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Strategy Execution on #pmchat

Arras People

On Friday 14th October at 5pm UK time (12pm ET), I’ll be hosting #pmchat for an hour alongside Deanne Earle on Strategy Execution and Portfolio Management. Friday afternoons on Twitter is the place for project practitioners to kick back for an hour and have a chat with other practitioners around the world. A pretty vast topic which means the #pmchat will certainly be alight with discussion.

How to Actually Make and Execute Better Decisions

Project Risk Coach

However, we may discover flaws in our decisions when we execute the decisions. The post How to Actually Make and Execute Better Decisions appeared first on. 2=Planning 3=ExecutionOur lives are the sum total of all the decisions we’ve made – financial decisions, health decisions, whether to marry or not to marry, whether or not to have children, and where to work. Poor analysis.

The Executive-Project Manager Gap

Troubled and Failing Project

Where could I start—bureaucracy, draconian process, poor executive sponsorship, disengaged leaders? Then the maelstrom started and it went directly to the gap between the executives and projects managers. It was such an innocuous question, "Working on an article; what is the biggest problem you see with project governance at orgs? Can you comment?" Can I comment? Really? That is like cheese to a mouse. Plenty of fodder, because they all lead to project failure. Naomi Caietti , Robert Kelly and I had a great conversation. Most of the thread is below. Governance & Definition

Are Your Project Plans Helping You Execute Successfully?


And while your odds of success improve if you actually use them, plans are all too often consigned to the rubbish bin during the execution stage of a project. This plan is what helps your business deliver on its potential and execute on strategy. It needs a system that deals with the reality of project planning and execution. – Mike Tyson. Death by Uncertainty.

Executive Project Ownership

The Lazy Project Manager

I need your help with the research for my new book ‘ How to avoid getting Fired at the ‘C’ Level’ (working title) – looking in depth at the reality of executive level engagement and understanding of the business change that they have ultimate responsibility for, through the project portfolio that they own, for the organisations that they lead. r/Executive_Project_Ownership. project management apm executive ipma lazy project manager management Manager monkey peter taylor PMI pmp project sponsorship surveyThank you. Peter Taylor.

37 Practical Ways to Improve Your Project Communication

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Develop and execute a communications plan. 2=Planning 3=Execution Project Communications ManagementAre you looking for ways to improve your project communication? You’re not alone. Most project managers know that 90% of their time is spent in communicating – hearing, speaking, and seeking to understand. Great project managers are first great communicators. weekly).

The What, Why, and How of Project Requirements

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2=Planning 3=Execution Business Analyst requirementsLearn technical skills to accelerate your projects through requirements development How big of a deal are project requirements? The Project Management Institute says, “47% of unsuccessful projects fail to meet goals due to poor requirements management.” ” Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock. What are Project Requirements?

5 Things New Team Members Want to Know

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3=Execution teamGot any new team members? Tom replaced Bill as a developer at the midpoint of a software development project for an insurance company. Sheila, the project manager, had her hands full with multiple projects and hoped that Bill had provided Tom with the necessary information to hit the ground running. Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock. We’ve all dealt with situations like this one.

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How to Facilitate the Resolution of Conflicting Ideas

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1=Initiation 3=Execution stakeholdersHave you ever encountered conflicting ideas when facilitating change within a department, business unit, or across an organization? Do you often see resistance to your change efforts? Have you ever started down a path that made perfectly good sense to you but seemed crazy to others? Image courtesy of Adobe Stock (edited in Canva). Identify Stakeholders.

Should a sponsor be able to delegate?

Ron Rosenhead

Strategies for Project Sponsorship Performance management report for project sponsors- must do… project sponsorship delegation project executive project management project managers project sponsorThis was a question that set me thinking. However, let me give you some background. I was with a client and I met two senior managers who set the context for some upcoming sponsor workshops.

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Vision Without Execution Is Hallucination [Video]

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The post Vision Without Execution Is Hallucination [Video] appeared first on If you can’t see this video in your RSS reader or email, then click here. What tips do you have to help project managers explain the WHY of their projects?

Work Performance Data, Work Performance Information, and Work Performance Reports

Deep Fried Brain

Commonly Confused Concepts Executing Monitoring and Controlling PMBOK Process Groups Study NotesIn 2009, I did a series of posts on Work Performance Information, Work Performance Measurements and Performance Reports, highlighting how the PMBOK® Guide, Fourth Edition was utterly confusing.

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The Program Canvas – A useful tool for designing programs


Designing a program is a joint effort of the program manager, the team and the sponsor, principal or the executive. Within what constraints will the program be executed? During the 2014 IPMA World Congress in Rotterdam, Theo van der Tak, Björn Prevaas and Hans Cremer introduced a new concept for designing a program by using a “Program Canvas”. How are we going to realize it?

