Agile Innovation


Agile methods are supposed to facilitate innovation through iterative development followed by inspection and adaption. Psst, this is your conscious, I am here to remind you about something you have thought about, but then hid away in the back of your mind.

New PMO – the Hub of Innovation?

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Is your PMO the hub of innovation in your organisation? People are free to innovate, with the PMO’s framework of processes and templates at the core of all new activities. Are you aiming for your PMO to be the hub of innovation?

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How to Create an Innovative Project Team


Innovative project teams are increasingly becoming an invaluable asset for corporations. When looking at how to cut costs, the teams have to be exceptionally innovative in the way they approach the design and production of their products. And this is exactly what innovative teams do.

5 Ways to Build Innovation into your Project Team


Innovation cannot happen without a project manager who recognises that change is part of a process. Here’s how you can build innovation into your project team. {socialbuttons}. News/Blog

Podcast 90 – Innovative Project Delivery with Trish Sutter

Fix my Project Chaos

Let’s explore innovation on projects In this podcast, Trish Sutter from Armada Consulting speaks to me about innovation on projects. The post Podcast 90 – Innovative Project Delivery with Trish Sutter appeared first on Fix My Project Chaos. The team at Armada focuses on maximising clients’ returns on enterprise project investments in performance and profitability improvement.

How Contract Manufacturing Teams Keep Up With the Speed of Innovation: Dynamic Project Management


Keeping Up With the Speed of Innovation. What CMs and OEMs need is a project management system that lets them build productive and profitable relationships and keep up with the speed of innovation. While contract manufacturing is not a new concept, its reach continues to increase.

Win Copies of The Myths of Innovation [Giveaway]

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When I met Scott Berkun in Texas for the Digital PM Summit last year, he kindly signed two copies of his book, The Myths of Innovation, for me to offer as giveaway prizes. Today I have a great giveaway for you.


Agile Innovation


Agile methods are supposed to facilitate innovation through iterative development followed by inspection and adaption. Psst, this is your conscious, I am here to remind you about something you have thought about, but then hid away in the back of your mind.

IPMA 2014 – Innovation through Dialog

Fear No Project PM

While I have a lot of readers who are in Europe – thank you for reading! – I know that many of my readers are here in the USA and always looking for a good reason to get out of the country. I also know that some of you are members of the International Project Management […]. Best Practice Conference Professional Development learning pm project management training

Morse code on a Smart Phone?

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The code is simpler also: So, InnovationNow we learn about an experiment to "simplify" typing on a smart phone -- perhaps someday coming to you. Google has been thinking about a variant of Morse Code they call TAP Don't remember your Morse? Perhaps you remember this: Of course, on a smart phone, it's much "simpler". You merely 'tap' on two large buttons, one for dot and one for dash.

20/20 Vision – Innovation Game in Action

Tyner Blain

Innovation Games. If you are a product manager (or play one on tv), and aren’t already familiar with Innovation Games, you should be.

Friday Roundup: Self-Driving Cars, Robots, and the Most Innovative Companies


Self-driving cars are being built and tested as we speak; robots and automated processes are replacing mundane human effort—and making way for us to do more innovative work with our brains. Why Big Firms Are More Likely to Innovate – Harvard Business Review.

Disruptive defined -- again!

Musings on Project Management

I'm not one to obsess over the number of angels on the head of a pin, but a recent posting about what's disruptive and what's not caught my eye -- to wit: an innovation that captures and exploits excess capacity may well be disruptive even it doesn't it the traditional definition that it must come from below from a less capable competitor The poster child for this idea is the smart phone that. Innovation

Innovative leaders ask powerful “what-if” questions

Susanne Madsen

” When you ask these great questions you will challenge your team to think beyond the status quo and into innovation and creative thinking. Asking q uestions is an essential component of leadership.

Tool Review: Streamtime

The Digital Project Manager

With effortless project planning, one click estimating and invoicing, innovative time tracking, slick scheduling and intelligent reporting, Streamtime gives you complete visibility of your projects all within a beautiful interface. Posted in Articles General Tools.

Whole Product Game

Tyner Blain

Gamestorming has an article describing the Whole Product game and a link to Innovation Games’ online version. We stayed pretty close to the script for following the “rules” of the game as described on the Innovation Games and Gamestorming sites.

How to buy Project Management Consulting Services: Service as a Product (SaaP)

Guerrilla Project Management

Innovative firms are thinking differently about how they charge for their consulting services and they are offering creative ways to package Project Management.

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Effect of Culture on Innovation – A Conversation with Vivek Wadhwa

Guerrilla Project Management

From tech entrepreneur to business owner, from accomplished academic to widely published writer, Vivek Wadhwa is an agent of innovation and disruption. From tech entrepreneur to business owner, from accomplished academic to widely published writer, Vivek Wadhwa is an agent of innovation and disruption.

What’s the Most Important Job of a Project Manager?


Building the plan is not a project manager’s most important job— especially for projects that need to innovate among a lot of uncertainties. If innovation is required to be successful, the most important job of a PM is to nurture an environment where the team can innovate.

