9 Best Practices for Your Daily Scrum Meeting

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When my team first started holding a daily scrum meeting, it honestly felt awkward. From the lessons I’ve learned through experience, I’ve compiled nine best practices that have helped our daily scrum meetings stay focused and efficient. The Purpose of the Daily Scrum Meeting.


Which is better – Kanban or Scrum?

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By far the most prominent and popular of these are Kanban and Scrum. Product Management Agile Culture Definitions Kanban Lean PM Roles ScrumA very common topic of discussion amongst Product Managers in general, and Agile practitioners in particular, involves the comparison of different forms of process and project management. And, much to my own personal dismay, often these discussions wind up devolving into some […].


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How-to run a more effective daily stand-up or scrum

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Run well, a daily stand-up or scrum is a great pulse check, team builder and motivator for a project; run badly, it’s an expensive waste of everyone’s time. The post How-to run a more effective daily stand-up or scrum appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Posted in Features General How-to Guides. An effective daily stand-up is a chance to review progress, get feedback, measure productivity and adapt together as a team, to keep a project.


Scrum is Just a Starting Point

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Awhile back, I got into a rather heated discussion with someone who was a firm believer in “textbook Scrum” and insisted that because the Product Owner is part of the Scrum Team (according to the biblical Scrum Guide) that they simply must be involved in every retrospective with the team, no matter what. Product Management Agile Culture Definitions Roles Scrum


The Myth of the Scrum Master and Actual Life Experiences

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Just listened to Tony Richards "The Capital Role of Scrum" in Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast (yes I know, this is Vasco's podcast and it does have value when he sticks to Scrum topics). Vasco describes the scrum Master as the Scrum Mom. . In the Scrum paradigm.


Struggles With Scrum – It’s About RESULTS

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There seems to be a lot of discussion these days about whether or not Agile still works, and whether or not Scrum in particular is “dead” or at the very least dying. Product Management Agile Definitions Leadership PM ScrumThe common thread that I see in these discussions is usually something to the effect of “why do we need set iterations” or “user […].


Scrum Project Management


Scrum is a project management framework that helps small, close-knit teams develop complex products incrementally. Scrum focuses on how people work instead of what they do. Scrum relies on agile principles and is the most popular agile methodology out there. What is Scrum.

Scrum Project Management


Scrum is a project management framework that helps small, close-knit teams develop complex products incrementally. Scrum focuses on how people work instead of what they do. Scrum relies agile principles and is the most popular agile methodology out there. What is Scrum.

SCRUM is about people

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Looking to hone your people skills and tie into SCRUM? Here's a seminar -- free even you are not a member -- that is more or less on the theme: "SCRUM is about people". Read in the library at Square Peg Consulting about these books I've written Buy them at any online book retailer! Read my contribution to the Flashblog agile human factors

Best Agile Certification And Scrum Training Review

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The post Best Agile Certification And Scrum Training Review appeared first on PM-by-PM. Project Management agile review scrumTop Agile Certifications I wanted to get an Agile Certification this year.

5 Simple Ways Scrum Project Management Software Can Drastically Reduce Your Business Costs


It’s likely you originally decided to get Scrum project management software in order to save time. If you’ve been using Scrum software, you’ve probably noticed some adjustment of business costs, due to greater efficiency. Scrum project management software makes it easier by integrating many functions into an organized framework. The first place to start reducing business costs with your Scrum project management software is in your choice of software.


Why “Scrumbut” Shouldn’t Be a Bad Word

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Product Management Agile Culture Definitions Good PM Influence Leadership Learning ScrumThere’s a term that gets floated around the Agile world by what I like to call the “textbook Scrummers” that really bugs the crap out of me, so much that I decided to write an article about the concept, and why I think it’s a wrong-headed, anti-agile concept. The concept is known as “ScrumBut”, and […].

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Scrum - from a Skeptic's Point of View

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Agile Project Management Training ScrumThree days of training and a certification exam later, I'm now officially a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM). The 3 days spent in the class was time well-spent. It was a good and refreshing experience.

Five Common Myths About “Iteration”

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Product Management Agile Culture Definitions Developers Interactions Iteration Leadership Learning Scrum Top 5Everyone in tech has seen the word, repeated ad nauseum as the “silver bullet” for everything from go-to-market timing to quality to product discovery.