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Give me ‘C’

The Lazy Project Manager

level executives ipma lazy project manager peter taylor PMI pmo pmp project project author project manager project speaker surveyI have seen in the companies that I have worked for, and I am sure that you have all seen it as well, the special ones amongst us that are on a fast track up through the organisation destined for the hallowed ground of ‘C’ level appointment.

Does your organization truly support project management?

Kiron Bondale

Project management maturity is also not realized just by having good project sponsorship as the same report indicates that three out of five projects have engaged executive sponsors. The path to an executive role should include the engaged sponsorship of at least one successful initiative. In addition to effective sponsorship, some of the following conditions should be met.

Major Programme Management Conference – Win a Ticket

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There is good line up of distinguished speakers on the varied agenda: Brendan Bechtel, Chief Executive Officer of Bechtel. Andrew Wolstenholme, OBE, FREng, Chief Executive Officer of Crossrail. We have two free tickets to giveaway for Saïd Business School, University of Oxford’s Oxford Major Programme Management Conference 2016 which takes place on the Friday 11th November. The theme for the conference is: ‘Legacy of Major Programmes: Making Good on our Promises’. Professor Bent Flyvbjerg, BT Chair in Major Programme Management, Oxford Saïd. Programme Management

Have You Left Anything Out of Your Project Plan?

Project Risk Coach

Define how you will plan, execute, and control scope. Define how you will plan, execute, and control the schedule. Define how you will plan, execute, and control the budget. Define how you will plan, execute, and control quality. Define how you will plan, execute, and control human resources. Define how you will plan, execute, and control communications.

What It Takes to be a Project Portfolio Manager


Project portfolio management (PPM) is the centralized organization of processes, methods, and tools to analyze and collectively execute current or proposed projects. According to project manager Bob Buttrick , while project management is about executing projects right, portfolio management is about executing the right projects. but have no idea where to begin? .

To See or Not to See?


The third is the overall environment in which the project is being executed. One party might like the project to be executed using agile principles or methodology while the other party has still not warmed up to the idea of agile. It is not enough to Visualize. You need to be willing to See! So, reader’s discretion is advised! One is the project itself, in its entirety. V.P. &

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Agile For Oil and Gas - mixing lifecycle models


After determining an area to explore, the execution of a seismic survey might involve mobilizing a large workforce of several hundred people and scheduling constrained equipment. There comes a point where more planning can not remove the remaining uncertainty, instead execution must be used to provide data and remove uncertainty. Introduction. The Bigger Picture. Agile Processes.

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When Outsourcing Makes Sense


The flaw in this plan comes in the execution of it when it becomes apparent that software development projects typically entail more than just the development of software. The business case pitched to executives by outsourcing companies initially seems very compelling: Project Alpha needs 9 months of software development by a team of 5 people. Coding vs Collaboration Costs.

Beyond the legacy of megaprojects


Some of the speaker on the conference were Brendan Bechtel (Chief Executive Officer of Bechtel), Professor Bent Flyvbjerg (BT Chair in Major Programme Management, Oxford Saïd), Rt. Dame Margaret Hodge (MP, UK Parliament) and Andrew Wolstenholme (OBE, FREng, Chief Executive Officer of Crossrail). Now we need to think about future in megaprojects, so we could find actions.

“When will this Software Project Ever Be Done?”


I recently attended a keynote from Sue Gardner, she was the executive director for WikiPedia as it rapidly grew from 8 to 200 engineers. However, attempts to manage executive’s expectations about ongoing expenditure and to “finish” projects, create real problems for the ongoing development and health of the system. Does this question sound familiar? The “When will you be done?” issue.

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How PMOs can balance time, cost and quality

Moira Alexander

If 88 percent of C-suite executives agree that project alignment with strategy is vital to organizational success, why are only 56 percent of projects meeting strategic objectives? Furthermore, in a report titled “The High Cost of Low Performance,” the Project Management Institute (PMI) states 61 percent of firms acknowledge they often struggle to bridge the gap between strategy and day-to-day implementation. How much of this is attributable to issues with monitoring and managing cost, quality and time throughout projects and what can be done address these issues?

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7 Factors to Include in Your Project Health Check?

Brad Egeland

A project health check enables the team to take a step back from daily execution of tasks to evaluate the actual status of the project in an objective way. Project teams deal with the possibility of failure every day. There are numerous reasons why projects fail , many of which can be avoided with a project health check. Read the full article

What it Means to be a Digital Project Manager


When work is being done right where you track overall progress, you’ll always have the latest status of work, so you can communicate with executive stakeholders using real, up-to-the-minute data. . . The world has already moved online; has your job moved with it? And saving Microsoft Word documents and spreadsheets in a folder on your computer has become a thing of the past. Good question!

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The War for Project Management Talent?

