricism and create an integral framework for implementation. Listed below are many benefits of implementing daily Scrum meetings for successful teams, organizations, individuals, products, and services. Reduced Risk. So, plan for that daily Scrum meeting!

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Does a Scrum Master have to be a techie?

Kiron Bondale

Recently I wrote an article about the potential for a Scrum Master to take on additional roles. While I was teaching a class this week, one of my learners voiced a concern about Scrum Masters who didn’t possess deep technical knowledge of the product solution. He felt that without this expertise a Scrum Master would run into difficulties in building credibility with the Development Team. To keep myself honest, I decided to double-check my views against The Scrum Guide.

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Agile and Scrum 2022: Making It Work for You

International Institute for Learning

Compliance may see it as a way to reduce risk. At IIL’s Agile and Scrum 2022 Online Conference: Making It Work For You – we will explore these topics and more. Sprint Your Way to Scrum – Bonsy Yelsangi, Certified Scrum Trainer & Author, Attain Agility.

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Value Creation in Scrum: Shift Left


TL; DR: Value Creation in Scrum. As a tactical framework, Scrum is good at delivering Increments into customers’ hands. As we work in iterations, we probably do that several times per month, mitigating risk by closing feedback loops. Product Discovery in Scrum—The Big Picture.

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Managing risk


Often I hear people say that Scrum does not take care of risk: there is no risk log, risk is not on the agenda of the Sprint Review or Retrospective as a standard agenda-item. That's a risk right there! How is risk managed in Scrum? Scrum is all about risk management. Ken Schwaber talks a little bit about it in this short video: Risk is personal. First let's think about what risk actually means. Different types of risks.

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Scrum With Kanban WIP Limits


This article is the second in a series of “Kanban and Scrum – Stronger Together”. Inspired by Steve Porter’s efforts to bring process practitioners closer together and educate Scrum practitioners, I’m writing a shadow series of posts that will follow the Kanban and Scrum – Stronger Together series and continue my own efforts to clear up misconceptions between practitioners of these methods. SCRUM’S WIP LIMIT POLICY.

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Risk Management Resources

Herding Cats

Risk Management is essential for development and production programs. Risk issues that can be identified early in the program, which will potentially impact the program later, termed Known Unknowns and can be alleviated with good risk management. Effective Risk Management 2 nd Edition , Edmund Conrow, AIAA, 2003. Risk Management is Project Management for Adults - Tim Lister. Risk Management Papers. “A Risk a Feelings,” George F.

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Risk-aware Product Development (a.k.a. Scrum)


"There's no predictability/commitment in Agile/Scrum". They are either already victims of "Bad Scrum" or are basing their concerns off of a lot of "Bad Scrum" going on out there. It is such a shame though because in reality Agile product development using Scrum actually maximizes the predictability you can have in your environment. Why didn't I just say "Agile/Scrum provides great predictability" and get it over with? The Risk Burndown Exercise.

Why Is There No Project Manager In A Scrum Team?


Every time when we have a discussion about scrum and SAFe, we usually hear that there is no such role as a project manager. Can the scrum team manage to perform their tasks very well, without a project manager? The scrum team can work well without a scrum project manager, but the project can still stall. In this article, I will share the experience of working on a scrum team project without a project manager. Project Manager Roles And Responsibilities in Scrum.

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How to handle unplanned work in Scrum


It’s a myth that Scrum Teams don’t plan. Scrum Teams plan at the Sprint Planning event and when refining work items. Scrum Teams plan frequently to navigate complicated environments where new information emerges constantly. Some Scrum Teams face a lot of unplanned work.

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Scrum Events Reduce Meetings


One of the first things that I usually hear after describing the Scrum framework and its five events to someone new to Scrum is, “that’s a lot of meetings!” . . Only the Daily Scrum happens every day, and that event has a 15-minute timebox. Daily Scrum.

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Remote Work and Scrum


And what does this mean for remote Scrum Teams? For many Scrum Teams finishing tasks is less important than delivering value toward the Product Goal and Sprint Goals. Facilitation is a skill that every Scrum Team member should have. Everyone, not just the Scrum Master.

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Scrum Developer Anti-Patterns


TL; DR: Scrum Developer Anti-Patterns. After covering the anti-patterns of the Scrum Master, the Product Owner, and the stakeholders, this article addresses Scrum Developer anti-patterns, covering all Scrum Events and the Product Backlog artifact.

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Can Scrum Teams Use Scrum And Kanban, Simultaneously?


In this blog post, we focus on one specific topic that emerged: “Can Scrum teams use Scrum and Kanban, simultaneously?”. Scrum. My hunch is that most of our readers are familiar with the basics of the Scrum framework. But this short description is the essence of Scrum.

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Risk Management is How Adults Manage Projects

Herding Cats

In a recent exchange in social media, it was clear the notion of risk and the sources of risk, the consequences or risks and managing in the presence of risk was in very unclear, when it was conjectured , we can simply slice the work into small bits and REDUCE risk. . First, the only risk that can be reduced is the risk created by Epistemic Uncertainty. Making things small does not reduce the risk it may make the uncertainty smaller.

