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How To Successfully Start A New Project Management Job

The Digital Project Manager

Starting a new project management gig is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. You’ve found a project management job, nailed the interview, and done the. The post How To Successfully Start A New Project Management Job appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. General

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10 Must-Haves for Creative Project Management Software


Marketing agency VOCO Creative was struggling to communicate effectively with clients and internal team members using email as their primary tool. They had two locations and numerous clients spread out across cities.

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The Economics of Decision Making on Software Projects

Herding Cats

The classic paper “ Software Engineering Economics,” Barry Boehm, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering , Vol SE-10(1), 1984, pp.

Agile Consulting


April’s theme at where I write a monthly column was “Consulting,” and in this article, I examine the world of Agile Consulting and coaching.

Task Management For Project Managers

How can project planning that stretches over months or years remain relevant and account for new ad-hoc activities that arrive every day?

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5 Deadly Cons Of Remote Working and How To Prevent Them!


Most of the people think that remote working means spending a happy time at home and peeking at the computer from time to time only. But believe me, this way of thinking is illusory and not as idyllic as it seems.

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Five Immutable Principles of Project Success and Estimating

Herding Cats

There are Five Immutable Principles of Project Success. Each question requires an answer with sufficient confidence to make decisions about spending other people's money, that increases the probability of project success.

3 Easy Agile Practices Your Team Can Start Today

Project Bliss

Photo credit You’ve heard your friends sing the praises of Agile. Your project manager buddies are becoming scrum masters. You hear how great it is. All the cool kids are doing it and you’re a bit jealous. You’re feeling left out. You want to see what all the fuss is about.


Five Simple Tips for Improving Tone in Written Communication

The Digital Project Manager

A few years ago, I was asked to transition in as Project Manager for Phase II of a large redesign project. For a bit of. The post Five Simple Tips for Improving Tone in Written Communication appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. Features General

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Managing The Project Budget - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This eBook describes the process of managing the project budget and its associated costs.

What is a Program Manager vs. a Project Manager?


Program manager vs. project manager — to understand how these two similar roles differ, you must first know the difference between programs and projects. When a large project is made up of several other projects that are dependent on each other, it becomes something bigger — a program.

The Potential of Agile

Tyner Blain

The pop-culture concept of a silver bullet – a simple solution to a hard problem – is a dangerous idea. It can be used to over-promise, and doom a team to under-delivery.

5 Ways To Work Smarter, Not Harder

Girl's Guide to PM

So where can you start when you want to work smarter? Here are 5 ways that you can flex how you work to be more productive and fit your lifestyle more effectively. No related posts. Hints Networking Time management Women This article contains affiliate links

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Why “Scrumbut” Shouldn’t Be a Bad Word

The Clever PM

There’s a term that gets floated around the Agile world by what I like to call the “textbook Scrummers” that really bugs the crap out of me, so much that I decided to write an article about the concept, and why I think it’s a wrong-headed, anti-agile concept. The concept is known as “ScrumBut”, and […]. Product Management Agile Culture Definitions Good PM Influence Leadership Learning Scrum

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Top 5 Project Management Report Templates

These FREE most popular templates will help you perform your role more efficiently.

6 Tools and Techniques for Controlling Risks

Project Risk Coach

Changes in project risks are inevitable. As a project progresses, the probability and impact of current risks change, new risks emerge, and residual risks may increase or decrease. How can project managers optimize their risk responses and get the results they are looking for?

5 Rules To Help You Maintain Better Control Over Your Time!


In the past few months, we were posting some articles dedicated to those, who wanted to improve their time management skills. We helped you establish what is your approach to time (the past, present or future), we discussed the tricks that may help one better organize his or her time.

Rest More and Do Less to Improve Your Productivity

Brad Egeland

Improve your productivity by resting more and doing less. This article reviews productivity challenges, the habits of famously productive individuals, and practical improvements to your daily routine. Read the full article

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Decisions Without Estimates?

Herding Cats

There is a posted question at an agile conference. Can you make a decision without an estimate? Like many discussions in the domain of agile, the statement is made without any evidence that it is true, nor can even be true in principle. This type of fallacy is common. . First a principle.

7 project management tips

How to manage projects within a fragmented workforce

Project Management Training – Cheap or Value?

Arras People

In this article, SPOCE Project Management, the training providers for a huge portfolio of project management training approaches highlight the problem with taking up the cheaper training options available in the market today. Saving money. It makes every one of us happy.

How project management can improve your business

The Lazy Project Manager

. We all know that effective project management is a key contributor to a project’s success. Still, we often forget to think about the bigger consequences that project management can have on the rest of business.

How To Build An Efficient Portfolio Management Office ?

As far as portfolio management processes go, portfolio management office is embedded in an organization in order to support a certain strategic objectives towards a successful result. Portfolio management office also serves as an additional support in terms of business goals and benefits from projects or programs. However, getting lost in the true purpose of portfolio management office can break the purpose you are expecting. Furthermore, it will hardly affect the organization’s infrastructure.

Group vs Team: Are Groups Really that Bad?


What’s the difference between a group and a team? When people share an elevator ride, they are a group;when the elevator gets stuck, they become a team. Individuals that get on the same elevator most likely share some things, like: they work in the same building and on the same floor or they may work for the same boss and have similar interests. The mere fact that they have something in common makes them a group.

Project Management Processes - Developing Your Project Management Skills

This free eBook will help you to identify the appropriate project management process to apply at any point in your own project.

How to “Level Up” Your Product Management Skillset

The Clever PM

A common theme in online discussions and forums around Product Management lies in how to level up our skills and be a better Product Manager. While there are a lot of different options available, just as there are as many different aspects of Product Management to focus on, there are some very specific areas that […]. Product Management Culture Good PM Leadership Learning Planning PM Priorities Psychology Roles

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5 Time Tracking YouTube Videos To Maximize Your Productivity Skills!


Individuals are divided into two categories: people who like reading manuals or watch video tutorials to find out how something works. Today’s post was written especially for the second group, so if you are a passionate YouTube viewer, make yourself comfortable and prepare for a real treat!

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A View from the Top

The Lazy Project Manager

2014 17

Three Traits of Leadership That Cannot be Taught


We live and work in the age of machines and artificial intelligence. With automation leading the narrative at the workplace, it is important for companies to not get too caught up in it and retain the core aspects of organizational fabric, namely leadership. Some say leaders are born not trained while others believe that there are enough frameworks and systems out there to make leaders out of people. I believe it’s a mix of both.

Project Manager's Guide to Getting Things Done

9 tips on how to manage your team’s workload.

When you try and speed up a project that is already out of control

The Digital Project Manager

Trying to expedite a project is not easy. The fact that it needs speeding up often means it’s already out of control already, so resist. The post When you try and speed up a project that is already out of control appeared first on The Digital Project Manager. General The PM life

5 Ways AI and Automation Will Change Project Management


Technology has made our lives easier. If you don’t believe that, go watch a few episodes of the PBS series, The Frontier House. While technology and automation have lessened some of the strain, they’ve also stirred up a lot of fear.

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What Are The Pros and Cons of Time Tracking?


We tend to write a lot about time tracking on our blog.


Add to the C-Level

The Lazy Project Manager

2014 12

Secrets of an Elite Project Manager

Fast track your way to the top by learning the secrets of the trade from three top project management experts.