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Enough of Scrum Already


The conversation goes on in the Scrum and Agile circles about how far a team can stray from the hard and fast “ Rules of Scrum” before becoming a “Scrum Outcast” and … earning the derision and scorn of the “True Believers.” The Rules Of Scrum.

Agile Transitions – How to Start With Practice, Not Theory

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Product Management Agile Culture Definitions Do's Good PM PM Roles ScrumI’ve talked before about the dangers of a “cargo cult” mentality when it comes to Agile practices, but in this instance I’m going to take a Devil’s Advocate position, at least it will appear that way. All too often, people and companies start their Agile transitions with training about the “theory” of Agile — what […].

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Time for a Demo?

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When I first learned Scrum , the idea was to have 30-day (4 week) iterations with a demo at the end of each iteration. Kanban scrumToday I see teams that have iterations from 1 to 4 weeks, or in the case of Kanban, no iterations at all. So the question is, how often should there be a demo? I’m a believer of getting sign off on a user story once it's done. This usually comes from the person who wrote it, who may be a proxy to the product owner.

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What Does an Agile Culture Look Like?

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Product Management Agile Culture Influence Lean Organization PM Roles Scrum Strategy UncertaintyA common question posed to Product Managers in organizations interested in or transitioning into Agile is, “How do we know that we’re Agile?” ” Because agility is a cultural value, there’s no pre-determined checklist of things that one can step through and certify your company as 100% Organic Agile. There are, however, indicators that we look at to […].

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What Are the Advantages of Waterfall Project Management?


An early form of this methodology was Scrum , developed in 1986, which presented the concept of requirements volatility. Project Management Agile project management agile vs waterfall project management method methodology model pros and cons Scrum waterfall project management

Increase your Productivity the Agile Way with Danilo Tambone (@dantambone): Episode 81

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My guest Danilo Tambone shares with us how to use Agile, Kanban, and Scrum to skyrocket your productivity. My guest Danilo Tambone shares with us how to use Agile, Kanban, and Scrum to skyrocket your productivity. The post Increase your Productivity the Agile Way with Danilo Tambone (@dantambone): Episode 81 appeared first on Project Management for the Masses. Interviews Podcast Productivity Products

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The Role of the Product Owner


Finding the right Product Owner for your Scrum Team can be a challenge. Trust from the team that the Product Owner will allow them to complete the work uninterrupted by requirement changes is essential for Scrum Teams to function properly. Self-organization and autonomy are necessary for a thriving Scrum team, and no one member should ever hold unchecked power over the rest of the Team. The beauty of Scrum is in its democratic nature. Backlog Agile methodology Scrum

A Great Project Isn’t One Big Thing, It’s a Million Little Things


Business Agile and Scrum guest post project management Tips and TrendsGreat projects that run smoothly from beginning to end are a rarity. They do happen, but nearly every project hits a few bumps along the way. Our hope as project managers is that they are relatively small issues – some that are fixable even before the customer needs to know about them. That said, a great project isn’t really hitting a grand slam or even driving home the winning run.

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Comparing agile project management frameworks

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SCRUM LEAN KANBAN. Roles Three roles are key to success (scrum master, product owner and scrum team). Uses scrum as the method do the actual work, yet uses kanban as the method to seek and gain in the way of continuous improvements. Uses lean as the way to combine the best components of kanban and scrum practices to deliver the most sustainable value as fast as possible.


BA's on Agile Projects?


The Scrum Guide, for instance, that outlines the Scrum methodology describes only three roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team. The role of the business Analyst (BA) in agile projects in some ways parallels the role of the project manager (PM).

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Project Management Methodologies Made Simple: The Complete Methodology Guide for Project Managers

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The ever-evolving project management methodology list of agile, scrum, kanban, lean, xp, waterfall PRINCE2 and PMBOK can be confusing. In this complete guide to project management. The post Project Management Methodologies Made Simple: The Complete Methodology Guide for Project Managers appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Features General

5 Easy Steps to Being Agile Using Axosoft


Axosoft Agile project management Scrum Tips and TrendsYou’re here! Welcome. Whether you just started a trial or are interested in using Axosoft for the first time, here are some super important things that will help you get started: Get your Existing Data. Confirm/Define your Workflow Steps. Confirm/Define your Field Templates. Add your Projects and then Import your Data. Visualize your Items in a Meaningful, Useful Way.

