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57 AI in Project Management Statistics

Rebel’s Guide to PM

The global market for AI for project management is expected to grow to US$5.7bn by 2028 at a CAGR of 17.3%. 65% of experts see AI as a catalyst for implementing advanced project management strategies. 60% believe that augmented analytics can help risk and opportunity planning and management.

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The Best 6 Tools For The Maintenance Of A Positive Remote Work Culture


Upwork has predicted that the percentage of people working remotely is expected to rise to 73% by 2028. Remote company culture is inexpensive and helps save budget costs. Risk Management. Risk assessment matrix helps identify potential risk to optimize performance. The numbers are evidence of the changing norms.

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Skills Mismatch | What Is It & How to Bridge the Gap


If you fail to mention those soft skills in the job listing, you risk attracting a poor hire. Or, they might have decent design skills but lack other hard skills needed to accomplish projects within budget using the tools your clients require. The World Economic Forum’s predictions of the most important skills throughout 2028.