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Don't Mess with Scrum


Scrum is simple, but that simplicity means that each of its elements is essential. Teams that mess with the framework are messing with Scrum. Teams that make changes to the elements limit Scrum's effectiveness and aren't really using Scrum. . Scrum values.

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Scrum Master vs Project Manager: What’s the Difference?

Project Bliss

You’ve also heard that teams are going Agile and that Scrum Master might be a good option. Or maybe you’re already a Project Manager, and you’re wondering if a Scrum Master job might be a good move. Here I’ll explain the difference between a Project Manager and a Scrum Master. Difference between a Project Manager and Scrum Master. Scrum Master vs Project Manager. Manage risk. Scrum Master Responsibilities.

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Mind The (Scrum) Gap!


I’ve been part of the Scrum community for about 12 years. In this period, I’ve noticed a clear pattern in the majority of Scrum-related threads on social media like LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, and so on. We are also very good at contrasting this with the ideal state of Scrum.

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5 Common Misconceptions about Scrum


Below are a few of the most common misconceptions about Scrum. . . During Sprint Planning, the Scrum Team choses a Sprint Goal, selects Product Backlog items they believe will best accomplish the Sprint Goal, and creates a plan for delivering the selected Product Backlog items.

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When Is It Time to Stop Using Scrum?


TL; DR: When Should a Team Stop Using Scrum? When is the time to look beyond Scrum? outlive their utility sooner or later; why would Scrum be an exception? Scrum is a tool, a helpful practice but neither a religion nor a philosophy.

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Scrum Master Responsibilities: What Does a Scrum Master Do?

Project Bliss

Are you thinking of taking on a Scrum Master role? Do you know what the Scrum Master responsibilities are? To make sure you’re ready to carry out Scrum Master responsibilities, ensure that you have a good understanding of what’s involved. You may at first think it’s just leading the team in answering the three questions in your daily scrum meeting. But as you read on, you’ll see there’s more involved in Scrum Master responsibilities.

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A Compendium of Risk Management Resources

Herding Cats

This blog page is dedicated to the resources used to manage the risk encountered on software-intensive systems using traditional and agile development methods. Let's start with a critical understanding of the purpose of managing risk on software development projects. Risk Management is essential for development and production programs. Effective Risk Management 2nd Edition, Edmund Conrow, AIAA, 2003. Risk a Feelings,” George F. Hammonds, Risk Analysis 14.5

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Scrum with Kanban Class of Service


This article is the third in a series of “Kanban and Scrum – Stronger Together”. Inspired by Steve Porter’s efforts to bring process practitioners closer together and educate Scrum practitioners, I’m writing a shadow series of posts that will follow the Kanban and Scrum – Stronger Together series and continue my own efforts to clear up misconceptions between practitioners of these methods. In my experience, this does not come naturally to Scrum teams.

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The Difference Between The Kanban Method and Scrum


A question that I often get while speaking with people is: What is the difference between Kanban and Scrum? Scrum. Scrum is primarily influenced by the Agile Manifesto which describes the “Agile” value system. Incremental delivery of software also mitigates risk and maximizes the opportunity to learn from a business, process, and technical perspective. Scrum strives to “protect” the development team from the influences of “traditional” project management tactics.

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Scrum vs Kanban vs Agile vs Waterfall – A side-by-side comparison


In this article, we attempt to clarify the basic concepts behind Scrum, Kanban, Agile and Waterfall. Popular searches on the Internet such as Scrum vs Kanban , Scrum vs Agile, Scrum vs Waterfall, Kanban vs Agile, Kanban vs Waterfall and Agile vs Waterfall manifest the need to have the differences between all these approaches cleared out once and for all. Scrum. Comparing Scrum vs Agile is equivalent to comparing apple to fruit.

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36 Scrum Stakeholder Anti-Patterns


TL; DR: Scrum Stakeholder Anti-Patterns. Zur deutschsprachigen Version des Artikels: 36 Fehlverhalten von Scrum Interessenvertretern. ?? Join Stefan in one of his upcoming Professional Scrum training classes ! ?? ?? ???? Common Scrum Stakeholder Anti-Patterns.

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Differences Between a SAFe Scrum Master and a Scrum Master


Is a SAFe Scrum Master and Scrum Master having two different accountabilities or the same? Is a SAFe Scrum Master, a Scrum Master with additional responsibilities for scaling? In SAFe, Scrum Master is not just “Scrum” Master.

2021 52

This is how Scrum improves your risk-taking process


Real-life risk-taking is different from theory. We would just adapt our risk-taking strategy accordingly. Long story short, in real-life risk-taking situations “experience trumps theory”. Not all risks are equal. Favour the risks that benefit from uncertainty.

The balance of power in Scrum


I think of the three accountabilities in the Scrum framework as creating a balance of power. And the Scrum Master helps to maintain the balance between them. of the accountabilities in Scrum gets a bit — um — power hungry? The Scrum Master. The Scrum Team.

2022 59

Scrum Master Interview Questions (6): The Sprint Planning


TL; DR: Scrum Master Interview (6): Demand Creates Supply and the Job Market for Agile Practitioners is No Exception. Scrum has proven time and again to be the most popular framework for software development. Which makes any Scrum Master interview a challenging task.

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