Your Introduction to the Agile Roadmap


Using the Scrum framework , you can use a combination of user stories, sprints, versions, and epics to divide and organize your teams work. Backlog Agile methodology product roadmap Scrum

Running a Successful Daily Stand-up


Daily Stand-ups are an integral part of the Scrum framework of project management. If you’ve never held a Daily Stand-up (also referred to as a Daily Scrum) before, you might not be sure where to start. Open communication between team members, Scrum Master, and Product Owner is imperative. Backlog Daily Stand-up Kanban ScrumEach day, team members get together for a quick meeting—15 minutes max—to discuss progress and plan their day.

5 Tips for an Effective Agile Product Roadmap


Backlog Agile methodology product roadmap ScrumWhile many teams struggle to decide if a product roadmap is even necessary when working in an Agile context , we can assure you that it absolutely is. And, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you’re getting the most out of yours.

3 Easy Agile Practices Your Team Can Start Today

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Your project manager buddies are becoming scrum masters. In traditional Scrum/Agile the scrum master works to remove roadblocks, but the project manager can do that, too. Next time your scrum master friends are talking Agile, you can join right in.


Why Isn’t Agile Working For Me – Part 4 – What to Do When Agile Isn’t Working

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Product Management Agile Culture Good PM Influence Leadership PM Scrum UncertaintyThis is the fourth (and possibly final!) installment of my series of posts discussing why Agile may not be working for you or your organization. Part One focused on the role of culture and training; Part Two focused on the importance of continual improvement and evangelism; and Part Three focused on lack of knowledge, lack of commitment, […].

The Business Analyst and the Product Owner


It originated in Scrum but is often also used beyond Scrum in other agile approaches and hybrid approaches. The Scrum definition of the role is the person responsible for maximizing the value of the product and the work of the development team.

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Three Popular Ways to Run a Productive Retrospective


Continuous improvement is one of the biggest benefits of working in an Agile work environment , and in the Scrum framework, the driver of improvement is the Retrospective. They’re usually facilitated by a Scrum Master and include only the team (not managers or other stakeholders, since their presence can deter teams from bringing up mistakes.). For some, both of the above approaches rely too much on the Scrum Master. Backlog Agile methodology Retrospective Scrum

Why Isn’t Agile Working for Me? – Part 3

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Product Management Agile Culture Leadership Organization PM ScrumThis is the third in a series of posts discussing the various reasons why Agile transitions tend to run into roadblocks or fail completely. In the first post, we looked at some fundamental considerations that often wind up causing problems for teams wanting to make the change to Agile practices. In the second, we discussed the […].

What is PRINCE2 Agile All About?

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PRINCE2 Agile does not favour any one agile approach but it does concentrate on how to incorporate the most popular frameworks of SCRUM and strong Kanban. PRINCE2 Agile incorporates the popular frameworks of SCRUM… … Kanban… … and Lean Startup.

Is Project Security that Important?


Business Agile and Scrum project management risk planning securityThis question begs to be answered. Especially in the wake of the recent breaches in digital security across just about every government agency. So, how important is security on the projects that we manage? Well, that depends on several variables: Who’s projects are you managing? What type of data are you handling? Are you working on government or private sector projects?

What The Heck Is Agile? An Introduction to Agile Project Management: Episode 40

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Today I bring you a great introduction to Agile and Scrum. Today I bring you a great introduction to Agile and Scrum. Hello all and welcome to episode 40 of the Project Management for the Masses Podcast! What The Heck Is Agile?

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INVEST in Your User Stories!

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Product Management Agile Backlog Do's Good PM Planning PM Priorities Scrum UCD User StoriesI’ve touched on User Stories on several occasions, my favorite being Why Your User Stories Suck! Today I’m here to share with you a very common, yet very commonly overlooked, way to check each and every User Story on your backlog to see whether or not it’s really “ready” for your Dev teams. One of […].

Agile for Large Scale Government Programs

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It would seem counter intuitive to apply Agile (Scrum) to large Software Intensive System of Systems. But it's not. Here's how we do it with success. Agile in the government from Glen Alleman. Related articles. The Microeconomics of a Project Driven Organization. GAO Reports on ACA Site. All Project Work is Probabilistic Work. Agile Earned Value Governance Government IMP/IMS Management Performance-Based Project Management® Planning Principles Requirements Root Cause Analysis

Understanding Agile

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Joining The Scrum. It’s known as the “scrum”. Scrum is one of several Agile frameworks (and the one that we’re focusing on in this article) that uses precise roles, meetings, and events to deliver the final product in a specific time frame.

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