Arras People

“Talent Management” as a HRM led initiative was born out of a 1998 McKinsey publication, ‘The War for Talent’ which first highlighted that organisations would be battling it out to employ talented senior executives in the years to come due to an increasing ‘competitive knowledge based world’ and the subsequent impacts on both recruitment and retention. So what is Talent Management?

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5 trends that will transform project management

Moira Alexander

It’s putting a sharper focus on the people, processes and technologies needed to successfully execute projects. A transformation is taking place in the project management field as the result of changes to business practices, requirements and expectations. It may no longer make sense for companies to use limited resources as they have in the past. Here are five trends that could reshape project management in 2016. Trend 1: The laser-focus on strategy over projects. Leaders will need to transform their PMOs or project management teams to focus all efforts around reaching business goals.

The Diagnosis and Treatment of Bimodal IT


However, true to its namesake personality disorder, organizations using Bimodal IT exhibit large swings in the execution approach that are not natural or optimal. An example of applying the AND mentality to Bimodal IT would be to execute a couple of Mode 1 and Mode 2 projects and then get the teams together for an improvement workshop. Scott Fitzgerald. Summary.

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Using Kanban in Marketing


Events have a slightly different workflow -Identified, Scheduled, Preparation, Execution, Post-event follow up and Completed. Marketing Executive, Digité. Last September, as a new member of the Digité Marketing team, I was trying hard to understand Digité products and space which we are in. where we have a bunch of powerful tools! That is when I heard the name of “Kanban”.

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25 mistakes project managers make


6-Not Seeking & getting executive sponsorship. For your project to get the right funding and attention, you need a senior executive in the company to champion and sponsor your project. There is the wrong assumption by many project managers and executives that asking for help shows weakness. Everybody makes mistakes. Project manager’s role is complicated.

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Boosting PMO's with Lean Thinking


Instead of having a dozen initiatives on the go at once with people splitting their time between them, prioritize and execute them sequentially. These are all relevant goals for today’s Project Management Office (PMO) and the reason that increasingly organizations are using Lean Thinking to boost value and reduce waste in the PMO.  It’s about people first. O verproduction. W aiting.

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Overcoming the Top Challenges of IT Project Management


Technology will advance as a project is being executed, especially in projects with year-long lifecycles. This is the learning curve that the team is up against, which can often slow down any progress occurring during a project’s execution. What is an IT project , you ask? What are they? The Top Challenges of IT Project Management. Are you deploying IT project management software?

Leading Through Influence — Managing Up

The Clever PM

When we say that Product Managers “lead through influence,” most people think of building rapport with the execution teams to ensure that you have the personal and professional leverage required to get them to do something without challenging things for their own reasons. But that’s really only a small piece of the overall leadership puzzle, and […]. Product Management Authority Communication Culture Good PM Influence Leadership Organization Roles

How to Get Fired at the C-Level

The Lazy Project Manager

But perhaps not getting fired is your preferred outcome and, if that is the case, then you might have a challenge or two in the arena of strategy execution since the number one reason CEOs get fired is mismanaging change! I am delighted to announce the release of my new book – How to Get Fired at the C-Level: Why Mismanaging Change is the Biggest Risk of All.

Moving from Project Manager to Programme Manager

Arras People

If programmes are about realising the desired benefits whilst also ensuring the programme and its associated projects remain aligned to the evolving business needs, it makes sense that the Programme Manager has greater experience and understanding of business strategy and how those strategies are executed. What development steps should I be thinking about to make that happen?

The World in 2050 – and some implications for project management


It requires policymakers to be more engaged in the execution of their concepts, actively support the project managers, establish a project-friendly culture and embrace the project management way of thinking. New results of a PwC repor t sets out the latest long-term global growth projections to 2050 for 32 of the largest economies in the world. Do we know how they manage projects?

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Does ANYONE benefit from your PM information system?

Kiron Bondale

It should be supported by an appropriately vetted business case, and planned and executed in a disciplined manner including effective, holistic stakeholder identification and engagement. A project management information system (PMIS) is not an investment which most companies would make lightly. Does the mere existence of an implemented PMIS provide any benefit? I highly doubt it.

Managing and working in Project Society


Firstly, the authors describe project-based organizations (PBOs), in which “the knowledge, capabilities, and resources of the firm are built up through the execution of projects, and most of their internal and external activities are organized in projects”. Many surveys proof the fact, that we experience an increasing number and importance of projects in our society.

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Does remote project management really work?

Moira Alexander

Below are some aspects that may impact an organization’s ability to execute a project successfully using virtual project teams, as well as some possible solutions. Does remote project management work? The answer, in general, is yes, it can. Will remote project management work for your organization if you have a top-notch virtual project teams? Not necessarily. There are advantages to establishing virtual project teams for remote project management. Some may include the following: Lower project costs due to technology advancements that bridge distance.

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