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Software Project Management: Why It’s Different

Every project is different, of course, but the differences when managing software development projects are especially so, due to its distinct life-cycle processes. What Is Software Project Management? Software project management is the planning, managing and tracking of software development projects.

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Scrum Methodology: Roles, Events & Artifacts

The scrum methodology was developed as a response to rigid project management approaches such as the waterfall method, which didn’t adapt to the needs of agile product and software development teams. We’ll explore the scrum methodology in-depth, but before that, let’s start with a simple scrum definition.


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Scrum Is Not the Point

When I work with customers, the ones who have the biggest troubles are the ones who are obsessed with ”doing scrum right”. Scrum is not the point. If I’m working with a company on their agile transformation or their implementation of Scrum or doing a Scrum training for their team, they’re not wrong in thinking that Scrum is important.

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Can scrum be used outside software development?

. Can scrum be used outside software development? I’ve often worked in cases in non-software where I might have had 10 options that I would consider for the team. And so it’s crucial that if you’re working in non-software and also I would argue in software you need to learn the business domain.

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Scrum Master Interview Questions: The Sprint Review

TL; DR: Scrum Master Interview Questions on the Sprint Review. Scrum has repeatedly proven to be the most popular framework for software development. Given that software is eating the world , a seasoned Scrum Master is nowadays in high demand. It is the Sprint Review.

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Should We Change Scrum?

TL; DR: Can We Or Should We Change Scrum? Can we or should we change Scrum, or is it a sacrilege to tweak the ‘immutable’ framework to accommodate our teams’ and organizations’ needs? Not so fast; don’t just dismiss augmenting Scrum as leaving the path, contributing to the numerous Scrumbut mutations, giving Scrum a bad name.

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Agile and Scrum: Unravelling the Misconceptions

As trainers, we often come across common misconceptions from course attendees about Agile and Scrum. We tend to hear red flags of misalignment when we explore folk's current definitions and understanding of Agile and Scrum at the start of our courses. Scrum: Scrum is thought of as a methodology. What is Agile?