The Executive-Project Manager Gap

Troubled and Failing Project

I fired off, "Creating an over bureaucratic morass stifling innovation & implementing process instead of cultivating leaders." It was such an innocuous question, "Working on an article; what is the biggest problem you see with project governance at orgs? Can you comment?" Can I comment? Really? That is like cheese to a mouse. Where could I start—bureaucracy, draconian process, poor executive sponsorship, disengaged leaders?

“When will this Software Project Ever Be Done?”


Answers like “never” or “when the business unit stops innovating and enters a decay phase” are generally not acceptable. Does this question sound familiar? If you get asked it regularly then you may be part of the mainstream transformation from software projects to products.

6 strategic projects any business can implement in 2016

Moira Alexander

Projects are often pursued for the purpose of generating revenues, creating growth opportunities, seeking innovation or even increasing brand awareness, but it can be easy to get caught up in just day-to-day operations without recognizing the actual cost of missing some more basic projects.

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Rethinking Resource Management

Arras People

Eight forces are creating this complexity today, constraining the progress of organisations and teams as they try to innovate and deliver on their strategic objectives.

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Agile Consulting


People are always developing innovative ways of describing agile techniques, and we can share the best with our clients. April’s theme at where I write a monthly column was “Consulting,” and in this article, I examine the world of Agile Consulting and coaching.

PMI Global Congress Wrap-up

Zen Project Management

He talked about how innovation evolved at Lego, based on a book he wrote on the topic. I'm at the Orlando airport, departing from this year's PMI North America Global Congress. I've attended at least part of every North America congress since 1999, and even a few of the ones in Europe. While I did enjoy it, this year's was definitely not among my favorites. I missed the first day's activities due to a personal commitment.

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The Diagnosis and Treatment of Bimodal IT


Treatment: Mix Models, Engage the teams and Innovate. Is it just me, or does Bimodal IT sound like a mental health condition? Unfortunate name aside, it has been adopted by companies reluctant to embrace agile but looking for a halfway-house / best-of-both-worlds solution.

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When Outsourcing Makes Sense


Using examples like Google and Apple who are known for their innovation is a good segue to talk about when outsourcing makes sense and I have had good experiences with it.

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Understanding and Leading Highly Creative Professionals – with Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Guerrilla Project Management

Innovation today is becoming more technologically complex, multidisciplinary, and occurring at an increasingly fast pace. The quest for innovation requires project leaders to bring together teams of highly creative individuals with diverse. Innovation today is becoming more technologically complex, multidisciplinary, and occurring at an increasingly fast pace.

Five Advantages of Applying Design Thinking in Project Management


Design thinking first emerged as a methodology for driving innovation; it is now the go-to mindset for most managers, including progressive project managers. Project management and design thinking have been evolving rapidly in the recent years. Being both a science and an art, design thinking is an important part of project management that cannot be ignored anymore.

The Myth That Research Can't Be Managed

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So don't fall for the claim that I can't know when I'll be done, how much it will cost, or what Done looks like because we're working on innovation or PURE research. Those who work on research projects and work on innovative design projects have a goal - a hypothesis. There is a popular myth that. some software development projects are research and aren't subject to normal business management processes. I'm here to tell you this ain't true.

How to Lead Highly Creative Professionals: Balancing Creative Freedom and Management Rigor

Guerrilla Project Management

Author Lina Echeverría shares leadership insights from her new book “Idea Agent”, based on her vast experience assembling and nurturing cutting-edge innovation teams at Corning Incorporated.

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Promoting Shared Leadership


Agile methods suggest replacing top-down, command-and-control management with empowered teams and shared leadership. That all sounds nice, but what exactly is shared leadership and how do you get it to happen?

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The Basics of Agile and Project Management

Arras People

Agile management adapts more easily to changes in an environment of innovation. Seek to regularly improve and innovate. Still not sure what’s driving the Agile conversation? Or should that be agility?

7 Product Management Best Practices for Beginner PMs


Part strategist, part analyst, part marketer, part business executive, the product manager balances business objectives with customer needs to create innovative products that users love. . Product management is no walk in the park.

What Are the Advantages of Waterfall Project Management?


Waterfall development means their expectations for new products and innovations are restricted, but simply waiting for the next version of the product can inspire anticipation and excitement.

A PM’s Guide to Agile Software Development

Project Bliss

Continuous innovation and improvement are regular practices. Innovation happens quickly these days, and teams need to be able to adjust.


How Management Changes as Your Company Grows (Greiner's Growth Model)


That’s why companies constantly need to innovate and improve. Be careful though, innovation for its own sake isn’t good either. In a nutshell, the company loses its ability to innovate and conquer new markets because it becomes too focused on efficiency.

How good is your ability to build trust?

Susanne Madsen

Jeff Wilcox from Lockheed Martin, said at ICCPMs 4th Annual Research and Innovation Seminar that he had never seen a project fail that did not fail as a result of poor communication.

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The Spotlight on the Programme Manager

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Trusted source who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; turn ideas into reality, and know and show how to replicate their success. In this year’s Project Management Benchmark Report we decided to add a few more pretty pictures than normal (infographics essentially).

Making Better Business Decisions with Continuous Planning

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Are they going to result in a more balanced portfolio that allows us to focus on increasing innovation, or improving business capabilities? Ready to support a more continuous planning process for driving innovation, faster time to market, and wiser resource allocation?